ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Major French backlash against Islam and Muslim immigration

Sick to death of the influx of arrogant Muslim immigrants who suck at the government teat, foul the streets, and denigrate French culture, the French people are showing their frustration with a popularist pushback against Islam and Muslim immgration.

(In the past year, the French have  passed a Burqa Ban, a Street Prayer Ban, a bill that makes it illegal to deny the Turkish Genocide of Armenian Christians, a new policy of closing the borders to North African Muslim invaders, not to mention election victories of right wing parties in local contests.  Apparently, even socially liberal France can be pushed too far.)

 Islam vs Europe  Sociologists Sesame Circle, all officers or former officers of the Centre for Advanced Communication (CAC, Havas) just published What I want the French lifestyle from 2012 to 2017. These studies show that the discharge policy has never been more important.

 The rejection of Islam, finally, has never been stronger: 76% of the population believes that there is too much Muslim immigration and 86% are opposed to the government’s financial participation in the construction of mosques.

There is certainly an increase in the desire for social justice, but we are far from being plunged into an all-out egalitarianism.” Said Jerome Fourquet, director of the Ifop opinion. On a number of points, the French company has even significantly “droitisée.”

This is true on safety: 56% of the population is found, according to Ifop, in the sentence: “It does not feel safe anywhere” (+ 6 points in one year + 16 since 2006). This is also evident, especially for immigration – the only item tested by sociologists of the CCA where the notion of “closure” continues to grow, after five years of Sarkozy’s office at the expense of that of ” openness “: p our nearly 7 out of 10 French (66%),” there are too many immigrants in France. “[…]































58 comments on “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Major French backlash against Islam and Muslim immigration

  1. Over throw that nasty republic that let them in and put the king back in charge france has been in decline since 1789. Its time to change kick them out

  2. Bonni, you know the irony? LePen’s party and the UPM (Sarkozy’s party) are not that different on many points; the difference is that the former has no qualm in saying things as they see them and don’t really care much for political correctness. Similar views, different ways of expressing them! What’s happening now with people being fed up is due to the -slow but fierce- awakening to facts now sinking in, and that would have been inconceivable in, say, the previous generation.

    For instance, in sharp contrast with, for better words ‘early immigrations’ mentioned by SweetOldBob, what we have coming in NOW isn’t what was coming in THEN, not by a long shot! Let me illustrate; I never dreamed when growing up that it would come to this! Never saw a sight of ANYTHING of what we’re seeing now. Never had a problem at school/Uni with either boy or girl of Moroccan/Algerian/Tunisian descent not wanting to follow this or that subject, not wanting to eat this or that at the school’s canteen, not wanting to mix et so on. I had class buddies who’s parents had immigrated from Algeria/Tunisia in the 70s. As kids do, we went back and forth between places: diner at one, study at another and so forth, and I can tell you that those kids’ parents were looking after me like their own kids and would have died rather than let anything happen to me whilst in their care. Those who had sisters had just that, sisters -and none of that feminine oppression. None of the paraphernalia in their home was religious; only family heirlooms and photographs. I never saw their mum with any head covering and if the parents had faith, they were practicing in the privacy of their home. Bottom line, they had come to live in France and respected its way of life, bringing their children as French citizen with none of that present islamist nonsense. I loved listening to the parents’ anecdotes when talking about the country they left behind and we were often in stitches, but even as a kid/teenager I understood they left for a better life and were happy to have found it. If anybody could have been the proof of integration, if was these people who understood that all was asked of them was, not to deny/forget roots, culture and native language, but speak/learn French and abide by the laws of the Republic, which all French citizens are expected/required to do.

    As for enforcing the law on the ban -which incidentally many choose to defy- not all enforcements are reported but it’s happening, and is of course branded a stigma from those concerned who have no qualm demanded THEIR rights/freedom. Example amoung so many available in the public domain:

    From a Iranian spokesman in that article: “Any kind of bar on observance of the veil means a lack of freedom and rights of Muslim women.” Helloooooo?! Again, that kind freedom and rights SUPERSEDES the French’s rights and freedom, does it not? Right and freedom in our OWN country to NOT having shoved down our throat ostentatious signs of religious adherence/belonging in PUBLIC PLACES and which is against the law, and that sure includes the streets, shopping centers, etc. It doesn’t seem to sink in many heads -including the do-gooders criticizing France for the ban- that those living in France, like it or not, have to obey FRENCH LAWS and France is not a RELIGIOUS but SECULAR state. Practice any religion you wish in the privacy of your own home and your place of worship, but do not bring it in the streets, at work, in our face, etc. This is not negotiable, like it or lump it!

  3. OK. Ban the burku, the viel, the street prayers, vlose the mosques, strickter immigration laws against Muslims, no sharih…etc, What all this would do if they are not enforced by FORCE, the only language those criminals understand?
    AND, what are we doing here in the USA? Are we obseving and learning? NO. We are, actually watching and allowing the Muslim-in-Chief islamizing our country.
    Shame on you Americans. We heading for a major chatastrophie you cannot imagine. WAKE UP.

  4. They have become awake to the fact of the intent of these rug merchants from the dessert.World wide knowledge is arriving in all countries.Those peaceful little Muslims are trained from birth to whatever to kill destroy, rape, torture, abuse women and children. Why would any country want that example of relationships as an example of peace.

  5. Go France!!!!Time the USA starts doing the same thing and the rest of the world or they WILL take over and I do not want to be around alive to see that day!!

  6. Playing these silly politics games of polls and surveys is just frivolous at the end of the day. Muslims know the political elite are either scared or corrupted by Islam.

    It is undemocratic, bureaucratic totalitarian systems like the EU that need to be dissolved first. They are the biggest enables of the islamist agenda as they get coerced by the OIC.

    Then the political parties must make extra vigilance to weed out Muslim sympathizers and those that serve the islamist interest, To Sarkozy’s credit, he booted out Abderrahmane Dahmane.

    When it comes to immigration, political parties make a lot of promises but don’t deliver, take the Conservatives for example. So to fix that you are going to need to preform checks and inspections on muslim businesses as they usually hire family members.

    But back to the cowardice and selfishness of the politicians. To solve this you need to prevent them from reaping the corporate benefits after they leave, but you cannot guarantee them a job in government afterwards. So after they leave, they must be placed under public review and held accountable before they jet off for a golden handshake.

  7. Yeah! Ban all mosques, no more to be built and those left in our countries to be turned into museums for the victims of the German concentration camps, which General Eizenhower had the great foresight in photographing it all as he said, “one day some will deny this ever happened” and he was so right.. Turn their schools into accommodation for battered women and victims of their paedophelia. I hope this catches on.

    • mee, the EU is the cause of all the muslim immigration problems in Europe. The EU in cahoots with the UN have plans to bring in 50 million more parasites from Africa and the Middle East, I heard.

  8. Excellent comments! I commend France for taking a stand against the influx of violent, ungrateful Muslim leeches that are chomping at the bit to make France Islamic. Who would support their lazy inbred asses when they outnumber the infidels? Time to take back the hundreds of no-go zones Muslims have created, time to start mass deportation of Muslim criminals, time to strip them of citizenship, time to preserve France’s wonderful culture, time to put an end to generous welfare they don’t deserve. I give Islam the same respect it gives me and infidels alike, NONE. Viva la France!

  9. I think it’s time to buy ourselves spraying bottles, fill them with pork manure and clean up the place. They don’t like us anyway.

    • mee, Greece and Italy are better at keeping muslims in check. In Athens, muslims are fighting to build the first mosque there. Italy has one big mosque but won’t allow any more. That’s what we should do. There are 2,000 mosques or more in the US. Time to shut them down for good.

  10. Hooray….all my life I wanted to go to France, to Holland, to Italy, to Germany…to see Europe, its landmarks, its people and its customs and way of life…now that for the first time in my life I could actually afford the trip I have no desire to go to any of these countries. I never wanted to go to africia or to the middle east so why would I want to spend my hard earned money going to Europe when Europe has turned into africia and the middle east?

    • Carol, I lived in Western Germany, near the French, Luxemborg, Belgian borders back in the early 90’s. My youngest son was born there. Much of it was beautiful then, but if the European elites don’t start listening to their primary constituants and do really meaningful things to stop muslim immigration and start deportations now, then Europe will be nothing but another dirty, backward third world backwater sitting atop the pillaged, descecrated ruins of a once great world civilization. Think Afghanistan’s Buddhist statues, or the Egyptian museum.

  11. I hope that it is not too little too late. France will have to deport all illegal muslims, and deport all law breakers and their family members, along with a total ban on all muslim immigration. Remember the birth rate of the inbred muslims, could still win the stealth, birthrate jihad of France. God bless France.

  12. Yes France Finally.
    it is believed that napoleon Bonaparte suffered from “little man syndrome” as it’s called because he was short. i think he was around 5’2′ maybe a little taller but not much and thus conquered Europe to compensate. Did the child raping prophet mo have the same condition? besides being totally insane his Aunt said so was he overcompensating for being short? After all he was a violent man! I really don’t think Archangel Gabriel (if that’s who he was really talking to) would have been afraid of a dog regardless of the color Maybe the dog peed on him.)mo) what do you think Bonni?

  13. The French may not be aware of it, but they are literally fighting for their culture and survival as a country! ! ! I wish them all the best, THEY MUST BE STRONG AND FIRM which the only thing these SAVAGES, understand: PURE FORCE! ! !

  14. The term ‘discharge policy’ is too mild. But just how does that work anyway? Pay them to leave?
    From a tourist’s point of view, I can’t think of anything much more visually offensive than 200 asslifters clogging one of Paris’ quaint side streets. I never travel, so it shouldn’t matter to me, but I ponder such matters.

    • MGM, considering that at least half of them get some kind of state welfare, giving them all first class tickets back to their home countries would save France billions of dollars a year. Throw in $10,000 for each, and France still comes out on the good end of that deal.

    • Funny you should say that. I’ve been to Paris four times in the last ten years. I returned this summer with my wife for our honeymoon. Frankly, we were a bit disgusted, and I believe it will be our last time. The muslim population has steadily increased, and with each visit it has become more pronounced. Stepping into a downtown metro station felt like walking into the Middle East, and the natives were clearly distressed about it. The majority of immediate Paris suburbs have been turned into third-world slums. We ended up spending much of our time in beautiful & quiet Champigny sur Marne, one of numerous suburbs where native Parisians seem to have retreated to, with tails tucked between their legs. Paris will of course always be beautiful and a wonder to visit, but parts of the city are completely overrun with Islam.

      Best of luck to France from this American. My family is originally from Normandie, but long ago left. I promise that we will stand behind you all the way…

  15. 5% Moz population=constant demands for special treatment
    10% Moz population=defensive jihad
    50% Moz population=offensive jihad
    70% Moz population=constant religious oppression of minorities

  16. Islam contradicts “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” with “enslavement-censorship, apartheid and kafir-hatred”.

    BANNING COUSIN MARRIAGE will force Moslems to loosen the tight, inbred marriages that victimize women and destroy their independence and happiness.

    France should BAN COUSIN MARRIAGE NOW.

  17. Bon pour le peuple français!!! [Good for the French people!!!]

    It’s HIGHEST TIME that some of these people are waking up to this menace: unfortunately, the new Socialist leader Martine Aubry, who’s solidly left-wing – though facing legal action for the party’s election to be rerun from her bitter rival Segolène Royale, whose estranged boyfriend François Hollande is handing over the reins after 11 years of leading them – apparently has good prospects of being elected later this year, and she (like all Commies!) has yet to open her eyes to this nightmare… Let’s hope that Marine le Pen stops her from getting into the likely run-off against Nicholas (Niklas in the original Magyar / Hungarian) Sarközy – if she succeeds in that (better yet were she to actually win – let’s hope that the French mood is getting really angry in this regard so that she’ll REALLY make an impact!!!), it will certainly help…

  18. Woah. Who ever thought the French would grow a spine. The truth is sad – that things have to get awful in the two-by-four attention-getting way in order for people to have had enough. Good on them.

    But for England, France is like (if not in fact) the canary in the coal mine that’s damned near dead. They should export their common sense across the channel – I see a growth industry in the making.

  19. I believe all this started in France when independence form French rule was made for Algeria.

    Then, the French welcomed into their country scores of muslim Algerians whom they considered to be friends.

    As it goes with muslims, they were not friends but enemies who wanted to make France into a replica of the toilet they crawled out of. For years, France gave them special treatment because, after all, “They Were Friends”.

    As it is everywhere in the world, muslims were not, and are not “Friends” of anyone except more muslims. They have banded together to subvert the customs and laws of any host nation and to force their own barabaric culture on the people who were kind to them.

    islam is a true cancer on ony nation that allows them in and gives them a voice.

    If France doesn’t stop this creeping shariah, they will soon have new masters who wear rags on their heads and mandate that all women wear bags and be the slaves of men.

    Hey France ! —– Your Move !

  20. Its about time. Now its time we here in America start fighting back against these asslifters before they gain more momentum. Put CAIR in jail where they belong. Read Muslim Mafia to find out just who CAIR really is. Now if only the Brits had the balls to start speaking up and fighting back. Might be too late for them. Keep supporting the EDL.

  21. It’s never been more important ever since the second World War,that Europe come together on this and Back France to the Hilt,we’ve got to make a stance against these SHITBAGS messing up Europe,it’s only a matter of time before the Backlash starts,they are without doubt the biggest threat to European Peace since the 3rd Reich tried to take over,only this time the New Generation German People are on our side,we know through B.N.I. that every European Country have their own individual problems with the “Filth”of Islam,so we have a good idea what we face when confronted,then this “culture” have BIG BIG PROBLEMS with the rest of Europe and the rest of the U.S.A. and Australian People….BRING IT ON “RAG an BAG” HEADS.!!!!!

    • This is The Cloven Hoof Posse and we approve the above message from Bonnie Scotland!

      “The Auld Alliance lives again,” only this time the enemy is the Umma.

      “Vive Le France!” “Scotland forever!” Now pass the ammo and lock and load!

    • We have a Muslim problem in australia but we also have a problem with piss week multi cultural fuk wits that help these arrogant dogs steal our country I hope France and Europe kick that shit out of there country so we have a model to follow when the shit hits the fan here

  22. About time we had this, ‘ras le bol général’ (really up to here fed up)! I mean come on, for the pas 25 years or so we’ve had communities pissing at the Republic and defying it! Among other things, kidnapping and forced marriages are against the law, but that didn’t stop some African communities from blatantly breaking the law by sequestrating young women to force them into marrying whomever the parents decided they had to, and this, right under the authorities’ nose!!

    And then, all that BS from the muslims and their demands!
    Well damned right that we should also be opposed to state funding mosques!!!! In fact it should be a 100% opposed to it, since that’s the whole point of separation of churches and state, (which includes not pouring money into religious institutions) and that bloody well include mosques as well!

    What is so -I suppose shocking- in all this, is that these cult worshipers would never have dreamed to pull the BS stunts they’ve been pulling for the past decade or so before! Oh sure, we’ve had our fair share of bombing in our Paris streets/underground because we held some of their terrorists in prison whom they demanded we freed, but that crap of invading our culture and streets like that?! Oh these bastards bade their time!

    And as for these no-go areas the Police doesn’t dare going into?! What the hell??!!! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the lists on a government website! Police is too scared? Send the bloody army for crying out loud!

    When will these morons ‘up there’ will say ‘to hell with what Brussels and the EU will think and let’s clean up clean up our country and re-asserts the laws of the land?

    Watch out Elysée, and look-out for the République and it’s citizens because, remember 1789! I’ve said it before and I say it again, we didn’t go through that for nothing!

    • Alain, I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve seen occurring in France over the past year. It’s probably because of the growing popularity of Marine LePen who is forcing Sarkozy to swing right and crack down on Muslim behavior that is offensive and imposing on French citizens. That tells me that LePen might have a chance to beat him. Although Sarkozy has banned burqas and praying in the streets, Im not sure it is being enforced. But he must do something to curtail Muslim immigration or else all the other measures won’t mean a thing.

  23. They have not had enough YET. Like other sleeping nations, or those who choose to remain to be victims, it will take time and education. We will prevail as always.

  24. Ahh…ze French…! It looks like “les Muhammaitans” have worn out their welcome in France! Vive la France! It’s your country; kick them out! And keep any more of them from coming in.

  25. Related…Nicolas Sarkozy, far-right leader Marine Le Pen in tug-of-love over Joan of Arc

    “President Nicolas Sarkozy and far-right leader Marine Le Pen this week embark on a tug-of-love over the French patron saint Joan of Arc, a surprise player in the upcoming presidential election.
    The two leaders are to stage rival celebrations of the 600th anniversary of the birth of the 15th-century Catholic martyr who has been appropriated by the far-right partly for her booting out of medieval English “immigrants.”
    The teenage peasant led the French army against the English after experiencing religious visions and was later burned at the stake, but her broad appeal to French of all political colours has ensured her immortality.
    France is officially a secular state, but the story of Joan’s struggle against the English and Burgundians on behalf of the French crown has often served as an inspiration in patriotic causes.
    The populist anti-immigration Le Pen, who opinion polls show mounting a strong challenge against Sarkozy and who could potentially knock him out of the race, said Sarkozy’s homage to Joan of Arc was a bid to steal votes.
    “We are the inspiration for the presidential election’s key issues: immigration, insecurity, protectionism and now, great historical figures,” Marine Le Pen said.
    Victoire de Marine Le Pen en 2012!

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