Looks like Brussels could become the new capital of the Islamic Republic of Eurabia

Muslims will comprise the majority of the population of Brussels by 2030. And the continent of Europe will be completely Islamic by the end of the century, if current demographic trends continue.

Stonegate Institute   This is the view of sociologist and author Felice Dassetto, in The Iris and the CrescentAccording to Dassetto, Muslims will be the majority population in Brussels by 2030 and similar trends are occurring throughout Europe. In fact, one third of all European children will be born to Muslim families by 2025.

Islam is on its way to become the most practiced religion in Europe. In a new book published by the University of Leuven, “The Iris and the Crescent,” sociologist Felice Dassetto says that Muslims will comprise the majority of the population of Brussels by 2030. The title of the book refers to the yellow flower symbol of Brussels’ region and to the Islamic emblem: While the first is decaying, the second is growing.

In Belgium as a whole, Muslims comprise roughly 6% of the total population, one of the highest rates in Europe. This number is expected to rise to more than 10% by 2020. According to Dassetto, Islam is becoming increasingly visible in Brussels: there are more and more mosques and minarets, more veiled women and more Muslim organizations.

The book also warns that ultraconservative elements within Islam are increasingly gaining ground in Brussels. Of the many strands of Islam represented in Brussels, Salafism is apparently far and away the most popular. Salafism, the highly conservative pan-Islamic movement, seeks, among other objectives, to unite the Muslim world under the leadership of a single Caliph, or ruler, who would govern based on Islamic Sharia law. The book also reveals that most Muslims in Brussels have an “us” versus “them” mindset, which hinders their integration into Belgian society.

Antwerp is also home to Belgium’s first Islamic Sharia law court, which began operating in September. The Sharia court is the initiative of a radical Muslim group, Sharia4Belgium. Leaders of the group openly say the purpose of the court is to create a parallel Islamic legal system in Belgium to challenge the state’s authority as enforcer of the civil law protections guaranteed by the Belgian constitution.

The self-appointed Muslim judges running the court are applying Islamic law, rather than the secular Belgian Family Law system, to resolve disputes involving questions of marriage and divorce, child custody and child support, as well as all inheritance-related matters.

Unlike Belgian civil law, Islamic Sharia law does not guarantee equal rights for men and women; critics of the Sharia court say it will undermine the rights of Muslim women, specifically in the areas of inheritance, marriage, divorce, polygamy, child custody, freedom of movement and most of all physical violence and a woman’s virtually total inability to extricate herself from it.

Sharia4Belgium says the court in Antwerp will eventually expand its remit and handle criminal cases as well. The Sharia4Belgium group consists of Islamists who are openly committed to bringing everyone living in Belgium — including all non-Muslims — under the submission of Islamic Sharia law.

RECENT STORIES OUT OF BELGIUM (H/T islamineurope.blogspot.com)

Antwerp: Police detain Islamists over harassment

Belgian police on Wednesday detained 15 members of a radical Islamic group after they harassed passers-by in the city of Antwerp and shouted anti-Western slogans, police said. The Sharia4Belgium militants distributed leaflets glorifying Islam and criticizing the Western way of life in a central street of the northern port city.

Belgium: Sharia4Belgium calls on Muslims to turn Belgium into Sharia state

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Belgium: Self-immolation in apparent attempt to escape forced marriage

 A 16 year old Muslim North African girl set herself on fire in the La Louvière hospital Thursday. The girl had felt unwell at the end of the school day and had come to the hospital with her parents. Shortly before the hospital released her she slipped away. She went up to the eighth floor, where she first tried to jump out of a window. Then she put on disinfectant gel and set a match to herself.

 Belgium: Four family members convicted of ‘honor’ murder

 Court of Assize of Henegouwen convicted the four members of the Pakistani Sheikh family of the murder of Sadia Sheikh (22). Tariq Sheikh, Sadia’s father, and her brother Mudusar were convicted by the jury,with aggravating circumstances since it was an honor murder and an attempted forced marriage. Parveen, Sadia’s mother, and her sister Sariya, were also convicted of murder, with aggravating circumstances of honor murder, but were acquitted of the charges of attempted forced marriage.

Amsterdam: Sharia4Belgium disrupts Islam debate

Belgian Muslims disrupted a debate  about Islam which featured writer and Muslim activist Irshad Manji and Green Left Party MP Tofik Dibi. The Islamists threatened and spat on Ms Manji. Tofik Dibi, who accompanied Ms Manji to the police station where she filed a report, said that “the disruption of the debate shows that even in the Netherlands it is necessary to continue the debate on a free and moderate Islam.”

Brussels: Muslim youth ‘re-Islamizing’

Young Muslims in Brussels don’t go to the Turkish or Moroccan mosque like their grandparents. Rather, they choose their preacher for themselves. The Muslim youth of Brussels therefore re-Islamize to strict neo-Salafists, intellectual Muslim brothers or Muslim feminists. The neo-Salafists, inspired by Saudi preachers, attract the most attention: men with beards, women with a long black or gray veil. Neo-Salafists read the Koran literally and go to the grand mosque in Jubille park.

Belgium: Teacher suspended for discriminating against students WITHOUT headscarves

Mohammed G. (58) has been teaching in the Royal Athenum Verdi in Verviers since 2004. In 2010 an inspector reported ‘bizarre behavior’ by the teacher, and informed the school that the teacher preached radical points of view in his lessons. One student said that Mohammed had told her that her mother would burn in hell because her mother was Catholic. Another that the teacher reproached her, a Muslim girl, for walking hand-in-hand with a boy. The teacher called girls without a headscarf ‘sinners’. According to the inspectors he also discriminated against students without a headscarf: they automatically got lower grades. Mohammed G. also had his students learn Koran verses by heart, though that wasn’t part of the curriculum.

Flanders: Vlaams Belang launches Turk remigration campaign

The Vlaams Belang party of Belgium, a right-wing political party that aims for an independent Flanders, has started a campaign of remigration in order to convince those immigrants who do not adapt to Flemish society to return home. Johan Deckmyn, who is one of the group members and a member of parliament in Flanders, said, “If Turks don’t want to re-migrate, they should integrate into our society,” he stated. Deckmyn has complained that there are too many immigrants in Flanders and that the immigrants do not integrate into Flemish society.

Belgium: Prisoners riot after ban on corridor prayers

Around 150 prisoners rioted in Andenne prison. The prisoners refused to go back to their cells and set fire to the corridors and classrooms and ransacked them. Special units of the federal police were called in, and calm was restored. There were no injuries, but significant damage was caused. The reasons for the riots are unclear, but Laurent Sempot, prison spokesperson, says they think it’s due to an internal memo banning Muslim prayer in the corridors. Prison management only allows Muslim prayer in the cells.

Belgium: ‘How to Survive in an Islamic society’

Filip Dewinter and the ‘Cities against Islamization’ organization published a ‘guide to dhimmis’ titled ‘How to Survive in an Islamic society’. The guide includes the following lessons, based on conditions in Muslim countries: Apostasy in Islam is punishable by death, Don’t insult the prophet: show respect for Islam, be discreet with your non-Islamic faith, women: veil yourselves, respect the Ramadan, be reserved in contacts with the other sex, a non-Muslim man should avoid a relationship with a Muslim woman, gays should hide their leanings, try to avoid conflicts and lawsuits, be discreet with your western lifestyle.

Flanders: “Black flight” from primary schools

“The children of middle class Muslim migrants are fleeing mixed schools in massive numbers,” reports De Morgen. According to the Brussels daily, the exodus has been prompted by “Moroccans who do not want their children in the same class as East Europeans.”