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  1. when you will be raped. when your sister will be raped and your brothers and fathers will be beheaded and your country will be bombed and your people will be gunned down publicly then you will understand that why we hate muslims and it has happened to you already.muslims will kill you just dont go near them.

    • The problem in America is people like Christine; people who have never taken the time to research and learn about a subject, yet feel they can comment on it. Using the word “race” or “racism” when discussing Islam as an instant indicator of ignorance.

      • Liberals, and their LGBTs are so ignorant of what Islam truly is and also ignorant of the Quran. Liberals are useful tools for the satanic cult of islam to further itself in the world. Liberals are the downfall of the western world.

    • Christine, while islam is not a race, it is a political totalitarian theocracy, which will never assimilate with the democracy of the western world. The west, which includes Europe, and other none moslem countries should never have allowed islam to migrate outside of their own Islamic countries. The liberal/progressive mentality which allowed this has created a nightmare in the western world. Islam is the only religion in the world which refuses to coexist. They cannot even coexist as neighbors among their own.

    • Not only is it ignorant to confuse Islam with a race, but it is *really, really* ignorant to teach when you don’t know yourself. Look up these Islamic Verses for starters, Christine: Qur’an 9.29; 9.33; 60.4; 4.24; Sahih (Authoritative) Muslim 41.6904. Learn some; then you can teach others.

    • Not only you’re the actual uneducated one how you’re also an useful idiot to the retarded segment of the left.

    • you say we use our hands to remove poop.however it’s obligatory for us to wash it with water. Any of you who say we wash it with hand is a liar.we also use our right hand to do any thing.it is obligatory for muslims to eat with right hand and to drink a with right hand.it is obligatory for muslim to do wudu before praying.do you wash your self five times daily like muslims to say they are dirty.
      I never use my hand to remove poop.i use water and then wash my hand with soap.you just use toilet paper.so all of you people, witness that he is a liar.muslims do not lie.

  2. Muslims have no pride in themselves. They never bathe, they all shit in their pants, fuck sheep, rape little boys, beat their women and wipe their ass with their hand. They are the filthest people on Earth. Also the stupidest and lazyest. They majorty are mentally retarded because they fuck their sisters and girl cousins.90% have STDs. No Muslim ever invented anything. They buy technology from Europe and USA, then run it into the ground because they are too stupid and lazy to learn to either operate it or care for it. The majority of logistics and maintinance in the Saudi military is done by American and Brit “contractors”. The only Arab military worth anything is Jordan’s Arab Leigon: it was trained by A Brit General in the 1930s. King Abdula had a British Monther and he was educated at Eaton, Oxford,and Sandhurst.


    • I too am an American Christian but my experience is profoundly different from yours!
      First off, when you learned arithmetic did you not learn what Arabic numbers were?
      I have NEVER met a dirty Muslim, NEVER! The list of accomplishments by persons of Arabian or of any other ethnicities where Islam is practiced are vast and far too great to list.
      By and large compared to the majority of Christians we know, Muslim people are pious and well tempered, there are variations of course.
      Buggery, is not a practice endemic in Islam! Pedophilia is rampant among populations of Afghanistan war lords, though we lobby against Bachi bazi, sadly, it continues.
      But what is if greater concern is how 99.9999% of Christians continue to walk the edge between sin and life rarely if ever venturing away from the edge to immerse themselves in the Gospels or Philokalia to become spiritual adults.

      • Jackson, yes, what about those Arabic numerals that weren’t created by Muslims or Arabs?

        Todays system of numbering evolved from the Indian Brahmi numerals which were developed in the beginning of the first century. Before their introduction, Arabs were still using the Greek numeral system, and even the Arabs themselves refer to what many mistakenly call “Arabic numerals” as “Hindu numerals.”

        Algebra may have been named after a book by al-Khwarizmi titled Al-Jabr wa-al-Muqabilah, but the origins of algebra itself can be traced to the ancient Babylonians who were able to do calculations in an algorithmic fashion.[63] Having something named after what popularised or refined it by no means makes it the inventor, and by doing so you would have to discount the works of mathematician Diophantus of Alexandria (200 and 214 AD–284 and 298 AD) who authored a series of books called “Arithmetica” and is commonly referred to as “the father of algebra”.

        The system of numbering in use all round the world is Indian in origin, yet the title of the supposed Islamic invention still remains “The system of numbering”. The first known use of numbers dates back to around 30,000 BC, but it is universally accepted that the system of numbering we use today (the digits 0 to 9) was invented in India.[64][65] The reason why they are referred to as “Arabic” numerals in the West is due to them being introduced to the Europeans through the Arabs, who in the same way had earlier received them from the Hindus. Likewise, the Arabs themselves commonly refer to them as “Hindu numerals”.[66]

        The use of zero as a number is found in many ancient Indian texts. The concept of negative numbers was recognised between 100–50 BC by the Chinese. Greek and Indian mathematicians studied the theory of rational numbers. (The best known of these works is Euclid’s Elements, dated 300 BC. Euclid is also often referred to as the “Father of Geometry”.) The earliest use of irrational numbers is in the Indian Sulba Sutras (800–500 BC). The first results concerning transcendental numbers were made by Johann Heinrich Lambert in 1761. The earliest known conception of mathematical infinity appears in the Hindu text Yajur Veda (1,400 and 1,000 BC). The earliest reference to square roots of negative numbers were made by Greek mathematician and inventor Heron of Alexandria (10–70 AD). Prime numbers have been studied throughout recorded history. The mathematical branch of Trigonometry has been studied by the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians, but it was the ancient Greeks who proved theorems that are equivalent to modern trigonometric formulae. And finally, the earliest known algorithms were developed by ancient Babylonians (1600 BC).[67][68][69][70][71]


        As far as all the Muslim inventions that Muslims never invented, but stole, refer to this: http://www.barenakedislam.com/2012/09/03/they-came-they-saw-they-plagiarized-1001-so-called-muslim-inventions-virtually-none-of-which-were-actually-invented-by-muslims/

      • Your an idiot saying muslims are anything other than inferior!! We DO NOT THINK 9 yr old girls are old enough to marry! We do not believe if we blow up and kill non muslims we go to heaven and recieve 12 virgins as our reward!! Come on man wipe your ass with your hands?? Are you Fucking serious ?!? How as an American can you agree with any practice they have?!?! After 9/11 you are a disgrace to sit on here and defend them any way shape form or fashion! Get a life

    • You are so right !!! They call non Muslims dirty ?? I’v lived in Dubai with my parents for my intire childhood for my dad was with an oil company and I know lots of Muslims and we Americans are way cleaner and yes for some odd reason they would wash before prayer but not before they cooked or ate as we do and as far as lying ? Only god can not lie ! We are all imperfect and born into sin from Adam and Eve and yes we have all told lies even if it’s a little white lie or a lie where you lied not to hurt feelings so yes they do lie as that was a lie in itself , as for toilet paper the ones I knew did use paper but it’s true about shaking hands with the left because me being an American the left hand was offered and to funny because I would just not even shake their hand and personally I don’t like shaking hands any more any way !! They are by far any cleaner then any of us !

  3. They wipe, no one said anything like washing their hands afterwards then. making food for mickey dees,subway,kfc and burger king. Very hiegenic especially without “alcohol” wipes that are considered “offensive”

  4. Question. Is it a common religious practice for moslems to wash their hands before preparing food, or is their some religious Quranic verse that condemns it? I have read articles where muslim restaurant owners did not wash their hands after toileting, thus giving their patrons ecoli and making them very sick. Is this a religious practice, or are these moslems just being dirty and careless? Perhaps doing this is a part of Jihad to make people sick? http://madworldnews.com/muslim-restaurant-workers/

  5. Cat Stevens is of course now a Muslim, going by the name of Yusuf Islam. He recently re-recorded some of his 70’s hits including “Moon Shadow”, he has retitled the song “Turd Shadow”

  6. BTW, you all may be interested in digging up and watching a song from Monty Python’s “Contratual Obligations” called “Never be rude to an Arab”. It’s hilarious, as are all the songs from “Contractual Obligations”, but very NOT PC… they wouldn’t be allowed to do those songs in the UK nowadays! The Labour and other Governments in the UK have wrecked life in the UK with their silly and nonsensical PC and MC nonsense. As France’s Zarkozy said last year, “It’s (multiculturalism’s) a failure, The truth is that, in all our democracies, we’ve been too concerned about the identity of the new arrivals and not enough about the identity of the country receiving them.”

  7. I worked in Riyadh for four years a few years ago. The condition of the toilets in the Government building where I worked was absolutely revolting. The toilets were ordinary western toilets – I guess they were trying to imitate the west there – but filthy, so filthy I almost puked every time I went in. The seats on the toilets were dirty and filthy and often cracked (and cracks store feces like hell!), this was because the Saudis and their muslim workers there used to put both their feet on the toilet seat and squat to do their business, and then they would grab the little spray hose (attached to the wall) and spray their arseholes with the water while wiping vigorously with the left hand. As a result, there was always, always dirty, stinking water all over the toilet, and feces mixed with water left lying on the floor, and ugly foot prints and dirt all over the toilet seat – it was disgusting. Thank God I left that hellhole after doing my work there – I was offered a job with much better pay to come back a year later, but refused and I did tell them why I refused. I never received another job offer! LOL.

    • In the UK they thwart water regulations by attaching shower hoses to the drinking water supply to use the Wc as a makeshift bidet. As the hose can reach into the toilet pan (full of faeces or urine) the result could be back siphonage of said foulness into our once pure drinking water supply. How filthy is that?

  8. Why would anyone in their right mind want to knowingly shake hands with a muslim in the first place ?

    The only thing they deserve from the right hand of anyone else is a big dose of the middle finger.

  9. Muslims believe Satan is left-handed according to the following hadith:
    “Yahya related to me from Malik from Ibn Shihab from Abu Bakr ibn Ubaydullah ibn Abdullah ibn Umar from Abdullah ibn Umar that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “When you eat, eat with your right hand and drink with your right hand. Shaytan eats with his left hand and drinks with his left hand.” (Malik’s Muwatta, Book 49, Number 49.4.6)

  10. Re: the filth of the muslim people. Friends own several condos in Breckenridge CO, renting one to a local muslim business owner (selling mostly fake Indian jewelry and artifacts produced in Taiwan). She said never again as the place stunk so badly after they moved out in less than a year that she had to have the place gutted, furniture replaced, complete with all carpet removed. She lost several months rent during ski season (when such lodging brings in premium revenue) due to the time it took to have all the work and cleaning done. She said she couldn’t believe they’d actually lived in this manner, in such stench, and didn’t think anything of it. Also adding they, as a whole, wore clean clothing, were bathed, and presented well the entire time, whenever she’d run into them in town.

    She talked with others who had rented/leased to other such in the immediate area only to discover behavior this wasn’t just the one couple. Apparently none of them cared a whit about their lifestyle. Never bothering to clean up behind themselves, basically petrified food – well beyond the spoiled stage – everywhere. Unreal!

  11. bonnie scotland: Is true, if you convert, you are never a true muslim, so you have to proof yourself constantly. The best example is the guy behind the gound zero mosque. He is a convert and needed to gain the muzzies respect, that is why he took on the cruzade of doing the damn mosque, even if it is now making him bankcrupt; he needs their acceptance badly.
    remember islam is a racist ideology: in their own society are different classes of people.

  12. Hey I thought everyone knew this,,!! while in saudi I had to sit on my left hand at feasts,as I would sometimes forget,,
    Drumming…as for gays,,it was quite normal among the Arabs..I was involved in getting a Thai boy out off the country,,after he was held in an electrical cupboard, and repeatedly raped at gun point,,and this was in the middle of Jeddah Airport..There are many Americans that worked on the facilities ,in Saudi,can tell you same stories..Frequently this would happen..! amongst the arabs it was quite normal…There are so many stories to tell,,but it wouldnt go down too well with your readers BNI,,its all a bit sicko !!!

  13. When GW Bush was squiring around the Saudi “prince” they were holding hands. My wife didn’t understand the problem until I told her. The moron insisted on protecting them by reading a truncated version of Surah 5:32, but did he know the reading was only directed at the dhimmi Israelites? I think not.

  14. Hey, BARBARIANS! We invented SOAP!

    Use it!

    A man is supposed to ‘clean’ himself with ‘clean dirt’ after touching his wife. So a woman is thus dirtier than dirt in Islam.

    Leave this moronic nonsense.

    Islam is backwardness.

  15. Dirty people lmao!!! They call them the UNWASHED in the UK…they still wipe their ass on their hand like an inbreeding cave ape!? I thought they quit that after we invented ass paper….animals

  16. Silly little goat-banging (and each other on Thursdays) twits. If confronted with an introduction to one I would be sure to ask, loud and clear, all wide-eyed and innocent-like, if it’s true they prefer not to shake hands with the kafir. So as not to inadverntly offend, don’tcha know. Wouldn’t want to appear “Islamophobic”, right? So why is it again, Ahmed, that you only use your right hand anyway?

    Could go on in that vein quite a while before the eyes bulge out and the screaming starts, I should think? What say you, O Thugs and Goons of the Burning Desert Sands of CAIR?

  17. Prepare to puke. I quote from The Risala, the Maliki Fiqh, one version of Shari’ah. This is from Chapter 4.1, on page 42 of the pdf.

    4.1d. Description of Istinja’
    The way you wash yourself after going to the lavatory (istinja’) is first of all
    to wash your hand and then the end of the penis where the urine comes
    out. You then wipe any impurity from your anus using hard earth or other
    things or your left hand, which you should then wipe on the ground and
    [The full description of istinja’ is that after he has removed anything by lightly
    using his fingers, he takes his penis in his left hand with his index finger and
    thumb and then lightly pulls it from the bottom to the glans. Then he wipes any
    impurity from his anus with clods or anything which can be used for istijmar. Then
    he washes his left hand fearing that any unpleasant smell will remain on it. Then
    he does istinja’ with water, but he first washes the place of urine before the place
    of faeces so that his hand will not be impure. Combining istijmar and istinja’ with
    water is better since the Prophet did that.]

    4.1e. Further Cleaning
    After this you wash your anus by pouring water over it which you continue
    to do while at the same time relaxing it a little, rubbing the area thoroughly
    with the left hand until it is clean.
    [ You continue to pour water without letting up because it is more helpful in
    removing filth. You relax the anus a little because there are folds in it. When
    water touches it, it contracts. When it is relaxed, it can be washed. The place is
    rubbed with the hand while the water is being poured until it is cleaned of
    noxiousness. It is enough that he thinks it probable if he is able to do that. If he is
    not able to do it because his hand is cut off or short, he delegates someone who
    is able to touch that place, be it wife or slavegirl. He does not do wudu’ when he
    leaves that without washing it.]

    For those who may have missed it:

    It is enough that he thinks it probable if he is able to do that. If he is
    not able to do it because his hand is cut off or short, he delegates someone who
    is able to touch that place, be it wife or slavegirl.

  18. My hubby uses an electric cart when we shop. The muslimes try and ignore him as he goes by. If they are in his way, he says excuse me, and gives them one chance. If they ignore him, he ‘ignores’ their presence. He drives through them as fast as the cart will go and leaves them sputtering and cursing. He just smiles!!

  19. Don’t these two so called “muslams” in the Video know that they will never ever be accepted in the muzzie world?? converts never are,i read on B.N.I.that they have to be of another generation and brought-up a muzzie,and they treat the convert all his / her life with suspiciousnes and mistrust,what a life to choose,to be regarded as the lower THAN the low, -Wow!!!…..thats a new one on me.

  20. FYI – BNI – Just tried to read item on Romney appt. but received notice, “the page you are seeking is not here”, (or words to that effect),!!
    Evidently those responsible are in a position ot determine what will and will not be revealed !!
    Will try again later !!

  21. Drumkin, that is so cool! My dear old Mum kicked one from her wheelchair the other day too..I was so proud, she is almost 74yrs old!! AND! It was a fairly high ranking muzzie too, he had the full dress, cap, sandle thing going on…I was so proud of her….:)

  22. im left handed, mostly, i learned this from a Marine friend, who did two tours in af-crapistan, so i DO NOT shake hands with a filthy piss-lamic pig-lover EVER! oh another dirty little secret they do over there, he told me, (listen to this!) you know how they kill gays over there right?? well all the muzzies that were working with our troops, had a “gay day of some sort” i think my friend said it was thursday, but not sure, according to piss-lamic tradition, to be queer on this one day and only that day is ok, so our guys would try not to puke in digust as the pig-lovers would go to town in there ajoining trenches and camps! “one way to make a marine puke” he would say, lol oh!!!!! B.N.I.!!!! i have to tell you what happened the other day!!, youll love this!!!! i went with my mother to help her clean her durango out at a public car wash and we were at the vacuums, when a filthy bag head and her little brood of future honor killing boys pulled up in a van next to us, we live in Ga, and mus-scum aint tolerated well, where i live as least! i realized my mother had Louie, her little chiuaiua dog with her, so i said quickly mom! jump out with Louie, and walk around, make sure they see you, they hate dogs! so my mom did one better she got out with him and started walking around the car close to them, first she made her future honor killers get back in the van, as soon as the bag head saw our dog, lol! will they were glaring at our dog,, my mother uh, “accidently” brushed the bag heads arm with Louies tail!!!!! the bag head immediatly jumped in her van and took off!!!, HA HA HA!!! and me and my mother laughed our butts off!!! IT WAS GREAT! i was saying i gotta tell B.N.I. about this!, my only regret Louie is about 7 lbs, i wish my 120 lb German Shepherd was still alive for that lol lol!!!

  23. So what else is new ?? Is there even one thing about muslimes that is clean ?

    Certainly not their minds. Nope, not their minds and their morals are the most immoral in the world because their minds are filthy. Stinky bodies ? Yes, their bodies stink because of their immorality directed by their vile minds !

    Well that explains why they are adherents of the islamic religion since it is immoral, filthy, vile and creates a stench throughout the world.

  24. I wouldn’t touch a Muslim with a ten-foot pole unless it was covered in bacon, spit on by my dirty kaffir mouth.

  25. Yeah…I’m with Holycow…I wouldn’t get close enough to one to shake their hand…and I certainly wouldn’t be allowed to shake a males hand, they would no doubt refuse me for being a woman anyhow…maybe, if I could stomach it- slap one on the back and say “GIDDAY MATE!!”, in true Aussie fun…slap him so hard his ribs crack…hmmm….just dreamin’…:)

  26. Are you aware that BiPhenol-A is impregnated in TP? Anal mucosa absorbs nutrients and toxins as efficiently as the oral orifice. Nonetheless, there is nothing sterile that enters the mouth, but what comes out of it can be worse than what goes in. Hmm, didn’t Christ mention that to the lying Pharisees?
    albdrt, PILMOC

  27. Well I don’t shake hands with Muslims, so no problem there. As a matter of fact, if you are close enough to me to get a hand shake then it is always with the right hand and it’s firm and brief. If I do shake hands with a Muslim, it is strictly with the right hand or none at all. At least with a firm right handed shake, they know what they will get if they insult me.

  28. From how they treat “infidels”, animals (clean and unclean) and their women, we also can guess just how BAD their standards in everything else happen to be!!!

    It’s truly best not to shake ANY hands with Muslims, not to speak to them any more than necessary, not to be in their view or they to be in your view either!!! SHUN THEM at every opportunity possible – and the day they’re ALL driven out of the West will be a red-letter day indeed!!!!

    Islâm and the West simply NEVER mix!!!!!

  29. Muslims are clean people…surely they are joking! Muslims often have some the worst health violations in food service and other sanitation occupations. Muslims are in general the most dirty people.

    They can take their Qurans with their left hands and shove them up their rectums!

  30. well this has been a very well known fact for a very long time!! the fact that they openly admit admit to doing this speaks to how they think no one is worth much to them. i personally have one quick sure for all of this.

    DO NOT SHAKE HANDS with any of them at anytime!! end of problem!!

    people keep your paws clean from these stinky ass wiping left hands!! they stink!

  31. YUCKO!! Puleeze – my God, that is SO totally disgusting, it’s amazing they’re all not dead of bacteria and disease!! They certainly should be – if there were any Divine Justice!!

    • Worse than this….. the most sincere “Followers” of their prophet actually wipe their arses with a small (sharp) stone with which they scrape off the shit, and then dust their arses with dust from the ground if they cant get water to splash on. This was ordered by their insane paedophile murdering “prophet” (who never prophesied anything!)…. they really are vile creatures LOL