Muslims show us why they could never have been descended from apes

Muslims are nothing like animals. That’s right, animals could never treat other animals the way Muslims treat other Muslims.


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  1. Russell…BNI….about the dog, me too…

    I think it is because the dog did absolutely NOTHING to deserve being tossed off that building.
    He was just a poor black pooch who happened to be caught by that rotten cunt of a muslim.

    I might sound crazy, but there are hundreds of humans that I think deserve death much, much more than a good old loyal dog….or cat or horse or camel…or you name it.

    There is a song called “God Bless the Beasts and the Children”…don’t know the singer…
    because the beasts and the children are the only 2 groups who are totally innocent of all the horrors in this world wrought by adult homo-sapiens.

    We may or may not be products of “creation”…that is a matter of faith I guess.
    But however you slice it, we are a messed up bunch, and we really do need either a “messiah” like marcia said, or mabe….just maybe….the “messiah” will arrive in those silver space ships she mentions…

    Somebody/something/somewhere should come down here and kick our collective asses and get us on the right track, methinks.
    We can’t do it ourselves, or so it seems.

    I could *********** that scum that threw that dog off that building…then buy get a six pack of beer and a pizza and celebrate.

  2. Folowers of Islam are definitely not descended from primates.

    How do we konw?

    Primates invent things and solve problems.

  3. Let me tell you all: Muslims are the result of SARAH wanting her way to have a child, when she was NOT given a child at the time and she still wanted her way, even if it was NOt in Gods time! So, she went down to Egypt and bought an Egyptian women named Hagar, and Abram (Abraham) went in unto Hagar and had Ismael, who is the father of the Muslims and NOW we have a Freakin Muslim problem! How man y of us, INCLUDING me, do what we want and will NOT wait upon God! I am guilty and yet we should all wait upon God!! As for Muslims, don’t worry, God is still on the Throne and He still knows what is going on, and He will ahndle it! see Ezekial and the Minor prophets and see what will ahppen to Iraq/Iran and trukey and the Muslim nations! NO Nation can get rid of God, and reject Him and curse Him and Deny HIM and survice! NO NOT ONE all nations that reject Jesus Christ will be destroyed, andthat INCLUDES this one and all other nations..Russia, China and U.S.A. etc So,,,,,stand by, things will get worse!! This world is headed for its trouble!! Bet on it!!

  4. I m not sure the poit here but…I am NOt from an ape etc, I am a child of God and I am Made by HIM and designed by HIM and You are free to think you are a monkeys uncle if you like!!

  5. The wonderful thing about humans is that they have free will and reason
    The despicable thing about humans is that they have free will, and fail to reason.

  6. OK hes right we are from apes and we have evolved from them. But as for Muslims they haven’t moved forward in 20,000 years. But this scene with the fighting was on the first set of planet of the apes.

    So you see maybe the Muslims are getting ready to evolve themselves we can only hope. Maybe god in his wisdom can change them into sakes like he did to the devil. I believe it won’t be hard they are very close now .

  7. Yes there are millions of people in this world that do good but even our good works do not grant us a place in heaven. What is happening in this world right now is only reflecting what is happening in the spiritual (heavenly) realm. There’s a war going on for everybody’s soul. It’s a war of good vs evil, heaven and hell. thus is no surprise to the God who created heaven and earth and all who dwell in it. You good read this in the (Christian) Bible. Romans in chapters 5,6,7 and 8 talk about our good works, our good efforts cannot get us to heaven. Only through recieving/ accepting Jesus Christ do we have this access. There is no other way…. The bible is all about Gods son Jesus Christ and about redeeming/ reconciling all mankind back to Himself. This is what’s called amazing grace….. where our minds can not work or fathom this mystery out…. Our creator our God has called us to only believe. To say yes to Him knowing we can not do anything to earn this amazing gift but just to recieve it with a thankful heart. Such love, AMAZING GRACE this God ( Father, Son and Holy Spirit) has for each one of us. It’s not on our works but on what He has already done for us.

  8. All that God created, including man, was good. Man sinned. (Book of Genesis) From that first turning away from God, mankind inherited the tendency to act against His will. God gave us free-will, the ability to choose between good (God) & evil (turning away from God) every moment of every day.

    What I have been watching yesterday (first time) & today on these videos is pure evil. These actions are NOT of God nor the will of God, as opposed to what they claim…”the will of Allah”.

    This will happen to us if we do not put a stop to it.

    Finally, if anyone thinks that these people can be bought off or reasoned with, he/she is delusional.

  9. Brad, I was a Christian once. I am not a Christian now. When a Christian, I once gave my coat to a poor man. Now, for two years I have supported a child in Colombia. When a Christian, I debated about baptism and “once saved, always saved”. Now, I debate about the Islamization of the free world and the future of civilization. When a Christian, I was married and divorced twice. Now, I have a “friend with benefits”, and we have a stable relationship.

    Having said this, I have made my peace with the church. That is why you will not find me debating Creationism, the existence of God, or any of that. I want to stand with Christians, Jews, and everyone else, against the enemies of civilization.

  10. time to get rid of these filth ridden excuses for human beings. their right muslims did not evolve from apes, they evolved from the lower form of life the tapeworm.

  11. Well Brother, you look like apes with your funny chin strap beards.

    This may be the reason why you shave all the body hair from your bodies, just so it wont remind you that you are apes.

  12. We ARE created in God’s image. But man turned his back on God in the Garden. Until we turn back to God through Jesus Christ, his Son, were are all doomed to act against God in our natural world, as “monkeys” act. Only through Jesus Christ can we become as God intended us to be. This is why you see Islam (of Satan) doing so much evil in our world. Including the attempted extermination of Christianity. A Christian tries constantly to act as God intended us to act towards others. This is why they are being pushed from Islamic countries. We are natural Peace Makers at heart. A follower of Christ tries so hard to keep from acting as the natural world dictates we act like. But God made us humans, not Gods. At some point we all must decide, “do we want the better of man’s morals (the light) to win out over the worst of man’s evil nature (the dark)”. We all must make a choice. The time is near. Satan is winning when the good stand idly by. If we choose to fight all evils of this natural world being taken over by Satan (evil) we MUST ALL make a choice. Who will you stand with? The LIGHT? Or the DARK?

  13. He is wrong on some points. God was never lonely. And the importance of a thing does not depend on its size. Your house is bigger than your family, but is it more valuable than your family? Despite his misconceptions the video does highlight some important truths about fallen human nature. If you still think people are inherently good after watching that, you’ve got problems. This world is tainted by evil (what the Bible calls sin). And it is in each of us. The sooner we stop ignoring Jesus, the sooner we will start making things right.

  14. this videoshows that these people are demons incarnate to stomp on people and throw a dog over a cliff. the ones who did all of this are extremely guitly

  15. muslims have learned monkey see monkey due and they are low intel scavengers, prolific pack breeders , would say they got a lot in common ! but animals have more respect for there own kind.

  16. Even apes don’t act as cruelly as humans. The large apes are actually very gentle and are rarely violent depite stereotypes to the contrary. Chimpanzees are sometimes warlike and violent, but even they only sometimes are violent, but most of the time live cooperatively with each other. Bonobos spend much of their time doing sex and are only occasionally violent. In fact, Bonobos (also called Pygmy Chimpanzees) seem to use sex as a means of defusing conflict and a form of bonding with each other and they spend a lot of time having sex. I guess their motto is, “Make love not war.”

    It is rather interesting that the most sexually uptight cultures are the most violent. Virtually all your prudish societies are warlike, and that certainly includes Islamic culture. And whenever sex is used, it is used soley for procreation (to create more warriors), cruelty and manipulation — never for joy and happiness.

  17. Mubarak was no angel, but he controlled the Islamists, half-kept the peace with Israel and was somewhat of an ally to the U.S. Obama threw him under the bus and helped the Muslim Brotherhood take power, and our stupid mass media acted like the change was wonderful. What is coming is a hundred times worse, and it will start with the destruction of the Christian community in Egypt, as the Jewish community was destroyed at the birth of Israel.

  18. or course not all the people killed or raped and beat our president said do not judge

    right they are not your friends do not turn your back on them

  19. And we were afraid aliens/martians would invade us with little green men in silver spaceships! GOD HOW I WISH THAT WERE THE CASE….we sure could use a Messiah

  20. the way that the muzzies behead other people “for their god” what god do the mean the devil or satin ? come on now look at it for what it really is it is a ***CULT*** of death. if i get killed for my fee speech then i will not died in vain .


  21. Moslems are like other humans.

    However, many are victims of 50 generations of inbreeding.

    ALL Moslems are victims of cradle to grave brainwashing geared to remove independent thought and analysis and cause mental blindness and deafness to facts.

    If Moslems can murder their own family members, they can murder anyone. According to Mohammed, murdering your family members proves you are a good Moslem…a heartless inbred braindead killer zombie Mozman jihadist.

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