SWEDEN: Malmo residents must deliver the mail because postmen are afraid to go there

The Jihad in Malmö continues apace. The Jews have largely left because of Muslim intimidation, so the ‘youths’ (Eurabian code for young Muslim hoodlums) haved move on to other targets: Now, postal workers refuse to deliver mail there.

THE LOCAL   You do what you have to do, we have to solve it somehow. And we have no idea how it will work before we have tried, that’s how I look at it,” Swedish Postal Service (Posten) district manager Rolf Weiffert to local paper Skånska Dagbladet. 

For months, Seved has been plagued by continuing problems.  Threatened postal workers in the area were forced to carry panic alarms and many residents say they don’t dare go out at night.

From February 1st, two residents in the area will help authorities deliver mail to some 500 households in the area. The Posten and Malmö city will be co-operating on the project, which will begin as a 6 month trial project and focus on getting young (Muslim) people engaged in postal delivery, according to the newspaper. 

They will be employed for 12 months by Jobb Malmö, a community project, and get introductory education by the postal system, followed by an internship and, the plan is, eventual employment as a postal worker.

Firemen refuse to enter Muslim NO-GO areas without a police escort

The municipality sees the venture mostly as a workforce project to steer the unemployed youth into work life, even if the idea itself stems from criminality and the lack of safety that has come to characterize the area. The postal service  stated that the there was a danger of the postal service coming to a halt.

Since the police beefed up camera surveillance of the area in December, the number of incidents has decreased, but the district, which has 4,500 residents, has always had considerable social problems. Half of the population is between 19 and 44 with a majority of MUSLIM foreigners. 

Even police are reluctant to enter Muslim areas because of Muslim attacks

Less than half of the adults have paid employment and the average income is low.  Youth gangs have taken over parts of the town and are engaged in more or less open drug trafficking.





























34 comments on “SWEDEN: Malmo residents must deliver the mail because postmen are afraid to go there

  1. If I were the postal service and the government; I would tell those people that they are NOT going to get anymore mail until they clean up their act.

  2. As a retired US Postal employee who carried mail in an ASSLIFTER area of a city in “America’s Heartland” for more than 13 years; that time being just the time in that area, I had almost 30 years total before my retirement in Sep. 2010; Thank God Almighty;I did the last 2 years at the mail processing plant on the night shift after determining that I had enjoyed as much as I could stand of, not only working with chicken shit management, but being around asslifters on a daily basis. Fortunately the asslifters at the local mosque and school never got as far out of control as the Malmo asslifters. No doubt, if I’d EVER had to deal with the kind of shit the Malmo mail carriers did; I would have been “packing heat” regardless of any USPS “regulations” prohibiting such, MAY PISS BE UPON THEM!!!

  3. The Swedes need to stop complaining and do something about it. Kick their sorry backsides out of Sweden. You don’t destroy property, etc. because so-called harrassment by police. This is just what muslim males do – destroy everything. Well, it is good the firemen cannot go to fires where these muslims live – let them burn then, if they are so stupid.

  4. The situation in Sweden reminds me of that old movie the Time Machine based on the book by HG wells. In the story the blonde, child like, passive Eloi live in a what would appear at first to be a Utopian paradise but just under the surface literally lives a monstrous race of creatures called the Morlocks who enslave and feed on the Eloi. The Eloi over generations and have become so passive and so numb that they go to their own slaughter and enslavement without so much as a struggle. The Time traveler tries to shake them out of their haze but is only met by blank stares and confusion. In the story the Mollocks are defeated by an Eloi uprising led by the time traveler.Hopefully Sweden and Scandinavia will find a strong leader who will lead a similar uprising.

  5. I’m sorry to say this but Muslims are like destructive bugs, they multiply until there are so many you just can’t stop it any more, This has to stop before it is too late to stop it.

  6. If We don’t stop it right now the streets in our country U.S.A. are going to look just like these streets. Can you imagine not being able to drive your car to town so it won’t get blown up. or having to walk to town praying you don’t get caught in a crossfire between criminals with guns and you can’t have a gun because it’s against the law, Can you see our clean peaceful streets littered with burnt up stores and shops, blown up cars and the dead bodies of old men women and children? Can you imagine your 4 year old daughter being stolen from your yard and raped? This WILL start here if this crap isn’t stopped NOW!

  7. Very Swedish, very dhimmi: instead of attacking the problem head-on, you hand them over the control of the postal service and pay for their training… is there a suicidal chromosome dormant in all european whites that is now awakening??? can we really be so STUPID?

  8. Blaming Swedish society for not being able to fit in is pure rubbish, wouldn’t have anything to with islam would it. I think if they’d lose their religion, they might be able to figure it out. But why would they want to give up the religion of convenience that allows lies, rape, stealing, multiple wives and killing of nonmuslims. Nice message you send your children…assholes!!!

  9. Muslims think that, like the middle east, the people of Europe will just roll over and give up their country and their rights to these savages. There WILL be another crusade. For humanity to prevail there’s no other alternative.

  10. If the Swedish man and the Swedish woman who spoke about how unsafe it was,are any example of the mentality of the majority of native Swedes,then they are all in serious trouble!They admit how they can no longer go out at night and yet they act like there is nothing they can do about the situation!

    That means that those that can afford to will move away and here comes an all Muslim enclave!They have given up and that only enpowers the invaders!

    I thought that people left their own countries to have better lives for themselves and their children,but it seems in this case Muslims left their own dysfunctional lands,not to integrate into Sweden,but to segregate,infiltrate and dominate.

    I hope they wake up before they are the minority and the Muslims are the majority!

    • Yona, Don’t know if you remember Robin Shadowes,from Sweden, who used be post here often. She confirmed that
      her country is being destroyed by Muslims and the socialist government is mostly to blame.

  11. If you study the many postings on BNI, you can see a pattern regarding Islam in Europe and the USA. The American are guilty of being critical of Europe, but there is a significant difference between the two areas. In Europe, the muslim problem is large and violent due to it being mainly in large muslim communities. The USA is possibly worse as it seems the muslims have infiltrated all areas of the society from the army to the courts in a way that has not happened in Europe.
    This means the problem appears greater in Europe but the Americans have a far more dangerous situation.
    Just study the BNI posts and this picture becomes very clear.

  12. This has all happened since the disastrous creation of The European Union, which was promoted as a deterrent to further war in Europe! Memories of the nazi holocaust rightly aroused horror and revulsion in the minds of all right thinking people. The thought of now picking on a different (so far) minority religion might still be anathema to many. When sufficient numbers of non-muslim Europeans wake up to the fact that they themselves will become the minority and perish at the hands of islam, the yellow bellied governments will be forced to listen to their electorates. The sooner that happens the better!

  13. Inbred, braindead, killer zombie Mozman jihadists believe it is ‘good’ to hurt and terrorize kafirs.

    They are doing the work of Allah to take over Sweden and impose discriminatory Sharia law.

    The Swedes have not realized the agenda. They are stupid.

    Islam is a ratchet.

  14. Typical Swedish dhimmi “solution”. If and when the take-back of Europe begins, Sweden will probably be the last on board. Meanwhile the remaining native Swedish residents might try acquiring trained pigs as pets — trained to take a bite out of the seats of mail carriers’ pants, that is.

  15. There should not be a single “NO GO” area in any sovereign western nation. The indigenous citizens have the right to go anywhere in said countries and that includes the Police, Firefighters, Mail deliver…etc! If a certain segment of society want to impose their will, the Army should be sent in to clean it up! Thats what Brazil did when the drug lords were setting up “no go” zones in the Barios. The army went in and the vermin went out – many feet first.

    • Dubi, that’s the problem. Europe has been under the protective shield of the USA for so long, they don’t have any significant fighting armies because thanks to us, they don’t have to spend a lot of money on national defense. That is one place we could save billions, stop being the Army for the Western world.

  16. Hey Sweden…was your fukking country better before the islamic trash rolled in….or after?

    I think you know what you have to do if you want your country back.

  17. You know you let the war move into your country and thast what you get your spreading it. Like cancer… anyway you know what I would do to livei n europe? I would love to live in europe and be able to get a job but noooooooooo IM not a refugee just some american thats 2nd class.

  18. I have been to Sweden once. It was the most southern part of sweden didnt see any problems there. Anway that was 13 years ago. I wonder if anyones saying I TOLD YOU SO!!!

  19. I do LOVE THE 2ND AMENDMENT so. I will not live under siege. To bad the people of all the western countries allowed their weapons to be taken from them. After what could go wrong? If I were in these countries I would find a way to arm myself.
    If they don’t its all over for them.

  20. Give them back a bit of what their own is dishing out in other countries. Burn the bastards out or send in the army. All Islam followers are a threat to any western democracy so their presence there should be treated as an act of war on the west.

  21. Absolute insanity.
    The Swedes must turn the tables on them, for they are being held hostage by invaders. How crazy is that?

  22. deport their asses back to their muslim countries and let them decide over their own there. in the civilized world, they don’t have any respect.

  23. This is a proven path ‘classic example’ of what happens to a country that allows Islam to invade and take over regions. No-Go areas of violence against non-Muslims are created. And Governments are directly responsible for allowing Islamic Invasion to happen. In fact, it is an act of high treason to allow a country to be invaded by those persons that teach and practice violent sedition against freedom of speech and freedom of choice. Islam does not mean peace. Islam does mean war.

  24. This is so funny! I’m laughing my head off.

    They knew years ago about the problems of muslim immigrating in sweedish muslim-created ghettos and they just kept on going, like the Duracell bunny.

    I predict the muslim postal workers will eventually get beaten for delivering bad news.

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