‘RAPE JIHAD’ – Forced conversions of Hindu girls/women to Islam

Sometimes referred to as ‘Love Jihad,’ this malicious campaign is in full swing by the Islamic seminaries, where students are used to abduct young Hindu women and rape them in captivity. And when it is identified that the girl has been abducted, they announce that thevictim is married and has embraced Islam.”

ZEE NEWS  The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has condemned the alleged forced conversion of  young Pakistani Hindu women to Islam. “A woman’s embracement of Islam through abduction and rape are recognized by the courts and courts are happy to see her converting to Islam. Hindus account for a little over one percent of the population of Pakistan. However, the community claims that even this number is dwindling because girls are being kidnapped, converted to Islam and forcibly married to Muslim men.

A Hindu wife and mother of two children was allegedly kidnapped April 27 from her house in Moro in Sindh province.  Her husband was not at home and the two children, a boy of four years and a girl of 22 months were beaten up and locked inside the house. The police later said the woman must have run away on her own as her character “would be like that”, said a statement from the AHRC. 

The statement said the abductor’s lawyer produced a Muslim marriage certificate in a court, and the latter announced that she had embraced Islam by marrying a Muslim man.