Well, well, two ‘All-American Muslim’ cast members turn out to be potheads!

Two reality TV stars from TLC’s “All-American Muslim” show found some real life drama at the Ambassador Bridge recently: Authorities said they were caught with pot at the border.

Detroit Free Press (H/T Amil)  It happened on New Year’s Day, according to Ron Smith, spokesman for Customs and Border Protection in Detroit.

Smith told the Free Press today that two cast members of the TLC reality show were caught with 9 grams of marijuana in the trunk while trying to cross into the U.S. from Windsor. The cast members – a man and a woman — were not named by authorities. One of them, Smith said, had a medical marijuana card, although federal law does not recognize the card. (Right, since when does a fake ‘allergy’ to dogs warrant marijuana?)

TLC declined to comment. (Not a surprise, with ratings as bad as they were for the show)

At the first checkpoint after crossing the bridge, an officer decided to pull the two passengers over for inspection after asking them a series of routine questions. The officer, Smith noted, did not recognize the travelers from the TV show. But inside the inspection area, Smith said, some officers and bystanders recognized the pair from the show. During the inspection, an officer checked the trunk and found a weed-like substance in a small bag – enough to roll about 10 joints.

The travelers were released because, as Smith explained, nine grams of marijuana doesn’t warrant prosecution.

(My guess would be it’s the slutty one, Shadia, with all the tattoos and the husband she forced to convert to Islam and give up his dog)