U.K. town sprays pig manure to keep away rowdy (Muslim?) youths

Of course, the PC police would never allow the ethnicity of the ‘rowdy youths’  to be revealed, but Middlesbrough Council has a large population of Muslims and a crime rate nearly twice the UK average.

Crime Stats Based on the police recorded crime reports, Middlesbrough ranks at number 364 out of the 373 CDRPs (Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships). The higher the rank, the worse the level of crime.

CTV NEWS  (H/T Susan K) It is a crime-fighting tactic that’s not to be sniffed at. An English council says it stopped teenagers congregating in woodland by spraying the area with pig manure.

Middlesbrough Council, in northeastern England, said Wednesday it had spread the dung over a stretch of land in Coulby Newham after residents complained of gangs of young people gathering to drink and take drugs.

Officials said they adopted the unusual tactic after a search uncovered drug-related paraphernalia hidden in the woodland. The policy has led to a sharp decline in crime in the area. 


70 comments on “U.K. town sprays pig manure to keep away rowdy (Muslim?) youths

  1. I have always thought that this is one Good way to fight back – hit them in their Belief System.

    If they are so afraid that being doused with Pig Blood will prevent they from entering Allah’s Heaven, where they will be denied Allah’s Mansions, and their 72-Virgins to “Screw” in Allah’s Heavenly “Whore House”, so be it.

    There are some that are saying ” “Anti-terror” invention designed to spray Muslims with PIG BLOOD is “deeply offensive”, says faith group”.

    Maybe they will change their minds after some Death to the Infidel, Blood Thirsty, Throat Slitting, Head Severing. Allahu Ackbar, Muslim Jihadist, comes after THEM.

    • so i could run a large manure spreader through a muslim riot with my large manure spreader and mess up there whole world ? then do the same thing to there mosque and homes. I will add blood and dog carcasses just for kicks and grins

  2. i was givin an interesting idea for the mosques…use pigs blood in the building blocks/bricks. let em know AFTER the fact, then lets see if they decide to rebuild. as for the piggypoop, ill tolerate that smell over the muzzie smell any day. how they can tolerate reporducing is beyond me with the nasty body oder they carry. im thinking ill have to set loose a couple of piggys in the neighborhood park here just to prevent any unwanted future invasions lol. end of the year the neighborhood can have a nice big bbq/CHRISTMAS party.

  3. Happy new year BNI and all you great people on here!!!! Heres to a new year contining the fight to stop Islamation of our countries.

    Thanks BNI for all your hard work and NO surrender to this evil called Islam. :-)

  4. barenakedislam
    reisende2, we’ve seen this and actually it doesn’t prevent mosques from being built, just delays them a bit.

    Could you give me precise references, please? It has worked hitherto in Spain and France in the rare examples I know. I guess the more radial the Muslims are, the more it works and conversely, but as I am no theologist…

    • FD, I don’t have time to search for it now, but in Switzerland where they planted pig parts in the ground of a proposed mosque site, the imam said once it is cleaned up and they say a few Islamic hail Mary’s over the land, they will be able to build.

  5. Man O Man…I was raised on a farm. Nothing like the smell of piggy poop in the heat of the day! That will certainly do the trick. LOL Gotta hand it to the Brits…sounds like a plan to me!

  6. I read this story the other day in the UK Daily Mail Online and my first thought was the same as yours but, on reflection, I think the target of the pig dung really IS just drug-taking, trouble-making, violent ‘yoofs’ in general with which Britain is plagued. Private citizens who challenge them are literally taking their lives into their hands – they are known to kill people who, for instance, ask them to stop kicking a ball against the side of their car. The idea of moving them on with a smell is irresistible. Another factor mitigating again it being secretly targeted against Muslims is that the ultimate dhimmis in Britain ARE the city councils. I’m next to certain they wouldn’t do something like this, they’d rather appease them with ‘diversion’ programs and pay-offs to local mosques, perhaps in addition to arresting the complaining residents for hate crimes.

  7. BNI, So glad you’re back up..I visit your site faithfully because you reveal the truth about the muslim agenda. You are just delivering the mail. I depend on your website to stay up on the chatter. Felt compelled to offer some support to a fellow patriot. You happen to be on the front line but there are many of us who stand with you. I see that you do have courage.. hope that I do, only time and situations will tell.

    Semper Fi

  8. PIG’S BLOOD BE UNTO THEM. Like they have ANY right to try and “force” you, or demand you take your site down. BULL SHITE (sic) One of their lame threats is that they’ll attempt to use our Freedom of Speech against us. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT COWER to these idiots!!! CAIR is nothing more than a front for terrorists. Fight back, this is what the ACLU is supposed to be for. If they chicken out, which they might for the right price, contact the ACLJ at http://aclj.org/ They don’t back down to anyone!

    • this is what has been done all over Europe….now it’s here on our own soil…..the
      radicals, fanatics, and extremists will use our own rights, laws, democracy, and freedoms against us to force their agenda …we better wake up before it’s too late….IMHO

  9. BNI…I just now read a story on CAIR on Facebook site that CAIR complained and forced WordPress to take down BNI site and I came here to see if it is true…..it’s a bold faced lie and it supposidly came from “theblaze.com”…..it’s funny that I never read a single word of the inflammitory comments they posted that were supposed to have been taken from the BNI blogs…..it’s all a set up to silence the opposition….just like our state run media is doing….any comment?

  10. YOU’RE BACK! I’m so thrilled. I was so worried after Word Press cut you out again. I actually thought the Obama administration had a hand in it since the last post was not very favourable towards it.

    I even went on facebook and there again, you’re gone. Is there any way we can find out what happened?

    An excellent New Year to you and your family. May God keep you healthy to continue the excellent work you perform in publishing the truth. Susan.

  11. Great idea! In addition to eliminating the muzzie scum from this area, the pig manure will fertilize the plants there. Everybody wins…except the Muzzies :)

  12. LOL BNI, all English kids do this, back in the early 80s I used to gather with friends to smoke cigarettes and drink booze ( that was usually “appropriated” from parents stashes) on our local recreation ground in the evenings. Its part of growing up, tell me you never snuck a beer or ciggie when you were underage and I wont belive you, everyone has done it. The problem here was/is that these woods offered a haven from prying eyes near and old folks home and the fact that alot of kids are “feral” these days, they have no self control.

  13. Excellent idea!!!! Spraying a bit of piggy manure may be just the ticket to get some arselifters OUT of most areas they occupy!!……..ANYWHERE…..PISS BE UPON THEM……And a bit of pig poop too!!!

  14. its a shame whats happening to this country, if imigrants come to this country for a better life why are they so intent on making it like the slums they have come from, i fear for my country & my people, not whites but brithish christians……

  15. Just think, something as cheap as pig crap, stopping a muzzie. And, good thing about it, those pigs will keep right on making more. Thanks Ms. BNI, needed a chuckle this morning.

  16. How about using the same deterent all over the US then extend it to all the world ??
    Perhaps we could restart the pet pig episode again and have one in every home on every block !
    One thing for sure – I would much rather have a pig and a dog in my home than a muslime.

  17. selective muslims…the drinking of alcohol & taking drugs is no issue for them but, the “pig thing” puts a dent in their merry-making!…go figure.

  18. in the latter part of the 19th Century the Brits were having a jihad problem in northern India (today Pakistan). They fixed the problem by burying dead jihadists in pig skin. Hmmmmm.

  19. I said when they were wanting to build the ground zero Mosque in NY to get a fire fighter plain fill it with pigs blood and parts and fly over NY and see how fast they would cancel the mosque and it would save a lot of tax payers money to boot.people need to wake up to what the muslims are all about and it has nothing to do with land it is about killing the Christians and Jews and this country will be like the middle east and making what is left in to slaves to take care of them GOD BLESS AMERICA

  20. I guess the stench of pig manure prevents everybody from sniffing around the sprayed area, so this weapon is not very selective.

  21. Hey, whatever works! Maybe one day they will get the message -THEY ARE NOT WELCOME – go back to whatever hell hole you crawled out of muslim!!!

    Here is another pig story you might find amusing:

      • I am told that if a pig is actually buried on a site, muslims are prevented by their religion from building a mosque there. This solution was proposed for the World Trade Center twin towers site when they tried it.

  22. Oh Lordy ! Piggy poop has an aroma all its own.

    But if it chases off muslims, it’s a smell I could learn to love.

    I wonder if a little behind the ears and in those “special places” could help some of those blonde Swedish and Norwiegian girls stave off the slavering muslim rapists ?

    New slogan: Pig Poop is Patriotic ! ——– Oh Yeah !

  23. Wow, that should have been the option all along. Now, I wonder how long it will take for the U.K. branch of the muslim brothers in their hood, CAIR affiliate, to start the cat wailing proper response of offending these poooooooooor youths right to create havoc over their underlings, the dhimmi population of the U.K.

    SO if it offends you to see shit coming for you, well maybe you should have thought if you are going to act, smell, and partake in the shit, might just as well get used to it, sounds like you expect it. But, hey please do start off with the riots first, followed by the beheading of a few poor sons of bitches, and be sure to get out the placards telling of your disdane for the natives while screaming at the top of your youthful lungs how you came there to RULE because allah told you , you had the right to do so, while, wait for it, waaaaaaaait, being confronted with bat yeilding youth of the Christian majority to knock you down a peg or two and you wonder why the majority of us think it proper to wage a war of erradication on your tribe. Fricken dumbasses. Remember this old wise quote, “live by the sword, die by the sword”.

    Semper Fi.

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