Wasn’t it just last year that Mayor Dhimmi Bloomberg was the Muslim community’s favorite cheerleader as he spit on New Yorkers by championing the Islamic Victory Mosque at Ground Zero? Now, apparently, Muslim leaders won’t even have breakfast with him.

CBS LOCAL  More than a dozen Muslim clerics and community figures skipped Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s annual interfaith breakfast which is aimed at bringing people together.

In a letter to the mayor, the group said the rights of Muslims are being “flagrantly violated ” and have boycotted the event to protest what they see as excessive and illegal surveillance of Muslims by the NYPD.

While the leaders praise Bloomberg for his defense of the Islamic cultural center located near the World Trade Center site, they take issue with the NYPD sending undercover officers into mosques, Muslim neighborhoods and groups in an effort to thwart terror plots. The practice was disclosed as part of an Associated Press investigation.
















49 comments on “HOW QUICKLY THEY TURN!

  1. Why wouldn’t they turn against Bloomgergistan – he served his purpose – he failed to convince New Yorkers and the rest of the country, but now he does business in the Middle East. Money, money, money!

  2. This website is for lunatics and idiots. Your brains are poisoned with hate just like terrorists aroun the world. What makes you different from them? Everyone here is a disgusting fool

  3. To get a better understanding of Bloomberg, take a good look at the “Small man syndrome.” That can be a real driving force, as his earned fortune and political success attest. The man could have been a role-model for the condition, and as such is predictable.

  4. Happy New Year BNI and a lot of success in the new year, with God’s will.
    Muslims try to defend their filthy faith is understandable, but those no-Muslims Islam sympathizers are the dirt of the earth.
    However, you should be proud that you have been the target of CAIR and the like, because they felt the effectiveness of your blog.
    Keep the good work and God bless you.

  5. It seems that the economy is heading for a further down turn,,Are all the leaders just selling us, so as to get more money from Saudi and the middle east in general, beats me whats happening, why are the goverments and all those ass lickers being the way they are,,But you can bet its about money….are we being sold to the Arabs???

  6. BNI: Is WordPress another muslim financed, cover up organization or are they just lacking in proper hormones ? Why will no one stand in pride with our First Amendment of free speech and tell the ragheaded inbreds to go to hell, We’ll publish what we want. Truth is not libel.

    All the blessings of the world and God to you. Happy New Year seems hollow, and a poor offering. But have one anyway. You are truly a national treasure.
    SweetOlBob @

  7. Happy New Year BNI and to all who wish America a 2012 in which we are free of Islamic A-holes. May 2012 bring us a promise of NOBAMA in America’s future and the hope that the blinders come off the libs and the media.


    Bloomberg is as dirty as the rest of the Progressives…he stands with the muzzies, he supported OWS.. and (like the others) continues to support anything that is unconstitutional….I believe the muzzies have paid these POS off so they (the muzzies) can do ANYTHING they want! And they do what they want and get away with it! There is some very HEAVY money involved in this….and who has more money than ANYONE? The Saudis.

    Someone said it (above here) that these dhimmis better beware! History does repeat itself…look what happened to the Nazi Collaborators! If the muzzies don’t get you..the GOOD AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL!

  9. oooooh pooor ol’e bloomingidiot, he can’t get the traitors to attend his traitorist ass little get together to conive against the free men. So sad to hear, no really I am………. and there you go bloomingidiot, this is the bed you made. I sure hope for your sake the billions you made in the process of selling your soul to the devil and the interest of your homeland are enough to finance your life not worth saving. I’ll bet you even think you are going to take all of your traitors scheckles to hell with you in the hand basket you produced for the good citizens of NY. I’m sure they appreciate you sucking up to the enemies of our homeland. You, scumbagman, are a disgrace to all freedom loving and protecting men of this world. May the Lord take you and place you along side your brothers from the muslim hood, straight to hell, it seems as though your reservations have already been made so I’ll reframe from the praying part for your worthless skin.

    Semper Fi Patriots and all of my infidel friends.

  10. Happy New Year BNI and all here. Please keep us informed with your plans. I hate lilke hell losing you. They shut down Truth Tube in this same manner and I hope a new year we will put them to route! God’s Speed to you all.

  11. When one wonders what is wrong with society, they have to look no further than Bloomberg and his kind. Welcome back Ms. BNI and a Happy New year to one and all.

  12. Bloomberg….hmmmm..sounds like a Jewish surname….
    He should change it to Bloomaghani

    Speaking of traitors:

    This was said by Karzi in response to the Obama administration’s wanting to start talking to the Taliban.

    “I am very happy that the American government has announced that the Taliban are not their enemies,” Karzai said in a speech to the Afghan Academy of Sciences. “We hope that this message will help the Afghans reach peace and stability.” (and of course continue sending me billions of dollars)

    Are we living in a bizzaro world?

  13. Just muslims, no big deal. I hope the muzzies eat a fat-assed bacon sandwich when they are done bitching, better yet maybe they can go home and kill a relative that has disgraced them.

  14. What can one say – a mayor is just a lying traitorous mayor but the NYPD are doing their job. Bloombuger isn’t the one that has to answer to 911 calls with his life on the line. Justice is sweet.

  15. Here’s to Bloomberg:

    Sabotage is a deliberate action aimed at weakening another entity through subversion, obstruction, disruption, or destruction. In a workplace setting, sabotage is the conscious withdrawal of efficiency generally directed at causing some change in workplace conditions. One who engages in sabotage is a saboteur.

  16. Dhimmi everywhere need to see the lesson in this. You will never be found favorably with them. They will always view you with the contempt that one shows to an opponent that was defeated with only words.

  17. Bloomberg will kiss the muslim arse and pull all the cops out of the mosque so the terrorists CAIR and the gang will be able to do they do best, commit terrorist acts without any interference. But in the meantime I say..To bad, so sad..Who cares anyway? Peace to all non-muslims who would like to kick Bloombergs arse.

  18. I heard there’s two cop cars sitting aside Park 51 24/7 wasting taxpayers money. I wonder what they still owe on taxes to the city and the rent to Con Edison, useless pieces of shit.

    Happy New Year

  19. The inbreeding child be headers really should get it through their thick ass stupid heads that they fail….they have failed for 2000 years. Nothing is different today. In fact if we didn’t send them aid and feed them and change their daily government diaper for them when they come here they would have starved to death a long time ago….o shit, is it ok to still say death on here…CAIR is the mother of all inbreeding cave ape baboons…with ties to Hamas and supporting a mosque that sent at least $53,000 to the taliban in Pakistan from a mosque in Florida. It’s very serious damage that 2000 years of forced inbreeding does to the gene pool…I don’t think no amount of aid and welfare can reverse this gene pool damage so why don’t we just stop feeding them…..DON’T FEED THE MUSLIMS THAT WANT US ALL DEAD There should be a sign in every nation on Earth…Do not feed the cave apes! (Muslims)

  20. Judenrat! The moron has discovered what it’s like to be a useful idiot. I doubt he’ll stop his sniveling, Muslim asskissing ways though. He’d probably sell his mother to the gas chambers.

  21. I’ll tell you one thing, when the Islamists come for their heads I’ll be laughing because they aren’t going to be protected by too many people, those people these appeasers, like Bloomberg, have turned their backs on.

  22. muslims do not respect infidels and d’himmis such as bloomberg. They use taqiyyah with the people they can use and lie to in their goal of extending their cult of islam. Maybe bloomberg will get the message that he is only tolerated as long as he can bow to islam. Shame on bloomberg for supporting the ground zero mosque.

  23. I’m shocked!?!? I guess there’s nobody left to like him! Poor mis-understood back-stabbing lefty probably doesn’t know what to think now! If nobody liikes him, how is he going to get re-elected? Looks like good days ahead for all New Yorkers!

  24. Moz terrorists want to attack New York as the symbol of the EVIL KAFIR WORLD.

    By doing so, they hope to show Moslems around the world that they are winning and that the great jihad against the GREAT SATAN USA is succeeding.

    Does Bloomberg GET IT?

    Does WORDPRESS get it?

    The Moslems are at war with freedom and democracy and won’t stop until we have a worldwide theocratic DICTATORSHIP.

  25. I think it’s funny as hell. This only underscores the fact that muslims cannot be trusted. They will turn on you at the slightest. In this, they are aware of, and use to tactical advantage, our well documented collective short term memory. By the same token, this could be the muslims Achillies Heel and used to our advantage if we are willing to lose some of our “constraints.”

  26. F**K em’ all anyhow. That includes Bloomberg. He is an A**hole .
    I have had enough of this foot-kissing crap that the politicians keep on with.
    The time is coming folks. Be ready when you need to defend what is left of the freedoms we have in this country. If it is up to Bloomberg and his ilk, this country will be destroyed and reduced to a third world country…..could be inside of one year.

  27. way to go NYPD they will try and get rid of Bloomberg and take over new York

    i think he is a jerk do not turn your back on them they are not your friends

  28. This dhimmi has always been a freaking moron. I hope he has to sit in many more political gatherings nearly by himself in future. No friends anywhere but those he can purchase with blood money. I detest him. He will pay when he finally passes on. No friends, Humiliated be the truth of his subservience to enemies of freedom and liberty. He should be made to live in the heart of a Muztard neighborhood in Dearborn Michigan in his retirement.

  29. Muslims should all be considered suspicious until proven otherwise. In other words, painting them with the same broad brush is eminently reasonable. Americans have not come to conclusion capriciously. We have seen muslims in action. We base our conclusions on the evidence.

    Why be suspicious of muslims? Because ALL muslims read from the same “holy” book – you know the one I mean; the one that says (and NOT just once) kill anyone who does not worship allah – having the same interpretations regardless of where on the earth muslim societies exist, a book which muslims contend is the immutable law of allah, being an identical copy of the great koran found on tablets in heaven (Surah 85:21-22). As Turkey’s Erdogan keeps repeating, “There is no moderate islam. Islam is islam, and that’s it.”

    And I believe him. Islam is Islam, whose holy book repeatedly exhorts muslims to subdue all non-muslims to the point of killing them if they refuse to accept allah,


    The real reason Bloomberg wants surveillance done,


    Willie Sutton robbed banks because he KNEW that’s where they kept the money. We SHOULD watch muslims because that’s where the trouble makers are. Even Bloomberg knows this.


    BNI, shake the WordPress dust from your boots and move on to a site that respects the truth. Truth can NEVER be hate speech, never. I’m stickin’ with ya,

  30. The practice was disclosed as part of an Associated Press investigation., from the article,,,

    So, let’s do this,,, Let’s let every suspect know they are under investigation, let them know when the law enforcement authorities are going to arrive to search the house, and what areas of the residence are to be searched,,,

    Let’s further let all the media climb on the bandwagon, to make sure the perpetrators are properly advised and indeed, protected, and that all the graves and stolen goods are well hidden,,,

    Make sure that we are not permitted to infiltrate ANY organizations who have blatantly announced their plans for our destruction, so that the public lies wide open and vulnerable to attack and violence

    Oh, sorry,,, the above is already being done, thanks to the muslim in chief, the chief gun runner and barbaric napolitano,,,

    My Bad

  31. ROFL Personally, I’d be delighted to receive the news that no Muslims were coming to have breakfast with me. Let this serve as a lesson to those who attempt to “reach out” to the muslim community with “interfaith” efforts like this idiotic breakfast of Bloomberg’s. Islam only tolerates interfaith when it serves the goal of Islam. Islam has no interest whatsoever in bringing people together (unless all those people are muslims). Islam is the least tolerant ideology ever to curse this planet, and that includes the Nazis.

    I suggest that the muslim clerics protesting Bloomberg take it one step further and show their digust by leaving the USA and going back to their home countries. That’ll show us.

  32. Here they go again, thinking they are above the U.S. law; wanting ultimately replace it with their radical Sharia law. It will be interesting to see where this goes!

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