Sadly, it’s true. Newly elected Egyptian radical Islamists really do want to destroy the Pyramids

For now members of the Nour (The Light) Salafist party, which won 20% of the vote in recent elections (second only to the Muslim Brotherhood), are talking about putting an end to the ‘idolatry’ represented by the pyramids. This means destruction – along the lines essayed by the Afghan Taliban who blew up the Banyam Buddhas – or ‘concealment’ by covering them with wax. Tourists would presumably see great blobs rather than the perfectly carved steps.

UK DAILY MAIL  This last suggestion was made by Abdel Moneim Al-Shahat, a Nour candidate for parliament. Apart from wanting to do away with this ‘rotten culture’, this gentleman also wants to ban the Nobel prize winning novels of Naguib Mahfouz, one of many great Egyptian writers.

I suppose they could call in the great Bulgarian artist Christo, who specialises in putting curtains across the Grand Canyon or surrounding Pacific atolls in fetching pink cloth? But I doubt they have heard of him.

Salafism means reverting to the mores of the founding generation of Islam, for the close companions of the Prophet were called Salafi meaning ‘pious founders’. Since the last adherent of ancient Egyptian religion allegedly converted (to Christianity) in the fourth century AD, the original Salafists had little to worry about the pyramids and left them alone. 

But not their 21st century successors, who also want what they call ‘halal’ tourism, with women told to dress decorously and no alcohol, something pretty general already in conservative Egypt. The Salafists want segregated beaches, which will not go down well with visitors to Sharm el Sheikh.

Tourism accounts for 11 per cent of Egypt’s $218billion GDP. Right now, hotels and resorts report falls in occupancy from 90 to 15 per cent. 

This is bad news for the 3 million Egyptians who depend on the 14 million tourists who visit Egypt each year. The people affected are not simply waiters and chambermaids, but taxi drivers, camel and horse ride touts, shop and stall owners and ordinary villagers who make a bit on the side providing tea and snacks for Nile cruises.

One of the great tragedies of what is afoot in the Middle East is the extinction of the last vestiges of a vibrant, cosmopolitan culture, as represented by another great Egyptian novelist, the Cairo dentist, Alaa Al Aswany, author of the remarkable Yacoubian Building.

It is becoming hard to recall that in the 1950s – under King Farouk – Egypt had a thriving film industry, producing 300 movies a year, and that its national chanteuse, Umm Kulthum, was worshipped throughout the Middle East. 

But now the fanatics are in the saddle, so its good bye to all that. We’ll have to wait for fundamentalism to fail, as Nasserite ‘national socialism’ did before it. For Nour and the like surely have no answers to the problems of contemporary Egypt.

Are you still happy about the Arab Spring, Obama?




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  1. “We, the representatives of the people of Egypt, demand the return of all the artifacts and treasures of Ancient Egypt, stolen from our people. The British Museum, and all other public and private collections should immediately repatriate ALL Egyptian items,… so they can be properly destroyed, and the world will be rid of their idolatrous influence. Allahu Akbar!”

  2. Allan, you might be right. Liberals were blind to the horrors of the Soviets regardless of how many died. Some still are nostalgic for communism. But nonetheless in the long view of history Islam would be tied to the destruction of the cradle of civilization. Although they seem pretty good at destroying civilizations. It’s nice that they are good at least at one thing. Maybe we should take their cue and destroy their monuments. We could start with the Kaaba…it would make a nice chapel to Our Lady of Arabia.

  3. This is so very sad, not surprising, but very very sad. If this is not a dire warning to the world, I don’t know what is. As we all know, if these animals are left to do as they please, they destroy EVERYTHING. What exactly will it take for our leaders to wake up and turn our backs on these creatures? It’s obvious that they do NOT belong in modern society. They should NOT be allowed to come to the US, UK, or anywhere else. If these people are “peaceful” as Obama keeps pretending they are, then why do none of them stand up and speak out against atrocities like this? They do not deserve privileges when they can’t straighten out their own problems over there. Their way of life is so barbaric and evil. It’s scary that they’re allowed to visit other countries, let alone become citizens. We need to stop helping these people: It’s the only way. Our leaders need to turn their backs on them completely.

  4. Redneck Woman, I live in an area in Texas that doesn’t have public transportation. Car was in the shop so I called a cab. FINALLY, the Muslim Nigerian got here. We had time to have quite a discussion to and from the grocery story. He asked why I didn’t have my husband to drive me. Told him, “You are kidding me. I, obviously, have very bad taste in men and don’t want another.” He seemed disturbed by my comment. Then he went on talking. Did you know that Obama GAVE the Nigerian Muslims an entire Apartment Complex in an area right outside of Dallas? Yes, gave it to them. He also GAVE them $$ to buy a cab company. Why wasn’t this in the press or on the news? I also have never seen an article about it online.

  5. Redneck Woman, I saw a documentary on the History Channel. It was very revealing a great deal of attention was placed on ancient stories and documents having to do with the beginnings of the Muslim’s beliefs. Also mentioned was the “alien” influence on the Middle East (and Egypt) in particular. IF no one believed the information, why would they want to destroy it? Hmmm, unless the information was not flattering to the early Muslims. It appears they are afraid of something coming out into the public’s attention.

  6. In an odd way I hope they do it, blow up the pyramids and all the ancient sites, because that would finally show the world that Islam destroys EVERYTHING it touches. For thousands of years Muslims would never live it down. Even liberals would be so shocked they might finally decide that Islam really is a threat. Who knows, it might spell the downfall of Islamic barbarism. While I would mourn the pyramids they would have died in a good cause, to show Islam for what it really is so that no one could be in denial any longer. So, Muslim kaffir, go ahead and blow up your heritage and prove that you are morons.

    • James,

      I disagree I hope they don’t destroy the Pyramids. They destroyed the Buddha carvings and the world complained but nothing has changed, Islam’s quest to conquer the globe is still being allowed.

      If they destroyed the Pyramids the apathetic would winge and blame it on radicals they would never blame it on the Islamic belief system. And Islam would be allowed to expand its’ dominion over the West.

  7. Hey omer, didn’t you read the post above about the burning of the books? Who burned them?
    Get your head out of your ass and face the facts – islam and muslims are of satan and one day instead of meeting 72 virgins, you will get a big hug and kiss from him!

  8. rosemary,, you want to prevent what?? nothing wrong happen … except the wrong news in that site … but truth is other thing … put in ur mind nobody can do any stupid action towards our museum… don’t worry my dear >>>> who keeping these from 7000 years can keep keeping

  9. Barenakedislam,
    First of all there’s no compare between Buddha in Afghanistan and Pyramids in Egypt. Never

    Or between Egyptian thoughtful and men of Afghanistan thoughtful, since they know nothing about real Islam.

    Second point is: The essence of Islam always is the (average) in all matters not strictness.
    Most of Afghanistan Muslim is strictness, and very few of them in Egypt which they are nothing between us.
    Hope you understand what I want to say.

    • Omar,

      With reference to your comments… “First of all there’s no compare between Buddha in Afghanistan and Pyramids in Egypt.” … This statement is wrong. The comparison is accurately identical- the Buddha statues and the Pyramids are all ‘Heritage Historical Icons’ that table the history of past cultures.

      And the message in the Koran is clear… “Kill all non-believers… destroy their heritage and beliefs. You talk about ‘Strickness’ … ‘True Muslims are strict believers and they will in the end kill all Muslims that are not strict believers. Mohammed authorises the execution of all Muslims that are not strict believers and administrators of Mohammadism Islamic Law.

      Mohammed himself has executed loyal Muslim followers that were not strict enough in their loyalty without question.

      Given the opportunity strict Muslims would destroy the Pyramids.

  10. هذا الكلام عار تمام عن الصحه … فهذه الآثار المصريه ليست ملكاً لأحزاب سياسيه أو إسلاميه أو لأي أحد… وهي تخضع لاشراف وزارة الثقافه والمجلس الأعلي للآثار…
    غير أن هذا الكلام سابق لأوانه … لأن الانتخابات لم تنته بعد ولم يتم اعداد الدستور ولم يتم تعيين الحكومه الجديده ولم يتم انتخاب رئيس الجمهوريه…
    وجماعة النور السلفي تنفي هذا الكلام جمله وتفصيلا ..

    This is totally wrong news … These Egyptian monuments not belong to political parties or Islamist or any one … it’s subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Supreme Council of Antiquities only…

    In addition to that such as these talking is too early, since the elections not finished yet, and still no Constitution, and there’s no government and President election…

    And light group Salafi denies this talk altogether .

  11. I would like to know what I can do to help stop this monstrous proposal!!! I’m not rich so I don’t mean money. But there must be something I -and we -can do to prevent this atrocity.

  12. It would be proper to ship out all the Muslims back to Saudi Arabia. They, the Saudi’s, would know how to deal with them. They have plenty of sand to bury them all.

  13. Allan,
    Free speech ends when it urges and insites killing and taking away others rights!
    The koran does just that!

    Hang in there and keep up the good fight.

    • Dubi,

      You are right…. “Free speech ends when it urges and incites killing and taking away others rights!”… The Koran, the Communist Manifesto, Mein Kampf, and other books, and articles should all be listed as seditious evil books and through the subject of philosophical study identified as ‘enemy belief system’s that threaten the destruction of freedom, democracy and wholesome society.

      All free world governments should list the names of all known believers in these ideas as ‘enemies within.’ And all true fanatics should be exiled. Only through our educated understanding of the contents of these evil books, do we have the knowledge to fight all insidious anti-freedom belief systems.

      Dubi, I stand with you against our current number one enemy… Islam.

  14. For mohommedism to make it has to rid the world of all things of an educational value. So no questions. This is a travesty of mohommedism. If all are dumbed down they can be controlled through lies, and propaganda. because the people don’t know what question to ask.

  15. ****************************************************************************************

    Collateral victims? Every one is a consequence of Islam and Western preemptive action, NOT Western aggression. Remember, Iran declared war on America some twenty years ago. Iran believes it, Americans are still too stupid to believe it.

  16. Allah is Samael the demon snake. He is lower then Satan. He is disease and rot and anti-life. Satan, known sometimes as Lucifer, has some good points, but Samael is filth. We fought wars versus Hitler and Stalin and Saddam for their hate-filled philosophies that threatened to engulf the world. When will we get the MSM to recognize Islam as a culture of hate and being muslim as a hate crime?

  17. Redneck Woman, what still amazes me is that they get their itty bitty feelings hurt when we oppose their murderous ways and psychopathic tendencies to cut off people’s heads because they don’t convert — what do they expect!??
    People just to bow down due to fear? They only enrage people instead.

    • Yes….they believe we are to be good Dhimmis….bow down and kiss their feet. It won’t matter if we convert to Islam. We will still be treated as second class citizens. As a woman raised with western values….I refuse to be treated in such a manner by anyone!

  18. I won’t fly on a plane due to islam, so there’s no way in Hades Hell am I going to visit Middle Eastern countries, I guess I’ll have to satisfy myself with photographs and stories from other people about the great Pyramids. islam will destroy all evidence.
    As an aside, I heard this morning that ‘they’ are banning virginity tests in Egyptian prisons. That’s gotta make those islamic raping jailers upset, no more free fingering.

  19. Hallo Allan: You know that I value your comments. You are right that the mainstream media is committing a gross crime by not reporting the vandalistic goals of those destructive Devils. The Coptic church are trying very hard to smuggle its history books out of Egypt, but, they are too many to just get 10% out.
    the Coptic church is VERY rich in its history. As you may know Coptology is taught in many well-known universities in the US and many other western countries.
    As for the pyramids, I am surprised that they did not even try to destroy them as yet. I have very dear memories, many of my friends and I used to go to the Pyramids often and have a gramophone with us and dance (of course girls were part of the group) at the site in the beautiful evenings.

    • ronyvo,

      It’s good that some are trying to save records by smuggling them out of Egypt; but the problem is where are they relocated for safe preservation? And what happens when governments return items to a country at the request of governments as has happened in the past. Fools like Obama would send them back to Egypt.

      Finally if ‘Islamization of the Globe succeeds’ there will be no safe place, and future descendents converted to Islam would destroy everything. Governments must be publicly held accountable for failing to denounce this destruction process and for failing to intervene. And the ‘Mainstream Media’ must also be held accountable for failing to denounce such evil vandalism.

  20. Nikita: I follow the news of Canada closely. I have three brothers who live there Of course, they all voted for Harper, so the Coptic community. He should get together with my champion Geert Wilders of Holland, who has the right ideas how to treat those evil Muslims.

  21. <<>>
    The abcient Egyptians converted to Christianity during the first century AD. Those are the present Copts. The word Copt (Gypt or quipt) and Egyptian are identical, and both are derivatives from the Greek word “Aigyptos”. The Copts have been described as the direct descendents of the ancient Egyptians and are considered by Anthoropologists as one of the purist races.

    The Coptic language is the last development of the ancient Egyptian language “Hieoglyphic” which was written in pictographic form. The Coptic language, namely, the pharaonic speech written in the Greek alphabets with the addition of 7 letters for sounds which do not exist in Greek, but existed in the Egyptian, was the official used by the Egyptians even during the Greco-Roman period. But when the Ptolenaic Dynasty started to rule Egypt after the invasion of Alexander the Great in 332 B.C., Greek was used as the official language. Until the invasion of the Arabs in the 7th century A.D. (642 A.D.). About the 17 century A.D. the Coptic language was discontinued, even as the spoken language of Egypt.
    One of the Khalifas (Muslim rulers) issued a law to cut the tongue of any Christian who speaks Coptic. Muslims used the word Coptic for the Orthodox Christians of Egypt.
    The Coptic language is still used in the Churches in Egypt and all over the World and among some Copts. My mother spoke Coptic.

    The Coptic Church was established in Alexandria between 55 and 68 A.D. by St. Mark, who was born in Cyrene, one of the 4 Gospel writers, and one of the 70 Apostles of Jesus Christ.

  22. jim62: The REAL Egyptians (the Copts) are about 15-20 million. What chance do they have against the 70+ million vicious Arab Musims?!

  23. As usual, the SOS from a bunch of mindless arselifters with a mentality that says “IT MUST BE DONE OUR WAY” and if you don’t comply you f***ing infidels, then we keeeeeel you!!!!!….Allahu Akbar!!!…………..”

  24. Tit for tat – the koran should be banned in the West and all copies collected and burned!

    Burning books in Cairo

    Tuesday, December 27, 2011 | Ryan Jones

    Print Version


    Any number of political analysts have tried to write off the electoral gains by Islamist parties in Egypt, insisting that once in power, groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist al-Nour Party will take a pragmatic approach to governing.

    It is the same nonsense that was spouted as the Nazis rose to power in Germany, when the Ayatollah Khomeini made his triumphant return to Iran, when Yasser Arafat’s PLO terrorist organization was elevated to the status of a national government, and when Hamas won the 2006 Palestinian legislative election.

    On December 17, an Egyptian mob – presumably of the type that has been voting for the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Nour – demonstrated that they have no intention of “modernizing” or adopting Western-style pragmatism when they torched the Institute of Egypt in Cairo.

    Among the casualties of the Islamist assault were some 192,000 rare books and manuscripts.

    The Institute of Egypt was established by Napoleon Bonaparte when he invaded Egypt in the late 18th century. For centuries the Institute of Egypt housed priceless chronicles of the nation’s history, as well as the findings of hundreds of top scholars and scientists.

    The Institute of Egypt symbolized Egypt’s connection to the West, and for many its establishment was the start of the “modern era” in Egypt. And that is why it had to go. Because Egypt’s Islamists have no intention of modernizing, not on Western terms, at any rate. Like the Ayatollahs in Iran and Hamas in Gaza, their ultimate goal is to return Egypt to a medieval form of life where a strict interpretation of Sharia Law governs the actions of all.

    The first to suffer will be Egypt’s Christians. They are suffering already.

    But most of this is being ignored by an international community determined to paint the “Arab Spring” as a positive phenomenon. It is certainly a positive thing to throw off the yoke of a repressive dictatorship. But it is a negative thing to replace that repressive dictatorship with oppressive theocratic rule.

    That the world is championing this change in Egypt when just 30 years ago the same scenario played out in Iran with devastating results just goes to show that mankind is doomed to never learn from his mistakes.

    • Dubi,

      It would be a serious mistake to ban the Koran. Islam moved easily into the West marketing itself as another peaceful religion simply because people in the West had not read the Koran. Censorship is dangerous it paves the way for ‘Totalitarianism’ political, religious, cult, and corporate to take control of a country. Ignorance and apathy is our number one enemy.

      We must fight to ban censorship, and preserve ‘Freedom of Speech’ so that we can publicly and openly criticise all evil seditious books including the Koran.

      Instead have an annual ‘Burn Koran’ day to remind people about the evil content of the Koran and that it’s seditious content must always be rejected to preserve the right of society to live free.

  25. Islam’s plan to destroy the Pyramids is a disgrace. But the most evil greatest disgrace of all is the failure of the mainstream media in every nation around the globe to report Islam’s evil vandalistic goals. There is no doubt that the United Nations and all Governments know the intentions of these Mad Muslims hell bent on destroying the Pyramids, and all ancient records and artifacts.

    Failure to stop Muslim Vandals from destroying the Pyramids and all historical records and artefacts is a ‘Crime of Inaction.’ It is in fact an act of ‘High Treason against Humanity to deliberately destroy historical records, monuments and artefacts. This crime is so serious the penalty for such crimes should be life inprisonment never to be released or death penalty.

    Any person any government that has the power and authority to stop this planned destruction of history and fails to act by intiating intervention of such destruction is guilty by their apathy of ‘Treason against Humanity.

    In accordance with Cosmic Law the day of reckoning is coming, and those that submit to the acceptance of such Islamic evil will be held accountable by God of Creation.

    Allan Ivarsson
    Author: ‘Blue Light.’

  26. Why wouldn’t they destroy the pyramids and hence, the tourism industry?

    Doing so, would be one of the first, and most effective steps taken, in converting Egypt into a sharia hellhole.
    Everywhere the islamists SIEZE power, they eliminate all good, and build evil. It’s their standard method of operation. No surprise.

    No surprise either, that the lame stream media is not reporting. They have made themselves irrelevant to people who can actually think.

  27. Islam…muslums…they belong on another planet…so they can destroy each other…if not they will surely destroy the civilized world with their ignorance…stone age types…

  28. this maybe because Saudi’s do not want any other Muslim state to have tourism revenue since they themselves have ensured hajj tourism goes to them for the foreseeable future. maybe???

  29. The muslim line: If the lies of muhammud are not proven by historical structures , we will destroy those structures so that we may perpetuate the lies.

    More: There is no god (small letters intentional) but allah (here too ) who was invented by our baby raping, murdering, theiving, enslaving leader to keep the savages in line. They can’t revolt if they must wave their butts in the air five times a day. They must take off their shoes so that the soles of their sandals do not show the filth that they stepped in on our filthy streets. They must wash their feet for the same reason. They must not touch pigs because they are too hard to catch and they would spend all their time chasing and trying to position the sows for a little congress. Sheep and goats are much easier to position.

    So, to follow the creed of islam, we will send perpetually insulted, wild eyed, drooling, sex maniacs to destroy any relics and treasures of history that we choose to.

    Just explaining.

  30. @Malakh….

    I voted for Harper!
    The reason….he knows who the enemy is! He had a fatwa put on his head a few years ago….Remember the Toronto 18….a group of muslims who wanted to cut his head off….He doesn’t forget things like that! Now that he is in power with a majority government, be prepared for some shaking things up for the Islamics!
    Now all female muslims must show their faces during the Canadian Citizenship.
    Soon, I hope Canada will no longer see Islam as a Religion but a seditious political party. Their mosques will then have to start paying our government, taxes for all monies taken in!
    The Liberals and NDP ( New Dhimmi Party) are all for the Islamics and are also big Union supporters! If Canadian’s wish to see the country go straight to the shitter….They’ll vote NDP and Liberal in 3 years time!
    I for one will vote Conservative! I do not wish to be a dhimmi and have to wear the black cloth coffin over my body!

    P.S…….stop listening to your Liberal friends…..they don’t know what they are talking about! They are clueless. Harper is for Israel and he is doing all he can for Canada to be free from the Islamic agenda of stealth jihad!


    Sad to see that many of our predictions of what would be happening in Egypt are coming to life! I guess I can scratch off my Bucket List number 14…visit the Egyptian Pyramids and take a Nile cruise! There won’t be anything left to see if those cultists have their way! Sad to see and hear about…but unfortunately not very surprising!

    I’ll just have to put Israel in for my #14 Bucket List like InfidelKaffir sugested!

  31. Malaakh – I voted for Harper, who is the opposite of Obama (ie: stands by Israel, defends freedom of speech, is patriotic, says extremist Islam is our greatest threat, was born in the country he resides over, etc). I wish Canada was ready to halt all Muslim immigration…political correctness and ignorance towards the real intentions of Islam are the biggest and most dangerous barriers. I am grateful for BNI and am spreading the word…I love my country too much to see it surrender and become a slave to Islam.

  32. there is a bunch of youtube videos showing umm kuthum, egypt’s “national chanteuse” mentioned above in your post.

    as for you, memad, go to to get info on volunteering for the idf in a non
    combative capacity.

  33. They wont stop at the Pyramids either. This is one of their methods of bringing people to their knees. It was done to me. My abuser destroyed many of the gifts my deceased son had.given to me over the years as well as some of his first books – The ones I read to him at bedtime. I nearly went crazy with grief, but I had to pretend it did not matter.

    These desert dwellers know how to play the cat and mouse games with us. They have no mercy. If I had the power to stop them in their tracks, it would be now.

  34. Islam is a backward, stupid and ignorant ideology. As Byzantine Emperor Manuel II said in 1391 “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman,” Nothing has changed, except Islam is getting a foothold in most parts of the world. As the late, great Christopher Hitchens said:

    “Religion poisons everything.As well as being a menace to civilization, it has become a threat to human survival”.

  35. When the pyramids are in smoldering ruins, Western politicians will be bending over backwards to put the blame on ‘extremists’ who do not represent ‘true Islam’. How much death and destruction does it take to realize that these ‘extremists’ are the purest Muslims?

  36. This cannot be allowed to happen and the West has a duty of care to see that it doesn’t. Hopefully Egypt will get a Government that has dollar signs in it’s eyes…….tourism is about the only commodity keeping the country afloat.

  37. Hey BNI did you hear? Stephen Harper publicly said that he fears the Egyptian leadership will be much worse than the era of Mubarak! This guy keeps surprising me! I have heard so many negative comments about him from my friends (all liberal), but he kinda keeps proving them wrong. He’s the one who removed the law about “offensive speech” that was being used in a lawsuit against Ezra Levant (we all know who Ezra is on this site right? :D) I believe he had said something about Islam and was being prosecuted for it, and Harper completely kicked this laws butt!

  38. This makes me want to cry. Seriously… it is like watching some great hero die of a horrible and painful cancer. I could almost hear the sad violins playing in the background as I read this! My parents listened to Um Kulthoum… so did my Grandpa… it is sad, so sad. I don’t know… I can’t find words. It is just so painful!

  39. Guy Macher, I might disagree with you as to what choices we could give converts to Islâm. I thought of dumping Shi’a upon Irân while deporting everybody else, especially Sunnis, to Saudi Arabia so they can all enjoy their respective forms of “pure Islâm”!!!

    On everything else, I’m in complete agreement: ALL Muslims should be expelled from ALL the Americas, Europe (including Israel and Russia), Australia, Oceania (including New Zealand) and at least Central and Southern Africa (ideally the entire continent including currently-Muslim countries like Egypt, Libya, Sudan and Morocco)!!! The ONLY places I’d tolerate Islâm keeping are the ex-Soviet Muslim republics (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan) plus Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon (part of it being chopped off and being given to Israel as a protectorate for the Christians) plus the Arabian Peninsula. Muslim populations in China, Thailand, Burma and the Philippines should ALL be expelled!!!!

  40. Plenty of tourist resorts in Israel folks…..lots of history to see……why support people who despise you and want you converted, subjugated or dead? Shalom Israel….

  41. Guy Macher is absolutely correct: Western Civilization must become an Islam free zone. Notice to LibTurds: do not demand that we tolerate Islam! Tolerance becomes an absolute evil when applied to evil. Belief in a divine mandate to conquer and subjugate the entire world, genociding, terrorizing, plundering, raping & enslaving in the process is God damn intolerable and I will absolutely never tolerate it!!!

    Islam is not respectable, we can not respect a system founded by a murdering pedophile-lecher; don’t bother asking.

    Muslims curse us 17 times every day in their salat. You expect us to respect and tolerate that? Having read sufficient Qur’an, tafsir & hadith to know what Islam is and what it does, I say to Hell with it!!! Islam is not wanted here and must be removed as far away as possible.

    We must disrespectfully demand that candidates for Congress and the Presidency denounce and reject Islam. If they refuse, we must not vote for them!!! We need to start in the primaries, not waiting until November 6, which is far too late.

  42. Destroy the Pyramids? That’s awesome! Not only wil they destroy the Egytian tourest trade, but yet again prove my words truly prophetic:”The Muslims themselves are our greatest ally in spreading the truth about Islam”. Only the most deluded lefties could possibly deny the truth after that.

  43. A message to Egypt from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel as recorded in Isaiah:
    “The oracle concerning Egypt. Behold the Lord is riding on a swift cloud, and is about to come to Egypt;
    The idols of Egypt will tremble at His presence,
    And the heart of the Egyptians will melt within them.
    So I will incite Egyptians against Egyptians;
    And they will each fight against his brother, and each against his neighbor,
    City against city, and kingdom against kingdom.
    Then the spirit of the Egyptians will be demoralized within them;
    And I will confound their strategy, so that they will resort to idols and ghosts of the dead,
    And to mediums and spiritist.
    “Moreover, I will deliver the Egyptians into the hand of a cruel master,
    And a mighty king will rule over them,” declares the Lord God of hosts.” (Isaiah 19)
    Perhaps this is what we see taking place in Egypt today!

  44. Sad, but no surprise. Just a few days ago the Islamists in Egypt destroyed over 200,000 priceless manuscripts and archeological relics because they predated Muhammed. By the way, as far as I can tell that unspeakable act of vandalism was not reported in the mainstream media in the U.S.

  45. Many Egypt historical wall art has been defaced over the centuries, libraries and historical religious sites and buildings burned and destroyed, the faces in murals scratched out. Now who could have done that? So I do believe that one day the pyramids can be blown up by the Muslims. After all, it is all jahiliyah, from the time of ignorance created by corrupt people who worshipped idols. I’m offended just thinking about it!

  46. We here at Bare Naked Islam saw this coming! Who is surprised by this! I don’t think anybody here was! But it is sad though! Islamic fanaticism will destroy all the culture and the history of Egypt.

    Funny thing though. Islam has been in Egypt for over a millenium. Why do they want to destroy all this stuff now? Earlier Muslims lived beside the pyramids and they didn’t see fit to destroy them or conceal them. ( Although some Muslims did deface some of the artifacts – but then again even some radical Christians in ancient times damaged and destroyed some Egyptian artifacts.) But for the most part, much of the history of Egypt survived intact through both radical Christian and Muslim fanaticism.

  47. The pyramids and other treasures of Ancient Egypt have been “living” on borrowed time for decades. Even the National Geographic Society archaeologist, Mubarak’s Minister of Antiquities, Zahi Hawass, is a vicious anti-Semite and backs the destruction of Israel. Well, he is liable to see his precious Giza pyramids go instead. (That clucking noise you hear is your chickens coming back to roost, Mr. Hawass.) Serves him right, but for the rest of the world the eclipse of the gorgeous art of Egypt’s ancient culture will be a tragic loss, as will the loss of their living for those innocents there who have never wanted anything to do with the Brotherhood’s sharia Egypt.

    As for those who do, the raghead fanatics, they can sink back into the mud of the Nile and be damned to them.

  48. This will be a jewel in Islam’s crown of achievements. The civilized world should start shipping Muslims back home now. Converts have their choice of Islamic paradises to adopt as a homeland.

    For a Muslim free West, I would trade the pyramids.

  49. All this proves is the so-called Egyptian Muslims are a bunch of invaders out to destroy heritage sites whilst praying in the direction of Mecca.

  50. GrouchyFogie

    What you say is so true but at this stage what can we do? On here only hope to spread the word and hope enough people object for it to make a difference to how we vote and vote the right parties in, in our own countries if not then we are indeed in for hell on earth in the future!

  51. All knowledge before the 6th century must be destroyed because it pre-dates the savagery of the pedophile mohamad. So like the destruction of the ancient buddhist statues and so on, the pyramids must be destroyed because they are not about glory to their evil god allah. This gives more proof that the needed tourist cash will not be pouring in. So the muslims follow their normal path of destruction where every country they are in they desecrate with their filth and their perversity.

  52. When the Crusade 10.0 starts, I’ll be first to sign up…
    Israel should start a “foreign legion” ala French Foreign Legion, so I can sign up for that one too…

    Also, hey BNI, do we have to clean up our typeing language now?
    I sad “idiots” on my last post, but didn’t mean it for the people here, even thou it sounded like it. heh. =D

  53. Congratulations, Obama, on assisting in the destruction of Artifacts that are from beyond your intellectual ability to conceive, or comprehend~!

    And the rest of the world will sit back and sigh, and take no protective action ( EGYPT IS A SOVEREIGN NATION~!, they’ll say~!) and just like the Libraries of Alexandria, these, as well, will be destroyed and no more,,,

    G-D’s Earth is being destroyed, and we sit here at our keyboards condemning the actions, but are almost powerless to prevent them,,,
    And even in this case, education has flown out the window, as well as any actions based on it and common sense~!

    Round to the meteorite god, allah,,, by default of non-action

  54. The salafists and wahabbi muslim “brotherhood” cannot afford to tolerate any symbol of knowledge or power other than their koran-as-the-words-of-allah. If they did agree to tolerate any other symbol of power, past or present, then their all-unmerciful sharia would not have any basis to exist.

    • who said that ???? I’m Egyptian and Muslim too and I can tell you that it’s only a rumor and it’s not true ….. you don’t know Muslims and Islam well cause one of the Islam’s rule is to respect the country history and the culture of it and try to keep it safe and do their best to do so …. also if you read Egypt History well you will find that there is the in the Islamic civilization which was built in Fatimid and Era of Muhammad Ali and others it was built on the hand of Muslims and You can see a pictures of them if you search on the internet and you will find a fantastic designs which will impress you …. What I want to say is Muslims and Islam is not the only Quraan and it is not as you think the religion of violence it’s the religion of tolerance culture , history and Science and the best evidence are our Islamic Scientists who invented the best theories which are used till now in discovering new thing about the universe , Chemistry and physics like Ibn sina , Algorithm , Ibn al-Haytham and others …. we are the Egyptian whatever our religion is ,,, respecting the history of our country and everything has been built by our Predecessor

      • taher, Egyptian history and culture were only rich before Islam took control. Now it is a sewer like every other muslim hellhole.

      • taher, Egyptian history and culture were only rich before Islam took control. Now it is a sewer like every other muslim hellhole.

      • Taher, you are full of sh**! Don’t preach to us about your dog religion. Your fanatics killed 3,000 people in the World Trade Towers so save your nonsense for someone who is actually as stupid and fanatical as you are.

      • hey taher muslims blew up the Buddhist statues,so enough of your queeranic talibanter,the dont give a shit about other cultures and love killing anything they dont like…..screw you and mohamed

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