Terrorist supporters at CAIR are cheering the Army’s submission to Islam

But the American public is angry that the Obama Regime forced the Army to cave to Muslim pressure group CAIR’s demands that Muslim students be allowed to wear their headbags when in JROTC uniform, which essentially spits on the concept of ‘uniform.’

Women soldiers in Afghanistan already are forced to wear headbags when they come in contact with muslim men, putting them in unnecessary danger

Jed Babbin, a former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, noted that the point of a uniform is uniformity. “Look at the word: ‘uni’-’form’ — everybody wears the same thing,” Babbin said. “The military is by its own nature diverse and creates a culture in which everyone, regardless of their race or creed, is blended into one force for a common purpose. This [uniform exemption] divides it, balkanizes it on religious grounds… the point of JROTC is to get you ready for ROTC in college which is preparing you to go on active duty. So if you are going to allow it for ROTC? Why don’t you allow it on active duty?” (Give them time, that’s CAIR’s next move. But the real question should be why are we allowing muslims into our military in the first place?)