THE OTHER WHITE MEAT: Thousands of young white British girls are kidnapped, raped, and groomed for sex by Pakistani Muslims

Pakistani rape gangs are a growing problem in the UK. Political correctness has made this a crime nobody wanted to talk about. Finally they are. 80% of the men arrested for what is called sexual grooming – forcing young teenage white girls into prostitution – are Pakistani Muslims.

Kitman TV Over 10,000 young girls are being groomed for sex by men of Pakistani origin in the United Kingdom. The media cover it up, the police are afraid to prosecute over it and politicians lie about it. For well over a decade the Government, the media, and top police officials hid a  sickening trend happening in the UK.  Girls as young as 11 are still being groomed and then sexually abused by these gangs. 











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  1. i hope israel to be protected, this is the only democratic state in middle east region… it like USA in middle east … as i see in islamic and arab media they are very very very antisemitic even in comedy programmes. they feed their children how to hate non muslims specially jews….

  2. i’m coptic christian .i suffered from islamic persecution in my native country egypt. i ask u to open a space for demonstrating the genocide of coptics in egypt… and also i want to spread awareness between westerns … as a coptic christians we look like arabs in shapes …a lot of people consider us muslims and treat us as muslims…that make us feel pain and suffer…..muslims kill us in our countries and we come to be safe in ur respectful, civilized countries(we appreciate ur protection). we easily get merged in western communities and that because our christian history… we don’t hate anybody we don’t have an ideology as we learnt from our church there is no mix between politics and religion as jesus said”Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. And they marveled at him”

      • thank you so much….i support u by my heart…we all support u……all my life there is no moderate islam or muslim …..muslim are three kinds 1 who don’t know anything about islam and he is islamic by name and he treat u by his uncorrupted human nature(bad muslim in islamic prospect) 2 muslims who know all shit about islam and don’t shy from saying it and face u with exposed shit about muhammed and his life(extremists) 3 muslims who know all their shit and are silent and not say any shit infront of u and they wait for the best moment to eat u alive(muslim brotherhood and most European muslims)…….at first i thought western people can be easily deceived by islamic nice talks but when i see ur site and EDL and Tommy Robinson, I assure u that west now knows what is real islam but west needs to act ….

      • our church leaderships can’t announce clearly that they are against islam….we as christians are captivated in egypt ….muslim warn us more that one time we will kill u with cold blood, we will eat u a life….our pop shinuda suffered alot from their actions he cried once in a conference without saying a word…..everyday, muslims captivate coptic girls and force them to convert to islam by impregnating her at 15, or 16 years old and once she become muslim, they took her away from her parents….christian parents really die every moment they remember their daughters…. in west i don’t know why girls convert to islam easily… they want to imprisonate themselves by their hands???? why…in some case coptic girls kill themselves in order not to be muslim and sell her history and religion

        • OMG! bingo, you are in Egypt? Is there any way you can get out of there? Do you have relatives in a safer place? Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help you. If you can, please send me stories about what is happening to Copts there. I am sure we aren’t seeing everything in the English media.

          God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

        • now i’m safe…. i migrated to usa….. thanks to god…. i hope to rescue all Christians, Jews, athiests…. all human beings from islamic countries… i will send u a lot of videos

  3. It’s simple Susan, Soooo simple! They are putting up with this because they are sooo afraid of that word “Racism” They are more worried about being labled “RACIST” than they are about the lives and well being of their young white girls.

  4. this is just a stupid way to convince everybody outhere that this is what Muslims do , which is not !! true Islam is not like this , it’s peace and kindness , please , those who ever did this are not Muslims , and if their birth certifications say that , they are not being true Muslims , dont belive everything you are being told , read and look for yourself to find out what islam is , I am a Muslim and proud 🙂

    • muslim, you are not welcome here. What are all you muslim fuckers proud of? The fact that you worship a paedophile prophet? You are the scum of the earth. Get ready for the next Crusades.

      • BRAVISSIMA, Ms. BNI!!!! You told him off right, but felt a few points could be added nevertheless…your call!

    • WOE IS YOU, “Moslem”!!!!

      You think that we “infidels” deserve all the evil we get at your hands merely because we refuse to follow your raping, thieving, child-abusing (pædophilic), lying, murdering and genocidal FALSE PROPHET Mohammed who taught you and your kind to hate everybody who isn’t completely like you!!!! You’re commanded to HATE US even from conception, let alone birth, right until you’re dead!!!!

      Yes, “Moslem”, we PROUD “infidels” know who you really are – and we hurl it back at you and will NEVER trust you because your leader declared total, unending WAR upon everybody else 1,400 years ago; furthermore, you’ve never renounced that war and insist everything Mohammed did was perfect!!! To boot, you’re told to lie to us, pretend to be our friends until we’re defenceless – and then you back-stab us!!!!

      Since your ideology, by dint of its being “perfect” is therefore un-reformable, we therefore call upon you to RENOUNCE your SATANICALLY, MONSTROUSLY-EVIL ideology of Islam and stop thinking of yourselves as superior to us IN THE SLIGHTEST, if you want anything whatsoever to do with us; otherwise we’ll NEVER, EVER trust you under ANY circumstances!!!!

  5. Europeans: you can talk, you can discuss, you can write websites, but in de end you need to pick up your weapons and fight terror with terror. Show no mercy to the cancer that is among you and show no mercy on the socialist elite that helped it grow.

      • Yes, in many states we are allowed to carry guns. If any muslims tried this here, they’d have a rope around their necks and would be hanging from the nearest oak tree.

        • My guns and the right to defend myself is the problem the muzzies are going to have to deal with. I will never be a sheep led to slaughter. I will not go quietly and I will never submit to Satan.

  6. We have an incredibly long, uphill road to traverse, for example, my sister, whom has been befriended by an islamic couple, and her only other contact with islam, is an islamic doctor that she witnessed sitting and holding the hand of a very ill little girl in hospital, is what she bases her beliefs on about islam. Ignorantly and stubbornly she refuses to listen to anything negative about islam. Weird because she is the one with the beautiful daughter, (endangered by muslim occupation).
    Yes, there are nice muslims, this is only however when the percentage of them is low, at 2% they can seem quite friendly. Check out the percentage statistics of muslim infiltration in countries and the correlating violence.
    I myself have in the past befriended islamic people, one veiled lady even came to my home and taught me to make Baklava.
    Another islamic ‘friend’ invited me to her home and made me a Middle Eastern feast, her family of teenage boys even seemed completely normal.
    I asked another muslim friend, years ago, “What is Halal meat?”
    she said, “It is meat that has been blessed.”
    Oh, how nice I thought, meat that’s been blessed. This was my first incident with muslims telling ‘half truths’, as we full well know, what halal meat really is, TORTURED.
    I met an islamic woman that couldn’t walk very well, she told me, that as she and her husband had sex the night before, he had to unstitch and sew her vagina up again.

    The attack on our bodyguards at a popular beach and the taunts to our women by islamic gangs at all beaches, except Maroubra, was my first alert.
    The gang rape by islamic Lebanese muslim bearded things, on a couple of Aussie women in a toilet block also made me open my eyes.
    I started to see and hear the truth about islam. I wanted to know more, why did the muslim people I had met, seem ‘nice’? Yet the atrocities committed by islamics were atrocious?
    Well I have studied islam almost every evening for a year, ask me any question. Most people refuse to believe this islamic jihad is occurring, most just don’t know.
    The beheading of the 9yr old Buddhist boy was the catalyst for me.

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, islam, I know the truth, and I am forever your smiling enemy.

      • Lol at BNI, you can say that again. Don’t worry though, I have not kept in contact w any of ‘them’, and have moved interstate. That was over ten years ago. I am a nice, sociable person, who loves everybody, but not anymore,
        was blind, but now I see 🙂

          • Yes Lucas, right here in Australia. FGM is practised here as well, another sickening islamic human rights travesty. islamic women and especially non islamic women are as dogs, and we know what islam thinks about man’s best friend, they hate dogs, they just…Hate
            I would love to wake up one day and find all this islamic bs has gone away, especially in our beautiful Australia, but it doesn’t, it hasn’t, it is a daily, living nightmare.
            AND those islamic men are so ugly, ugly inside and out, revoltingly ugly, why don’t those silly groomed for sex girls see it? I see it, plain as the filthy unhygienic beards on their ugly mugs, foul twisted creatures.

  7. Too bad the Brits have no clue about Islamic doctrine. These Muslims are simply performing Sunna: to obey and imitate Mohammed in all things for al time. See:
    hadith Bukhari, vol. 9, book 93, no. 506 – The Muslims captured some females during the battle of Bani Al-Mustaliq and planned to rape them but did not want them impregnated. They asked Mohammed if there were any restrictions against coitus interruptus. Mohammed told them that it was better that they should not interrupt their ejaculation. “It is preferable that you do not do it because Allah has already determined everyone who will be born until the end of time.” Mohammed said, “No life will be created if Allah does not create it.”
    See what wilful ignorance can breed?

  8. Muslim comment from youtube on this subject.

    its not a crime,they are kufr,the Quran allows sex captives of kufrs,stupid video
    HamzaAndreasTzortzis 1 day ago

    We fight against this and yet we get called cowards ?
    WE WERE NOT ASKED about savages taking over our land,the political parties imported
    their voting blocks,it’s now being done in the states,what are YOU going to do ????

    The so called ADL and USDL are nothing but a bunch of geeks typing on a keyboard !
    You need to do something to save your country !
    March,protest,tell your government that you WILL NOT lie down and die !

    We were a proud nation once,learn from our mistakes,if i know America,you WILL stop

    • America is under severe threat of Islamization. An important reason why Islamization will be easier in America than in Europe, is because Muslims will point to the Christian conquest of America, and will ally to some Native Americans.

  9. What has happened to the minds of otherwise sane non-muslimes that such horrible pieces of humanity are allowed to continue their acts of perverted brutality without restriction or penalty ?

  10. Today, on the 220th anniversary of the Bill of Rights, Congress overwhelmingly voted to effectively extinguish those rights. They relinquished their claim to lawful authority by violating Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution and granting license to the Executive Branch to become the very tyrannical dictatorship our Founding Fathers fought and died to escape. Congress’ betrayal has now set America firmly upon the path of pathetic banana republics and fearsome totalitarian states, with the knock on the door in the dead of night, the disappearances – where political dissidents can be suppressed, silenced or left to rot in unknown prisons. Today, I grieve for my country.well so where is this going and when will Obama call martial law
    if he does he will remain in office again we are trapped under Obama

  11. all i can say is ever since the world including the once great united states
    has unrest it seams to me since Obama the Muslim president took over
    more Muslims take over what they can did you know they have free passage to enter the united states and are given high clearance in the white house.
    i can say i am up in age i never heard of a Muslim till Obama was president any one see a connection

  12. At the moment there is a trial underway in Liverpool Crown Court. There are around 40 ‘Asian’ males on trial for sexual grooming offences; these men aren’t from the Liverpool area, they are from the Manchester area. Usually they would have been tried in Manchester Crown courts but it is obviously an attempt to keep it out of the press & public eye. The Manchester area covers towns such as Rochdale, Bury & Bolton, all of which have sizeable ‘Asian’ communities ie Muslims from Pakistan & Bangladesh.

    One part of the video, centred around part of Derby, makes note of the fact that the ‘asian’ high street becomes a red-light district after dark. As someone who lives in the North-West of England I reckon that the majority of those prositutes were very probably girls who had been groomed by the gangs but were now too old for them (ie no longer under16) & due to having no self-worth have ended up as ‘working girls’. Many white guys will have nothing to do with a girl who has been with a ‘Asian’ man, especially if she has a mixed-race kiddie in tow. As for why those areas are frequented by druggies? The answer to that one is easy as well – most of the drug trade in the UK is run by the ‘Asians’.

  13. The hypocrisy of it all is that Muslim law requires rapists to be beheaded or given Lord knows how many lashes.

    I never hear of them actually DOING IT.

    This is human trafficking, pure and simple. The punishment for this sort of crime should be life in prison or DEATH.

  14. The White Man’s Burden as the saying goes, it is for the Britishers and the White race to take a peep into their collars. They have crafted many articulate words like Human Rights, Women Liberation, Secularism etc & etc.But did they ever realize that these words are meant for a civilized and sophisticated society. I am not blaming the Britishers or the white race. But see who groomed these bullshit muslims to fight against the Russians in Afghanistan. When these bastard muslims bit the arm (USA) which fed them, did they realize that it is too much. Now see the role reversal, these bastard muslims are using those articulate words of human rights, women liberation etc., as a shield to cover up their crimes. I am from India and a Hindu too. For years I have seen how Kashmir has been swept clean of theHindus by rascal muslim jihadists,and when Government forces try to confront these jihadists, these muslims and pakistanis cry foul that human rights of terrorists have been violated ( i am amazed that a muslim terrorist out to kill has a human right) and this is supported by money hungry & corrupt politicians of USA and UK. Taking a cue from this India also had such politicians who propagated the ideas of secularism etc, which has been misused by the muslims in India and they have claimed minority status for themselves in India.Politicians like erstwhile Prime Ministers Nehru and Indira Gandhi who claimed to had an Oxford / Cambridge education played havoc with the social fabric of India. Muslims lay similar trap for innocent Hindu girls in India and Nepal, when girls parents complain in High Courts, by that time girl has been brain washed and she under duress testify that it is on her will that she chose her life partner. You must be wondering how these articulate words of human rights, Women liberation, secularism etc. have been misused by those bastard muslims who have scant regards for them. It is very astonishing that all this is happening right under the nose of so called and self proclaimed champions of human rights, women liberation, secularism, i.e. USA and UK. Umpteen times India has asked the world community to declare Pakistan as a rogue state but no USA and UK will pamper these rascal pakistanis untill they produce another Bin Laden. It is high time that both USA and UK do away with their lop soded politics towards pakistan. Other wise it shall be- Reap as shall you sow.
    Let me take out a leaf from the History of India. When muslim armies arrived and captured, slayed the Hindu warrior class – RAJPUTS the Kings, invading muslims went all out for the wealth and Rajput women. But see the bravery of those brave queens and princess that they used to jump en-mass from their fort into a mound of burning woods,down below lit by their servants, only to save their honour. This practice was called Jauhar. See the book -The Wonder that was India by A.L.Basham. I have great regards for Christainity but I never expected dual talk from USA and UK.

    Sanjay Singh,
    Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
    +91 9450506495

    • The British aided the Turks during the Crimean War, and during WWI they aided the even worse Saudis against the Turks. It was the idea of Churchill to use oil instead of coal. It was the idea of Churchill to use Saudi oil instead of Russian oil.

  15. Allan: very true. the peoblem is whoever not affected DIRECTLY by those criminal Muslims think that they are immune, which is as far from the actual truth as it can be.No one kafir (non-Muslim) is safe from these crimes committed in the name of this evil system ISLAM.
    We, the informed, in the West know that but our resposibility and duty is to spread the word and do not be shy about it whatever and where ever the threats are. We are talking about our freedom and the future of our children and grandchildren.

  16. In India also Muslim gangs sexually exploit Hindu females. They gather around girl’s schools or colleges, and try to start relations with Hindu girls. Remember they are funded by local Masjids. It is their full time occupation. Provoke girls for sex then once they are pregnant the boy quit that girl and start hunting for the other girl. Police also does not do anything and rather they start hiding these misdeeds. Often local politicians also get involved in the party and have fun. Result ? hundreds of girls get exploited. then several commit suicide and nobody get punished.
    actually democracy does not know to manage these sort of religious ideologies. Democracy believes in equality and human rights. And Muslims want to take advantage of both democracy and their sharia law in their favor only.

    • “And Muslims want to take advantage of both democracy and their sharia law in their favor only.”

      We should reverse that. Use both sharia and democracy against them. If they make exceptions for themselves, so should we. Always reverse the argumentation of the Muslim. The French Revolutionaries didn’t give religious freedom to Catholic reactionaries, the Allies didn’t give political freedom to National-Socialists after the WWII. No freedom for the enemies of freedom is an established principle.

    • What is Islam ?

      Islam is not a new religion, but the same truth that God revealed through all His prophets to every people. For a fifth of the world’s population, Islam is both a religion and a complete way of life. Muslims follow a religion of peace, mercy, and forgiveness, and the majority have nothing to do with the extremely grave events which have come to be associated with their faith.


        Islam is NOT the same in any way of dealing with others the way Judaism and Christianity are!!! Furthermore, Islam does NOT allow a Moslem to have a genuine relationship with God the way that both Judaism AND Christianity do!!!

  17. What does the Queen have to say about this situation.Is she mum. Power and wealth make strange Queens.They should call out military to patrol streets, and shoot at sight any person involved in this type of hideous crime.

  18. The imam from Rochdale, UK said, that the 2 brothers from his congregation had raped 2 16 year old girls and he couldn’t even define it in the limits of the koran(part 3). I love the one were that pakistani guy said, the EDL came into the town and have done the demontrations that have ruined community relations(EDL’s fault). What FUCKING baloney!!!

  19. They do what Mohammed did.

    We need stricter laws: Like in Ireland some US-States or in Sweden.Prosititution isn’t allowed.
    BUT: for mohammedans….. is nearly all allowed!!!

  20. Liz: everyone in the UK knows about this, its in the news on tv and newspapers.
    People dont care.
    As long as they have booze and football, the world can fall apart.
    Im very active in politics and this issues, my husband says is exageration of the media, that this is not happening… they are in denial, maybe in a too easy comfort zone.
    Secondly, the kids here, product of liberal education like tommy sys: they are ferral.
    We have teenagers having sex and even rapists of 12 years old that used to watch porn with the mom and the boyfriend in turn… they shove the kids to the street, so they dont bother, with cigarretes and booze. Groups of teenagers here are dangerously drunk/under the influence of drugs; and noone can do anything about it, they are easy target, as they want money but not to work.
    The goverment gives as prize to pregnant teenagers their own house, we are speaking about 14 years old girls!! how are they going to educate children? Here in my town, there are 30 year old grandmoms and is not uncommon.
    If you go out in the night, the girls are oversexed: skimpy dressed and heavy make up… I agree: where are the parents? drugged/drink somewhere.
    Im not saying they deserve the grooming, but im saying that the way of life here makes it fertile ground for this abuse.

    • The Left turns British women into whores, and then they are assaulted by Muslims. Muslims vote for Leftist parties, so Muslims turn British women into whores.

  21. Muslim men are often called Asians.
    If I were an Asian and they were associating me with these koranimals I would be highly insulted and infuriated.
    They have no right to incorrectly label all Asians that way. This is discriminatory. Call a “spade a spade”…Muslims, for what they are.

  22. Hello, earth to men of the U.K. where the hell are you prissy boys?, got too much to lose to make a stand and not tolerate this? If you don’t realize it by now, it’s just another avenue to raise the greens to further the jihad against the very persons they despise as infidels, that’s you, me, and our christian families, our beliefs, traditions, values and customs, way of life and safety. To the woman of the U.K. get a hold of your men and demand they resolve this once and for all, or else, you might be on the loosing end of this conversation not too far into the future with yourselves only to blame. Politicians make policies for the police, the police are only going to do what the political process demands, so demand your politicians demand to the police demand justice for these sand rats.

    To Susan Geary; justice is only served at the end of a barrel, “MAO”
    Semper Fi.

  23. Don, I live in Alberta and am ashamed that that Muslim scum does too…encouraged by the left who view Islam as a religion of peace and an asset to our society. Pardon me as I choke on that abomination. Muslim men view Western women as booty to be raped, exploited, abused, sold, killed as Sharia Law permits all of the above. Man-made laws do not apply. I do not blame the British people, I blame the politicians who are selling their souls (their country) to the devil that is Islam, for votes. Even in Edmonton I have been called a “whore” by Muslim men for showing my collar bones and a hint of cleavage (I am a conservative dresser!)…calling them “inbred terrorists” really irks them, I know from experience!! Once the HRC has been dismantled/muzzled, I will be much more vocal…I encourage the British people to do the same and retake their great country. It is worth fighting for. Thank goodness for the EDL and The Freedom Party.

  24. The only reason that any of this has come to light is because we have protested about it
    and made it public but it’s not easy.
    Only the other day FORTY SEVEN Muslims were in court for sexual offences,that’s just in
    one police operation yet it did not make the news over here !

    The murder of a black lad 18 years ago and white killers getting 14 and 15 year sentences
    is national news yet the murder of a white lad by Muslims only made it to the local news.
    One of the killers in this case got TWENTY ONE MONTHS in prison,the other got a SUSPENDED sentence !

    Four Somali Muslim women attacked a white woman,they kicked and stamped on her head
    whilst saying “kill the white bitch”,the judge gave them a 6 month suspended sentence ?
    He also said that the attack was NOT racially motivated and accepted the defence’s
    argument that the attack only happened because the attackers were not used to alcohol
    due to being Muslims !

    There are so many more cases i could tell you about,the ones above are recent one’s.

    If you are a Muslim in the UK you don’t have to obey our laws and if non Muslims complain ?
    You will be called a racist,bigot and at the drop of a hat,you will be locked up !
    Most of the British still do not know what is going on over here.

  25. Pakistani Halal meat? If we let too many more in to this country this will start happening on a much larger scale. Muslims are followers of Satin, I have read the koran when I want to reference something, It is all back words from the Bible, Their “god” (Allah) is our Anti Christ. And our God ( the one true God) is their anti Christ. If anyone wants real good information on Allah or Iran, Or Muslims Google “Walid Shoebat” Ex Muslim & terrorist turned Christian He is really good at disproving the Koran

      • Russia is only partially in Asia and typically they don’t think of themselves as Asian.

        Technically Indians aren’t of the Asian race, even though they are part of it. It’s quite complicated

        I can’t get used to Pakistanis being called Asian. In Australia we call Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese etc Asian.

  26. At the end of video 7 I read this disturbing comment by a deranged Muslim; he said…”It’s not a crime, they are kufr [infidels/non-believers], the Quran allows sex capitives of kufrs, stupid video.” Signed: ‘Hamza Andreas Tzortzis.’

    This statement reveals that a large percentage have been brainwashed, they are evil in thinking and behaviour because they have been taught to think and act in this way. They must be tossed out of all free countries by whatever degree of force is necessary- there is no alternative solution. Anyone that walks soft with these self-centred creeps is an accessory to their crimes.

    This Muslim statement also proves that the Koran is an evil book, and its’ author Mohammed was an evil man.

    • You let your politicians take your guns, you spineless cowards. Some Americans have the stones to make sure we have our guns. Those towel-headed animals behave at least somewhat better here because we know how to shoot.

  27. Pakistanis are quite the little busy-bees when it comes to perversion, pimping and duplicity.

    First, look into the search results using “Google Insight”….here the Pakistanis are topping the lists globally when it comes to searches for such prim and proper subjects as “rape sex”, “donkey sex”, “dog sex”, “camel sex”, “child sex”, “horse sex”, “goat sex”and “woman rape”.

    Check it out:

    Of course rounding of the search terms, (must have been a slow day in the Madrassa’s) the Pakistani’s even have a lusty eye for corpses with the search term “dead sex”.

    The sexual perversion of muslim males seems to know no bounds as experienced by US troops throughout the Middle East. The dull witted muslim, not realizing that advances in modern technology created Night Observation Devices……many hours of utter hilarity were wrought from watching Habib and Muhammad mounting and humping some hapless donkey….or the screamingly funny sight of some amorous moonstruck mullah molesting, in very unspeakable ways, members of the local mutton population…….this is true folks….look it up.

    Yessirree, from perversion to pimping the Pakistanis have the market cornered.

    Here in Canada we have our own vicious little Pakistani worm.

    He goes by the name of Syed B. Soharwardy. A poisonous, pious, puffed up, two-faced, conniving little piece of work, he claims to be related to the chief pedophile himself (muhammad). A resident of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this walking, talking piece of human garbage set himself up as the “supreme leader” of the “Islamic Supreme Council of Canada”….with all of its 20 members…..and when he isn’t using the Human Rights Commissions to assuage his grossly overinflated and easily bruised ego by launching specious litigation costing the taxpayers millions then he can be found beating some of his female congregation members senseless or setting their homes on fire.

    Yessirree…Pakistan produces some wonderful contributions to the Human Race……and don’t even get me started on the exclusivity of muslim males responsible for the entirety of the over 50 rapes of Nordic Norwegian women in Oslo…..

    No surprise really as many muslim males and mullahs have been heard to oft and loudly refer to Western women as “uncovered meat”…

    Ahhhh….islam….”the religion of peace”…

    The sooner we commence deportations the better……..once I have a body of water the size of the Atlantic Ocean between me and these purveyors of pious pomposity and perversion….I will sleep the sleep the sleep of kings…..or of a “Supreme Leader” of something rather…..

    Just saying….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    • Go Don go…you’re not afraid of telling it like it is and then posting your city of residence…lmao!~! If you were running for prime minister I would definitely vote for you, and for sure we could live safely without mussies roaming our streets in search of victims to rape, piliage, loot, and burn.

      • Hello Donna,

        You can live on your knees or die on your feet….the choice is yours…

        Infidels cowering in the corners afraid of their own shadows is sexual erotica for muslims…..I am not an advocate of living a life that provides the molesters of mutton and children with anything further to amuse themselves…..

        Step out into the light of day Donna….darkened doorways are a shitty place to live ones life……

        Regards, Don Laird
        Edson, Alberta, Canada

  28. if the british population actually knew about this there might be an outcry. i know you hate too many caps, but…WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE PARENTS OF THESE KIDS!!!!!!!!

      • “Where are the parents!” A naive question I would have thought. Do you folks know what you’re dealing with? These communities have launched a militant campaign against your children and they are proceeding with all the precision and detailed organisation with which a military campaign is generally associated. Every soldier understands his role. Besides a time is coming when even if all the parents in Britain keep their children within arms length, the arabs will simply bind and gag the parents and make off with their children anyway. YOU ARE AT WAR. Wars have been fought for more trifling causes than the systematic gang rape of tens of thousands of children. Arm yourselves, organise, FIGHT. Your dignity and esteem are at stake FOR ALL TIME. Dolores has already been quoted here. FIGHT: the spirit of Boedica demands to be summoned. FIGHT for your children’s future,
        they beg you.

  29. Having served with British Marines I can’t believe I am going to say this: The British people are fricken cowards! You are cowards for letting the Muslims intimidate you. You are cowards for ignoring the crimes perpetrated by Muslims against you girls and women. I am ashamed to even think that I once admired your country. You make me sick!

    • The U.S. is no different. A vast majority of people in the U.S. are afraid of being accused of ‘political incorrectness’. I’m afraid of my country not being worth living in in 10 years because it’s run by a corrupt bitch of a political system. People are so scared of being labeled as racist for speaking the truth about a group of religious nuts and I’m sad to say I actually live in this century. People, get your heads out of your collective asses. Political correctness doesn’t hold a candle to the TRUTH! When a religion proclaims peace and glories in murder, that might ring some bells, just maybe?!? ,,l,, (-_-) ,,l,, ****ing idiots.