HARVARD UNIVERSITY now has an Islam(sharia)-compliant speech code

Harvard’s jihad against free speech started with an article in an Indian newspaper, by Harvard Professor and India’s former Commerce Minister, Subramanian Swamy, which has now snowballed into a major controversy related to the suppression of freedom of expression.

FAITH FREEDOM (H/T Susan K)  In response to the article which dealt with wiping out Islamic terror, Harvard University’s faculty has acted like a lynch-mob and voted to cancel two of Swamy’s courses in Economics leading to outrage among free speech advocates around the world.

The ban on Swamy by Harvard for violating its blasphemy code is similar to the behavior of enraged Mullahs who punish others for speaking out against their beliefs. In fact, Harvard’s action came after Muslim groups demanded that the university retaliate against Swamy despite the article focusing on dealing with Islamic terror and having no connection to Harvard. With this action, Harvard has taken a huge step closer to becoming a Shariah-compliant university. Had Voltaire been alive today, it is certain that Harvard would not have tolerated him for writing the play Mahomet.

Harvard’s jihad against free speech strikes at the core of American values of free speech and liberty. Free speech should not be subject either to a peer reviewed process to approve or disapprove statements or to a halal-certified free speech code. Harvard’s arbitrary and reprehensible action subjects opinions to both of these and should be condemned in the strongest terms. By canceling Swamy’s courses, Harvard’s faculty has demonstrated that it does not think through issues or debate ideas in an intelligent manner. Instead, they have chosen to abuse its power and muzzle the freedom of expression. In countries where law enforcement is weak, it is people with this mindset who send out hordes of throat cutters and homicide bombers to kill people whose statements are not in line with their own.

There can be no excuse for curbing the rights of Swamy as Harvard has defended the rights of others in the past. A few years ago, an article by Harvard’s Alan Dershowitz in the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post called for a much stronger response to Islamic terror than Swamy’s suggestions and advocated evacuating and destroying Palestinian villages as retaliatory measures against terror attacks on Israel. That article led to an outcry against Dershowitz, but Harvard held fort and defended his right to free speech.

In another case, UK-based lecturer Tom Paulin generated a controversy by stating in an interview to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram Weekly that all Brooklyn-born Jews who had moved to Israel should be shot dead. Despite the shocking and open call for the genocide of Jews by Paulin, Harvard expressed its support for him and renewed its invitation as his statement was within the parameters of Harvard’s halal-speech standards.

Swamy is not new to controversies related to free speech. He built his reputation fighting for the freedom of expression in India during the years when the ruling Nehru family suspended free speech rights and arrested political opponents by invoking Emergency powers. His disappearance to evade arrest along with his dramatic reappearance and brief statement a few days later at the Indian Parliament is the stuff legends are made of and this legacy is sure to live on for hundreds of years. The public outcry in his support may now be the catalyst for strengthening the right to free speech in universities across the United States.

Harvard’s faculty members do not understand that the right to free speech includes the right to offend others no matter what their religion. No one, not even Muslims, should be a legally protected class from being offended on account of their religion. With this jihad against free speech, Harvard has become a persecutor of free people and joins despots like Ayatollah Khomeini, Papa Doc, Mullah Omar, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin and a long list of others who oppressed their political opponents for expressing their views.

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  1. Just hang in there, Infidels. The once great university of harvard is just one of many sell outs. The good news is, that mohammadanism is self destructive. shia vs sunni vs all their other sub-sects. Neanderthals would have a better chance to survive in this modern world because they worked together. mohammadanism is truly a “house divided”.

  2. I’m reminded of something very prescient I recently read online (and on one of the anti-pisslam sites I frequent): Namely, while the history of Islam was still unfolding in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this early fascism was NOT “outed” or really discussed, let alone taught in depth, at the major universities of the West (Oxbridge & Harvard/Yale, etc.). The explanation often given was that it (pisslam) was not considered important (i.e., dangerous) enough to worry “the pipe-smoking professors” who inhabit that fabled/disgusting Ivory Tower.

    That mindset mainly prevailed until 9/11 – but STILL nothing substantive in the way of revised curricula in Higher Education (let alone among secondary schools, which are, of course, heavily influenced by the socialists & commies in the halls of academe at the university level). If anything, a decidedly pro-pisslamic meme has prevailed and, in fact, continues, like a deadly cancer, to spread. Hence, ALL of our public (and even private) education has had a very vital missing ingredient: Namely, the SERIOUS and CRITICAL examination of pisslam. I, for one, a product of two very elite private institutions (secondary school & college), have sadly recognized that gaping hole in my liberal arts education. And virtually the entire Western World has also experienced this gaping hole – much to the ultimate destruction of our core judeo-christian values, and, I hasten to add, our very existence!

    I still support my liberal arts college; but the minute I detect a pro-shariah trend at my alma mater, I’ll loudly and irrevocably declare my disgust and termination of support.

  3. welcome to the nwo… unfortunately harvard has the right to make whatever decision they wish. it is also our right to say we do not have to fund them anyfurther if you are someone that does so. but, most of these “higher education” schools (and even the lower public school systems) have been brainwashing kids for decades. what did you expect? our rights are slowly dissappearing but not by muslims bullying us, but rather, by us not taking a stand sooner, by allowing the bullying to continually rule our lives. take a stand through your legislators and when you vote. do not stand for pc types to say what you can and cannot say…remind them it is your RIGHT to say what you wish as it is theres as well. if they dont like it oh well they can come back and play when they wish to be intellectual (lol like that will ever happen). remember, our rights are our toys and if we want to pick them up and go home with them we can or we can leave them out for islam to steal…your choice.

  4. My father got his Ph.D. in microbiology from Harvard in 1971. For five years he worked as a slave bringing in millions of dollars in grants for the study of cancer. Harvard also gave him all of the amphetamines and downers necessary for him to work sixteen hours per day. He burned out and had serious mental problems from the late 1960s on. Harvard would call and ask him for money and he would ask them to help out a poor alumnus. The kids in the development office would laugh as they had no script to deal with such issues. But it is amazing the socialist and utopian crap we hear from places like Harvard, but when it gets down to it, it is just about money — whether from the US government, Bin Laden or Aalumni. Universities all over this country will whore themselves and dhimmi themselves for the almighty dollar. Maybe we need someone like Oliver Cromwell to take over the universities as he did the monasteries!

  5. There goes freedom of speech, the radical muslims won on 9-11!!! We have become a nation of abject cowards!!! When a universtiy stifles free speech you know we’re in trouble, and it will only get worse!! If the libtards continue with this course of action, the only course the rest of us will have is revolution.

  6. “Beware the intelligent, for they have no common sense” (my quote).
    These morons, apparently, don’t realize that, once the muzzies get what they want, they’ll turn on those whom assisted them. No one likes a traitor!

  7. Off subject but because of this site I learned of a site called Radio Jihad, I am TUNED INTO
    THAT SITE big time and…thanks to BNI I know about it. I am still learning more, there is
    so much to learn about Islam. Knowledge is power! I dislike Islam very much.

    God Bless BNI!!!!!

  8. RnBraun, excellent point, lets take it to the natural conclusion, the good professor has a better than good case for the supression of his 1st Amendment rights, as you correctly stated, the fact this institution TAKES federal funding, although I cannot for the life of me understand why, seeing is their net worth exceeds that of most other institutions of higher learning, some where between 50-85 billion. They have just made themselves a free speech lawyers dream come true.

    Semper Fi.

  9. Last heard, the Sauds bought a seat on Harvard’s Board of Directors some years ago. Yes, Affirmative Action (His grades are too highly classified for WikiLeaks to find) brought BHO to Harvard’s doors and the Saudi got him in and set him up as Editor of the Law Review. Unlike all other Law Review editors, Obama did not have anythng of his own published while there. If you saw an example of his garbled writing, you’d understand why.

  10. The Swamy should get the Medal of Honor for meritorious service to mankind. Why is it that within some of the halls of learning, they are so bloody slow to catch on. Its like Pearl Harbour all over again. No one seemed to see that coming either. In retrospect, they should have known. The Japs were bombing the crap out of China for years before they toweled Pearl Harbour. And ignoring Islam is at our peril – AGAIN

  11. I hope there are a lot of complaints about how Harvard handled this, it just isn’t right and a school of all places should be trying to setting an example of free speech….this is a disappointment.

  12. In this present War against Democratic Free Dialogue ever increasing, the GUARDIANS OF DEMOCRACY are activating in full WAR mode. This means exterminations of those interfering or manipulating our society into silence. All Fair Targets are Islamists threatening individuals. Mullahs and Imams fostering violent Jihad and all Jihadists. Leftist Professors and Government officials aligned against our Democracy.


  13. In one’s private home, one may choose to eject someone who says things you disagree with. That person does not have a right to verbally attack you in your own home, nor to say things to which you strongly object.

    Freedom of Speech is a political right, but it does not include the right to an audience or a venue for that speech. Above all, the government itself must not restrict speech, though it can enforce trespass laws if a property owner considers someone so offensive that they should be removed. This happens when individuals shout down a speaker in a lecture hall. The shouters should be removed.

    Harvard is not a public institution, so technically it can make whatever ridiculous choices it wishes in order to regulate the ideas promoted on ITS campus. However, Harvard IS massively funded by government programs…so the issue is muddled. Does Harvard have to guarantee free speech to all? I would say no, because Harvard _ought_ to be setting some sort of intellectual standard. Some statements are too obnoxious and Harvard should have the right to eject those making such statements. [The fact that they have it upside down is their *intellectual & moral* weakness, but not a matter of free speech violation.]

    • @ RnBram,
      Censorship is intellectual cowardice. If there is a standard to be set, particularly in the forum of higher education is the standard that any and all speech be allowed to endure by it’s merit or be crushed under the weight of it’s own invalidity. In this way “Darwinism” of thought can give direction to the Truth. Not allowing free debate in a civilized forum discredits both the audience and the institution. The fact that an institution such as Harvard would discredit itself in this way is tragically ironic. If free debate based on merit cannot occur in such an institution, then where?
      One more thought: If this man is so wrong, why not let him continue and then discredit his arguments in clear and irrefutable manner?
      Me thinks something is rotten in Cambridge.

  14. whatever and however small the terrorist incident, the nation must retaliate—not by measured and ‘sober’ responses, but by massive retaliation. Otherwise what is the alternative? Walk meekly to death expecting that our ‘sober’ responses will be rewarded by our neighbors and their patrons? We will be back to 1100 A.D., fooled into suicidal credulity. We should not be ghouls for punishment from terrorists and their patrons. We should retaliate.”
    Here stands a man that understands what we are up against ! What say you cair ? want to back up his right like an American ! or do you want to hide while he’s in town and make up lies about him when his back is turned.

  15. Fed up with this nonsense. Time to act people. Start litigation proceedings wherever there is any kind of discrimination, and follow it through. Write to your local politicians as often as you can. Stand up and be counted in this war against terror. Muslims use litigation jihad, and harassment jihad on a regular and constant basis – this is how they have gained momentum.
    Use their own tactics against them. Rise up, and take back freedom.

  16. We must be consistent in our support of freedom of speech . We may not agree with what is said but we must support their right to their freedom of speech. When freedom of speech is denied we deny democracy because democracy depends on freedom of speech as it’s life blood to survive. Harvard, like all universities must be on the front lines supporting freedom of speech. About 20% of the funding of Harvard comes from the public purse. Much support comes from their graduates and it is to these people to correct change the decison to support freedom of speech and to support Dr. Swamy. The cult of islam is not to be protected by freedom of speech.

  17. Harvard — from which I have a master’s in classical studies I worked 8 years to get from their night school — needs a lesson in freedom of speech, and not just in the “free speech areas”. Like Islam itself back in the 9th century, Harvard Divinity School has apparently chucked all pretense of appealing to reason in connection with “religion”. And this from a university whose motto is “Veritas”? They wish.

  18. I have heard of Dr. Swamy before, and these hypocritical actions by Harvard underscore the critical need for a radical overhaul of American education from K-12 to the university level in order to facilitate a more equitable balance of views. Oh hell no! What am I saying? We need to just go ahead and purge the leftist elements period. We can no longer even afford to tolerate them anywhere in society, for they have amply demonstrated their propensity to side with our enemies and help coordinate our destruction, This is just reprehensible, this giving of muslims, a free ride by bowing down to their each and every whim. Liberals do it on cue. They’re conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs, and far less intelligent than man’s best friends, for dogs fully understand loyalty, unlike the seditious, un American left. Yes, I know Harvard is a private school, but the thumbscrews need twisting. After all, the left and co. are pretty damned good at thumbscrew twisting. Give ’em a dose of their own medicine.

  19. It sounds like Hinduphobia run amok. Maybe the good professor needs several classes of “reducation” in the Ministry of Love, Room 101. Classes begin tomorrow. Course materials to be provided. See ya there Professor Swami.

  20. Its a sad day when Harvard won’t protect free speech. All speech must be protected even hate speech. For a “religion” that claims to be the final word from God, then one should assume they would be able to defend their clams through educated debate and not use racial games to silence their opponents.

    Seriously what are they so afraid of? I don’t know possibly having to kill their children when they leave Islam for hearing the hard truth possibly.

  21. Harvard, as well as The People’s Republic of Cambridge, is notoriously Leftwing. As such, this follows lockstep in the Left’s philosophy of supplanting the free exchange of ideas and speech with “the right to agree”. Fascism at it’s best.

  22. Wait a minute, I just thought about something. Isn’t Harvard the university that the Saudi(s) gave them so much $$ for Obama to attend there they they built an entire new wing?

  23. I never knew Harvard could bend over and take it up the ass like that. Disappointing and a blow to freedom as we (Canadians and Americans alike) know it. What this world is becoming is damn scary and I blame Islam. Radical Islam for those politically correct useful (useless) idiots out there. BTW, welcome back BNI, your absence was noticed and missed.

  24. There are two forces at work in this censorship of Mr. Swamy: The Congress Party in India who have political reasons and the Muslim financiers who pump millions into Harvard’s private endowment and try to influence the curriculum. Islam is a cancer that likes to metastasize all around the globe by insidiously permeating well-respected institutions in the West.

  25. Given Harvard’s modern day alumni like Obama, I am not surprised that Harvard University is an institution that restricts freedom of expression and freedom of speech. All I see coming out of Harvard these days are communists and socialists who sleep with the Islamist.


  26. The level of ignorance in the liberal community is unbelievable!!! Just think, at one time a Harvard education meant you were among one of the smartest brains to walk this land. Now it is meaningless to the rest of us. Stupid is as stupid does.

  27. The behavior of this liberal faculty at this liberal school is soooooo reminiscent of the Duke faculty’s pronouncement of guilt – the facts be damned – of that school’s white lacrosse players.

  28. With the millions of dollars given by the bin Laden family to Harvard and millions from Saudi Arabia, it isn’t surprising that the malignant miscreants that make up Harvard’s rulling elite have sold their souls to the Devil. It isn’t education that drives Harvard. It is the love of money that aids and abetts their evil…Sad indeed…

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