Al ‘Shifty’ Sharpton has no problem with Muslims hijacking Martin Luther King Day for a Muslim Day against ‘Islamophobia’…

But he thinks its “racially insensitive” to have a televised Republican debate on MLK Day.

The Blaze  And what about all the other activities scheduled for the same day? “For instance, there are 35 basketball games scheduled for this Monday: 11 NBA games — Kevin Durant will lead the Oklahoma City Thunder against the Boston Celtics at the same time that Republicans begin to debate in Myrtle Beach — and fully 24 NCAA basketball games.” 

Or how about the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ decision to schedule “Washington State Muslims Day” on MLK Day? If the MSNBC panel indignantly condemns the GOP’s decision to hold a debate MLK Day, when do they plan on doing a segment accusing CAIR of similar “racial insensitivity”? Yet Sharpton has yet to share his indignation in this instance.

An initiative aimed at stopping discrimination and educating lawmakers about Islamophobia or an attempt to get politicians to “pander to Islamists?” You decide.

The Blaze  An upcoming event that is said to be honoring the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is set to unfold this upcoming Monday. It is on this day that more than 400 Muslims are scheduled to meet with elected representatives as part of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ “Washington State Muslims Day.”

While CAIR leaders dub the annual event a day of honor for King, others find it offensive and see it as a co-opting of the holiday that celebrates the life of the civil rights leader. The fifth annual event will take place at the Washington state capitol in just one week. There will be a march, legislative appointments and other related activities.

According to organizers, “Muslims Day” event is aimed at educating lawmakers about Islamophobia as well as anti-Muslim incidents. The end goal is to encourage these state lawmakers to speak out against hate crimes and anti-Muslim commentary. Additionally, the meetings that are to be held with politicians will purportedly focus upon the state’s budget and the need for public programs.

Muslim Asslifters foul Capitol Hill in Washington every year

 Arsalan Bukhari, the executive director of CAIR’s Washington affiliate, says, “Muslim constituents will work to make lawmakers aware of the growing problem of Islamophobia and of the veiled and camouflaged manner in which it is being promoted.” 

The CAIR video about this event has been removed, but here’s one of the Muslim invasion of Capitol Hill on Aug. 30, 2011.