BNI FAN MAIL: Not the usual death threat, but a threat nevertheless, highly entertaining

This came from a Muslim reader of Bare Naked Islam, who goes by the name of ‘HUMAN.’ That’s almost right, if only he had added the prefix ‘SUB’ to it.

BNI Internet sleuths, feel free to send me more detailed information on this lunatic. 


Submitted on 2011/12/24 at 2:03 PM

You blog contains false and misleading information to cause harm and entice hate to a specific ethnic/religious group which is against the law no matter where you live in europe, US and North America.

The information that you present about muslims and islam are wrong which makes you liable for a lawsuit for defamation, Libel and spreading racism/hate to cuase harm. I urge you to post an appology on your blog for all your followers to read for weeks, and then remove all the garbage your have on your blog; otherwise, rest assured, that I will and others file for a lawsuit for Deamation and Libel against you & everyone who has defamed muslims on this blog for several million dollars and for a compulsory islamic education to learn Islam.

I have copied all your site on a hard drive including comments posted on your site, plus the users who commented on your blog to present for a lawsuit. You have one month from now to clean your act; otherwise by contacting authorities to contact your hosting site to put the site down and proceed, with at least several thousand people, with a lawsuit against you.


Submitted on 2011/12/24 at 2:25 PM | In reply to Human.

Human, knock yourself out. CAIR tried to get this blog taken down and they couldn’t. I see you are in Canada where you don’t have the First Amendment which protects offensive speech. In this country we don’t have blasphemy laws, yet. And since most of the stories here come from real news outlets around the world, I dare you to prove that they are lies. Contact whomever you want, they will laugh at you. We have Freedom of Speech which means we can insult Islam all we want. Under that most basic human right, no one has the right NOT to be offended.

“Compulsory Islamic education to learn Islam” you want for us? HAH! We have all the Islamic education we need, and we got it from your very own quran and hadith. The purpose of this blog is to present the facts about Islam. People hate it because it is a hateful death cult posing as a religion.

But here’s your apology. “I’m sorry you suffer from what many muslims suffer: PERPETUAL OUTRAGE, the result of rampant Muslim inbreeding.” So, tell us, Human, are your parents cousins or siblings?