FLORIDA: A salute to our military and veteran heroes with featured speaker Allen West

The United West and a coalition of Florida Leaders, organizations and citizens will join together on January 10, 2012 at the State Capitol in Tallahassee, Florida for a patriotic program honoring our United States Military and promoting American values of freedom and liberty.

 THE UNITED WEST   Location:  400 S. Monroe St. Apalachee Pkwy Tallahassee, FL from 10:30-4:00 at the Historic Capitol Building (House Chamber) 2nd floor, room 206.

We owe our men and women who have served and are currently serving in the United States Military a debt of gratitude. Please join with us January 10th in support of our troops both active duty and retired, their families and orphaned children.

The overriding objective of this exciting program is to support the troops and educate Floridians on National Security issues. Our goal is to honor the bravery, sacrifices and work of our men and women in uniform who take extraordinary risks to protect our freedoms here at home.

In stark contrast to our program of supporting the troops, other organizations, including Occupy Wall Street activists from across Florida, will be convening on the State Capitol on January 10th to petition their elected representatives and selfishly demand that Florida provide their needs.

With your support and man power we can show the national news that the pro-American message of support our troops, Constitution, and Bill of Rights is far superior to that of the Occupy Movements message of Socialism, anti-Capitalism, and redistribution of wealth. The United West coalition will peacefully confront a planned demonstration by the Occupy Wall Street movement on the steps of the Florida Capitol on January 10, 2012. www.peoplesconventionofflorida.org 

Col. Allen West featured speaker

All citizens have the right to seek redress from our legislature. However, our coalition of patriots is joining together to honor those who have selflesslysuffered and sacrificed to ensure that these very freedoms and liberties…will continue to be enjoyed by all Floridians.

With your proactive participation we can show the world that our pro-American message of supporting our troops, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is first and foremost the duty and responsibility  of not just our military but of all Americans.  SPEAKER LIST HERE

The overriding objective of this exciting program, which undoubtedly will get national media coverage, is to Support the troops and educate Floridians on National Security issues. Our goal is to develop informed voters who elect politicians on November 6, who support Constitutional Conservatism thus defeating those who prefer Socialism & Marxism to Liberty & Freedom!

If you are a conservative leader dedicated to making a difference at this historical moment in our nation then we want you to join with us as we take a strong stand against tyranny, and show America what Florida activism is all about!