PENNSYLVANIA parents’ complaints shut down Muslim author’s planned 4-day lecture to public school children

CONVERT TO ISLAM, Lisa Abdelsalam, said she feels “like she swallowed poison” in the days since the threat of parental protests caused the Muslim mother and author to cancel a talk with students at A.M. Kulp Elementary School in Hatfield.

Give those parents a gold star. They apparently are readers of Bare Naked Islam. 

PHILLY BURBS  “I have a such a sick feeling in my stomach,” said Abdelsalam, 48, who lives in Colmar with her Muslim husband and children, all of whom were or are North Penn students. Born in Lansdale, the 1981 North Penn High School graduate converted to Islam at 19, when she married her husband, who is from Egypt.

As she has many times at many North Penn schools, she was scheduled to meet with several Kulp classes over four days earlier this month to discuss how she wrote and published her book, “A Song for Me, A Muslim Holiday Story,” based on her son Yoseph’s experiences at York Avenue Elementary in the 1990s. “A Song for Me, A Muslim Holiday Story,” has illustrations based on pictures of the York Avenue school and details a Muslim boy’s efforts to fit into the holiday spirit at Christmastime. (Especially when there is no such thing as a muslim holiday song, or any other song for that matter)

A few days before her appearance at Kulp was to take place, Principal Erik Huebner called her. The principal, according to Abdelsalam, told her parents had complained about the program and threatened to bring in an outside group to protest if the classes went forward. “They did not want a Muslim or a Muslim book read in their classrooms,” she was told. Huebner could not be reached for comment.

Abdelsalam, a longtime volunteer at Kulp where she previously served as president of the Home and School Association, and a current member of the district’s diversity committee, was taken aback. “I was serving pizza with these people last year,” she said. (And they were probably choking on every bite, wondering if they were secretly eating halal cheese)

Huebner was supportive, said the author, and said she was welcome to come regardless of the protests. However, both she and the principal decided it was best to cancel, for the sake of the young students. (No, for the sake of her own Muslim butt)

“I didn’t feel it would be right; it wasn’t one day, it was four days over two weeks,” she explained. “It’s not a battle that should be fought in an elementary school parking lot.” (4 days to talk about one book? No doubt, Islamic indoctrination would have taken up 3 of those days. Who is she kidding?)

Christine Liberaski, a spokeswoman for the North Penn School District, said she hopes the program can be rescheduled in the spring. “I can’t speak to why some people objected,” said Liberaski. (Idiot)

The idea for the book came when a music teacher approached Abdelsalam years ago when Yoseph, now 21, was in elementary school. She was asked if she could find a Muslim holiday song for the school’s annual concert. Finding none, she wrote one herself and also wrote the story. She now has two CDs of music she sells online with her book.

“It’s about inclusivity and the child being happy he’s in a school where everyone is accepted,” said Abdelsalam. “I don’t go and talk about religion.” (WHAT? The book is about MUSLIM holidays for cryin’ out loud)




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  1. I think education about Islam is a good Idea. All schools should teach the history of Islam. Just not the sanitized, revisionist history, the actual history of Persia, India, France,Spain and all the other nations Islam has visited genocide and misery on. Forewarned is forearmed as the saying goes.

    • Yeah man. A huge part of the problem with this religion is that the Qur’an is put together in a deliberate disorder intended to baffle even it’s own followers. Its a cult of semi -religous political domination and a serious threat to all other faiths. This woman is a nice lady who thinks she is just trying to help. Her proselytizing is well intended like a flu virus that is just doing what it does to survive, unintentionally (in this case) making its host sick. The Qur’an has nothing but hatred for all other beliefs. What, tell me any one thing, obligated us to be tolerant of this abuse.

  2. Wow! I grew up in Lansdale, just outside of Hatfield…I can’t believe it..they are everywhere!! I now live in Michigan, about an hour or so from Dearborn…”Muslim capitol of the U.S.” Stnading ovation for the Kulp parents for standing up for OUR rights…let them stay out of our schools…go to your own…leave the American people alone..and what better way to try to infiltrate than to get into our ELEMENTARY schools!! Again, job well done Kulp parents…we all need to stand up…b4 it is too late.

  3. deb – That is a very good point deb. What I understood in the reading is that she was already in other schools and allowed to show and tell about her book! I keep thinking maybe I misunderstood. UGH! This is getting so crazy! How too many protest that we don’t have religion in schools, and now we let stuff like this happen, did you read all the other things that schools do for Muslims?

  4. I am flabbergasted, I just read about all the other schools in many states allow Muslim holidays, Muslim prayers several times a day, and so many other Muslim things, what is happening in our country!? We take God out of our schools and now we are replacing Him with Allah!? What the heck is going on? I actually fear for my children and grandchildren’s future if this continues. I wonder what would happen if I was to demand my child step out to say a prayer before school starts and during lunch and says thank God, I bet that I would get a call from the teacher or principal and be asked to make my child stop. This is just getting a bit too much for me to swallow and comprehend.

    • doelm, I advise parents to read ALL their kids textbooks and insist that the kid tell them whenever the subject of Islam is mentioned in class. Many textbooks are funded by the Saudis (reportedly 70%) and have revisionist history that glorifies Islam and trashes Christians and white people. If you find that kind of thing or hear about Islam being taught, get a group of parents to go to the school board and raise holy hell. Parents have gotten books replaced and Islam lessons cancelled by doing this. Make a pest out of yourself until they comply.

      And be sure to send me the story which I will publicize here.

    • Doelm,
      This is further proof that those that demanded “religion” be removed from school and government really meant “Christianity”. It’s not indoctrination they were ossed to, just THAT one.
      Apparently, the values of honesty, charity, faith , honor and especially the “Golden Rule” are what they were really irked about. Beastiality, cruelty, barbarianism, removal of free thought, free choice, free voice are what your children should aspire to, according to them.

  5. She may not be wearing a ha jib because she is in her home when the picture was taken, but she is wearing slacks and isn’t that a no no also? Nevertheless when I read the Islamic Doctrine, I cannot understand that anyone would convert to that and actually marry someone who is Muslim and then convert. There are so many horror stories with teen girls who were abused or even killed by their fathers because they didn’t want to marry the guys picked for them, or wanted to convert to Christianity, or simply didn’t want to follow the Islamic rules here in the states. My question is, why in the world did the school board allow such a speech and for four days!? I cannot understand that! What the heck is wrong with them!? I am very sure that if a priest would have asked permission to speak it would have automatically been denied.

  6. I think it is great we all have an opportunity to voice our disgust at muslims who are out to destroy the USA from within. (starting with our children) However, until we turn our words into actions, we are just blowing smoke. These parents who refused to allow this hate filled, God denying female to spew her lies to the children, are actually doing something. Are we gonna wait until it is too late to take action? This great country was built on blood sweat and tears… if we are going to keep it as “one nation under God” we are going to have to expend some more blood, sweat and tears. You can start by learning everything about muslim and what they stand for. bombard there “websites’ with your comments. Let your voice be heard.

  7. That’s great ! If Islam can be taught, we can bring the religion of our founders back into the schools, Christianity ! I’m all for it, let the kids learn the religion of Evolution (takes more faith to believe than any other religion), Christianity, Islam, Catholicism, etc… and compare and choose for themselves what they want to believe ! That would be education as apposed to indoctrination of say….’Evolution religion onlyism’…..Teach it all, let the truth come forward !

  8. She married an Egyptian Muslim, maybe she should ask him why 85% of Egyptian women have had their clitoris forcibly amputated? Was she going to cover THAT in her educational propaganda, or leave it out?

  9. sablegsd, no art in Islam, are you serious? Sure, they aren’t allowed to draw certain subjects, but the geometric art that has come out of Islam is quite impressive.

    Betty, individuals who receive government assistance to buy their food often use their food stamps on highly processed things, which are cheaper because the government also subsidizes the production of corn (which is turned into syrup for use as a cheap alternative to real sugar). If you look at where poverty in the United States is highest, you’ll find it coincides with the areas where we have the highest obesity rates.

    I’m disappointed with how many of you seem to focus on her weight. There are plenty of very fat Americans, of all different religious and cultural backgrounds. Focus on the real issues: why does she need four different days; was she going to tour several schools or something? What exactly was she going to be talking about? Not “Hurf-durf, she’s fat!” For crying out loud.

  10. Here’s my question: Since she married an Egyptian did she have to be genitally mutilated? After all is’nt why 97% of Egyptian women are cut, to be marriageable?
    As I’ve told the story here before about being offered $3,000 to marry one of these inbreds and bring him over here. (Which I could not say no to fast enough BTW) I’ll never understand how these American Women marry these men. I knew 30 years ago it was a very bad bet.

  11. Yes she did give out pizza a year ago with these people so they knew her already. Now about Muslim butt that came from the pizza she ate it all and the poor kids got none. Now she’s back for their hearts and mind. But look at her and her husband in the picture it shows she couldn’t do any better.

    As for her husband I will send a letter to C.A.I.R asking they get a protection order on him against her. If she wakes up in the middle of the night and hungry she may eat him.

  12. Marion, I agree with you. A person’s weight shouldn’t even be brought up into this. I’m a fan of this blog and I’m overweight as well(and there’s probably others that are too). It’s sorta disrespectful to them.

  13. Perhaps a throng of well-off anti-jihadists should move to Hatfield, Pennsylvania? Reward the town for its intelligent behavior.

    Hopefully, there will be some wealthy people to back up the school when the CAIR lawsuits start flying.

  14. Lisa Abdelsalam feels like she “swallowed poison?” She did – when she converted to Islam. And that’s how I feel every day that I’ve been subjected to Islamic doctrines that teach the following:

    Honor killings
    Limb amputations
    Genital mutilation
    Sex slavery and rape
    Misogyny and sexism
    Women enslavement
    Child marriage and rape
    Censorship and forced conversion
    Extortion of nonbelievers
    Animal cruelty
    Etc., ad nauseam

    Lady, grow up, get out of the demented cult, or be quiet. We are not interested in the opinion of anyone who supports the hideous atrocities listed above.

  15. One may not always dam a river, but often one can divert it’s course. This is tremendous news. Determined parents can still protect their children from indoctrination.
    Another sign of hope. Another sign that the takeover (sell out) will not be as easy as planned.
    Another display of the power of communication as it assists the Resistance.
    While I don’t want anything to diminish Free Speech, maybe a law that demands any address directed to the public, children in particular not be allowed without speakers an opposing view.
    I still have not heard of a fair and open debate with opposing views concerning Islam.

  16. You know I’m with you guys on islime.I am one of the biggest critics of this “cult”, and I read your blog almost everyday. But I do have a problem, and I know others that feel the same. It really turns me off to hear you calling people fat etc, I have a weight problem, it didn’t start until I had to do chemotherapy for a year and I have never been able to take it off aand even my Dr is puzzled why it messed me up so bad. You never know why someone is overweight, the majority of Americans are overweight, and it is because many do over eat but not always, do feel all of us are stupid too? I guess I just need to quit reading your comment section because your articles are so good. That’s my 2 cents

    • Marion, We are not anti-fat. But most female converts to islam seem to be overweight which says something about why they choose muslims to marry. It is also why muslims choose fat women to marry, they are easier to charm. Being overweight is just part of their problem, they are weak women with self-esteem problems too. Their weight just seems to be the one thing that links most of them together. That’s why it is mentioned every time I do a story on female muslim converts.

  17. This pig was not beat with an ugly stick…her Ma used the whole forrest!

    This woman is a complete fool….I am sure she figured she could make a few bucks off the PC crowd when she produced this book.” It’s about inclusivity and the child being happy he’s in a school where everyone is accepted”
    That is bullshit! It is just more propaganda……She should preach “Inclusivity” in Islamic countries and see where it gets her.
    Why should WE allow this shit! We will not…..Not in our public schools!

  18. that is because they get food stamps most likely so they eat high off the hog. have you noticed that most food stamp people have a lot of weight to carry around if you could see what I see you would know why. and him being from another country of course he will 3 times more than he needs where you would get 100.00 most likely he will get 3or4 hundred. because our gove. don’t think we need all that much.

  19. holly: I am from Egypt,BUT I am Christian (Coptic). I hope that you know some history about the Copts and their continuoes patience with the ugly islamic atrocities My point is, please distinguish between the real and original Egyptians (the Copts) and the Arab invaders (the Muslims). Thanks.

  20. Good job–all it takes is for average people to step up and use their power, instead of sitting idly by. We need to remind people that one man with courage is a majority! We cannot let the government make our decisions, we have to do it and then tell the government to support US or we will vote for someone who will. Let’s take this country back, one street, one block, one town at a time. I’m so proud of these PA parents who did their job!

  21. Our tax payers dollars are to fund schools for learning and not for BS lies and propaganda from muslims to be taught. We do not want any religiousity in our schools.

  22. I worked with a gal married to a muslime. She took care of her father in Law when he was in the hospital. It was her fault. He reminded her of that everyday. So did his mother (the dead man’s wife). The muslime also told his daughters everyday their mother killed the grandfather. She tried to divorce him and leave. He told her if she ever left, he would kill her and their daughters. She is still there.
    This chick better hope her husband never turns on her!

  23. Did no one tell her she is the wrong race ? She ruins the muslim racist theory.

    And who exactly is she to lecture our children ,on any religion, in public schools? What are her teaching credentials ?
    The ME desperately needs moderation and lessons on tolerance.Go teach them.

  24. 4 days over 2 weeks to discuss a book? i wonder how many places this indoctrination is going on and nobody knows about it.?

  25. Just a momentary lapse of pity, BNI…sometimes nineteen year olds deserve it…particularly when you have parents who are equally stupid…in regards to what Islam actually is…you know we have a lot of very stupid people in this country who haven’t a clue and providing an avenue of escape only goes so far…then they have to stand up and use the gifts that God gave them, their brains and some commonsense…I’m beginning to wonder how long it will be before something totally off the wall occurs before a lot of people wake up…first though our State Department needs to wake up, from the top down…meaning Hillary Clinton…how could someone who thinks she’s so smart, be this ignorant…a good question….sorry BNI…just a random act of thinking..and it certainly is random…..

  26. Undaunted, Man, do I love and agree with your post. These muslims are famous for marrying fat, confused nit-wits to gain citizenship to western countries.

  27. Well, BNI I saw this article on Creeping Sharia…and couldn’t help but respond and comment…I wanted to know where the hijab (head covering) was too…and also how many wives her husband has? If Sharia becomes prevalent, I wonder what Mrs. Piggy will feel about that…she probably outweighs her husband (husbum) by a fair amount….I wonder if he’s ever beaten her? Or maybe he’s no prize either…that could well be…of course, if she was nineteen when she married this toad, she was already too stupid for words, but this useful idiot has to be the most brainwashed of women ever to grace these pages….How could anyone raised in America be that dumb?? Of course, there’s no accounting for or the experience of gullibility & naivete, is there?k

      • B, this woman is currently denying that the Christmas Day Mass Honour Killings was committed by a muslim (on Creeping Sharia’s blog:)

        Kristen McFarland commented on Texas: Families massacred on Christmas…by Muslim father.

        in response to Isahiah62:

        “@Kristen – blah blah blah – you have said so much and continue your diatribes- ONLY LGF who is known to be in long time dispute with Pam and Spencer and has motive to slander them, tell your tale- instead of pointing out the guy murdered his family b/c they went outside ISLAMIC behavior- Like […]
        You’re accuse me of the thing you do…blah, blah, blah..why do you keep on responding if what I say is so much trash??? The fact you are incapable of formulating an idea on your own without the assistance of Pamela Geller or Robert Spencer is astounding..that you cannot even think for yourself is equally so…I had no intention of answering any of this, but you keep on answering as if that is the only lifeline you possess…to place me in disrepute…I frankly don’t care what anyone, especially the Geller/Spencer duo and all the little robots they have out there spewing nonsense think and most assuredly not you…I have read much of both Pamela and Robert and agree with a lot of what they have to say, but when they aren’t even in the same geographic vicinity of an event and pontificate from afar, as if they have all the answers, I have to stand up and say no..and I have to insist on using my own brain and not their meme and groupthink narrative you seem to be engaged in; .and you keep defending them as if they’re sort of gods and can’t be wrong? You’re the one with the problem, dear…and the fact is, this wasn’t a Muslim honor killing and doesn’t even follow what they are and yet Pamela and Robert insist it is…honor killings don’t involve an entire family, and the insistence that this is, borders on mind-numbing ignorance to believe such an unthinking long …I don’t care what you think particularly when you are as wrongheaded as they are in this specific instance….keep it up honey, I can talk for quite some time…I didn’t spend almost twenty years in the American military intelligence effort to not know what I’m talking about…you obviously don’t know who you’re dealing with…k”

  28. I wish the rest of America would pull their heads out of the sand and realize how wicked and evil Isalm really is. With Obama in there alot of Islam is tolerated and we have many cells all over this nation. She is going to come to a serious head here pretty soon. Muslims all need to be gather up and placed in the Fema camps or go back to their deserts in Saudi Arabia.

  29. @Instanbul_chick

    LOL…..yeah I thought they didn’t like pork?

    That’s bad I know…….whaddaya expect from an incorrigible infidel?


  30. ‘feels “like she swallowed poison”’

    From the looks of the pic above, I’d say she needs to quit swallowing and maybe start taking a walk around the block (exercise) instead of trying to promote her religion and her book in the school.

    I mean seriously. Where is our equivalent to the ACLU that sues the crap out of this district for allowing religion to be taught in school? What happened to separation of church and state that all these libertards always scream about?

    Anyway, props to the parents for taking up for their kids in face of the brain dead bureaucrats whom all too often occupy our school districts.


  31. well at least that is good news here, what i do not understand is why more people do not object to these people trying to take over in he public schools. in tampa, fl, they have these people coming in with out any objection from anyone to the public schools to begin their ”teachings” and indoctrination. no other religion has come forward to do the same, either.

  32. Stupid, fat bitch who nobody else would touch, marries an Egyptian Muslim looking to stay in the US. Just like that fucking idiot trailer trash who married Yaser Said, who murdered their two daughters, Amina and Sarah Said, on New Years Day ’08. That PA POS needs to STFU.

  33. Perhaps she feels like she’s swallowed poison, but she’s only fooling us. The reality is that she in fact has swallowed a whole lotta Pepperidge Farm cookies.

    Okay, muslima, where the hajib?

  34. I don’t know why the parents were worried. By the looks of twinkie about my guess is the only thing that ever comes out of her mouth is “MOOOOOO!”

    Or, “pass the ding dongs and ho-hos!”

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