Obama Regime panic over Israeli strike on Iran, sends Army general to “calm down Israel”

HAH! “Calm down Israel?” Not. Obama is sending the head of the Joint Chiefs to strong arm Israel into not taking steps to preemptively defend itself from the regularly threatened nuclear attack by Iran.

INN  The Obama regime is sending the head of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey to Israel this Thursday to try to change what it sees as Israel’s increasing readiness to attack Iran.

Both Israel and the United States have stated they would not rule out a military strike on Tehran to prevent the Islamic Republic from reaching the capability of attacking Israel, or elsewhere, with a nuclear weapon. (Yeah, but only Israel would actually do it)  However, American officials are worried that Israel is closer to concluding that the “point of no return” is at hand, after which it may be too late to stop Iran.

With 15,000 soldiers, diplomats and contractors in Iraq, Iran’s neighbor, Washington is worried that an Israeli strike would place them in danger, The Wall Street Journal reported. Israel is concerned that Iranian nuclear capability would give it leverage to achieve its dream of dominating the Muslim world and “wiping Israel off the map” in the words of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. (I thought all the soldiers were out of Iraq now?)

Dempsey will meet his counterpart in Israel, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, as well as Defense Minister Ehud Barak and possibly Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. President Barack Obama telephoned the Prime Minister last Thursday and expressed his “unshakeable” commitment to Israel’s security, but the White House declined to describe the content of the conversation.(I guess Netanyahu finally told Obama to stick it where the sun don’t shine)

The head of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, on his first official visit to Israel, will try to convince Israel that new sanctions on Iran and the deployment of thousands of U.S. soldiers in Kuwait demonstrate its intention to deter Iran. (How many times have we heard THAT before?) The United States also has sent a second aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf and underscored its vow to prevent Iran from holding the Western world hostage by closing the passage of oil tankers.

The nervousness in Washington is aggravated by its officials not really knowing what are the intentions of Israel. “It’s hard to know what’s bluster and what’s not with the Israelis,” a former U.S. official to the Journal.(You can thank Obama’s pissing on Israel for that)

The Obama administration now is in a position of slapping harsher sanctions on Iran as a response to Israeli threats. The war of words between Israel and Iran escalated last week following the assassination of a top nuclear scientist in Iran, which accused “the Zionist regime” of carrying out the operation with approval of the United States.

George Mitchell, whose efforts to advance the “peace process” between the Palestinian Authority and Israel were a total failure, has joined the American chorus of advising Israel that it would be unwise to attack Iran. (BLAH BLAH BLAH)

Meanwhile, Iran claimed last week that an underground nuclear facility now is producing 20 percent enriched uranium, a key ingredient for a nuclear weapon.


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  1. try not to expect the “pants on fire” obam’s bin ly’n to bring an arrangement for or against God’s chosen. I firmly believe there is something else at play here. My advise is to pray people, pray like never before and keep the powder dry, it’s coming and there’s not a damned thing we can do other than to direct this skinny crack looking punk to go back to the den where he belongs.

    It should be no surprise to those who think, yeah that dirty word again “think” this fraud is doing nothing but hoping for an excuse to go postal on Bibi and by doing so, declaring martial laws on us, yeah good luck with that scumbug. It’s what this punks does, threaten because he is incapable of anything else. Sending a JCOS to the region, is a clear diplomatic signal to the aryians (iran) he is supporting them remember his own words, “when muslims are underfire, I will stnad with them in their efforts”, that’s it. Personally I hope and pray daily for the practioners of the religion of pieces to get bitch slapped right back to the stone age, and then that’s still to good of a proposition for these barbarians. Go Bibi, go like the hellfire on them, give them a little taste of their own medicine and let the chips fall where they may. We the Patriots have your back. We pray for God’s guiding hands in your efforts.
    Semper Fi.

  2. HOW the HELL is the head of the Joint Chiefs supposed to calm down ISRAEL? Israe; is going to do what’s necessary to survive.

    • dragon, I doubt that the general is going there to do any such thing. He is going there to threaten Israel on behalf of the Muslim-in-Chief. Count on it.

  3. SA gave Israel fy-over rights that the US wouldn’t do. what does iraq say.they are supposed to govern themselves now.

  4. Barack Hussien Obama is about to soil his frilly little Islamic panties.


    Another Iranian Nuclear Scientist Bites The Dust.

    Who Done IT?

    • It wasn’t the Israeli’s who got that scientist. It was the Saudi’s. The way it was done is not the way Mossad or Isreal does things.
      Saudi’s are afraid of Iran becoming nuclear capable. They are Rival tribes of Islam…Sunni and Shiite.
      Iran has already told Saudi’s to keep their nose out of their business and if Saudi’s back up the sanctions being imposed on Iran….well, then Saudi’s will also be on the Iranian hit list.

      Israel is more than capable of defending herself. If the USA doesn’t want any part of the remedy then they should just STFU!

      • RW, no way the Saudis could pull that off, not in a million years. SA supports Israel and has given them flyover rights to attack Iran. The IDF has spent a lot of “secret” time in SA in the past few years.

        • The Saudi’s couldn’t pull off killing a scientist in his car by having two riders on a motorcycle attach a bomb to it???

          I assure you….they are smarter than you think.

          The Israeli’s have already said that they didn’t do it.

          Mossad would have taken the scientist quietly…not with a big bang in the middle of traffic.

          My source of intel. has never lied to me and I tend to believe my source when I am given answers to most of my questions. My source has given me info. that has come out in the media and blogs 2 weeks after I received it…..

        • SA is not Israel’s friend. Are you nuts? A flyover does not make a friend…..SA attacking Iran does make a friend, don’t you think.

        • @BNI….

          I take SA to mean Saudi Arabia. Why would IDF spend “secret” time there? The IDF can not conform to Saudi religious laws and those laws don’t bend for anyone.

          Or did you mean South Africa?….IDF has trained South African troops on how to defend South Africa from the muslims.

        • @BNI…..

          I think we have a little communication problem happening.

          What part of those stories support the theory and accusation that Isreal killed the Iranian scientist with a car bomb?

          Israel has said she didn’t.

        • RW, nothing. I was just showing you that Israel has closer ties with the Saudis than most people realize.

          OTOH, Israel NEVER NEVER NEVER admits to covert assassinations. Israel has an army of spies in Iran, many of them Iranian dissidents but some are undercover Israelis who speak fluent Farsi. How do you think Iran’s nuclear systems were comprised by the Stuxnet worm so many times in the past 2 years? The extent of damage caused by this worm could not have happened without a lot of cooperation from people on the inside in Iran. Israel denies developing the Stuxnet worms,too, but most experts say it was likely an Israeli operation. Don’t forget there are many Persian Jews (a few in Iran and a lot in Israel) who speak Farsi fluently. Israel provides the US with a vast amount of intel about the region, used by our military.

          Israel has a far more pressing need to cripple Iran’s nuclear program than the US does. They also denied killing the other Iranian nuclear scientists. And always will. They can do this because no one has ever been able to prove it was Israel behind the assassinations or the most advanced worm in the world.

        • BNI…I understand that they are cooperating with one another because of the threat of Iran. They are speaking to each other…..

          Israel has spies everywhere. I’m sure some of the scientists that have just gone missing are in fact alive and well in Israel. They were the undercover Israeli’s you speak of.

          BTW….everything you posted this time I do agree with. You are correct.

          Where I am having trouble comprehending is your reply to my first post. I said: It wasn’t the Israeli’s who got that scientist. It was the Saudi’s. The way it was done is not the way Mossad or Isreal does things.
          You replied: “RW, no way the Saudis could pull that off, not in a million years”

          Please explain what it is that the Saudi’s couldn’t pull off? Was it the car bombing or getting two guys on a motorbike to plant the bomb?????? What?

        • RW, when there was another hit on some terrorists (somewhere in the UK, I believe) about 2 years ago, everyone was saying it couldn’t be the Mossad because it was too sloppy. They launched a big investigation into who was behind it, but never were able to prove it was Israel, or anyone else for that matter. All I’m saying is that Israel does this kind of thing all the time and always in different ways. I do not think the Saudis have the ability or the intel. Of course, they might be helping out with the funding for these executions.

          Have you ever heard of the Saudis carrying out a hit in a foreign country? The Saudis have all the money, but not the experience in pulling something like this off.

          To your point, there is a chance the Saudis have paid operatives working in Iran, who might have planned and carried out the hit. But just an outside chance.

          Iran hates the Saudis but are not pointing the finger at them.

  5. Israel is going to do what it has to ! Our job here is to protect there back by vote by word by deed. I stand with King David’s Army.

  6. Kenneth Timmerman says that Iran is more dangerous than all the other Islamic states put together. When I heard him speak at Ahavath Torah Congregation back on November 3rd he related information from sources inside Iran that the conflicts between Ahmadhimmijerker and the Ayatollah’s, which the MSM claims are about the effects of sanctions on Iran’s economy, are actually about the 12 Imam/Mahdi — is he out of the well, who has the right to babysit the child Mahdi, has he given the signal for commencing the Islamic apocalypse yet? — admittedly not what we’d expect to hear reported on the evening news, but indicative of the fact that we’re up against a nest of NUTS capable of anything. Somebody had better know what they are doing, and most likely that will be Israel.

    Here’s Timmerman’s blog:


    • Didn’t Ahmadinejad claim the mahdi has arrived and he knows who/where he is? That would explain Iran’s obsession with building nukes to kick start the slaughter of Jews and enemies of allah.

      Obama will need Israel if he goes after Iran.His repeated criticism of Israeli actions is foolish and a terrible mistake.Just as liberal Jews damn themselves supporting Obama and his antisemitism.And if Iran uses a nuke on Israel we can fully blame Obama and liberal Jews.

  7. I beg to differ on that “strategy” map showing Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as “hostile”… They would be more than friendly to an airstrike en route to Iran…

  8. As God told Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (aka. Israel): “I will make of you a great nation….And I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you…”. Soooo, Aminadinajad, you stupid asslifter…you AND all the Anti-semitic ASSLIFTERS in the Mideast AND around the world can get ready for Armageddon, AND having your filthy stinking worthless arses wiped off the Planet Earth!!

    • Revilations and the prophits of Daniel all prodicts this as the end times, Daniel says when revilations gets decoded the end time is here, and you can’t help all the similarities

  9. Would anyone dare tell us to calm down if we felt another 9/11 was coming?! Would we expect a visit from a foreign dignitary with some BS lip service? Go F yourself, would be MY response! If you will not stand with us knowing you will be next, then get out of my way!

  10. I’m behind Israel all the way. They are the best hope this world has. Tell the Muslim-in-Chief to do something that is physically not possible, but appropriate in his case. He hates Israel & BiBi Netanyahu almost as much as a pig hates a butcher knife.

    I have a Republican friend in W. Los Angeles who has told me that many of the liberal Jews she knows (she’s a retired lawyer, so knows a bunch) have no idea what they are going to do re the election. If they vote for O. they are truly brain-dead, as well as unbelieveably stupid.

  11. Well finger pointing BO is going to lose the Jewish vote if he doesn’t do the right thing where Iran is concerned. Darn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • BNI It isn’t the liberal Jews that hate Israel, its liberals in general.
        I know how frustrated you are with the Jewish population, but look at the Christian population and the crap they put out. So libs are the problem not the religion. That has always been the problem.

        • ICE, I know that, but it bothers me more because they are Jews who don’t even know they will be turned on by liberal Christians in the end.

        • Yeah I know but hopefully we can get through to many before it gets like Europe. We have had a birds eye view watching Israel fight these dogs for years. We have forgotten it can happen here.
          That is why i tell people weather they want to hear it or not. I am a pest of the First Class Variety. I keep banging the pan with the steel ladle. I Piss off a lot but, better mad then dead.

        • Sometimes the Jews in the u s piss me off because they voted in BO. He went to Florida in 2008 and convinced the Jews to follow him to the ” chambers.” They bought that shit and will vote him in again, what is
          Wrong with the Jews in america? You play with a snake you will get bit.

  12. I was in Israel when they took out the Oh Chirac (intentional) nuclear site in Irak. Just before that, I was really mad because the US had sold AWACS to Saudi Arabia. No sweat, Israel flew over Saudi Arabia going and coming back and even refueled over SA.
    When its time, just tell the muslim in the White House to “STUFF IT” and get the job done! You did the world a favor in Irak and dito if you do the same in Iran!

    • Dubi, I have posted some stories about the Saudis giving Israel flyover rights to attack Iran. Obama would not give them flyover rights over Iraq.

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