NEW YORK CITY: Four firebomb attacks, one on a mosque, no injuries

New York’s Mayor ‘Dhimmi’ Bloomberg expressed outrage after a mosque was hit by a firebomb in an arson spree that police said they were investigating as a hate crime. Notice how Bloomberg only expresses outrage over the mosque and not the bodega, the Christian home or Hindu priest’s residence that also were hit. The MSM follow suit, ONLY posting photos of the mosque.

AFP  (H/T Frederick F)   The Imam Al-Khoei Foundation building in the borough of Queens suffered damage to the front door from a Molotov cocktail thrown late Sunday, police said. Two similar attacks occurred in the same neighborhood.

The foundation, which describes itself as the biggest international Shia Muslim organization, said on its website that two firebombs were “hurled at the main entrance” but that thankfully “no major damage no injury was caused by the blast.” The statement said the foundation “reiterates its resolve to continue to serve the community and to strive to bring love where there is hatred, light where there is darkness and enlightenment where there is ignorance.”

“Personnel from the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Unit and the 103rd Precinct’s Detective Squad are moving at full steam to investigate and also determine if there are any connections to incidents outside New York City,” Bloomberg said. In a statement Monday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the three Molotov cocktail attacks “stand in stark contrast to the New York City of today that we’ve built together.”

Shortly before the mosque incident and in the same part of New York, a general store known here as a bodega was struck with a similar device, consisting of a still-undetermined inflammable liquid in a glass Starbucks cafe bottle, a police spokesman said. A third incident, occurring just one hour after the mosque attack, saw the same Starbucks bottle and accelerant weapon thrown at a private home used by a Hindu priest for ceremonies, police said. 

Nothing outside the house indicates its dual use as a temple, police said. A fourth, more destructive attack on the same evening caused a major fire at a nearby private home, although there was no proof of links between this and the other incidents. “There were no injuries, but there was extensive damage,” a police spokesman said.

The source with the investigation said that in this case arson was suspected, but there was no indication of the same firebombs being used. The inhabitants, who were lucky to escape unharmed, were Christian and had no connection to the mosque or to the bodega, the source said.

Bloomberg has been a staunch defender of the city’s Muslim immigrant population, notably in the furor over plans to build an Islamic center and mosque two blocks from the former location of the Twin Towers, which were destroyed in the September 11, 2001 Al-Qaeda attacks. However, Muslim community leaders say their civil rights have been marginalized since 9/11, especially as a result of intrusive police surveillance.


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  1. BNI @ 5:21 . . .re: ” There is nothing in this post that applauds anything.”

    Not made clear in my earlier comment is the timing of the phobia watch site’s defamatory statement.

    I first came upon phobiawatch’s accusation @ 8:25 a.m. of the day it was posted Monday, January 2, 2012 @ IslamophobiaWatch.

    Your thread on the related topic wasn’t posted until mid p.m Monday, January 2, 2012 . The first comment posted at BNI on this topic thread is time stamped 3:11 p.m..

    This comment is posted to clarify and establish that’s defamatory accusation of BNI “applauding” was posted prior to BNI mentioning the topic at all.

    There was NO applauding from anyone on this site, and there couldn’t have been since the topic wasn’t even posted until midafternoon. This false accusation has been and continues to be repeated online and should not/will not go unchallenged.

    Lan astaslem.

  2. To muslim, who’s the fool here, those of us who believe you are part of a santanic cult while we let you and yours prove it on a daily basis, or you who thinks it’s perfectly hunky dorey to kill others because they are not of your mental instability types thinking and believing you god is greater than our God. Who’s the fool, fool. Yeah I’ve got your peace and love at the ready and perfectly able strapped onto me daily.

  3. And, of course, CAIR ignores the other three arson fires because they had nothing to do the fake islamophobia they hawk to inflate their own status. Liars, panderers and jihadists, they are one of the most dangerous anti-civil rights groups in America. this from Ralp1 on cair’s own site. Gutsy

  4. I don’t know if anyone has come to this conclusion but this arson is probably done by anarchist Owls, or be by some muslims.

  5. You may know this already, but I will post it just in case.

    Saudi Fox web site –

    Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the advocacy group, said CAIR recently called on the FBI to investigate threats targeting mosques posted on an anti-Islam blog called “Bare Naked Islam.”

    One comment on the site read: “Throw 10 Molotov cocktails into these mosques and burn them down,” according to Hooper. By Monday, the comment appeared to have been taken down by blog operator

  6. i really wonder how it feels for them now to have all this done to their mosques etc, instead of the poor christians in egypt, NIGERIA and sub sahara, and all over the middle east to attack christians, and everone else’s relgion, maybe these musilms will think before they make the next move to attack other peoples places of worship in the future. but i doubt it.
    and i would not be surprised to find out if this was done by muslims to muslims for new propaganda. and to throw the media off course, they did it to others too. as if to say,, hey we are not the only ones here who were attacked, baloney

  7. Eh, Ms. Kathleen DeGelder:

    Muslims by nature are totally INTOLERANT – and that’s what they really want to be!!! They’ll wheedle and whine to get their way until they’re ready: THEN, you’ll see them jump at your throat!!!!

  8. Since I’m not sure my earlier posting on this thread went into spam or was entirely system-destroyed, here’s part of it again – if you find the original, let that be put into this one’s place, please…

    I second wtd’s suggestion that Ms. BNI should sue “Islamophobia Watch” for defamation – and also in this case, yours truly will add, for LIBEL!

    Meanwhile, in another case of Muslims waging war on us “infidels”, here is an MS-NBC link about Nigeria’s “Boko Haram” terrorists giving Christians three days to move out of northern Nigeria or else be slaughtered:

  9. muslim leave mosque with four cocktails use two to throw off suspicion come back use the other two on his own club house for insurance and pity , blame white christian , end of true story.

  10. Just today on cbc..a mosque was firebombed…Gatinue (canada)..however previously synagogues had hate crime spray painted on their walls..and a jewish school was also bombed. Also the plo student unions in Canada have anti-Israeli apertheid week at universities. Also in Quebec a shop keeper was told to put his front display of Israeli shoes into the back of the store after altercations by other bigoted storeowners. The police suggested for the Israeli shoes to be hidden to keep the peace instead of dealing with the bigots. I wish CAIR accusers of islamophobias would look deep inside themselves with their own christophobias, israelisphobias, canineophobias, christmasphobias,hinduphobias, et al…Where is the tolerance,and mercy?

  11. Let’s see… they hit a bodega and a Hindu temple and somebody’s house, but the only target anyone cares about is… the mosque. Whoa, must be Islamophobia because everyone knows that Hispanics and non-muslim people from India and ordinary individuals don’t count for anything. That’s Multiculturalism at it’s best, that is.

    Meanwhile, this story is just too coy not to have me wondering:

    What kind of “native of Germany”? The German kind or the Eurabian model? Granted, there may be other reasons for not releasing the name and this guy was described as wearing a pony tail whereas the slaves of Allah usually have hair that long around the other side of their heads, but…

  12. Consider the following quote via IslamophobiaWatch: –

    Meanwhile, the Bare Naked Islam blog, which had reportedly been taken down by WordPress after inciting violence against Muslims, is back online – applauding attacks on mosques.

    That’s quite the defamatory statement . . . specifically because that statement in and of itself indicates BNI already posted on these events. Given the recent issues with WordPress and the coincidence of CAIR’s instigation to collect reports, real or contrived, of phobic incidents, this appears to be setting BNI up for further grief. It may be time to seek an attorney to nip this nonsense in the bud if not sue them for defamation.

    In addition, Pat Dollard’s post on this topic indicates that the Hindu

    “homeowner told police he saw the drive-by attack on his security camera.”

    Also consider that the location which sustained the greatest damage:

    “Monty and Sonia Burnett’s home on 107th Ave. was heavily damaged”. . . “Burnett and his wife, who are African-American and Christian, were left shaken and homeless by the attack.”

    Also, according to the New York Times,

    “The bomb might have been thrown from inside the store, because the counter sustained some damage, the police said. “

    Would be interesting to get an opinion from a firefighter about that last statement. If the bomb came from inside the store, the bodega’s security cameras should be quite revealing.

  13. Bloomberg is so bought into the multicult, he sees nothing that would say there is something wrong with Islam. Who are killing New Yorkers by blowing things up? Muslims. And why are they doing it? Because the infidels ignore the Muslims’ demand for domination as mandated in their holy book the Koran. No, that’s only for those who can see. We are of course led by the blind to the cliff with Obama and a pathetic pack of sycophants like Bloomberg.

  14. What a joke, the Mosque want to bring love to where there is hatred. How much hatred is preached on a daily basis inside those walls? How much hatred for America, Jews and infidels? Im sure a lot more then the hatred of the person or persons who threw that firebomb. Im just going to guess but I’d expect an atheist was behind these bombings.

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