SAUDI ARABIA: 35 Ethiopian Christians still in jail for praying in a private home

Ethiopian Christians who were arrested in Saudi Arabia last month for holding a prayer meeting are now being charged by Saudi officials with mixing with the opposite sex. In Saudi Arabia, it is illegal for men and women (non-family) to be in the same room together.

The six men and 29 women were holding a weekly prayer meeting on December 15 when the Saudi police arrested them. Christian leaders say that the accusation of “mixing with the opposite sex” is only an excuse, and believe that the Christians were arrested for practicing their faith. The Christians have not yet been brought before any court.


12 comments on “SAUDI ARABIA: 35 Ethiopian Christians still in jail for praying in a private home

  1. The Saudis show that all news about Islam is bad news.

    They are covering up the real crime of Mohammed: RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE…

    …”No two religions shall exist in the Arabian peninsula.”

    • Mohammed’s words cannot be changed. Moslems need to be deprogrammed by revealing to them the absurdity of this DEATH CULT of misogyny and hatred of ‘others’.

      Only when Moslems see how humiliating it is to believe in this hideous, offensive cult will they resolve to have the courage to leave.

  2. Common sense dictates that Christians stay away from nations dominated by Isdamn. Going to KSA was their first mistake.

    Ethiopia is a poor and powerless country unable to do anything for its expatriots. nobody else will get involved because of the oil threat and money.

    They will be tortured and the survivors eventually thrown out. There is nothing we can do about it except to pray for the victims and the earliest possible death and damnation of their tormentors.

  3. Okaaaaay, I am going to get blasted for this but I’m going to say it anyway.
    There are two kinds of Christians.
    There are the Church going ones who “talk a lot about “being Christians” but don’t act on it. The ones in the U.S. are too busy and don’t want to be bothers. Oooo, yes, they’ll talk about it — but that’s it.
    Until it slaps them on the head, don’t expect too much of them.
    I know…believe me, I know. I was raised by a father who was a minister as was his father…Lotsa talk — no action.

    Then the others are called “Christ-CENTERED” Christians and they are few and far between. They LIVE their beliefs not just talk about it.

  4. When I hear of situations like this,which are far too common in the Muslim world,I wonder why there doesn’t seem to be any outcry from the Christian world.

    There are thousands of Christian Ethiopians living in the U.S.,and tens of thousands live in the West.So why aren’t they taking to the streets to demonstrate on behalf of their brothers and sisters?

    Are they afraid to upset the apple cart of the money that is sent home to Ethiopia from the thousands of remaining Ethiopian workers in Saudi Arabia?

    If they don’t feel as if they can do anything,there are still a billion Christians worldwide.What is the matter with people that they complain and then do nothing?I must admit I’m getting sick and tired hearing about all the abuse and out and out murder Saudi’s and other Arabs and
    Muslims are perpetrating against Christians,Buddhists,Hindu’s and Jews,and yet no one is demonstrating,no one is out in front of the Saudi Embassy telling of their crimes,and everyone just shakes their head,curses the Muslims and moves on to the next thing.

    Only direct action and embarrassment will force a change.It can be done,and it’s about time Christians took to the streets!

  5. Yep, we aren’t hearing from our ASSLIFTER-IN-CHIEF on this; and I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for him to speak out against the asslifters of Saudi Arabia who are persecuting Christians!! He and his asslifter and dhimmi associates aren’t going to do a damn thing to help these Christians, but he’ll damn sure host a “prayer meeting” at the White House for the kind of ASSLIFTERS who support the detention of Chistians for NO OTHER REASON than their being Christian!!…You can bet your bottom dollar that this Asslifter-in-Chief will have his nose up the butt of the Anti-Christ when that “Son of Perdition” comes on he scene, which appears to be NOT LONG now!!

  6. King Abdulah is a dirt bag as is the Royal Family.
    Remember Wahhabism has been the front line of infiltration into the USA, under the guise of Friendship in the 70’s. That birthed many of the 911 terrorists, and Bin Laden. So it’s not surprising that this persecution is happening in the heart of Saudi Arabia. Women of Saudi Arabia lookout, no drivers license for you. Sharia will take full hold and ban much of what you have already gained.

    The mohommedists are going to bring the Saudi’a down.

  7. Dirty bastard Saudis. I bet they enjoyed sexually assaulting the Christian women. Sickos.
    How can anyone call themselves a Muslim if they have one iota of decency and care about themselves??
    Sick ideology that produces sick societies and sick people!

  8. And….The followers of Satan knew this how?
    I know he is not the subject, but everything links together for me in my mind. While the President invites 80,000 Muslim Refugees to come here — and he is doing nothing to SAVE the Christians!

    I am not a Bible Scholar but I remember something about Persecuting Christians during the time of the Anti-Christ.

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