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  1. Welcome back BNI! Up until today I couldn’t even get the BNI reruns, but it is great to know that TRUTH and JUSTICE ALWAYS prevail over LYING ARSELIFTER ATTITUDE. It was doing a search on “arselifter attitude” when I found this page!!

  2. @SHEIK YER ‘MAMI: Yellow snow? Dog doo snowcones too! Sheik yer’mami = Sheik yerbouti? “Now who you jivin’ with that cosmic debris,” my dear Sheik? Me big prog fan too, lol. Mostly Gabriel era Genesis, King Crimson, Yes, and ELP. (Yes ADHD, they led me to Modest Mussorgski’s works, ie. Pictures at an Exhibition which in turn led me to Illya Repin, a most underated painter by his western contemporaries. His treatment of Ivan Grozny and his son was psychologically horrific. A very haunting masterpiece, especially that ”Oh my God what have I done!” look in Ivan IV’s eyes.)

  3. This is brilliant! Church bells should ring out everytime they try to have these prayers in the street! Maybe in the end they would get the message and go back to the mosques!
    I think it`s shocking that this isn`t stopped by our leaders! They should only be allowed to do this in muslim majority countries! I bet they don`t do it in those countries, they only use mosques! They only do this elsewhere to make a point and that point is we will take over your country soon and do what we want!
    I wish our leaders would wake up and make steps to curtail this false religion which is full of violence and barbarity, obviously demonic!

  4. Paula, ADHD I believe in the Battle Hymn of the Republic, and Onward Christian Solders, the Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, and The Saints Come Marching In. With the volume turned up like your at an Alabama Concert.

  5. Angel, I’m not a Cypriot….I was born in England and have lived here long enough to have a fairly good understanding of the British psyche. Britain used to be a very good place to live before the followers of islam were permitted to flock here in droves and bring the country (indeed, Europe) to its knees. The supreme arrogance of such aliens in demanding we capitulate to their evil doctrine is stupefying. Only when the British take the islamisation threat seriously instead of believing it could never happen, will they decide to challenge it outright. Of course, the longer that takes, the more serious will be the consequences.

  6. You got it in One! It was in London.

    BTW, great site and filled with lots of awake and intelligent people. You can be proud!

  7. I love the suggestions (hand bells, classical or otherwise music), wonderful! :-)

    But if you don’t have any of those handy at the time, you may consider using something similar to what one of my friends had no qualms making good use of when we ended up ‘cornered’ in one of those situations. Won’t be to everyone’s taste perhaps, but it ought to nevertheless bring a few smiles.

    We were walking by and stumbled upon one of these irritating -to put it mildly- ‘gathering’, way too many of them and negotiating our way around that lot wasn’t easy. A lot of people were trying to figure out that too, other than by ‘back-hopping’. I heard a soft chuckling next to me and glanced at one of my friends who had ‘this look’. I straight away knew what he had in mind and asked ‘Really?’ ‘Oh yeah,’ he grinned, “the situation definitely calls for it!”

    See, as a present, he got one of those ‘talking’ keyring programmed to blurt out catchphrases from a comic’s character, which some here may even be familiar with. So we made our way through as best we could and suddenly, loud and clear came -deliberate misspelling:

    “Silence, I’ll KEEL YOU!”

    Now the wonderful thing -beside being impossible to tell exactly where it came from, was that those in a standing up position all started laughing, while nevertheless hurrying their pace away from there, just in case. It sure made our day and hopefully ruined you know who’s…

  8. Definitely, that’s the way to do it.

    If not church bells, use sound trucks with loud rock music.

    I recommend Frank Zappa: “watch out where the huskies go and don’t you…”

    But I object to the term “Islamic Prayer Service”, which is a very mild description of this obvious in-your-face demonstration of strength, muselmanic arrogance and supremacy.

  9. you know I don’t hate them. I hate what was hammered in their heads from birth to hate ,hate,hate, and the darn qurhan is evil pure evil and the way to stop it is to get rid of the book. I think it should be banned in all country’s except in muslim country’s GOD BLESS AMERICA

  10. Bells and balls, thats all it takes. I remember reading an article about 30 years ago entitled, “How come they don’t hijack RUSSIAN airplanes?” Anyone else notice that there wasn’t a woman in the whole crowd?

  11. Sarastro, also add classical choirs and solo singers (be they into opera, oratorio or lieder) to the orchestral mix – and also pipe-organs (another sound Muslims will associate with church)!!!

    The point is: LOTS of classical music is the thing to particularly annoy them. [And for a really anti-Muslim march (for those so inclined), Chaykóvskiy’s “Slavjánskaja Marsh” (“Slavic March” – in French, “Marche Slave”), Op.31 will fit the bill very nicely. That piece was written in fact during the Russian Campaign of 1875-78 against the Turks, helping the Serbs and other Balkan peoples on the Russian side (in fact, it uses a couple of Serb folk-songs in its thematic material in addition to the Russian national anthem of the time, “Bózhje Carjá Khrañí” (“God Save the Tsar”).]

  12. Maybe everyone could equip themselves with hand held bells – large ones and small ones. Ring the bells and sing songs.
    BNI – Thank you for this site. I see the CAIR problem reported other places on the internet with reference to free speech – only CAIR has the freedom.

  13. Perhaps the church can connect loud speakers to those bells. Not quite loud enough to silence these dogs and keep them from blocking the streets. Muslims remind me of those syfy movies like Night of the Walking Dead. Just a bunch of brain washed Zombies.

  14. Unbelievable…muzzies are either seething, incensed, outraged and I’m betting they even foam at the mouth! These people have more complaints than any other species on Earth!

    And the crappy thing is…most governments are afraid of them! The kow-towing , the bowing, taking the rights of their citizens over that of foreign muzzies. IF the host countries would STAND UP to them…the muzzies would back down! But they don’t have to…there are no consequences for anything they demand and “deem” racist! They are the “minority” and have to be “protected” from everyone else!

  15. I would also prefer that all Muslim pirates get the Russian treatment; only — I’m afraid it would mean that more of the hostages would be killed.

  16. Some time back I saw a video where the Bulgarians did the same in Sofiia. They have a long memory of years under Turkish domination when their Christian boy children were taken by the
    Turks to be trained as Janissaries to protect the Sultan.

  17. BLR, actually, believe it or not, there is an apprenticeship for bell ringers!! :-))) Sounds such an appealing career move nowadays…. since our public places are invaded by such a revolting sight of ‘bums up’. Is it just me or do anyone else also have this urge to sneak in behind and give a reaaaaly good kick?

  18. Prayer My (fill in your own piece of anatomy here) ! !
    This is a DEMONSTRATION !
    The in-your-face, inbred, stinking rabble do it simply to interrupt the lives of infidels everywhere.
    New Definition: Infidel: An individual of many religious persuasions who does not follow the
    barbaric cult of that baby raping, marriage forcing, animal and child
    molesting, theiving, murdering, so called proffitt of the false, made
    up god allah, whose murderous ideology of islam which calls for the
    death or slavery of all who do not adhere to his barbaric rules.

  19. Sadly, church bells normally aren’t that loud. Russian nationalists are probably playing the bell sound on loudspeakers to disrupt the mudslimes.

  20. By the way, there were not only Somalis on this boat. Pakis and Iraqis separated into different groups by their nationalities were as many as Somalis. Commandoes were talking about “fucking Arabs” who they were communicating with regarding the rescue. Hope they didn’t let any of them go.

  21. @Mark Davis: There is NO way Greeks will be in denial about muslims. Having suffered from Turks for hundreds of years and losing their historical lands and cultural heritage as thousands of archaeological sights as a witness of Greeks glory to exploit. Spectacular Constantinople that I refuse to name Istanbul, the miracle of Agia Sophia converted to a mega mosque, half of Cyprus bitten off and populated by dirty Turks imported from the mainland. Sure Greeks have NO illusions unlike Brits whose government was in bed with them for hundreds of years. Are you a Cypriot MD?

  22. I so love those church bells/ I miss them ringing on sundays. I think they should ring 5 times a day at the same time as the Allah Akbar yodelling team start blaring their horrid noise over the speakers. How dare they get away with it all this time. Get out of our faces and our countries you heatherns. They used to shoot roosters that crowed before sunrise and woke people up.

  23. Here’s the thing. Under the satanic teachings of Mohammed, the most important thing is the Mohammedan’s pride. That’s why there are so many “Honor” killings; that is why they riot so wildly over a cartoon – Pride is THE primary Islamic value.

    The way to really hurt these Muslonazis – aside from supporting Israel because Israel disproves Mohammed’s divinity, and its very existence humiliates ’em – is to hurt their PRIDE! Blast kuffar music over their ugly adhan droning on about Mohammed. Make sure they understand clearly the inferiority of Mohammed’s death cult.

    Humiliation of Mohammedans hurts them FAR FAR more than any suicide bomb or act of violence ever could. Its their achilles heal – their Muslonazi pride.

  24. @ IceCold Troll,
    They’re upset over Tim Tebow not because they’re against religion, just THAT one.
    Every church in the world needs to syncronize their bells to the Ass Lifters. Hey, maybe they’ll get the hint.

  25. Mohammed hated music and at the sound of a few notes from a flute or a voice singing, he would cover his ears with his hands. He said musical instruments were from the devil and had to be destroyed, and Allah would pour lead into the ears of anybody who listened to girls singing. But above all, he hated the sound of bells because thy called Christians to church. He said couples should not listen to music while copulating but should recite verses from the Koran.
    The Taliban banned all music from Afghanistan, even folk songs, because they wanted to make a pure Islamic country.(They made a miserable hell), Osama bin Laden did not allow any music in his house on Saudia Arabia. Therefore, our best weapons to fight against Islam are symphony orchestras. Muzzies infiltrate everything else, but they cannot infiltrate Western classical music.

  26. Uncle Robert, while no doubt “heavy metal” music has its place, I still feel that nothing will beat “classical” stuff (which almost NEVER uses amplification of any sort, particularly in terms of its scoring), especially with such bells being used to drive the throat-slitters nuts!!! In any case, North America isn’t without a number of fine carillons and big bells that can make an excellent effect if handled right.

    Maybe we have to agree to disagree on what might be a matter of taste… However, I DO try to fight on behalf of our beleaguered yet FAR TOO TAKEN FOR GRANTED Western civilisation and its timeless music (which is what “classical” is supposed to be, timeless), art, science and everything else!!!! It’s ours to love it, live by it (and the Judæo-Christian religions which are its basis), trumpet its worth and TURN OUR BACKS upon both Islâm and Communism/Nazism!!! Karl Marx, Mohammed and their followers can literally GO TO HELL!!!!

  27. Dear BLR, you can be sure that having those bells ring in the right sequence with the right timing and volume IS something that requires actual training for those “campanalogists”. Here, both Roman Catholics and Anglicans in addition to the Eastern Orthodox in the States may be able to help you – using such bell-choruses on a festive day (when ALL the bells of a city may be rung in Eastern Orthodoxy) can sure raise A LOT OF SOUND!!!!

    Furthermore, if you watch that video closely, you’ll see and hear that the majority of them are NOT rung as swinging bells swayed by the ropes: they’re instead rung like carillon-bells with wires pulling the clappers to the side of the instrument, giving greater control over the volume and timing.

  28. To RevereRidesAgain:

    Good point about Pjótr Iljích Chaykóvskiy’s “1812 Overture” including cannon and church-bells (the piece was written for outdoor performances). [Even nowadays it can be hazardous for the cannoneers handling the artillery in addition to ensuring they sound at the right instants in the score!!]

    Another piece where these bells are used to an equally-stunning effect (if done right) is the “Coronation Scene” (Prologue, 2) of Modjést Pjetróvich Musórgskiy’s opera “Borís Godunóv”. Particularly aim for a Russian recording of that opera, ideally done at St.Petersburg’s “(Kiróv-) Mariínskiy” opera house, or Moscow’s “Boljshóy” – both those theatres have complete bell-sets that put the tame chimes used in Western auditoria to shame!!!!

    For an example of a recording of that opera performed in its original version, try Valjériy Abisálovich Gjérgijev’s (Gergiev) recording the Kiróv-Mariínskiy opera company of St. Petersburg on Philips. Just listen when they first come in for that scene: they almost drown out even the orchestra!! [THEN, compare with the Western recordings of Claudio Abbado or Mstjíslav Ljeopóljdovich Rostropóvich: great as both of them indeed are (I LOVE the Rostropóvich as perhaps the best of them all overall), the lack of the Russian bells tells in that scene BIG-TIME!!!!]

    [Alternatively, if you don’t mind the tinkering and rewriting of the score done by Ñikoláy Andrjéjevich Rímskiy-Korsakóv (which was regular practise until 1975, when the original score was published by Oxford University Press in the authoritative edition by David Lloyd-Jones, which has taken over since), then you can hardly go wrong with George London as Borís in a recording made at the Boljshóy with Aljeksándr Shamíljevich Mjéljik-Pashájev (Melik-Pashajev) conducting. The Bass-Baritone George London, apparently the first non-Russian Borís to sing that rôle in Russia, himself wrote in the preface to that recording (Mjelódija and CBS) about those bells being deafening and “the chimes used in Western theatres sound poor in comparison.” ]

  29. I want them out of my country. I cross the street when I see them like they were rabid dogs. My husband had to live in Saudi (he’s a white American) for his job with our military and he says they are all friendly to your face but will cut your head off like Nick’s to become a martyr. They have been fed lies for centuries by Mohammed followers (Mohammed was a pederast, a plagerist (he stole the Jewish Old Testament changing some words here and there) and had to marry an older wealthy woman to get his insane propaganda across. He is no different than Hitler except all they have are used weapons from the Civil war and rusty knives. And their women must be so ugly they have to cover them. Who started that war with us. Infidels is what you all are. You wear dresses and table clothes for head gear.`

  30. But why should the Muslims be allowed to persecute Christians even in the West? That is not tolerance. The Church is too complacent!!!

  31. huh at least they stand for they god and have high faith to him i dont see this in my religion anymore today i just see an empty church they just know how to said “jesus?????????

  32. Thanks for the clip Angel. What a pity the other nations don’t have the same attitude to pirates that the Russians have. If they did, piracy would disappear overnight.
    It makes a welcome change to see the Muzzis getting a bit of their own medicine for a change.
    Go Russia!!!!!!!!!!

  33. And if you don’t have any church bells, have all passer bys sing ‘God Bless America.’
    Just puke all over their prayer service. That is how you fight back my friends.

  34. Ms BNI, good on the Greeks! The English as a whole seemingly prefer to remain in denial, but we live in hope of a spectacular backlash at some point!

  35. Wonderful to see! If that happened in England, the government and the do-gooders would soon have the church bells silenced. The “noise pollution” would no doubt be deemed to contravene the law relating to discrimination because of religion or belief.

  36. LMAO! AHHHHAHAHA! We really do need to watch the Russians and learn I have been saying that for a year now…this is so funny. They tore down a Mosque in Russia that was 100 years old and it leaves 3 mosque’s for about 1.5 million muslims in Moscow. They tore down the mosque 10 years after 9/11……Look for Russian videos on youtube on how they deal with Muslims. The make sure to go out of their way to make them know there not wanted and will be leaving one way or another. They look very cold jumping up and down trying to stay warm…man they really go through a bunch of trouble just to go there freeze their ass off just to hear Church bells going crazy! What they will do to try to suck off an infidel like a leech has no bounds! The Russians also know how to deal with the hard headed ones too.

    • Mr friendly, I have that video (if Youtube hasn’t taken it down) of how the Russians deal with Somali Muslim pirates who hijacked one of their ships and took hostages. They stormed the boat, rescued their comrades, then put all the pirates tied up on a small boat, sent it out to sea and then blew the whole damn boat up! KABOOM!

      Unlike Obama who had the US Navy sitting around a little life boat where the the pirates had taken the captain of a cargo ship as a hostage. The Navy had several chances to take out the pirates and rescue the captain, but Obama made 2 Naval ships wait for 3 days. We’ll never know for sure, but I heard that the Navy final took it upon themselves to rescue the captain and kill the pirates, saying the captain’s life was in danger. Naturally, the dumb bastard Obama took credit.

  37. Whooo! Sounds like the end of the 1812 Overture! All they need is the cannons…

    Happy New Year, Russia. Keep ringin’.

  38. Bells are haram and anathema to the buttrisers,,,, they positively H A T E them~!
    Ayyup,,,, GOTTA LOVE THE RUSSKIES~! They are leading the way, in some ways~!

  39. Moslems hate church bells because no one but Mozzies may make public calls to worship.

    A black dog, a woman, a Jew and a donkey annul Islamic prayer according to the prejudiced, misogynistic, pedophile pirate.

  40. Well done, Russkies! Keep up the “gentle” harassment – serves the muzzies right! After all, as one commenter pointed out, don’t they amplify their call to prayer 5 times a day? “Houston, we have a problem!” And the problem is pisslam!!

  41. Here’s something to consider, though I doubt it occurs to the vast majority of muslims (they’re too stupid to realise), but believe it or not, churchbells, or rather the manufacture of churchbells gave the Europeans of the Late Middle Ages a military and naval advantage over the muslims (especially the Ottoman Turks) that took some time to become evident. You see, casting churchbells gave European metalurgists experience with casting large iron and brass objects that translated into the new and developing technology of gunpowder artillery.

    When the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conquerer took Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1453, he did it with huge, monsterous siege guns that were designed and built by his chief military engineer, Urban, a Hungarian metalurgist (and a turncoat mercenary also). These cannon made short work of the massive defensive walls surrounding the city. If not for Urban’s cannon, Istanbul may have remained a Greek speaking city to this day. Many Urban’s big guns are on display in Istanbul Turkey to this day. I’m glad muslims hate churchbells, I love how they get under their skin, and it serves those hypocrites right for having forced their ungodly calls to prayer down non-muslim throats for all these centuries.

    Good on the Muscovites! Let freedom ring indeed!

  42. From a devoted Catholic and dedicated follower of BNI, all I can say in response to this is “PRAISE BE TO YOU LORD JESUS CHRIST. AMEN.”

  43. Ha ha ha ha ha ha (much mirth). Maybe they’ll get the message, if they’re smart, which I doubt, that they’re outnumbered and unwanted in Wesatern society.

  44. Perhaps the Russians might have grown tired of having the Muezzins’ calls to prayer five times a day, every day. Seems like Muztards don’t like getting even just a tiny taste of their own medicine.

    Thank you, Ruskies, for this medical dispensation.

  45. Christian church bells are to muslims like garlic is to vampires.

    I say bring those bells on whenever & wherever possible. If you’re attending an event that will be invaded by followers of islam be sure to bring bells, they absolutely loathe them.

  46. Only problem I heard was that the bells are not as loud as they should be.
    Perhaps we should take up a collection to help amplify the Church bells.
    That would be a very nice friendship gesture.

  47. The sermon translation: “An Arab is not superior to a non Arab, a non Arab is not superior to an Arab, white person is not superior to a black person, a black person is not superior to a white person. All muslims are brothers. The superiority lays in piety and good deeds.”
    Well, it looks like Russians will have to do it again. They finished off the Turks, while France, Britain and Hapsburg Empire kept forming various alliances with Ottoman Empire against them. Well, they finally have their allies in their own houses.
    Europe and the US crucified by political correctness and sold out by their own treacherous governments won’t do it.

  48. Oh yeah, forgot my other point. We are seeing scenes like this not only in Moscow, but London, Paris, New York, God only knows where else, as thousands of Mohammedans swarm into the streets for their devotions, interrupting traffic and business, inconveniencing thousands more who do not wish to participate in their gymnastics, bringing entire neighborhoods to a standstill, several times a day, every day, all year long.

    But here in the US, leftards are getting their noses out of joint, their indignation aroused, and their sensibilities outraged because one kid named Tebow prays a few times a week in an end zone.

  49. What is good for the one is great for the other! Isn’t it and hasn’t it been a practice of the Muslims to have their “Call” to prayers over loudspeakers? Well, what do they have to complain about?

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