SWEDEN: 20 Muslim invaders gang rape 11-year-old Swedish girl in public bathhouse

MUSLIM immigration has turned Sweden into the rape capital of the world. Yet only 3% of Muslim rapists are ever convicted. Even worse, politicians continue to insist that more of these uneducated, uncivilized refugees are needed.

MUSLIM GANG RAPE They were mainly Arab and African so called “child refugees”. However they are in most cases adults lying about there age to obtain better benefits. In some cases they are in the high 20’s and 30’s while claiming they are teens. Almost 100 % of them show false id’s or no id’s at all, therefore they are never truly identified. 

Police didn’t seem very concerned, and said, “The (bathhouse) is a place where temptations are great.” Swedish taxpayers spend $150,000 per year per refugee to support these good-for-nothing Muslim invaders from the Middle East and Africa.

The government claims “we need more refugees” and similar mantra. The politicians have for many years forced mass immigration of biblical proportions. The voters have never given permission for the destructive immigration policy bringing in 100,000 mostly illiterates mostly from the Muslim world. 

Even worse, Swedish public TV has started a new indoctrination series to teach the Swedes how to become good Muslims. Its called, “Islam for beginners”. 


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  1. I am shocked that authorities are doing very little to stop this madness. These savages should be deported immediately! Why is Sweden accepting these animals? Immigration needs to stop. These Muslim men have third World mentalities and a total disregard for human life. Sweden must clean the country and send the trash back to where they came from. China solves their “Muslim problems” immediately. They warn only once then take action—a final one at that. Sweden, please protect your beautiful women and little girls.

  2. I am really finding it hard to read any more of this crap, action is needing not internet forums.

    I am pissed off.

    These are not humans, they need exterminating in the most painful way possible.

    Raping children, how low can they sink.

  3. I am shocked with these facts I just read. Years ago I thought European countries are good and very peaceful. But guess what? Nothing like that remains. Stupid politicians are every where in Europe zone. I dont want to be sound like a hater, but I must admit Muslim men are OKAY doing this sort of things. I live in a country with Islam as main religion. But in here, every religion has its own rights, so not that bad. When I was a child eveyone in my family told me to be very careful with ‘muslim race’, because they can rape and do very fucking bad things to others. They are like animals, or even worse. They rape, stealing, beating people, killing while saying “Allah Hu-Akbar”. So fucking proud and without shame! When I was about teenage, I asked my parents why they are so proud with their evil deeds and calling their god aloud when doing it? Arent they feel ashamed with their actions? And my parents said no, they proud of it and will continue to do so.
    Oh, when fasting month is coming, some islamic organitations are forcing restaurants here to close, or else they will destroy the restaurants. The fuck eh? Though the regulation and policy in here states that people have freedom to practice their own religions.
    They are very hypocrite as they ask people to be saint, always do good and be beneficial to others, the Ustads and Syeikhs are doing fucking evil. Like the ustads will marry more than one woman because they said they got the message or somehow like lights from the mohamed prophet. The syeikhs are worse, many of them are forcing parents to give their underage (14, 12, 13 or so years old) to marry him whom age are usually 45, 50, or so more. They force and say will give them so much money to help them. Deceive them as they going to get the small girls.
    They practice their religion without analysing the humanity part, they just do without thinking. If you ask them that do they understand or not, they dont actually. They just read the holy-fucking Quran without understanding it. That’s why they are so stupid and have no brain, no big contribution they will give if they always be such a foolish in their own folly.
    And actually many other bad things they have done in here, but the last I want to tell you guys, they are very racist. Maybe there are some very good muslim/muslimah (I have many muslim friends, just the good ones), but deep down actually they are racist in some ways. Well, maybe this cant be an indicator of how bad they are, for everybody is actually racist inside his/her heart. Eventhough like that, their racist could leads to many similiar cases like this one. So be very careful.
    I am sorry to Muslims who read this post, but these what I have seen and felt for my entire life while living in my country. My country is poor, yet is very better compared to middle-east and other islamic countries in aspect of freedom. In this country muslims, with freedom regulation for other religions, brave enough to comit crimes and many bad things. What more in no-freedom-for-other-religion countries then?

    And for the closing statement, I detest “Islam is a peaceful religion” statement. If you ask me “how far I know about islam” or “you know nothing about Islam!”, well, careful with your tounge thick-eyebrow dudes, I have read, learn and discuss about Islam with my friends, both non- and muslim itself. Even I have read some parts of Quran and compared it to other books. So, please consider about your faith, maybe you put your faith onto something false and wicked? Analyse it very careful, because peaceful religions are supposed to help human development, protect humanity and bring peace. Is your religion do that? Dont deceive yourself with bullshit talks, but with facts to see everything crystal clear. Goodluck, may your ways will be enlighten with the truth from the data 🙂

  4. They must be thre pride and joy of their local
    community to packrape a female and get away with it.
    then again to them a “kafir” is not even worth
    The life of an animal. so why are they in any country
    when there is clearly no mutual respect of other peoples statutory
    right??Time to tell politicians to get their heads out of their own

  5. sweden needs to separate from E.U, have you ever wondered WHY IMMIGRATION AND CRIME IT’S TOLARATED?, the US goverment and EU are financing globalization multiculturalism and immigration but who are behind U.S and E.U, they are the richest families and bankers on the planet, rockefeller, the morgan, ford etc, they are building a new world order, they need caos, crime anarchy on the streets, they need drug dealers, intolerant and violent people for this like muslims, sorry 4 my english its not my language, read the books of g.edward griffin, ron paul, read philip dru administrator, pressure from above pressure from below

  6. Where were all the strong, independent women? You know the hear me roap I am women types? Huh? in a socity where men are emastucalted. Tehy won’t or can’t protect there women. and ‘men’ from outside that group just come in and take what women they want, whenever they want. funny how feminist sweden DOES ABOUSULY NOTHING when it come to this. They are the real rape apologist’s. Why aren’t there strong, independant mother’s not taking up arms and fighting them? strong and indepeant my hairy ass! not without the cops backing you up. But what if the govermant can’t or won’t protect you? In the cave man times woman sought out the strongest men for a reason. Now women go to big daddy govermant who has many children and your don’t matter.

    • In my 45+ years I’ve learned that the “I am woman, hear me roar” types are nothing but man-hating leftist windbags. They are also racist, especially the planned-parenthood/Naral (North American abortion rights action league), but that’s another story. Quite frankly, they barely qualify as female. They certainly do not demonstrate or encapsulate behaviors or characteristics that are truly feminine.

      They were never “roarers” just whingers and whiners who throw hissy fits when men don’t give in to their outrageous demands for respect. They are also the first to throw their fellow women under the bus to save their own worthless hides. They are nothing more than leftist loons with over zealous ovaries. They are generally more incompetent and absolutely more useless than those they rip to shreds: homemakers.

      Salvation of the West from the mohammadan hordes will definitely NOT come from the repulsive ranks of the feminazis. Or any repugnant group from the left. The West will be fought for and won by those whom the left hates: middle class, “uneducated,” “Republican right wing bigots from fly-over country,” and anyone who loves, embraces and exemplifies Western attitudes, beliefs and values.

      Signed, A real woman.

  7. All of you Swedes are racist. You are as racist as they come. You are racists from here on out, all of you, and there is nothing you can ever do to be not racist. You will be considered racist until the sun expands and burns off the earth’s atmosphere and whatever is left here on earth is fried. There is nothing, NOTHING, I say, that can ever free you, every single one of you, from being permanently labeled just as racist as you can be. There, now that we have that out of the way, please get off your formerly Viking behinds and DO SOMETHING about this problem. You are racist already remember, so IT DOESN’T MATTER that the world, or your neighbor, or you boss, or your significant other, might THINK you are racist because you are appalled by the behavior of inhuman animals who deserve to be put to death for their crimes. To continue to put up with this insanity, is to spit in the face of every LEGITIMATE victim of racism there ever was. The racist label is what you are truly afraid of, and that’s settled, so please commence to protect your innocent citizens, before you become prisoners in your own country.

      • Bonni, reread her post. She’s playing devil’s advocate and trying to fire the Swedes up to fight back. I was already mentally forming a scathing reply to her until I got to about the eighth sentence. Further down she makes it clear that the mohammadans are the real racists and their victims are the ones who are victims of racism.

      • Sorry, BNI, I was talking about Daisyflebane’s post. I thought that was the one you were responding to. She starts off by calling Swedes the most racist of racists and you asked her which race islam was.

        • IC, It was the one where Rissa talked about 9/11 and I might have been mistaken about her intent. It was the story about the Ohio Fair where Muslim objected to Act! for America’s booth because it showed 9/11 photos.

    • People better wake up and stop buying into propaganda and being afraid to be called racist. That very fear of being called racist is what our country is being manipulated and controlled with right now. We really need to stop being weak and playing into the hands of killers.

  8. The amount of stupidity in these comments amaze me.
    You convict members of Islam saying how much better their country would be without them, well sir, white people can be just as disgusting. How many white men rape little children? It’s not just your culture or your race that determines what you do, it’s the person themself.
    Not all Islamic people are evil. Hey, how many Priests have assaulted children?
    Maybe it’s because I’m Australian or something.
    You’re probably all American. Still pissed off about 9/11.

    • So what if white, brown, black men rape children too, “sam.” That has no bearing on the topic at hand: mohammadans raping an infidel. You attempted to use a logical fallacy which is only evidence of your own intellectual short comings.

      But let’s play your fallacy game. Do “white men” have a book they believe was given to them by an omniscient being that orders them to rape children? Does this book have promises of rewards in their make believe afterlife for the rape of children? No?

      How about brown or black or Asian men who rape children. Do they have such a book? No?

      And priests who are kiddy-f*ckers. Does their bible command them to f*ck children and promise them rewards in their make believe after life for the rapes of children? No.

      Do these mohammadan savages have a such a book that commands and promises all of the above for raping non-mohammadan women? Yes. Many times over. Several ayats are devoted to the rape of non-mohammadan women. This vile tome is the core of their “culture.” It has tainted the essence of who and what they are.

      So not only did you use a fallacy your fallacy is egregiously flawed “sam.”

      And sorry, “sam,” but anyone who believes that the turd who gave that awful tome to the world, and raped his fair share of children and non-mohammadan women, was a “mercy upon mankind” is indeed evil.

  9. Fuck all the Muslims. They are all hypocritical bastards. Why should any non-Muslim coutry allow them to stay?

  10. Um, where are the parents or adults? I am sure the parents didn’t just leave a bunch of children at a public bath pool unattended. Where are employees or staff members? I am sure if the children were screaming and crying someone would of heard and did something. To rape a child, that is despicable. I don’t understand how a person can look at a child and have sexual feelings? It makes my skin crawl just reading stories like this. I hope that little girl is ok.

  11. hummm well what a read so many thoughts lets see if i can help just a bit
    follow the law of the country you are in and if its broken then to prison you go.

    and for the extremists out thier … if ya want a war then i suggest you kill a pope or two and of course rape the nuns on the way through , then pop over to the holocaust gravesites and write what ya think of them… no i guess gangraping an 11 year old is as tough as you are.
    This is where religion falls, if ya a true believer you would do what i wrote if your not then you are just a rapist thug.

    i am a roman catholic but even if god asked me to rape a child i would not.

    now take it easy pray in your own way just stop hurting people, that goes out to all religious and nonreligious .

  12. Note the dual morality of Islam. Non-Muslim “sluts” are raped and/or pimped, Muslim “sluts” are beaten and/or killed. They would never allow a non-Muslim male to rape or pimp even the “sluttiest” of Muslim females. They do distinguish between breeding slaves and fun slaves. “The Handmaid’s Tale” in real life.

  13. There are so many people saying “Wake up! Wake up!” without detailing a clear plan of attack, without enumerating a clear strategy.

    Simply “waking up” is not going to be a workable plan.

    What the people in Europe need to understand is that it is not a question of people “waking up”.

    It is a question of the people fighting back. As in, fighting through the governmental and legal channels what is being imposed upon them through dictatorial means.

    What this eventually means is changing the laws back. Because that is the only way that a civilized nation and/or democracy changes its laws.

    If the only way to fight back is to light a Molotov cocktail and throw in into the nearest mosque, you have probably already lost. That’s not to say that you wouldn’t perhaps intimidate or frighten some nearby Muslims, but it wouldn’t solve the overarching problem that is plaguing Sweden and Europe; the laws, subsidies, and taxpayer monies that are allowing this to happen.

    The only way that you fight is through groups.

    You must form groups.

    These groups must by focused on a single issue. They must be completely singleminded.

    Now you have a structure to fight with. You can recruit members, you can release press releases to the media, and most importantly – you can produce propaganda and the laws to change the situation.

    The only way you will win this type of war is through propaganda.

    The propaganda must be disseminated by your group(see above).

    The propaganda must be very focused.

    It must describe the problem, cite statistics, and then describe what you WILL do to solve the problem.

    Not what you hope to do, not what you wish to do, what you will do.

    All leaders, from Hitler to Lenin to the Democrats to everyone else, operates according to this principle.

    Then you need to simply repeat your propaganda again and again.

    You need to disseminate your propaganda everywhere.

    You need to get people believing it. Since it is the truth(Muslims are destroying your country), it will not be hard.

    This aspect of your operation never ceases. It NEVER stops. Your group recruits members, creates propaganda, and most importantly – propagandizes.

    Then you need to get the members of your group into the government.

    You need to use your group to push the propaganda, describe the solution, then get yourself elected.

    Now you are inside the government. Now you have another front to fight them on. You can start fighting them, not only with your group in the media, but with your party in the government.

    You stop all immigration immediately.

    You stop all subsidies.

    You establish a national language that EVERYONE must learn.

    You drastically step up deportation of known illegals.

    You command the police to drastically enforce the convictions of rapes and other crimes. If anyone refuses, convict them of corruption. Be singleminded.

    You must destroy your enemy, verbally, propagandistically, morally, psychologically, financially, politically, and legally.

    But always remember the endgoal of why you fight.

    You fight to preserve your country and your country’s heritage.

    You fight to preserve your country’s language and history.

    You fight to repel any invaders or outsiders who would destroy your culture.


    It is important to note that with the strategy described above, you will face significant opposition. You will be attacked.


    You are in a war. Not a traditional war, but a war nonetheless.

    They know it, but it has taken a while for you to figure out how to fight it.

    You have to simply ignore their attacks.

    Overcome their propaganda with your propaganda. Do not respond to them, make them respond to your attacks. Put them on the defensive.

    To summarize, form advocacy and political groups.

    Make them single-issue groups.

    Produce and disseminate propaganda. Compile statistics.

    Facts are your best friend in creating propaganda.

    Most importantly, ignore the attacks from the enemy and commence with your own attacks.

    Apply pressure on the government and politicians through the media.

    Attempt to get members of your political and advocacy groups inside the government. Once inside, fight them through laws.

    Rinse and repeat.


    I can’t guarantee you that this will work. It is very late in the game in many countries.

    I am merely a single individual who is sick of seeing us cluster on these sites and message boards like refugees, all aware of the problem, all sharing the same disgusting information, “if only the people would wake up”.

    The problem is that you people have not yet realized how to win.

    I have shown you the only way you can win. It does not guarantee victory, but it is the only chance you have. Anything else you do is doomed to failure.

    If you actually want to change your laws, if you actually want your police to protect you, if you want to protect your daughters from being raped, your sons from being murdered, your heritage from being destroyed, rise up and unite behind a common banner.

    Rise up, unashamed and full of vigor, to say, “Here we will make our stand, come what may. You may attack us through your politicians, you may attack us through your professors, you may attack us through your journalists, but we will not waver. Justice and truth is on our side. We fight a noble battle, in protection of the weak, and we will either succeed or die in this fight”.

      • i think most of you didn’t read a Quran , isn’t you ?
        you are talking about something strange not islam , islam is peace for all ,it’s a religion of peace, mercy, and forgiveness
        islam like all heaven religion Christianity and Judaism will not support or encourage such immoral thing
        – look at world war 2 ,a 2,000,000 was rapped in Germany by red army , look at us army , look at french army … why you didn’t Accuse their religion ?
        becasue the crime has no religion.
        but what make me sad that many people in west didn’t know the truth of islam , they didn’t even read Quran
        it’s just a one book read it and decide yourself , don’t make others form your opinion blindly
        i’m here if anybody want to know but please after reading our great creator {Quran}

        • TOTAL LIES!!!!

          Islam not only is OK with rape of “infidels” (who you Moslems are COMMANDED TO HATE), it encourages it!!!!

          http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Muhammad/myths-mu-rape.htm shows both the Qu’rânic verses (4:24; 33:50) AND the Hadiths that order as much: Abu Dawud 2150; Sahin Muslim 4345; Sahih Muslim 3371.

          SO THERE!!!!

          DEATH TO ISLAM, the SUPREME ideology and SYSTEM of LIES, HATE, TORTURE, DESTRUCTION and KILLING (and sadistically so!!!)!!!! Islam is the ANTITHESIS of absolutely everything good!!!!!

        • i said it’s a religion of peace you said the opposite thing
          one of us is right and the other is completely wrong
          I read the Quran thousands of times in its original language (Arabic) , I asked you to read a translation of Quran once in your life to check it yourself , but you refused !
          Reading a one book will not harm you , if I’m telling the truth you will win
          If I’m a liar , you will become expert in Islamic debates

          The quranic versus that you mentioned is talking about “Melk El Yameen” this a special contract between man and women for old societies that have a slavery, nothing there about rape !

        • @mdaoor
          just let these people proud of what they believe and what they want to believe… people who try to look smart actually are same retarded as to the object of what they’re arguing about…if another 11 years old muslim got raped by 20 young sweden or any other human race as you called as white people,or any other race,or any other religion,would you put it on a big headline news and make a fuzz out of it?…
          to all of the ppl who make such a great and interesting debates am just want to say…”take a good look at yourselves in the mirror point your finger,try to notice that when you point one of your finger at others,four of your other fingers pointed back right atcha…”
          PS : yes am a muslim,am not as smart as you guys here,am not against any race or any religion…i don’t hate you guys,i just pitty you and laughing my ass off while reading all of your brilliant comments…hv a nice day folks!…

      • I don’t live in Sweden or Europe. And this type of action needs to be taken at the local level. It is just incredibly frustrating to me to see the patriots of all these great nations who understand what the problem is, and yet they get stuck in the execution phase.

        Your nations are being taken over by a virus, that was allowed to enter and was cultivated by traitors inside the government structure.

        None of this would have been possible without careful, intentional changes to government policy from the inside by traitors in government.

        It began with the doctrine of “multiculturalism”. I would not be surprised if that doctrine was worked on for many years before its propaganda was disseminated through media, government, and educational channels.

        First they spread the propaganda for the Doctrine of Multiculturalism. Then the people began to believe it. Those that didn’t stayed silent, accomplishing the same thing.

        Then – the most important part – they changed the laws from the inside. They opened the gates for the unchecked invasion of the target nations by the enemy nations.

        The changed laws not only transported foreign invaders into the target nation, but then strengthened and cultivated this foreign invasion by providing subsidies, housing, monies, and additional propaganda aimed at deterring assimilation. The more primitive, the better.

        The Doctrine of Multiculturalism is inherently a deception. It was designed to appeal to the desire of Europeans to appear enlightened. Those that believe the Doctrine are rewarded with a psychological drug of pride because they truly believe that they are incredibly enlightened; so enlightened that they and their nation can integrate multiple cultures.

        But the bait and switch occurs here. They deceived the people into thinking they were accepting a different culture; in reality, they were accepting a different morality. Where the Europeans prized peace, the foreigners prized violence. Where the Europeans prized humanity, the foreigners prized inhumanity and barbarism.

        Where the Europeans prized tolerance of differences, the foreigners prized intolerance and hatred of differences. Where the Europeans prized kindness and love, the foreigners prized brutality.

        This isn’t a case of a European liking bonbons and his neighbor liking couscous. This isn’t a case of a native European liking his traditional music and dancing, with his neighbor liking his music. This is what the Deception was about.

        You thought you would simply have two different cultures existing side by side. Instead, they imposed two different systems of morality next to each other; violence next to peace, hatred next to love, barbarism next to civilization. The two systems can NEVER exist simultaneously; one or the other must die.

        They knew this.

        This was the deception.

        And it all began with the Doctrine of Multiculturalism. Everything else flowed from it; the propaganda, the laws, the invasion, the war, the genocide and rape.

        The machinery of government was infected with a disease and switched to Invasion status. It is still switched on. Unless the native population can infiltrate and turn it off, they will be destroyed. And not only must they turn it off, they must reverse the process.

        The only way to do that is to produce a New Doctrine. And then operate according to that New Doctrine.

        Everything will flow from that New Doctrine; the propaganda that will allow you to pressure the government, the advocacy groups that will attack the traitors inside the government, the laws that will be changed according to the New Doctrine, everything, etc…

        As an example, a Swede in his city can start the Swedish Secure Communities Coalition(SSCC). The more respectable the name, the better. The Stockholm Citizens For Safety(SCS), the Secure Communities of Sweden(SCC), etc…

        The more, the better. Create an image of overwhelming numbers.

        The SSCC would have a board, a secretary, monthly meetings, funding, agenda items, but most importantly would compile statistics and produce propaganda.

        It would have spokespeople who would disseminate that propaganda through the media, at rallies, in flyers, etc…

        Crime statistics could be gathered illustrating how “unsafe” the communities have become. Murder, rape, assault stats would be cited. Certain figures would be pinpointed as responsible, politicians, police chiefs, etc… Propaganda attacks would commence against those figures.

        Propaganda is always an attack.

        Eventually, the propaganda would begin to be absorbed by the collective psyche of the disseminated area. Politicians would be asked if they were “pro-secure communities” or “anti-secure communities”.

        And who wants to be against secure communities? What laws cause secure communities? The ones you will be writing. But you don’t even need to mention that. All you need to do is convince the people of the problem(the communities are unsafe), that something must be done, and that your actions will fix the problem.

        This is just an example off the top of my head. There are many ways to come at this issue and stop the genocide of Europe. The remaining patriots need to stop being ineffective and start having an honest discussion about strategy and tactics.

        They need to have a discussion about language, because language is how they turned your government machinery into murder machines. The convinced you morality was culture, that barbarism was civilization, and that you were “enlightened” by inviting the marauder into your house to slit your throat.

        Hopefully someone listens to my words and takes action. This is the only way I know how to help. And this is the only chance you Europeans and British have to save your nations. It’s no guarantee, but it’s the only shot you got.

  14. Plan for White Genocide that “anti-racists” implement
    1. Flood White Countries & ONLY White countries with non-whites.
    2. Force integrate these same immigrants in White Communities This is all done with the aid of Federal Laws.
    3. Push interracial relationships night and day in all the media and newspaper advertisements; in White Countries and only White Countries.
    4. Anyone that objects is called a racist.
    They inform us of our inevitable brown future.
    Anti-racist is code word for anti-white.


    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    • What do you mean with white race? Arabs are not considered as black race-I am not Arab. They are white. The problem is the poverty, enourmous population increase, ignorance and primitive believes like Islam. These issiues must be solved first. And you are right, western countries must be more careful in accepting immigrants to their countries. The rules must be strict. Uneducated people must not be accepted. I also think that religious thougts must be taken into consideration. It may look like discrimintation but who cares? Something must be done against fanatism. I am from Turkey, and we suffer from growing Sharia threat. It is shame that all Islamic groups in Turkey are supported by western countries -like the terrorist in Syria. So, if western countries do not stop supporiting Islamic groups in middle east for their own benefits, this dangerous religion will be grow more and more.

  16. Islam sucks, men. I used to be a Musli but stopped practising it after reading Kuran and life of Muhammed in my own language. The most primitive and cruel religion, ever. I think western society cannot realize the danger. This Islam virus is spreading to many places. Islam must be destroyed.

    • PLEASE!!!!

      Moslems are infinitely LOWER than ANY animal on this earth or anywhere else – whereas a dog is Mankind’s BEST friend!!!!! [Even the vicious and badly-treated ones can be turned around, given lots of time, LOVE, patience and the rest!!!]

      Besides, you know who HATES dogs, pigs, women and “infidels”?? MOSLEMS!!!!!

      In context to what you posted, may I humbly implore you not to label Moslems as dogs? Thanks in advance!!!

  17. The Cops should have gotten their asses whipped for not making an arrest. If that was my little girl..I would have needed bail money because first I would kill the muslim rapist and then beat the hell out of the cops!

  18. Maclane your a dupe. You decry atrocities of muslim extremists and in the same breath berate the US for seeking them out and holding them accountable. Sweden is allowing them to commit these crimes with impunity. You’re a liberal through and through… one of their “useful idiots”.

  19. It’s not just Sweden… It’s the fucking world! Wake up Earth; Islam is a wretched, corrupt, false religion. It’s an excuse to be violent and fill with hate. Stop being PUSSIES and stand up to it!

  20. It’s not about RELIGION, but about RACE. White people all over the world are under siege by the colored hordes of this planet who are being led by jews. It is the same story of white women being raped by blacks/browns, whether it is in USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Australia. It’s the same story, the same non-white on white violence being perpetrated against White people.

  21. What are the girls parents going to do? If they do nothing it makes it easier for the mudslimes to get away with this behavior the second time, third time, fourth etc.

  22. @ MAMOUD,

  23. It is not very smart to call Muslims invaders, because they will point out that others, especially in the West, have done their fair share of invading, too.

    • You bet your ass my ancestors were invaders. I am proud to be a Celt and a Viking and yes we will rise up again and invade and destroy and kill. My race may look like they have been caterated by the gay MEDIA , our enemy but we aren’t all a group of hippie Christians we still have the blood of PAGAN WARLORDS running strong in our veins and we fight for our CHILDREN!!!

      • One can criticize countries like the United States , but what makes you think they are obligated to fight every battle . They pick their battles as they see the need . Of course they are not always going to be right , nor is the outcome always the way they want . Until you are ready to foot the bill to protect the free world you should be careful of your criticisms . I am sure you cannot comprehend the idea that at the same time you are waging war against these barbarians , countries like the US , and all the others are sending endless aid to these countries . If these countries ever had to fend for themselves , I would like to see what would happen then .

    • I am proud my country rules the world. We need to do more invading and we need to slaughter the people who HATE us and who would KILL us in our sleep. IT is a world of kill or be killed. Take your hippie peace and love and smoke a joint. The rest of us will be fighting to save your lily white hands. IF it wasn’t for the power and fortitude of my ancestors my race would already be annihilated instead of being STRONG!

  24. its really surprising why these dickhead haters of christianity should be even allwed to come to yur country when they have themselves proclaimed that followers of all religion other then islam are their enemies surprising as to why our countries should even allow these infidels to step on our soils i am an indian coloured yes but at the same time facing the same problem in our country we let these beggars live in our country and now they are creating problems in india as well as the whole world the only solution is to castrate all muslims to stop all kinds of problems as they say in my country “All Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are muslims”

  25. Why is the media hiding the truth?? In Sweden, Norway, or America? Or so many other places for that matter?
    It boggles the mind that this would be hidden from the public view. MSMBC hides atrocities to keep from making Islam “look bad”. It is infuriating. Mosques are going up everywhere. They even wanted to put one near the World Trade Center! What the hell is wrong with these people hiding the truth of how barbaric these monsters are?!

  26. I think it’s best to send these arab people back from were they came from.

    Our culture’s do not match at all.

    Western and Arab’s should not mix.

  27. same problem over here in the netherlands. Several girlfriends got raped by muslim’s.
    Police did nothing.

    It is a muslim tradition to rape white girls… children moslty..

    • dinges, do they have the same kind of Muslim paedophile sex gangs over there? I never see any articles on that from the Netherlands.

  28. There is capital punishment for the rapist according to shariah. It is those muslims to be blamed not Islam. Your bible is full of obscenity, scientific errors and itself degrades women. If you want to know Islam then understand the Quran. I think some critics like CK have no idea and commenting rubbish, you fools lack knowledge and one more thing Jesus(pbuh) never at all claimed divinity, you mere fools will come to know that. For sure the culprits should be punished but without understanding Islam you can never judge, just by seeing these kind of criminals.

    • Another Moslem throat-slitting LIAR!!!!

      Jesus DID claim Divinity indeed, notably in St. John 8:58. [Jesus said “Verily, before Abraham was, I AM”. In other words, He (Christ) Existed BEFORE Abraham was even born, making Him Older INDEED!!!]

      Furthermore, via http://www.thereligionofpeace,com, we’re automatically able to access the Qu’rân in THREE different yet authoritative translations by Yusuf-‘Ali, Pickthal and Shakir ONLINE!!!!

      Take your kitman and your taqiyya elsewhere, as we know enough of what we’re doing!!!!

    • The Koran like any religion was invented to unite the masses and join them into a unified war group to take over the world. That is the purpose of religion. All religions are brainwashing vehicles, but the normal human will fight for their own blood and the Koran with its teachings of hatred for all other religions will fail. The Muslim brotherhood will be brought to their knnes and they will submit to the WARLORDS.

    • I am NOT a religious fanatic, I know the purpose of religion is to control and unify the masses. Religion is for MORONS. I do not like the Muslim culture with all its idiotic rules it is a vehicle to annihilate the supreme race. It will fail.

  29. we know, we who lives in Sweden, but we can´t do anything real to the problem. If it is´n “political korrekt” you will be the victim, the state will chase you unitl you are quiet.

    • Varg Vikernes Knows what to do with Religious people…

      It’s a Shame Sweden Doesn’t have a Huge bunch of Hard Core church burning maniacs like Norway does.

      • I have an online, sometimes blog friend who knows someone in Sweden, he says there is a group (un-named of course) in the process of identifying places where muslims hang out in large groups, don’t know if it is true or just bragidocio, and I’m not sure what they plan, didn’t want to know, but something was said about blocking the doors with automobiles driven against them and fire, so it is possible the citizens of Sweden have about had enough already, I hope the rumors are true personally, it might be the only way to solve the problem. I feel so sorry for the Swedish women who have to suffer for the stupidity of the government there ( as in the US,) we are facing the same thing, fortunately we haven’t been a civilized nation very long, so I think we have enough good old boys who love the US enough to make quite a dent in the mulsim population here if need be.

    • Well…
      PolCorr cuts both ways. 😉
      Consider the ‘hate-speech’ and anti-semitism, the glorification of violence and such in islamic texts.
      I would say it’s high time that those texts be editted and brought into being ‘socially-correct’. After all, the abusiveness towards women in it and the glorification of pedophilia in islamic texts cannot be permitted as it’s all offensive material.
      Kill islam? Can’t be done.
      But it can be tamed and neutered, rendered impotent of it’s harmful elements.
      Fight fire with fire. 😉

  30. wow… and all of you really believe that all muslims are bad… then ok, how about all christians and jews are bad… bet none of you dont like that comment do you??? not condoning what they did was right, but have any of you heard one bad apple spoils the bunch??? well, here is 3 bad apples for you… ive met nicer muslims then with christians…

    • “and all of you really believe that all muslims are bad”

      All muslims believe in and/or practice the BAD ideology of islam. All muslims believe the VERY BAD man mohammad binhumpin aisha was the ideal man who should be emulated. So, yes. ALL MUSLIMS ARE BAD.

      That’s not belief. That’s fact. BAD people believe in and practice BAD ideologies.

      “ive met nicer muslims then with christians…”

      Pigs are always happiest when wallowing in their own shit.

      • Actually, pigs tend to avoid their own feces… they wallow in mud because they cannot sweat. However, pigs will tend to avoid the area they poop in unless they need to poop. In that, they’re cleaner than many Mohammedans.

        • I’m aware of that. I happen to be a farm girl who hated slopping the pigs in the morning because they act like, well, pigs.:)Now I just have pushy cats who mow me over in a mad dash to their food bowls. I schooled many Turkish mohammadans on the fact that pigs don’t eat or roll in shit. They roll in mud to keep cool and to prevent sunburn much like elephants do.

          I just like using variants of the “happy as a pig in shit” simile. And mohammadans and shit go so well together.

          • Ah… 🙂

            Some people DON’T know that, though….

            Mohammedans are more like, well, starlings. Nastiest birds I’ve ever known. The only birds I know of that foul their OWN nests…. even pigeons tend to hang their posteriors out of their nests to poop.

          • But I like starlings! Although, they are rather pushy and aggressive birds, they’re so pretty. Which reminds me I haven’t seen any yet this year. Saw my first chickadee this morning. I’ve been hearing them for weeks but haven’t caught sight of the cute little buggers till this morning.

            You’re right. Starlings are just like muslimas. Pretty to look at but pushy, aggressive, and obnoxious. And how many mohammadans do you think would get the reference to starlings?

            After all, they think bee-eaters, vultures, and eagles (along with squirrels, sharks, and rats) are Israeli mossad agents.

    • If they want to kill all nonbelievers, they’re bad. i havent met a christian yet that said they’d kill someone if they didnt convert. have you? 3 bad apples? ROFL…where have you been for the last 30 years? almost ALL terrorist attacks are muslims. and the one’s being nice to you now? just wait til their call to duty comes in and they’re standing behind you getting ready to cut off your head.

  31. What Scandinavians were doing by importing those subhumans I’ll never know. They need to march them into the ocean at gunpoint before it’s too late.

  32. Can I get a citation for the bombastic sounding headline?

    I did a google search and all I found were links to this blog, and links to the well known white supremacist forum stormfront.org

    I am not saying horrible things do not happen, I am just saying I can not find anything to verify that there is any credibility to the headline “20 Muslim invaders gang rape 11-year-old Swedish girl in public bathhouse”.


    • MN, the source is at the link at the top. The MSM will not cover these stories and those who do are often censored.

    • Oh for fuck’s sake! The “it’s only on kkk sites and not on news sites so it’s just islamophobbiiiiiiaaaaaa wah, wah, wah! We’re the victims!” excuse is getting old.




      There’s more for you to “verify.” Apparently you’re a liar or not too savvy about “searches.” I would bet my eye teeth it’s the former.

      @BNI Watch this supremacist bitch come back with “thoooose are allllll raciiiiiist newspapersssssssss.” Despite the fact that she was not aware of their existence until now.

        • @BNI check out the bitch’s fB page. No newsource will be acceptable to this supremacist unless it’s Al Jazeera.

          I wonder if here idiot kaffir boyfriend is going to convert for her, or if he’s just tapping the musloid muff until something better comes along?

          • Actually, living in dar al islam and observing over and over islamic supremacists swear they were atheists until they were blue in the face then launch into full blown supremacist dawa about how wonderful islam is is the criteria for determining a “nasty response” you silly supremacist c***.

          • I asked for a citation…everything else you have experienced with other people has nothing to do with me.
            I did none of those things. I asked for a citation.
            I keep saying that because you seem to think I am someone else.

            I was born in America, My family is America, my grandparents were catholic, Its just a last name buddy.
            And asking/expecting citations is just responsible internet use.

          • You asked a question but we have run out of “replies”. So I am replying as such.
            No one in my family is Muslim, people here just assumed they were. Perhaps several generations back, but none that I know of.

          • Wrong. You asked for a citation AFTER you declared you had searched for a source and could only find citations here and on the “well known white supremacist forum stormfront.org”

            Talk about “bombastic!”

            You did NOT want citations. You wanted to prove that BNI is a “lying islamophobe making up lies to make islam look baaaaaddd wah wah wah!”

            Technologically challenged me was able to find mainstream news sources for the story in about 1 minute. Yet you claimed you searched using the “bombastic” headline and variations of it.

            Again, you didn’t want to verify citations. Had you not been called out you WOULD have come back declaring the Swedish news sources as “racist” or “biased.”

            Your “name” had NOTHING to do with it, toots. Your co-cultists often post using kaffir names and many kaffirs post using islamic supremacist names.

            Awfully touchy and antagonistic for an “atheist” al jazeera fan “just looking” for citations.

          • The search:


            I’m seeing exactly what I said, links to this blog and a link to stormfront.org

            And a screen cap just to be sure you get it:


          • Yeah?

            Same page google pulled up for me.

            You said “…all I found were links to this blog, and links to the well known white supremacist forum stormfront.org”

            stormfront is half way down the page. There are thousands of more hits.

            Congratulations. You have proven you are a liar which is why I called your islamic supremacist ass out.

            Technologically challenged me was able to find Swedish news sources without finding “only BNI and stormfront.”

            As I said before, toots, you DIDN’T want to find news sources. You were agitating to come back with accusations of racism against BNI like every other islamic supremacist on the planet.

            That or you’re just a dumb c*nt that doesn’t know how to do a proper google search.

          • Istanbul Chick? Muslims are from istanbul. Sounds like you are a secret mooselimb(getit?) to me. Don’t bother denying it though, because denying being a mooselimb is the first sign of being muslamic.


            (Note to Istanbul Chick, this ‘Constantinople Bloke’ is the same person as Mallorie Nasrallah. —BNI)

          • Islamic supremacist projection!

            No surprise, “mallorie.” You’re all programmed the same.

            Muslims don’t come from Istanbul, toots. Islamic supremacist invaders occupy Constantinople.

          • I’m not Mallorie.

            Also. what an amazingly stupid and historically vacuous comment.

            I’m still convinced you are a Muslim though, Muslims come from Istanbul. You haven’t denied it so far.

          • Arab-tribalists do not “come from” Istanbul or Constantinople.

            Islamic supremacist invaders/genociders are occupying Constantinople.

            So sorry that you’re too stupid to understand a denial without the words “no, or do not.”

          • “Arab-tribalists do not “come from” Istanbul or Constantinople.
            Islamic supremacist invaders/genociders are occupying Constantinople.
            So sorry that you’re too stupid to understand a denial without the words “no, or do not.”

            Ah yes, just as Catholic invaders/genociders do not come from south america. They are occupying it. Just as Protestant invaders/genociders are occupying North America.

          • @Constipated_bastard


            You western leftards are always on about the “white devils” who invades but nary a word about the islamic supremacist invasions until you clowns can turn it around.

            Keep it coming, leftard.

            You do more to “paint bad picture of muslims” than all the raving racist imams combined!

          • Nope,a simple misrepresentation of my post.

            You made an odd statement, basically that any muslims in Istanbul were merely invaders. You can call it that if you want, but to be consistent you must also be willing to state the same about Christians in other parts of the world.

            Nary a meta-thought passes through your brain however, and you simply offer a red herring and accuse me of exactly what you are doing.

            Your final statement is just dumb, and i think(hope) you know it. I don’t represent muslims, I don’t speak for muslims, I don’t paint a bad picture of them, (plenty of them can do that). Hyperbole only works when there is some sort of basis to exaggerate. You just seem to be running short on insults.

          • Actually I was spot on.

            Speaking of red herrings that would be you and your mod squad of larry, curly and mo.

            Nothing but projections. The mohammadans must learn that from you ows types.

          • OWS types? Spot on? You don’t know anything about me. Be racist if you wish, I honestly don’t care. If you aren’t racist, but hate muslims, that’s fine. I don’t care. But don’t be a fucking moron, i feel embarrassed just reading your posts.

            I can’t help but be reminded of this guy, every time i read your posts.

            “There’s a sense of incoherent anger”
            THAT IS SPOT ON

            (Too bad bloke, BNI readers will not see your pro-muzzie propaganda. Consider this your final post. –BNI)

      • I agree that is getting old, I_C!

        The person you mentioned as a “supremacist bitch” either forgets, doesn’t know, or willfully ignores the fact that amongs the people doing the hardest fighting against the Mohammedans are non-Muslim Africans in Africa, particularly in Sudan and Nigeria. So, she needs to give up that “anti-Islam is racism” bullshite line.

        • Muslims are the most “culturally” racist group of people I’ve ever encountered.

          I worked with a Nigerian gentleman in Turkey and one night we, as the foreigners, knocked back a few and shot the breeze.

          He was a romeo and the biggest flirt, especially with the Turkish girls. He told me that he would never find love with a Turkish girl because their fascination with him, as a black man, was, in his words “A fetish thing if you know what I mean. They have no respect for me as an African, as a Nigerian, or as who I am. They are fascinated and excited by dallying with a ‘dark chocolate’ kafir.” So he was determined to bang as many as he could and I toasted him and wished him luck. That last revelation was shocking because he really is an old-school gentleman but he was filled up to his eyeballs with the sometimes blatent but mostly subtle racism he had to deal with.

          We shared many fractured history, cultural, and geography tales (conspiracy theories really and always with a racist twist implicating Africans, Jews or Americans) we had each heard from the natives about our home countries and cultures.

          He’s a fascinating man and I just realized how much I miss his beaming smile and sense of humour.

          No, it’s not “islamophobic hate sites” that cause hatred towards muslims. It’s muslims’ own supremacist and racist actions and attitudes towards non-muslims, especially African non-muslims, that creates the hatred and resentment in even good people like my friend.

          These sites give those people a place to vent and discuss these supremacist and racist attitudes and actions of mohammadens.

          God, I hate islam.

      • I did not say that.
        For the record I think Islam is a filthy barbaric thing. Granted I think that of most religions.
        I did a google search for the headline and slightly modified versions of it (hyphens removed etc) and found nothing.
        Thank you for the links.

        • You didn’t have to say it, toots.

          You didn’t find it because it wasn’t on al jazeera English. Nor did you want to find it. You allege you searched and falsely claimed it only appeared on stormfront and BNI despite the fact that such a search pulls up THOUSANDS of citations. Thus your first post on here was bald faced lie. Which is an inherent trait of islamic supremacists.

          Derrr, it’s an article about an event in Sweden. How many of the ummah’s brain cells did you have to NOT tax to do a search in, oh, I don’t know…SWEDISH?

          Had little old “atheist” you not received the links you’d have come back screeching like a shrew about us “islamophobes telling lies!”

          It’s a process that is repeated over and over and over, every day, on every anti-islam blog by your more honest and pro-active brothers and sisters of the ummah.

          • Ahh Of course, I didn’t have to say it.
            Asking for a citation = islamic-baby-eating-asshole. Or maybe baby raping. not sure. Just go crazy with it, have fun.

  33. Are you kidding??? This is NOT a religion. While there may be peaceful, good people who call themselves Muslims, those who follow Islam and Sharia Law cannot be considered “religious”. Take the word of those who have studied Islam and Sharia Law; READ Sharia Law, note the intense followings of Hitler and his “doctrine” amongst Islam.
    Those of you trying to cower behind the “but it’s religion” stance are kidding yourselves. This is worse than a Jones’ cult and some allow it for fear of facing it or simply for trying to believe there must be good in Sharia Law, since they try to label it as “religion”.
    With Sharia Law, there is no freedom for those of other real religions, there is no freedom of speech, there are no women’s rights, there are no child protection laws….it is the faux “faith” of bullying to the extreme….it is the faux “faith” of those with the power can do anything they want, including rape anyone they want…..it is a regime of terror.
    Note the number of women who have to ESCAPE from the Islamic lifestyle of terror….that is NOT religion and only the extremely ignorant would consider the rape of an 11-year-old as a problem caused by religion.
    Sharia Law is NOT religion….it is full-blown terror.
    And our current president supports those behind it.

  34. Sweden has been evil for many years now.They look the other way because it is what they desire there. It has been ok for several years now for a man to have sex with his daughter in Sweden, but yet spanking is illegal. Drug parks did not work, they ended up with murders at the parks. Sweden has been way ahead when it comes to everything being allowed. They have drenched themselves in filth.

  35. WHEN are the f””””g swedes and all other countries going to do what needs to be done? mass deportations are needed. who cares where they go, send them to the middle of the ocean and sink them for all I care. I am so angry I see nothing but red right now.

  36. Those vermin that did what they did to that child should have all been executed when found guilty.
    They have no respect for any other humans.
    It’s in their culture to do as they did.
    The founder of their evil religion did the same as they did. A Saudi-Arabian cleric stated that it was perfectly legal to marry a nine year old girl and that she was obliged to perform her marital duties to her husband. What then do you expect from these barbaric sadistic cretins.

    • Samir, I have posted a video several times of a Saudi cleric who says it’s fine to marry one-year old. Of course, you are not supposed to have intercourse with her until she reaches puberty, but you can satisfy yourself in any number of other sexual ways with the baby. Sick.

    • I do not agree that they should have been executed. Death is to easy a way out. I mean as NATO has it so torture is not above reproach, right? But was there not a religion that says “an eye for an eye.” They gang raped an 11 year-old. 20 of them did, so what say you to putting them into an american prison with 20 of the biggest and most dangerous convicts. If they believe in terrorism, and that their allah will save them, test that faith.

      • Mulsim men are barbarians and cowards they should be castrated with a rusty blunt knife then soaked in salty water !

  37. Religion has nothing to do with protecting children! Most parents will do anything to protect their children!

  38. Sveny you sound like a typical woman hating muslim, why dont you do us all a favour, ad go blow yourself up you creapy twit

  39. Sweden would be better off if the Islamic people came in and took it over. Sweden is run by a corrupt Lesbian cabal of manhaters and communists. Some Islam could do us some good!

  40. You Europeans complain yap about how bad the the Americans are and yet you let your own politicians bring in an army of “immigrants” to come in to spread ethnic cleansing throught the place….your politiciasn are paid off criminals and you have to get rid of them one way or another.

  41. guyz..i am a christian from a muslim country bangladesh…i brought up wth muslims…nt all of thm are bad….bt now a days their religious leaders spreading hatered against nonmuslims…and belive me guyz…this’s worst then anythng…prevention is bettter then cure..their religion only teach them to hate others…so dnt let thm do ny religious activity…they re traitor..

    • You are sort of right.

      islam (the quasi religion, but more aptly called supremacist political ideology) is what causes muslims to be supremacist, hateful, violent troglodytes.

      But, ultimately it’s a muslim problem because they CHOOSE islam.

  42. Is that video suppose to showcase believeable journalism??? It’s a bunch of words showing up on the screen? I don’t even believe this story 😛 I know lots of stuff does truly happen but this just looks fabricated.

    It should have been back up by the real news video from a Swedish news channel. Now it just appears to be hate propoganda. And that makes this a crime in itself.

  43. Who are the EXACT politicians letting these scum IN? Get a list of names and emails, we need a boycott campaign, or at least tell them to their face they are sick people.

    Where is the list of traitors?

    • Welll, unfortunately, you are correct. By “unfortunately”, I mean — why in the world does it have to go this far?

  44. mohammed was a rapist, it is no stretch of the imagination that these low life followers of mohammed feel justified in behaving like demons.

  45. I don’t get it, were there no MEN in there at the time to stop it??? I hope those young boys who acted so bravely would grow up to be better men, wait… REAL MEN, unlike most Europeans today! I’d go through hell before letting them touch one child!

    • The difference between a sociopath and a psychopath is that Sociopath know the difference between right and wrong — but choose to do it anyway (what ever action it is);
      whereas, a psychopath — A person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.

      They don’t think they are wrong.
      Personally? I call them Satan’s spawn.

        • Actually, it is a just punishment. Being molested ruins a child for life ‘unless’ they get a massive amount of counseling with a “great” counselor;and believe me… there aren’t many GREAT ones out there.

          Average, yes. They burn out after about 2 yrs of hearing horror stories.

          • I still can’t allow my husband to touch me in certain intimate ways..(loving sweet gentle husband of 20yrs) 30 yrs later. No counceling.. they let him (molester)get away with it.. in Georgia and I didn’t have it anywhere as bad as that kid in the bathhouse.

  46. If she were a muslim girl, she would additionally be honoured killed. This white girl will suffer worse, however, likely life long psychological trauma. Ofcourse, not only muslims commit such horric crimes, but in islam it can be, and often is, justified for some “faulty” behavior attributed to the female, i.e., she deserved it. And, it’s OK with their prophet, the man whose, (uh, make that animal) example of the perfect life is to be emulated. Therefore it’s also ok with allah. I think this allah person (uh, pervert) must be a sadistic voyeur.

    • Please do not call the prophet an animal. No animal would lower itself to behave like this filthy pervert with his 9 year old wife.

  47. This makes me absolutely sick, EVERY country in the whole world (Except muslim and African) are so politically correct it’s ridiculous… The invaders NEVER have to conform to the country the “move” into, and we (As the U.S.) will bend over backwards to make sure that their every whim is gently and politically correctly cared for. When will we as a collective wake up and make it hard for these savages to be here? How much bad will happen before the liberal pussies wake up and change? I’m glad I have a CCW permit and carry a semi auto pistol and 3 15 round magazines…..

  48. Rogerohiggins, don’t forget that Muslims also habitually rape boys, and that must be just as traumatic for them as it is for women and children. NO RAPE is EVER ACCEPTABLE under any circumstances.

  49. It should matter not if a female is a child or a woman.Rape should carry the death penalty,regardless of race,creed, color.Respect for any female regardles of ethnic,religious,social standing’s,should be without question.Men that rape dishonor ALL men.

    • I may get a lot of flack for my tale.
      I live in Texas. I bought a nightclub and the first night, there were a huge group of people sitting at the bar. There was a young man that had 6 rows of drinks in front of him. They were getting watered down due to the ice melting. Finally, I asked one of the customers why this young man was so popular.
      The “kid” at the time shot a 25 yr man for raping a 12 yr old child. Of course, he had to go to prison. However, he did get out in two years.
      From that point on, it never ended — the young man never had to pay for a drink.

  50. Where are the womens’ “rights” groups? They should be screaming bloody murder. Nope, so silent I can hear crickets chirping. The only right they are concerned about is the “right” to kill your child.

  51. The people of Sweden need to grow some fortitude, get rid of the muslims and get a new government. It’s not going to get any better.

  52. When the citizens start caring for their children, and their way of life, they will start demanding their police and military protect them. Until then we will continue to read crap like this. The citizens of this country and elsewhere should be ashamed of themselves. All they do is condemn their kid’s futures to islam.

  53. If the authorities won’t do anything then it’s time for the cowardly Swedes to man-up, woman-up and start taking care of the problems themselves. It’s time to strike some fear into the hearts of the authorities.

    The other option is to remain cowards and stand by and allow your women & children to be raped by these troglodyte scum……Your choice!

  54. The maniacal Leftists are more worried about Muslims being teased about their supremacist head gear.

    Not crimes that scar human beings for life!

    Sweden needs to hold mass rallies to demonstrate against these rapists and to get their politicians to get of their grounded backsides.

    Forget the useless condemnations and excuses of the Muslim community. The rapes are likely to continue unabated because they’ll keep rearing their kids to be egotistical sociopaths.

    • why do you label people by religion and for sure they are humans who are bad regardless of religion, nationality, Arabs or whatever. Islam is not terrorism not peace but has peace not anything people or Muslims say, but some are correct.
      the meaning of Islam is TO submit the will of a person to the will of Allah he becomes a Muslim when understand skill what is the miracles in the book of Allah Qur’an. it is connection to our creator because when prayer 5 times a day we learn from obedience modesty, and treating the people of any origin with dignity and respect.
      please it’s not what we hear in tv or news the media its not Arabs forget all that it about religion which is inn and not only out like decoration. thank God guide us all

      • LIAR!!!!!

        Take your taqiyya and kitman elsewhere!!!!

        Anybody who wants to know what Islam is truly all about would do best to go to http://www.thereligionofpeace.com. That Website is totally unbiased and provides all the information using solid evidence from the Qu’rân and the Hadiths, verifiable from online texts from the University of Southern California.

        Truly, in Islam one’s supposed to adulate and imitate Mohammed – that means you have to be a genocide, murderer, rapist, thief, liar and pædophile – because he was ALL of these things!!!! In other words, his values – which are utter CRIMES and ABOMINATIONS – are totally INCOMPATIBLE with what we in the West hold sacred!!!!!

        That’s why we LOATHE and ABHOR Islam with everything in our bodies and souls!!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

  55. Will the Swedes wake up?

    They seem determined to self-destruct.

    Rape is normative Islam. Mo went out of his way to make rape undetectable and unconvictable with the four-witness rule.

    Thanks for this, BNI!

    Koran 33.59 implies that unveiled women are rapable.

    Thus rape is normative Islam, rather than an aberration.

    • You mean like stoning to death in christianity is normal, like how disobedient children and those who work on the sabbath should be put to death? Even the victim of rape (Deut. 22: 23-25) should be stoned to death or (Deut:22; 28-29) forced to marry a rapist?

      • The things you reference are Old Testament and not a practiced part of Christianity. They are part of what is called the Mosaic or the Rabbinical law. And that is not Christianity it is Judaism. And even they do not practice such things today. I would point out the fact that Muslims do though. Might I remind you that just a little while ago a woman in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to 3 months in prison and 200 lashes when she was raped.

      • why is it the only defence that gets used to defend islam is history??? ITS IN THE PAST OVER 2000 YRS AGO, U NUMPTY, we have evolved since then the world is a different place except in the mind set of a muslim who still follows this barabaric way of life life today. If MoMo was a prophet he would not of been able to tell people how to live in 21st century due to he didnt know what it would be like in 21st century, raping woman, children, camels and goats were the norm back then its def not now.

    • no the quran not said that !
      islam is a religen of peace , and the veil is to obey god and to protect femaels from Harassment

      plz read quran first before you give a conclusion on thing you don’t know


      the verse
      33.59. O (most illustrious) Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters, as well as the women (wives and daughters) of the believers, to draw over themselves some part of their outer garments (when outside their homes and when before men whom they are not forbidden to marry because of blood relation). This is better and more convenient for them to be recognized (and respected for their decency and decorum) and not harrassed. God is indeed All-Forgiving, All-Compassionate.

      the source


    • Oddly enough, personal sex slaves are not to be veiled. Nevertheless, it is not allowed to rape someone else’s slave. So Muslim men ARE able to control themselves.

  56. Anyone out there who STILL doesn’t believe the sick ideology of these filthy stinking asslifters is NOT the “Religion of the Anti-Christ?! The RELIGION OF PISS is the fastest growing “religion” in the world!…And when Christians are removed from the Earth, NOT by the asslifters, but as Lot and his two daughters were removed from Sodom, then the Wrath of God will be reigned down upon the filthy asslifters that cling to their sick ideology, aka. Islam, the RELIGION OF PISS!!

  57. When will the Swedish people have to take the law into their own hands? At least they have guns. Soon they’ll find their own Gert Wilders or someone like the lovely Swiss and Austrian right-wing leaders. I still live in hope that Right and Common Sense will prevail with the peoples of Europe before it is COMPLETELY too late. What FOOLS those politicians are. Their punishment for allowing these things should be exactly what has happened to the innocent victims of these savages.

  58. Susan, you are 100% correct! Until this effects the political liberal elite, nothing will be done. Every free nation must DEPORT all of them! The sooner the better.

  59. Therese I lived in Sydney when that terrible rape occured with that young girl ,she was very brave to come forward as what they done to her was just-filth,they lied and tried to bismirch her character ,but she perservered and justice was -done and the scum are in jail,unfortunately ,there’s still a lot more out there with the same attitude to women ,I came fom the Bankstown area and am very aware of the situation there, now they are fighting to bring in that evil Law of Sharia,with more illegal immigrants arriving -daily and of the same religious ideology ,we will be swamped if -we don’t -do -something-now.

    • What has happened is brutal…inhuman and unacceptable and it is a mark of shame for us who call ourselves civilized and humans. But let me inform you that Shariah has nothing to do with this…..As a matter of fact, according to the laws of Shariah,these people would be actually beheaded for the same for the act of inhumaness. But I would suggest you check the facts before your comments on any culture, religion….. I agree when it is said that it is the duty of us as humans to stand up for our sisters,mothers, daughters or as a matter of fact ‘Women’….of any religion.

      • LIAR!!!! Shari’a – and, worse still, the Qu’rân AND Hadiths also – have EVERYTHING to do with it!!!

        We all know better than to believe your taqiyya and kitman!!!

        I sincerely hope those rapists will be punished by God Almighty and His Only-Begotten Son Jesus Christ in this life and world in addition to when, like us all, they stand at the Last Judgement!!!!

      • anonymous: practice what you preach! READ the q’uran and shariah law and you will learn that it ONLY applies these penalties when the victims are also muslim! They are not only allowed to commit all sorts of evil acts against “infidels and unbelievers”, they are actually ENCOURAGED and COMMANDED to do so!

  60. I can even describe what would have happened if I had run across such an act, I guess it is best left unsaid of the consequences these demons in the flesh would be in for, I am and always have been a “no quarters” type of person. This evil is going to have to be dealth with one day people, and all of you who think the gubmint is there to protect you, I really do feel sorrow for your souls, and to think you will have to deal with our Father in heaven for your inactions, wouldn’t want to be in your shoes, not for a nanosecond.

    Semper Fi.

  61. OMG the poor victim! We had a gang of pack rapers in Sydney some time ago and they took a campervan around the suburbs with a victim in the back and stopped off at park after park and sometimes the girls were raped by up to 30 or 40 men in one night.

    They were the Scaffe brothers and their gang of many Lebanese Muslims. Thanks to the bravery of several young women, who were brave enough to go to court and and give evidence, some of these fiends were sent to gaol for 28 years. One of the bullying rapists, could not take it in gaol, and cried like a baby that he “Was afraid he might be hit or raped”. Rotten little bastard. I hope he is raped every night with a broom handle. Show them no mercy, they show none to our women.

  62. So if I am a child of 11 and go to a public bath in my little bathers, and do not wear a fck’n flag of war burqua, then I am asking for ‘it’, as I am in accord with islamic ideology, “As a piece of uncovered meat”, and therefore a target for the islamic living dead, and it is all ‘my’ fault?
    That poor, sweet, dear little girl, they fck’d her good.
    The government should be held accountable for this.
    Down with the UN, down with the EU and down with islam.
    As Ret Marine says; “Keep the powder keg dry.”
    Mad Max days are here!

  63. It bothers me alot what they do to children. These people act like demon possesed maniacs. Children… Kids… They won’t let you speak out about it and if you do, they attack you. This is fast becoming something twisted like a horror movie. Zombies Demons Vampires Aliens who literally feast on the human soul. The suffering they are willing to cause others is nothing less than pure evil. Babies even babies aren’t safe from these monsters. Islam twist people into into mmm just how many ways can you say evil or depravity? We are at war with these peoples. They can attack us with impunity. Here as in Europe we have a government actually feed the Great Beast of Islam its own citizens, its really like some evil cult are sacrificing souls to feed some Evil God. That Evil God has a name. It is allah…..

  64. I have to agree on Bruce with this. If the politicians and law will not take care of it then it is up to the citizens to arm and protect themselves. It would even be sad to admit or have to advise citizens of this or even ask the citizens to administer justice.

  65. It’s not for Sweden to wake up or any country, state, city and/or government to wake up for that matter.
    When municipalities refuse to take care of their citizens and leave these same citizens to the vicious attacks of savages, immigrant or otherwise, it’s time for the law to be ignored & retribution to be dealt out by others.
    Where are the fathers, brothers, uncles and many of the male family members who in decades past would deal out a suitable justice.
    Have we, as a civilized people come to the point that we leave it to our respective government officials to meet out justice & when they do nothing the matter is left for god to pass judgment, have we become that politically correct that we do nothing for fear of being judged ourselves?
    Let this not dare come to my family circle for I will wrap these savage son-of-a-bitches in bacon & behead them all and damn the consequences. My family will be fatherless but avenged.
    Thje time for being civilized is past.

    • I agree, if the government doesn’t do anything and when the law stops working om the side of justice then it is time for true justice and that is vigilanty justice. They kill 1 we kill 100.

    • Bruce, you are entirely correct. The day is past when we can say “We’re above that sort of thing”, if we are to fight this we unfortunately must resort to violence. Appeasement has been tried a million times-and failed every time. Sadly, even the mainstream media is failing us.(and themselves)

    • Agreed, It appears that the same thing is talking place in Detroit, Michigan. People are taking the law into their own hands, not that that’s a bad thing of course.

  66. The only way for sweden to wake up is after several of there politicians wives daughters and mothers are in public and a few raped to death. Then maybe they will get guts enough to defend themselves from these muslim monsters

    • Swedish women can take care of ourselves thank you! I don’t need your sexist assumptions and outdated male macho tirades here.

      • Helga
        I’m sure the 11 year old girl would agree with you.

        As would the 29 year old mother of 2 raped by muslim refugees who lured her to their taxpayer (ie infidel) provided housing so they could take turns raping her hour after hour.

        Perhaps you’d like to exercise your civil liberties after dark in a short skirt in Malmo, and show us how well you could look after yourself.

        Are there many more like you in Sweden?

        • Edward Moorham hits the nail right on the head here! The Idiot Award goes to Helga! Bet she votes for Obama type politicians too!
          The only way women can be strong enough to fight back against Islamic savages is if they are armed with guns but Sweden has gun control too! I guess they are so afraid some Swede might kill these criminals? Later, the police blame the bath house? Wow! Guess the Swedish police went to the same academy as Helga? The School of PC teaches BS!

  67. Australia WAKE UP. We don’t need any more of this rubbish into our country. They are nothing short of blood sucking leeches and parasites.

  68. They were once feared as the baddest ass’s in the world when they were the VIKINGS, now they are whimpy,liberal, squirrels, fuk em, they must like being beat up and told what to do by invading monkeys, other wise they would be kicking some ass. I do not feel sorry for them.

    • The Swede government is just like the American, British and probably many other governments, too damn concerned with the world view and not concerned enough about themselves or their own sovereignty. If it was these leaders that had to pay the price for their stupidity they would not be this way. Maybe elected officials and lawmakers in these countries need a stark reminder that it is the people of their country that is their boss and that they can easily be replaced.

      • This is the MOST important Article that I have ever read describing how PC is not only harming us, as a Nation, but now the world.
        Please take the time to ready the excerpts and read it in its entirety.
        Crucify Political Correctness on the Altar of Freedom of Speech
        The West will either reject the logic of Political Correctness or suffer a catastrophic failure of vision, will, power and influence, destroying civil society as we know it. This may sound drastic, and of course it is. But why is it being claimed here? Because the ideas in the doctrines of Political Correctness and related notions like Multiculturalism are so destructive that—much like magma—these cannot long be held safely before spilling over and causing tremendous damage, chaos and destruction of our society.

        The reason it must be eliminated is because Political Correctness is a Trojan horse for Marxism, which always destroys everything it touches. PC is a curse which must be denounced before it mangles its host society, especially since it is the very opposite of Free Speech. More importantly, individual responsibility is eliminated by PC standards which make irrelevant personal morality. This is the subject of this essay.

        I. Definition of Political Correctness

        Political Correctness (PC) is shorthand for an ideology which implies ethical or moral superiority for various positions which challenge traditional morality. TheFreedictionary.com defines PC as

        1. Of, relating to, or supporting broad social, political, and educational change, especially to redress historical injustices in matters such as race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.

        PC has become, in practice, a set of standards by which communication is purified from unacceptable content. But PC has also deeply affected public policy and law, and ultimately ideas about morality, itself. For example, against the longstanding notion of the right of free expression, even thinking many forbidden thoughts would break PC norms. And for this reason, PC has evolved from being rules for “sensitivity” training into a set of un-breachable social mores.

        One author sums up this idea:

        Political correctness has 3 features. First, political correctness is a set of attitudes & beliefs divorced from mainstream values. Second, the politically correct person has a prescriptive view on how people should think & what they are permitted to discuss. Third, & most importantly, political correctness is embedded in public institutions, which have a legislative base, & which have coercive powers. It is this third aspect that gives political correctness its authority. Without this capture of power the views of the politically correct would simply be another view in the marketplace of ideas. A person, an institution or a government is politically correct when they cease to represent the interests of the majority, & become focused on the cares & concerns of minority groups.

        Yet, when peeling back the layers of the onion of PC, one cannot help but notice a strongly socialist or Marxist bent to these rules. And this is no coincidence. As Bill Lind says,

        Political Correctness is cultural Marxism. It is Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms. It is an effort that goes back not to the 1960s and the hippies and the peace movement, but back to World War I. If we compare the basic tenets of Political Correctness with classical Marxism the parallels are very obvious.

        So PC is a method for transporting Marxist ideas into traditional cultures.


    • I agree, Sweden USED to be vikings, now it is the biggest feminist country in the world. Swedish men are the biggest cowards on the planet! Sweden has become a homosexual, lesbian controlled state. There is nothing to fight for here.

      • Sven, there used to be a regular commenter here from Sweden, and it was heartbreaking to read how the Muslims get all the benefits there and the Swedes are like second class citizens. I did read about a right wing party gaining popularity there, I hope you can put a stop to all the muslim immigration before Sweden is no longer Swedish.

      • Sven I am a feminist and we we hate islam has much has any man if you had any brains you would see women suffer a lot more at the hands of these pigs then men do
        so befor you start putting women down get your fact right

        • Feminism was a positive outgrowth of classical liberal ideals of female social equality. But feminism has become corrupted by Marxism. Do you imagine that civilized Western men are unconcerned that women and young girls are raped by Islamist demons? Western men and women had better quit scrapping with each other over trivialities and realize that we must support each other if we wish to survive the onslaught of savagery.

  69. I think Swedes would rather the whole country descend into savagery and become a Muslim slave state rather than admit they were wrong.

        • Paris, the majority of the world “had NO clue” what Muslims were really like. I have met Musilms — I even signed a LEGAL contract to promote their restaurant/nightclub business in Dallas years ago”Club Mercedes.”
          After the $ came rollng in hands over fist — “because I was a woman, they refused to pay me my percentage “over the net”. They told me to get a lawyer.
          I walked away quietly and went straight to the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission that I had a great reputation with of being honest as well as running nightclubs without drugs and gambling flowing through them like water.
          They went by and Pulled their License from the club. In other words, I put them out of business. They were OUT of Business!!!
          They LIE through their teeth. They are but Wolves in Sheep’s clothing.

          People and ENTIRE Countries are waking up and have to fight against this Virus.

          • This will be relatively time consuming; however IF you want your leaders attention — USE THIS FORMAT I am suggesting to coordinate as many as people as you can; hopefully, around 100 people do the same thing on the same day. (If not 100, then do what ever you can do and they will get the picture.)

            On the BACK of an envelope: PRINT ONLY 3 issues that you want addressed. On the inside, you can write as much as you please.
            I would strongly suggest stating only “facts” because once you start adding “adjectives” to describe how much you are pissed off and scared, the letter will ramble on for pages and pages.

            This has worked for me — at least to the point I know they Opened the letter to read it.

          • That is fantastic! And, as a nurse, I was sent to work in a Muslim home. They told me not to make eye contact with the family members–especially not the male head of household. Then, after I cared for their spina bifida child all day, they called work and told them I needed to wear something to cover up more…Work told them they would discuss it with me, but I was not obligated to wear other than the professional scrubs. That was strike one. The next day after I left, they called the office again–about me jiggling the crying baby and walking up and down the hall pas them in the kitchen floor (without ever entering), as they prepared a meal for the fast of Ramadan. The third day, there was yet another call to my office. They had left all day, and came back just before time for me to leave. The woman asked me if I had given the child his medication and feeding, both of which had been in the refrigerator. I said “yes”. They were upset about me going into the kitchen and refrigerator, and I explained that I have to give medication and feedings according to what the medication administration record says. Anyway, work called me the third night. The office manager said they were going to send out a letter to nurses working that case to help them adapt culturally. I told them not to bother, because I wasn’t working the case. She said that I just didn’t understand them. I told her I had lived all over the world, and SHE didn’t understand them. Then, I explained that I was not a Dhemmi, as they were trying to treat me, and the reason they hadn’t wanted me in the kitchen is because I was UNCLEAN and an INFIDEL. I know what Muslims believe, and know the Qur’an. We are people of the book, and if we are in their presence they are to treat us like Dhemmis. Then, she said I had ethical bias issues. I told her to kiss my ass. I have no racial or ethical bias, but they are here in MY country, and if they want my services, they can assimilate, and I don’t divert my gaze from anyone. Then, I told them that the TV was on Al Jazeera 24/7…the terrorist information channel. There are two types of Juhad. Warring/terrorism, and then using sheer numbers against us. They get to where they have a voice in our system, and beat us over the head with our own laws. They have done it elsewhere, and they are doing it in America. People better wake the hell up.

          • Yuki, an amazing story, but not unexpected. I refuse to do business with muslims whenever I can. I won’t even get on a plane if I see them waiting at the gate. I’m glad you quit. Let them get muslim help.

            The kid was probably the result of Muslim inbreeding.

          • This is interesting. I know there are Radicals but there are also people who are not. I happen to be friends with several. I believe that there are those who want to take over the country.

          • How do you tell the difference, Carol?

            I can’t. The imam of the mosque across the street from my flat is all smiles and engaging when we cross paths.

            Every Friday his mask slips off and I can hear him screeching about how lowly and evil Jews, Americans, and all kaffirs are. How superior muslims are and how it’s their right to take what all of them have.

            His mobots too are dual faced. All polite and smiles, when taking my money. Yet none of them have ever told the imam to STFU with his racist Friday rants.

            All this in a “modern, moderate, and secular” muslim country.

          • Amen, Yuki! Wow! The complete lack of gratitude of these people you were helping is really horrible! The attitude of the nursing agency-man what dopes!
            Notice how the pathetic, Swedish police blamed the bath house for what happened to those girls! There was a time in Sweden when folks could be free!
            Olof Palme, the Prime Minister in the 80’s was a leader of all this letting in Third World folk and was killed himself! Sad reality is that certain culures are screwed up and the Islamics are the worst savages when outside their native environments where they have to worry about their fingers, etc!

    • Maybe they will wake up; but it must be the people themselves, the Govt. and Politicians are useless. Exactly the same in neighbouring Norway, where I know for a fact the vast majority of people loathe and detest the muslim rabble, but the present Govt. is ultra-left. Will be voted out next election.

    • Wendy,thank you for that article Women in islam,after reading of all the different cultures and their religious beliefs on women it’s not just muslims that believe women are inferior ,it’s all the religions and cultures ,it may not be today’s teachings ,but it is in the bible and books of the other religions,which have at their head -men-no women ,I was religious until I turned 15 ,then I started to question ,and it does not compute ,I think this way ,religion is man made ,at the basis of all the religions is- power-control -money -sex,they all put women down because they are secretly frightened of them as -they know -we are superior to them in most things,when you read how they treat us ,we are dirty -unclean etc because we have our menses ,those mealy mouthed religious ,hypocrits are as bad as the muslims,every one has their own reasons for believing ,if it gives them comfort and solace well and good ,but I won’t be put down because I am a woman by any-man,religious or otherwise.

      • Its ironic how you say that men are sexist are controlling, and then you talk about how women are superior to men. LOL! You hypocrite, you are sexist yourself. An Islamist much less a Christian can’t hold a candle to a feminist when it comes to sexism.

      • Actually, the Bible, despite its times, has many female leaders and good female role models. Your questioning concluded with ignorance and lack of education in the field of Christianity. Of course there aren’t many female leaders in the time of Judaism, as that was a long time ago, yet, there was even a very successful female military leader in the Bible. Jesus’s teachings also emancipated women and he never talked about the necessity of roles, instead, Jesus himself was pretty open to women and talked with them as He would’ve talked with anyone respectfully, which was quite ‘shocking’ to the people around him. Did he care? No. He just saw human beings like any other. It also says that wives must not only be loved, but also honored, which the Koran never makes any mentioning of. Please do some more research instead of cherry-picking the seemingly negative out of context and flaunting misinformation to the world. Thank you.

        • The bible still treats women as inferiors. The difference being that modern christian nations have grown out of following most of the bible, unfortunately most islamic countries havent.

          Ephesians 5:22
          Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.

          1 Timothy 2:11
          A woman should learn in quietness and full submission.

          Romans 1:27
          And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another;

          1 Corinthians 11:9
          “Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.”

          • So, mallorie, what you’re saying is “since Christians did it we should ignore that islamic supremacists are doing it now”?

            If Christians haven’t followed these “allegedly” misogynist versus since Christ was a corporal why even bother to bring them up?

            Are you saying you’re all too stupid to join the 21st century? Or are you saying if so and so did than you can too?

            If it’s the latter I will saw your head off slowly with a dull butter knife and screech “ALLAHU KIRK!” while doing it. Then I will post the video and declare “neener, neener, neener, you can’t stop me because this vapid bitch said it was okay since others have done it before me!”

          • I’m not Mallorie. I’m not a muslim, I am a white atheist male. Married to a part-arabic atheist female.

            “So, mallorie, what you’re saying is “since Christians did it we should ignore that islamic supremacists are doing it now”?”

            You seem to have to fabricate my views in order to argue against me. All i said was that the bible still treats women as inferiors. And I am correct.

            I bring this up because christians like to whitewash the horrible history of the bible, while failing to understand what a moderating force secularism has been. And CK tried dishonestly to paint the bible in such as way as to make it appear progressive and modern, when in reality it was a book of it’s time.

            (CB, you have the same ISP number as Mallorie. If you aren’t her, you are living with her. We’re not stupid. You and your alter ego are getting real close to being banned here. –BNI)

          • If you’re an atheist why even give a flying rat’s patootie what anyone said about Christianity.

            You pulled the childhood trick of declaring “but so and so did it.” YOU compared it with islam.

            Again, if you’re an atheist why bother?

            I’ve live amongst many “atheist” and “secular humanist” islamists.

            I’ve also met plenty of tools who converted to islam for their “atheist” muslim spouses.

            They too pull the “But Christians/Christianity did it too.”

            Why would you possibly care to make excuses for inexcusable islamic supremacist behaviour on a news article about islamic supremacists acting like good islamic supremacists by comparing the bible and mein kuranmpf if you don’t believe in supremacist loving sky monsters?

          • I’m not married to a muslim, I’m not even married to a muslim apostate, I am not even married to someone who can trace islam in her history for a number of generation.

            Also, as i explained earlier, i was responding to the dullard response by CK.

          • Actually The Pope is a Former meber of the Hitler Youth…

            The literary concept of the Unicorn is universally accepted as a Magical horse with one horn, thus the concept of the Unicorn is a Real Concept…

            Cows can fly… they load them on transport vehicles and ship them overseas every now and then.

            And Constantinople Bloke is Right. HI happen to Know Mallorie…

            She is not now nor has she ever been a Muslim, I know her Father, Mother, Brother and Sister… they are not Muslims.

            She is also not a Leftist. She is a Rationalist who needs solid evidence to wild claims before she will believe them.

            Your headline is quite Wild and inflammatory…. If there is any factual basis (I really don’t give a bucket of flying cowshit one way or another….) A better headline might have made it seem more credible…. “Local Woman gang raped by Immigrants” Then in the body of the article you can mention that they happen to be immigrants… Spread your bat-shit crazy single minded agenda out a little and it’s easier to swallow.

            Take a tip or two from folks like Alex Jones…. they do a Great job at righting crazy ass inflammatory poorly cited bullshit and making it seem almost real, or maybe the fine folks at the Onion.

            Your Blind Hatred of Islam and it’s adherents lowers you to the same level as those radical backwards lefthand=toiletpaper bacon hating freaks who actually do plot and commit acts of terrorist violence.

          • @”Pete”akamallorieakabloke

            Wow, you lying bitch, how many personalitties do you have floating around in that empty little head of yours that is incapable of doing a proper google search?

            Was it you, petey here or bloke who could only find citations on “well known racist forum stormfront”?

            It’s not blind hatred, unlike your blind leftarded approval of all things foreign and aggressive.

            It’s actual, boots on the ground, living among muslims supremacists that “creates my blind hatred.”

            Let me guess. Your next personality will be a sweet, offended, “modern moderate” baghead who’s offended by all the “haters.”

      • @valhalla ummm, i dont see that anywhere… i dont know what youre reading, but thats not what it ssays… jeez, learn to read…

    • This is terrible, and I hope those animals get what they deserve.
      I only wanted to comment on the link Wendy sent out. I am a high school teacher, major in history and religion, and I just feel the need to warn about that link, it is very biased, of course, women have been opressed troughout cultures, but not all the cultures mentioned, have had that view on women. For instance, in ancient Roman culture, women were not viewed upon as slaves, worth nothing, this is the same with ancient Greece. It is however a valid point in today’s society, that many religions are quite harsh on women, and many cultures tend to downgrade the female sex. I just wanted to point out the the article is a bit one sided, and should be read with care.

      • Thank you for the warning in advance. It is no doubt that in Islam there is a problem, but there seem to be more biased research in there, unfortunately.

  70. A perfect time to bring this up.
    Anyone object to someone pee peeing on any of these animals?

    Forget pee pee, I just looked up and saw her age. Never mind, I am a mother — what I would do to them the Military won’t even do!

    She should thank God Mothers are there to see that satanic abuse.

  71. 11 years old. Read it again people-11 years old! Any question why, on the rare (for now) occasions I cross paths with muslims in my area that I bristle with unbridled contempt?

    • We have been trying to be polite…you know… act decent.
      I believe that the time is coming very shortly where people are going to start reacting.. maybe a dirty look; rolling of the eyes… something that’s NOT violent — but just allows them to know — you’re not S_ _ _ t.

      Let’s put them on the defense. We’re not talking about foreign leaders — just in general walking down the street if one says something.

    • 11 years old. Read it again people-11 years old! Any question why, on the rare (for now) occasions I cross paths with *MEN* in my area that I bristle with unbridled contempt?

      Your logic, applied to another group. Some men rape does not mean all men rape.

      • Bob, you are the problem. When the greatest majority of violent offenders are muslim you HAVE to CONFRONT the muslim problem. People like you who want to deflect the attention away from the islamic pigs only embolden them. You’re a sickening excuse for a human being.

        • John, I don’t think he has been reading or listening, or watching the video(s) about these animals. He needs to stop commenting until he becomes more educated.
          Hmmm, either that, or he has been in a situation where he has raped someone or knows of someone who rape a woman and is making excuses.
          Either/or, he is a very twisted man.

        • John, I agree 100% deflection has been used in Britain, 9 muslim men charged with grooming White non Muslim girls some as young as 11yrs old after this story came out many more stories from all over the country of Muslim men selling sharing and swapping young infidel girls then all went quiet and the Jimmy saville story erupts all over the news hundreds of children molested all over country jimmy saville has been dead yrs nothing can be done now to protect these children who are now adults but by using JS a big showbiz icon people are interested yet show the sheeple of britain what the scum cult of islam is capable of and there eyes and ears remain closed after all if they actually stood up and did something they wouldn’t need to moan about the state of our once great country. IMO the only reason the jimmy saville story came out when it did was to deflect away from the real threat of our children ISLAM.

      • “Allah” condones such behavior? I guess he does, if Muslim men are also permitted to take wives (whether they girls and their parents are willing or unwilling)of the same ages or even younger. And these Muslim men think they are following god’s laws? The god of Islam is a monster, and Mohammed was his false prophet.

    • I find myself in a similar mindset after visting this rather informative website a few times. I can’t take a cab or go to a 7/11 or go for fast food anymore for fear that I may lose my composure and say something that may get me buggered or beheaded.

      • Careful; as the vermin also are known to regularly carry knives. It assists them in some rape situations. True (they use it to open the hole if…). You get the picture.

    • One more time Sweden wake up ! In the immortal words of Winston Churchill ” If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves . Sweden WAke Up

      • The first responder is calling on Sweden to wake up. We need to worry about LEFTists here that will NOT, for the life of them, speak truth. A significant percentage of Muslims are terrorists. Once in ten blue moons, a Christian will kill or terrorize someone. Let’s imagine for a moment if just one half of one percent of the world’s Muslims are willing to die in a concerted attempt to eradicate Westerners and Israeli’s; well you get the idea, do the math. The LEFT is inadequate when it comes to being able to properly extrapolate based on meaningful, verifiable data.

        • I am a muslim and I’m really sorry for has happened to that little girl…I have a daughter and wouldn’t wanna experience what her parents is experiencing or wouldn’t want that to happen to my daughter…but please understand, islam is not the enemy, only the misguided & uneducated muslims are the enemies and I hope they (culprits) get severely punished!

          • weve all heard that before…Before Muslims en masse showed up, no crime. when Whites live by themselves, there is no crime. But when non-whites show up. Crime. I do feel bad that the US (where I live) is obsessed with murdering people in your country (countries) and we should get out of all of them. I sincerely do. but when push comes to shove, i don’t want to live within a 1,000 miles of your breed. sorry.

          • Have you read the Qu’rân, your “equivalent” of the Judæo-Christian Bible? Are you aware of passages like 9:5, 9:29 and MANY others where hatred and violence against us “infidels” are perpetually COMMANDED by your “Allah”?? Also, from the following article at http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Muhammad/myths-mu-rape.htm, we know that Mohammed APPROVED OF RAPING “infidel” women!!! In fact, we know that your ideology commands you to do anything evil to us “infidels”!!!

            Thus, don’t try to lie to us that it’s individual Moslems who do these things of their own will: it’s ISLÂM that is our most implacable ENEMY!!!!! More proof is available at http://www.thereligionofpeace.com. To make matters worse, by your surname, you likely are a suspect as a convert to Islâm, which makes you an absolute traitor to your country, your people and all your customs!!!!

            You should hide your head in the most abject SHAME for not only embracing the ideology of the West’s MOST MORTAL ENEMIES, but even trying to parrot its utterly mendacious Trojan-horse tricks to the rest of us!!!! Go to Iran or Saudi Arabia and see what Islâm really is. If you so really like it, move there forever and renounce your Western citizenship: you are our ENEMY and we by rights ought to deport you and your family over there so you can enjoy your “pure Islâm” (at best)!!!! Go there so that you’ll not be liable to trial and execution as the traitor you truly ARE when the upcoming war between Islâm and the West erupts!!!! In the West, honest enemies have more respect than traitors and spies!!! GET OUT of the West immediately and don’t return unless you completely and PUBLICLY renounce and curse Islâm!!!

          • BS! Islam preaches killing all infidels, which is are defined as ANYONE not muslim. If you really don’t believe in this violence, convert to something besides islam.

          • You are mistaken. Islam is indeed the enemy. Have you actually read the quran or any ahadith? Islam tells muslims to kill any unbeliever. It tells muslims to subjugate unbelievers. In fact, your allah says that your husband is allowed to beat you (Surah 4:34). And you say Islam is not the enemy? Islam has brainwashed these people, even you. These uneducated and misguided muslims as you put it, need to be sent out of every country in the world and send back to where they came from. If Muslims are killing muslims, so be it, why go to another country and kill others? So don’t lie to these people and say islam is not the enemy. Stop practicing your taqiya we don’t believe you.,

        • Muslims must be forced out! I don’t care if one (like on this reply) Says they feel bad about this crime. NO You are all one and the same. Drive them out of Europe, watch crime rate FALL.

        • …islam is not the enemy, only the misguided & uneducated muslims are the enemies and I hope they (culprits) get severely punished!

          As a former liberal, I’d like to believe you are correct. Unfortunately, when one understands that the little girl is an infidel, while her attackers were Muslim, and they might be convicted in a Swedish court, they would not be convicted under Sharia law anywhere. How is that right or just?

    • They and the rest of Europe will do nothing. It’s a numbers game and the Euros are dying off. The 2 world wars took all the fight out of them.time to find a new planet.

    • Too late Sweden, you have no way to protect yourself. Move to the US and fight for their 2nd amendment, it’s their only protection left against their state going in the same direction.

    • It’s hard to fight radical Islam when our own President is Islamic and a complete sympathizer of the radical behavior. Michelle Obama must be a jihad Jane to go along with this anti American behavior.

        • Moochelle is a communist who likes to live like royalty. She is a hypocrite user of the taxpayers money. She loves the good life and enjoyes showing her shoulders and her “well toned arms” all the time. She would not do well in the Islamic world, besides as Ayaan Hirsi Ally said in her books, arab Muslims have disdain for black people, the word for black is abeed ( something like that) which is the same word for slave.

    • Didn’t Sweden help us bomb the shit out of Serbs who were fighting those mongrels for centuries in Bosnia and Albania. Think you guys recognized theirs southern province as a independent country too. Another little Muslim state in Europe. Guess we picked wrong people to support…

      • Where are the men of Sweden? Where are the descendants of the mighty Vikings??? What happened to the men of Sweden who will not defend their women from the attack of invading barbarians???Shame on the men of Sweden… they have been emasculated, or castrated by PC.


      Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and ONLY into White countries.

      The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

      Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

      What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country and ONLY into Black countries?

      How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

      And how long would it take any sane Black man to notice this and what kind of psycho Black man wouldn’t object to this?

      But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of GENOCIDE against my race, the White race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

      They say they are “anti-racist”. What they are is anti-White.

      “Anti-racist” is a code word for anti-White.

    • Do not understand why the politicians of Sweden have bartered away their beautiful land to barbaric muzzies.

      • Artem – or is it actually Artjóm (if you’re a Russian, then I’d expect the latter in terms of pronunciation) – that’s what “internationalist”, pure MARXISM does to those who prefer it over our traditional Judæo-Christian Western civilisation!!!!

        Sweden has been under the Marxist thumb for many decades now – and now they’re paying the price… And yes, one of the consequences of drinking the Marxist Kool-Aid is becoming anti-Caucasian (i.e., anti-white)!!!

    • Sweden? How about England, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, USA? Is someone paying off these incredibly stupid politicians. We all work hard to make our way in the world for the politicians to give it all away to damned, HORRIBLE, cruel immigrants who should not be allowed out of their own countries.

      Why do governments want these animals in their countries? I know a lot of very moderate, Muslims who are just like us and only want peace and freedom, but until the Koran is somehow modified or all these monsters are removed from the face of the earth, we are going to continue to have serious trouble.

      All the more reason for EVERY adult to be armed and willing to kill them on site if they are the least bit threatening. I will take my chances in a court of law before I would let them mess with me.

      These animals are lower than a pig’s belly and I think we should all start fowling their neighborhoods with pig’s blood…it is time to repay these nasty slime that just crawled out of the primordial ooze.