Just what the UK needs: A politician with the ‘stones’ to say, “Put a pork restaurant next to the Ground Zero Victory mosque”

A Liberal Democrat candidate has refused to apologize for a series of shocking anti-Islam comments. Dave Stones suggested a pork restaurant and a topless bar, named after Islam’s holiest city, should be built next to a proposed NYC mosque.

IslamophobiaWatch  The councillor hopeful, who is the party’s candidate for a by-election in Redcar and Cleveland on 19 January, said:

“Regarding the mosque being built near Ground Zero. I say let them build it. But then, across the street we should put a topless bar called “You Mecca Me Hot” … and next to that a pork rib restaurant … Then we’ll see who’s tolerant.”

A number of posts on his Facebook page were seemingly calculated to deliberately offend Muslims. Stones claimed that the Royal British Legion were “not selling Britih war heroes remembrance poppies in certain areas of the UK”, because of the objections from Muslims.