So, is the Los Angeles ‘German’ car arsonist a Muslim terrorist?

LA Police said arsonist suspect, Harry Burkhart, was a 24-year-old German national who carried travel papers from Chechnya. (FYI: Chechnya in Russia is 94% Muslim, from which several terrorist attacks have been launched on Russian citizens recently)

Chechnya, huh? Why would he have travel papers from Chechnya?

He had spent time in Germany, they said, but had lived in Southern California for the last several years. They weren’t clear on his alleged motives but speculated that he might have been furious over his mother’s pending deportation.

A senior LAPD official said the suspect had attended a recent immigration hearing regarding his mother’s case and erupted in a tirade, spewing angry anti-American statements. “I hate America” were the words he reportedly uttered after he was pulled out of his car during a traffic stop.

It was this incident that eventually led police to Burkhart. Several sources said the tip came from an official at the State Department…READ MORE: Sweetness & Light

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