U.K. town sprays pig manure to keep away rowdy (Muslim?) youths

Of course, the PC police would never allow the ethnicity of the ‘rowdy youths’  to be revealed, but Middlesbrough Council has a large population of Muslims and a crime rate nearly twice the UK average.

Crime Stats Based on the police recorded crime reports, Middlesbrough ranks at number 364 out of the 373 CDRPs (Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships). The higher the rank, the worse the level of crime.

CTV NEWS  (H/T Susan K) It is a crime-fighting tactic that’s not to be sniffed at. An English council says it stopped teenagers congregating in woodland by spraying the area with pig manure.

Middlesbrough Council, in northeastern England, said Wednesday it had spread the dung over a stretch of land in Coulby Newham after residents complained of gangs of young people gathering to drink and take drugs.

Officials said they adopted the unusual tactic after a search uncovered drug-related paraphernalia hidden in the woodland. The policy has led to a sharp decline in crime in the area.