PHILIPPINES: Savage Muslims demand $2 million ransom for kidnapped Australian citizen Warren Rodwell

Warren Rodwell and wife Libby

Australia’s Gillard Government is refusing to pay the $2 million ransom for  Rodwell despite his harrowing video plea for help, below.

HERALD SUN  (H/T Aussie 106) Mr Rodwell is being held by blood-thirsty Muslim extremists in the Philippines with a history of beheading captives when their demands are not met. The Government and the Opposition are standing by the policy of refusing to pay ransom demands for fear it could encourage other terrorists.

Australian officials are instead assisting Filipino authorities as they try to trace the thugs who seized Mr Rodwell from his home last month. Looking haggard and distressed, the 53-year-old former soldier pleads for the Australian embassy to help him in a 108-second video sent to his Filipina wife and obtained by Fairfax Media.

Human Services Minister Brendan O’Connor said the Government would do everything it could to ensure Mr Rodwell’s safe return – but it would not pay a ransom.”There’s been a policy, a bi-partisan policy, on not paying ransoms, for many many years,” he said.READ MORE