Saudi child rapist appeals for a reduced sentence… instead, gets a much harsher one

Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day. 

 Emirates 24/7   A Saudi man who separately raped two little girls was sentenced to six years in prison and 2,500 lashes with the whip in one rape case. A court had earlier sentenced the defendant to four years in jail and 1,500 lashes, prompting him to appeal for a reduced sentence.

“Instead of reducing the verdict, the grand court found that the first sentence was not stringent enough considering his crime and decided to sentence him to six years in prison and 2,500 lashes,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Sharq said in a report from the eastern province of Qatif.

It said the new sentence was for the first rape case adding that the 33- year-old defendant had already been convicted in the second rape case and a sentence is expected by the grand court later.

According to Sharq, the unnamed man was arrested for raping a 12-year-old girl and was then released on bail for trial. “Just after he was released, he raped another girl aged around 14 years in the same town where his first victim lives,” it said.