Meghan McCain (John’s repugnant far left wing daughter) takes a shot at LOWE’S for pulling ads from ‘All-American Muslim’

Thanks, Meghan, the more you Muslim apologists trash LOWE’S, the more business they get from real Americans. Keep it up!


Latest Update on ‘All-American Muslim’ from the Florida Family Association: The Learning Channel’s show All-American Muslim did not air this week.  Therefore, Florida Family Association will not be updating the list of advertisers to contact.

Good News for the country and liberty we all cherish.

More than 1,111,000 emails have been sent to all advertisers through the Florida Family Association email server.  That does not include the emails that have also been sent through the American Decency Association, and

Eighty seven (87) out of ninety nine (99) companies that Florida Family Association targeted with emails did NOT advertise again during the December 15, 16, 18 and 19 episodes of All-American Muslim.  A special THANKS to everyone who sent emails to advertisers.  You made a difference.

Viewer ratings drop 30% for the December 18th episode.  The Chicago Tribune reported:  “Although the TLC series filled the headlines all of last week after protests erupted over the withdrawal of advertisers including home-improvement chain Lowe’s, Sunday’s episode actually experienced a significant ratings decrease.  The Dec. 18 episode plummeted over 30% versus the previous week’s episode, which registered 900,000 total viewers.”  Click here to read the full report at

More to come in 2012.  Florida Family Association will:

• contact all companies that advertise during the remaining episodes of All-American Muslim.
• urge certain companies to confirm that their products sold to Americans are not sacrificed to foreign gods through the Islamic religious procedure called Halal.
•  challenge public school officials that allows CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) leaders to teach public school children about Islam.
•  challenge the use of tax payer dollars for Islamic education centers.
•  elevate the unanswered honor killing of Fatima Abdallah in Tampa which is the host city for the National Republican Convention.
•  use specialized search tools to discover other honor killings in American cities.

Florida Family Association is now more than ever committed to Defending American Values against Islamization and the onslaught from the left which is spewing lies and maligning this organization.

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Thank you.

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