Egypt’s cultural heritage is under attack as nearly 200,000 rare books and manuscripts go up in flames at the Egyptian Institute

 As Egypt’s new fundamentalist Islamic rulers threaten to destroy the Sphinx and the pyramids, other evidence of Egypt’s history is also at risk with the burning of the Egyptian Institute and its precious books and manuscripts that are the heritage of all human civilization.

Israel Today  (Frederic F) On December 17, an Egyptian mob, presumably of the type that has been voting for the Muslim Brotherhood, demonstrated that they have no intention of “modernizing” or adopting Western-style pragmatism when they torched the Institute of Egypt in Cairo. The scientific institute played an important role in disseminating knowledge about Egyptian hieroglyphic texts after they had been deciphered in the early 19th century. 

The Institute’s director, Mohammad al-Sharnoubi, wept over the destruction of this precious heritage while Army soldiers allegedly stood idly by, poking fun at him.

Any number of political analysts have tried to write off the electoral gains by Islamist parties in Egypt, insisting that once in power, groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist al-Nour Party will take a pragmatic approach to governing.

The scientific institute played an important role in disseminating knowledge about Egyptian hieroglyphic texts after they had been deciphered in the early 19th century

It is the same nonsense that was spouted as the Nazis rose to power in Germany, when the Ayatollah Khomeini made his triumphant return to Iran, when Yasser Arafat’s PLO terrorist organization was elevated to the status of a national government, and when Hamas won the 2006 Palestinian legislative election.

Among the casualties of the Islamist assault were some 192,000 rare books and manuscripts.

Bird's-eye view of the Institut d'Égypte in Cairo, which was almost gutted over the weekend

The Institute of Egypt was established by Napoleon Bonaparte when he invaded Egypt in the late 18th century. For centuries the Institute of Egypt housed priceless chronicles of the nation’s history, as well as the findings of hundreds of top scholars and scientists.

The Institute of Egypt symbolized Egypt’s connection to the West, and for many its establishment was the start of the “modern era” in Egypt. And that is why it had to go. Because Egypt’s Islamists have no intention of modernizing, not on Western terms, at any rate. Like the Ayatollahs in Iran and Hamas in Gaza, their ultimate goal is to return Egypt to a medieval form of life where a strict interpretation of Sharia Law governs the actions of all.

Volunteers trying to salvage what's left of some 192,000 books, journals and writings

The first to suffer will be Egypt’s Christians. They are suffering already.

But most of this is being ignored by an international community determined to paint the “Arab Spring” as a positive phenomenon. It is certainly a positive thing to throw off the yoke of a repressive dictatorship. But it is a negative thing to replace that repressive dictatorship with oppressive theocratic rule.

That the world is championing this change in Egypt when just 30 years ago the same scenario played out in Iran with devastating results just goes to show that mankind is doomed to never learn from his mistakes.

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78 comments on “Egypt’s cultural heritage is under attack as nearly 200,000 rare books and manuscripts go up in flames at the Egyptian Institute

  1. One can only hope that there are at the very least, copies of these books, translations etc. from the Institute in museums and libraries all over the world.

    I never thought I’d see the Nazi’s come to life again – the labels are different, but the content isn’t.

  2. The press thinks it’s “antiquities”, when, in fact, it’s just some more toilet paper. That’s about the extent of their “great” heritage!

  3. This is amazing, they want to shut down Bare Naked Islam because they “offend” muslims, the very muslims that will burn and destroy irreplacable historical archives. To make matters worse, they are destroying their OWN heritage, however Bare Naked Islam has to go!!
    Censorship is alive and well in the USSA. The government doesn’t have to do the censoring, they have private concerns do it for them. I would bet that by the end of 2012 most intelligent blogs, you know, conservative blogs will be shut down one way or another.
    Keep fighting Bare Naked Islam, we are with you!

    • It isn’t their heritage. The Arabs are as Indigenous to Ancient African Civilizations as much as the Spanish Conquistadors are indigenous to the Incan and Mayan Civilizations.

      Ancient Greek historians (Aristotle and Diodorus of Sicily) visited Ancient Egypt and gave good descriptions of the people. They weren’t Arabs nor do the images they left behind look Semitic.

  4. Ray,
    Muslims forced the ancient Egyptians to convert to Islam to continue their work and claimed it as their own.The original authors were Greeks,Persians,Jews,Indians etc.
    Aristotle’s greatest writings disappeared in Turkey.

    2 complete libraries were thrown into the Nile by conquering muslims.Another was burned.Greeks made Alexandria the center of learning but there were several cities with huge libraries.

  5. Quote
    Islam had been the conveyor belt of the knowledge that brought us the foundation of the modern western world.
    End Quote

    Ray, where do you get your information from? You may wish to research a bit more before clearly making a wrongful statement like that one.

  6. How ironic. At the time of the crusades, when the knowledge of the ancient world returned to the West in the form of Socrates, Plato, Archimedes, Pythagorus, and especially, Aristotle – the man who gave us systematic grammar, logic (both inductive and deductive), systematic definition, and the base of almost every science it spawned the Renaissance. Of course, the knowledge of the Ancients had been preserved by the very religion that now is destroying it. Islam had been the conveyor belt of the knowledge that brought us the foundation of the modern western world. Eight hundred years ago, its scholars even added to that great store of knowledge that was the last repository of reason in the world. Now, its fanatics are working to destroy civilization and replace it with barbarism.

    In March 415AD, it was Christian fanatics who destroyed the library at Alexandria – the last great store of ancient knowledge, plunging the western world into a dark ages that did not lift until the knowledge of ancient Greece returned reason back to the West.

    To see another religion return the world into a new dark age, the same religion that had once preserved it, is an evil almost beyond reckoning. If new sons of the new religion of darkness have not yet pluged the world into a new age of barbarism, ignorance, and savagery, it is not because they have not been trying. Of course, the are merely carrying the mantle of the ancient Christian fanatics. Once Science and reason are abandoned, this is to where the world falls.

  7. Well, well, well and there you have it, tolerance to whom, their own kind and that’s it-period. It is truely a shame but yet, not unexpected. May the good Lord have mercy upon them, for surely I will NOT.

    Semper FI PAtriots and infidels alike.

  8. This is heartbreaking but not totally unexpected.
    They did the same in India and Spain .They’ve done it several times in Egypt ,wiping out almost all history of the 11 generations of Greek then Roman rule.Dr.Hawass hid dna results on Tut to prevent them from destroying Tut’s treasures,but word is out so they will destroy it if they can.

    Their dream is to erase Israeli and US history next and rewrite it to resemble the garbage called history now, like Spain’s.They (Hamas) already claim the US Constitution was copied from Muhammad’s “constitution ” of Medina.

    And just as the world said nothing when muslims persecuted,robbed and evicted Jews,the Copts face the same fate.There used to be over 3m Copts in SA now there are under 50k.

    1400 years of death,destruction,thievery,intolerance and hate and no one does a thing to stop them.


  9. Ordinarily, I am against mass murder, but I think an exception can be made since the koranimals are sub human.

    No, I don’t really mean it, I would only kill one in self defense or defense of another fully human being.

  10. I am speechless. This is such a huge loss of history. I can’t believe this wasn’t widely mentioned in the media today. Dirty, filthy animals destroying artifacts that belong to the entire world!!! SHAME ON YOU! Many historians have devoted their entire lives to the study of those manuscripts. It is obvious you have no respect for them, Egypt, or the rest of the world. It is obvious to all that you want to destroy the past, present and future. You animals have destroyed priceless treasures. You are wasting your lives, because one day you will leave this Earth without doing one bit of good for anyone. Think about that: you are absolutely worthless to society. When you leave this Earth one day, you will burn for eternity, and not one person will be sad to see you go. There will be no “Allah” to reward you for the hell you have raised on Earth.

  11. Well, here is another fine example of the progressive muslim quest for ignorance and stupidity. So where is the outrage from the immenent professors of our esteemed institutions of higher learning? They’re too busy in their own progressive quest for ignorance and stupidity to even notice.

    Another four years of Obama and it will be the Smithsonian up in flames.

    It is sad to no end when one realises Egypt was once very rich and prosperous as the breadbasket of the Roman Empire with a vibrant, commercially sucessful Coptic Christian population before islam cursed the world with it’s existance. During my time in Egypt years ago, I saw only poverty, stupidity, and trash strewn everywhere, and that was in Mubarak’s Egypt. I could only imagine how much worse things are now. God help the Copts. Obama certainly won’t. Damn that man, his hands are soiled with the soot of this museum as surely as the White House is from his smelly ass. May God Damn him to an eternity in Hellfire! Thats bad when an agnostic like me makes an appeal to the allmighty for that. A reflection of how bad things have gotten whith him in office. Enough to make an agnostic lose his faith, or lack thereof rather.

  12. Mary they will have no fun burning our Museums there are wheels within wheels as we speak form next year the war is on to stop this takeover off our country by these satanists.

    No surrender!!!

    We can’not afford to!

  13. Don’t you all realize we are fulfilling the prophecies by going to war with Islam. Why is it we must never heed the warnings and innocent people must die for others IGNORANCE. We do not need another war. We need to get our country right again. Our country is falling apart and if we do not take care of ourselves we will be their slaves.

  14. If the muslim brotherhood takes control all remnants of history/culture, that is not related to Mohammad and islam, will go the way of the Buddhist temples in Afghanistan.
    Lets all hope that muslim inbreeding continues thus diluting the gene pool to a level no one on the planet will consider human.
    Do barbarians realize they are barbaric???

  15. Heartbreaking. Simply heartbreaking. However, I know that the Bible says not a sparrow falls without God knowing about it. He knows what’s going on and there will be a great reckoning. I’m ready for Jesus to return. So very ready because I am so very weary of such evil happening in the world today.

  16. A tragedy for Dr. Zahi Hawass, & Dr. Kent Weeks, as well as other foreign archeologists, particularly female ones, had better clear out for their own safety. There goes one of the great cradles of civilization. An irretrieveable loss to mankind.

  17. Once they ruin all of their priceless antiquities, there will be absolutely NO reason for anybody to go to Egypt. And if you think people will still go there for the beaches, you’re sadly mistaken, what with the Zionist sharks that have been trained by the Joos to attack swimmers and all LOL. There are plenty of beautiful beaches where you can sip cocktails while wearing the most revealing swimming attire or even — gasp — nothing! What a bunch of frigging idiots!

  18. It is sad, but it is thier heritage so fk em, let them become idiots without a past. Send obama and all his appologist lackys including ms clinton and megan mccain and that group over to Egypt to help thier friends the muzzies cleanse Egypt of all that horrible history stuff.

  19. bni i know what the muslims want to destroy is from pre islamic egypt. if that makes me a schmank sorry about that. by the way what is schmank. i hope its not the same thing as a spalpeen.

  20. Commies and dictators burn information. Keep the people dumb. Thank you BO and HAJI HILLARY for caring about the worlds history. You both are pathetic excused for human beings.

  21. You are seeing our future unfold before our very eyes, with the domination of Islam, with this type of destruction as their aim. This perverted Ideology is on the level of Aztec or Baal human sacrifices, as they Holler Allah Akbar, before killing innocent individuals.
    Total War against Islam is a must. We must get rid of this Pestilence World Wide.
    For starters sign the International “Ban Islam petition at:

  22. Mapleleaf: That’s a good idea. Where can we get that many Krayons on short notice?

    We can only hope that as this pillaging of the ancient culture of Egypt proceeds it will wake up at least some people to what is in store for Europe and the rest of the world wherever Islam gains power. Most will not believe it until it happens to them, and they won’t believe it can happen to them until the last moment. Usually by then it is too late.

  23. This is what your world looks like when nothing matters but your death cult indoctrination.

    Can you imagine what these savages would do to our culture and heritage if they had control? Nothing is safe.

    All this knowledge and learning, all these priceless relics and artifacts – they’re all just distractions to the Mullahs.

    And of course, once they destroy all the original source documentation they can just make up any story that suits them about what happened, replacing true history with bullshit Muslim propaganda.

    I’ve been apprehensive for a long time about Muslims occupying the ancient world heritage regions as a knowledge-hating death cult. Imagine the horrendous damage they’ve done by destroying everything that doesn’t match their made up fairy tale. Over the centuries Muslims have probably come into the possession of countless historical treasures that would prove or disprove so much of what we believe about the past and so much that would add to our understanding.

    I picture them finding the Ark of the Covenant or the transcripts of Christ’s trial before the Sanhedrin and just burning it all. This is one more reason Islam needs to go away forever.

  24. A great Thank You to Mapleleaf, yes, the Christian Copts are the true descendants of the Egyptian Culture, and not the muslim nomads who now squat in the whole of what was once the Roman Empire. No wonder the Islamist thugs that are now spreading terror all over the world, would want to destroy any vestige of written knowledge. This appears just as the beginning of what these barbarians are capable of doing to the civilized world. Perhaps the torching of thousands of korans would get their attention. Thank you, Berengaria

  25. Egypt is DONE,Over With,No More..There’s not enough Egyptian Patriots to save it..My Heart goes out to The Institute’s director, Mohammad al-Sharnoubi who provided through Nat/Geo the wonders of ancient Egypt for the world to see..To the Egyptian people and Governments around the world, you MUST save what is left for it belongs to the world NOT the pig/dogs of Islam..

  26. And what happens to the Coptic Christians ? isn’t it duty of the west to shelter them in their nations ?
    When muslims can come and take legal or illegal shelter in the west, why not Coptic ?
    This barak HAUSSAIN obama what is he doing ?
    Look you all have to understand that west is christian zone
    . And there should not be any room for multiculturalism.

  27. Not since Alexandria has so much knowledge been destroyed by an ingnorant bunch of savages who have contributed nothing to the human condition in arts or sciences; or anything else, save for murder and destruction. This is indeed a tragedy. Islam and all of its adherants needs to be outlawed everywhere on earth. The karan is DRECK and so are moslems.

  28. We have to remember that before allah was conceived by the paedophile
    muhammad there were many Christians in Egypt. We must also remember
    that there still, many Christians in Egypt who must feel trapped in a country
    in the process of being taken over by the muslim scourge.

    What would cair think if 192,000 qur’ans were torched ?????

  29. If the writing disagrees with the Koran , it is blasphemous – DESTROY IT.

    If the writing agrees with the Koran, it is superfluous – DESTROY IT.

    Just off to buy a present for my wife : A History of Islamic Cultural and Scientific Achievements – written on the head of a pin.

  30. just another day on the planet of the apes. apes who want a theocrocy founded by a nut case pedophile propht. no culture no joy only a hive mentality headed by a pack of so called holly men, who are as power mad and perverted as their propet. i wonder how western liberals will justify the burning of these books or when they do blow up the perymids or the spinx how they will justify that. instead of God help us lets make it god help them and show them the mercy they would show us. NONE. lets learn from this a german philosopher who happened to be jewish once said when they burn books next they burn people. the nazi,s did now the muslims are doing it the nazis were shoved into the dust bin of history. time to do the same with islam.

  31. That the way to do it. Destroy the proof of the past so you can make up what you want. Glad to see a fat fat kid from the west bank there. Seems the U.N . has done his job by feeding them because they were hungry.

  32. Wait until they melt down Tut’s solid gold coffin. After all, can’t have a representation of a person. Naughty, naughty. I’m sure our Muslim in Chief will be celebrating all of this.

    My history prof at USC said that the pendulum always swings back. Well, damn it, it had better start swinging! And soon!

  33. Just the beginning in destruction of the history of Egypt. Islam destroys all history of every nation it invades and conquers thus implements the Prophet Mohammed history waiting for the elderly to die off while teaching the “children” that Islam is the one true religion thus creating more and more Islamist that are taught to destroy anything that defies, objects to or is different from Islam.

    The history of Egypt will not be covered in wax it will be blown up or torn down never to be rebuilt again in the known world. Islam destroys, condemns, mutilates and murders in the name of Allah(GOD), I wonder, is God is weeping at the deeds of Islam?

  34. This is truly tragic and an atrocity committed against the entire World. Regardless of how anyone feels about the Middle East…The Great documents and Pyramids are a history of OUR World.

  35. I am shocked to see, what Muslims are doing to anything non-Islamic.
    Just if they are given opportunity they will destroy everything. They cant create but willingly destroy everything, No science, maths, logic reasoning, medicine, democracy, art, creativity, commerce, tourism, history, ………….. You name and they are willingly ready to destroy anything that comes their way……….
    I am unable to understand what democracies all over the world waiting for ?

  36. Hear the chants to Allah in the background?


    Burning libraries in Egypt has a long history that includes Roman emperors, Christian bishops, and, of course, Muslim conquerors. Looks like the latter are going to continue to claim the franchise for destruction of history and knowledge in Egypt.

    Savages. The CAIR thugs monitoring us must be real proud of that mob.

  37. Muslims, for centuries have blamed the rest of the world for burning the Great Library of Alexandria!
    “Lo que tu mas odias, en tu casa lo has tienes de vere!” What you hate will come and live in your house with you!
    Islam is a curse upon itself!

  38. The thing is these bottom feeding mohamidan filth monkeys dont care for ancient egypts history because its not there history there arab invaders what a bloody disgrace nazis were book burners too islamofacist pigs hope someone burns them in there beds as they sleep with there fifty wives and hundred bastard kids


  39. Egyptian “culture” is the worship of Mohammed.

    The Institut d’Egypt is a part of French culture, just as the ancient architecture in Giza is part of Western Culture. Their location in North Africa is an historical accident.

    Just look at how the Nazi Brotherhood and the Salafists won 90-95% of the Sunni vote. I have no doubt that both the modern (and particularly ugly) Library of Alexandria and the ancient pyramids will be dismantled before the decade’s out. Probably by angry mobs of young Mohammedan men screaming about their so-called prophet’s divinity.

  40. Reviewing the actions of these mobs, and they resemble zombies on steroids. Walking Dead should be add some imams to the zombie crowd, all to balance TLC’s nonsense. The Qu’rans have already eaten the muslims brains. Now the followers are following their anti-civilization puppet masters to eat culture that shows the truth found in pre-islamic days.
    Time to jinn up some signs around nuclear waste sites, `cultural artifacts inside – all you can eat’, lol. The future of Mohammads is definitely cloven hoofed and eye glazed.Bye bye Pyramids, soon to follow the Atominum or Monikan piss in Belgium, the Eiffel tower in France and other cultural landmarks in Europe.

  41. This will take an international effort which would put any such effort in direct collision with OIC. Who has the character to ‘do the right thing’?

  42. It will take an international effort to preserve Egypt’s heritage. This requires leadership for a kind and type which will not accept compromise. Since moslemites destroy all cultures but theirs and they believe they are doing a good thing, unfortunately, some-many will have to be killed-pure, plain and simple.
    Best scenario would be for an indigenous Egyptian group to request help preserving their heritage.

  43. This comes as no surprise that the left closes their eyes to the destruction of history. Afterall,
    they have done the same here by p.c. rewrites of books and the destruction of history as in the history of the south and the history of indians and the history of America. Rewriting history is no different from burning it.

  44. we need to rid the world of these evil people starting with the one in the wh. when they come here they can not and I mean can not bring the qurhan with them. and they should band the qurhan in the USA make it a law if you cant leave islam behind. you cant come to this country we don’t need this evil in AMERICA. and that is pc. it is a cult . GOD BLESS AMERICA

  45. Symptomatic of islams attempt to rewrite history to their liking. This is how islam stakes claim to lands and culture. Sad thing for islam is they’re too ignorant to understand most information is saved electronically. Whatever they were trying to erase and rewrite here was for not.

  46. So wherever the meteorite rock worshipped by all muslims on their pilramages is, will somebody please blow it up. How dare they! How dare they! Satans plan to destroy anything that may speak the truth. How can the world tolerate this? These relics belong to the world you mongrel bastards! How dare they seek sanctuary in our countries.

  47. It’s too bad that no one who worked in Egyptian antiquties had the forsight to arrange for these treasures to be shipped to the United States or Europe.Especially after the Egypt Museum was raided by demonstrators during the peak of the demonstrations against Mubarak.
    I’m afraid it is only the beginning!

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