Here, an asslifter. There, an asslifter. Everywhere you look, another Muslim asslifter.

Welcome to America, ever so rapidly turning into an Islamic hellhole.


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  1. My boss and I were going up to the lunchroom one day to have a quick meeting and to both our shocks was a newly hired Muslim haji praying in the lunchroom when he should have been working. He had the floor covered in paper towels ass up in the air, thankfully my boss let him have it and instructed him to pray on his own time and not company time, he never returned to work the next day.

  2. When Cancer spreads it is said to have metasticised. This cancer must be excised in the name of self-preservation and societal self defense.

  3. When Cancer spreads it is said to have metatsticized. Beware of THIS Cancer spreading.Excise it now.It is societal self-defense.

  4. Moslem roulette.

    Will the real jihadist (who is hiding in the Moslem community and pretending to be harmless)…


    (So the snipers won’t hit an innocent person nearby!)

  5. Hey! He’s not doing it right! Where’s the prayer rug? Notify the imam to give him 50 lashes. This poor dope doesn’t realize nobody’s listening. There is no Allah!

  6. BNI
    How many people do you have has members here approx that is? I just wondered how many people become alerted because of Islamaphobia. How powerful of a media this site is I hope it is far reaching. I guess the only way to truly know it for Obama to be voted out and a anti-Islamist in. When are your elections in 2012 and whom will be the best to deal with this problem? From what I have read it seems Newt.

  7. If a homeless person was hanging out behind the restaurant, they would call the cops and have him removed. Try calling the cops and telling them there’s an asslifter behind your restaurant. You might end up being fined and the asslifter left to pray.

  8. Iceman: The smell of home is always welcome as we lift our voices and asses in praise and homage to the one who has commanded our great proffitt to screw 9 year old girls and to bugger animals. May he be praised and worshipped by all whose first cousin is their bride.

    Todays worship will be led by Ahmed Ahzheetmaseff and his friend Ali Ahwetmahdrawahs.

    The final chanting will be by the Iatollah Ahzukyadeek.

  9. BNI and Silky, Ever see them on 29th between 5th and Broadway on Friday’s?
    All the street vendors in that area are serving halal and have been cited for health violations. I grew up in New York City and I’m in the area on business once a month, can’t believe what I’ve been seeing their the past 20 years. I saw those towers being constucted every day as a kid growing up in a 10th floor apartment on Queens Blvd. I think everybody in this country and in Europe are New Yorkers when it comes to this despicable ground zero mosque.

  10. Oh, dear, I saw a fellow urinating in the corner the other day so it is the perfectily ,perverted place to do their worship to allah the lunatic moon god of the cult of islam.

  11. Sure makes one wish there was a remote control stinky hole seeking device loaded with buckshot that could be launched each time one of them lifts their anus in the air.

  12. Walid Shoebat sent out email:

    “The recent cancellation of my event by a Houston hotel, and the subsequent cancellation of an anti-Sharia conference in Nashville represent the first stage of the application of Islamic blasphemy laws here in America. Where full-on Sharia is enforced, “blasphemers” get the death penalty. Here in America, your character is assassinated.”

    It sounds the Sates are welcoming Sharia.

    May God help America!

  13. the folks who brown nose the asslifters are getting sneakier. the new israel fund(nif), which tirelessly works for the end of the jewish nation, both spiritually and physically, is now donating money to zionist organizations so as to influence their agenda and membership.

    the socialist/leftist unions are also doing that here. they are putting up republican candidates that are nothing but rino’s, so if their democratic candidate loses, they still win.

  14. “Oh, Mighty Gas Meter, the object of my worship, giving me heat and cooking my burgers and fries. Oooooooooooooooommmm,”

  15. I live in New York City and I see a whole lot of asslifting here. In fact I saw it again just 15 minutes ago while jogging down the side walk.

    • Silky, please take photos/video when you see them and send them here, along with the street address. Cell phone video is fine. When you see them, say something, like get your stinky asses off my sidewalk.

  16. There were two of them that Obama brought into the country (refugees) that have already plotted to blow up buildings. That 79,998 more attempts possible (brought in 80,000)

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