HOORAY! The English Defence League gives birth to the European Defence League

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Scotland, 10 countries in all are coming together with a singular goal in mind: To save their countries from the plague called Islamization. (So when do we get an American Defense League?)

UK TELEGRAPH  More than 10 anti-Islamic groups from across Europe, led by the English Defence League, are expected to send representatives to a big rally in Denmark on March 31st.

“There will be speeches from every defence league in Europe,” said Isak Nygren, the spokesman for the Swedish Defence League. “I hope we can show that there’s resistance against Islamisation of Europe, that we can inspire each other.”

The EDL has held one European rally before, sending members to Amsterdam in 2010 in support of Dutch anti-Islamic politician Geert Wilders, who was in court accused of insulting religious and ethnic groups.

Tommy Robinson, the founder of the EDL three years ago,  said he was inspired by the Amsterdam gathering to link up with other far-Right groups in Europe, setting up the European Freedom Initiative.

The EDL is seen as being quite a significant movement, and groups in Europe are looking at Britain and the EDL as a model. Denmark is a natural choice for the EDL to launch its first European march.

The Danish People’s Party is one of the most electorally successful anti-immigrant parties in Europe, winning 12.3 per cent in elections last September. The Danish Defence League has grown rapidly since its founding a year ago, with chapters already set up in more than 10 Danish cities.

European Defence League




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  1. Thank you for the encouraging item, it’s great to know that there are many in the UK and Europe who are able to gather together in March. It’s not that the Atlantic is too wide for us over here, it’s just a too expensive
    for some of us to attend. We will be there in spirit, for sure.
    God Bless the E.D.L. and the European Defence League.

  2. Safety in numbers. As we band together, are strength grows. As our strength grows, more and more will be encouraged to speak and write the TRUTH. The TRUTH thas been mitigated at every opportunity. Together, we will rise up, take back what is ours AND KEEP IT.

  3. This is GREAT news! Hopefully, more and more people will wake up to the creeping sharia going on around them and join this organization…safety in numbers.

    BNI, just want you to know that although I don’t post comments very often lately (I’ve been super busy), I still read your site at least once a day, and still think you are the BEST anti-Islam blogger on the Internet. God bless and keep you safe!

  4. I do not believe Tommy Robinson was the founder of the EDL. There is a great deal of controversy over how he obtained leadership, and none of it good…..but still, as long as he stays on track, that is what is important at this point.

  5. Yeeha! Freedom and hope still exists.Well done Tommy,EDL and Europe.Hopefully the movement will grow and spread.

    We are with you in spirit and can’t wait to see the results of your organization.

  6. Finally. i wish there was an American Defense League. I think the US is too complacent. and expects someone else to do it for us,

  7. This is some nice solidarity, hopefully it goes to include nations beyond Europe as well.

    Meanwhite the usseful idiot Leftists are going to feel the true belligerence from their Muslims “allies”.

  8. yes!! this is what europe needs,a huge coalition of ALL rightwing/anti-islam party’s.its hopefull for the futur of al non muslims,finally!

    • You don’t have to be right wing to be anti-islam, you only need a bit of common sense. I’m sure being anti-islam gives the impression of right wing to many. Maybe I read rightwing/anti-islam wrong. I post a lot of truth about the evils of Islam on my site.
      Bob A.

  9. “So when do we get an American Defense League?”

    Bonnie, I’m sure you’ll recall Pam Geller’s “Stop the Islamicization of America” (SIOA) has merged with “Stop the Islamicization of Europe” (SIOE) to form “Stop the Islamicization of Nations” (SION).

    That being said, I’d like to see the American Defense League spring up. The more the merrier.

    • KM, apparently there is one if you look at the comments above. But they haven’t done anything yet from what I’ve seen.

        • trin, and very happy to be yours. I do hope we will one day have an ADL with the courage and conviction that you all in the EDL have. I was directed to the ADL when they had nothing more than a Facebook page. They have a website now which is all about Islam but I don’t see any activity there. That’s why I asked to see some before posting about it.

  10. Go Get em Lads, we’ve got your back here in the USA, hope to be purchasing some EDL shirts in the next week or two, keep up the good work.

  11. @Therese: Language is everything. You are NOT a racist and neither are Tommy & the Lads. EDL is NOT a “far-right” organization and I doubt seriously that the Danes and Swedes even know HOW to be fascist. EDL has a VERY diverse make-up and they are absolutely committed to defending the freedom of ALL people. Would to Heaven that the European Defense league had existed twenty years ago, along with an African Defense League, an Aussie Defense League and a “Defense League of the Americas”. Along with Dubi, I just pray that it’s not too late now.


  12. “other far right groups”? Just what, exactly, is so far right about these groups? Seems to me they speak common sense, and many of them probably vote liberal in elections. We need to pay attention to the language we use to describe the EDL and others. “Far right” is code for Nazi sympathizer.

    • Which is sad, because the Nazis are a leftist group. They get classified as “right wing” incorrectly… unless, of course, you’re a communist. Fascism and Nazis are forms of socialism, which is always LEFT of center.

      What needs to happen in the USA is that every American who believes in having the right to speak their minds, work where they are qualified to do so, own guns for their own defense and for hunting and sport shooting, who does NOT wish to be forced to bow to a sandpit in the deserts of Arabia 5 times a day, all of them need to come together, quit letting the Left divide them up by “race”, and stand up for the Constitution, for the Republic, and against Islam.

      • What are we doing?>>>>
        -Demonstrating downtown Portland OR the visiting POS! ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf
        -Coordinating with Brigitte Gabriel all concerned Northwest citizens over 150 in attendance.
        -Distributing literature to NW citizens to educate about the ideology.
        -Attend 9/12 and AFP meetings and spread the word!

  13. Everything Ewald Stadler says applies to every nation infected with malignant Muslim malcontents. I am reminded of what Rev. James Manning said about whites in general: “Look, you who want to keep pushing whites around had better think about it. They are tolerate to a degree. Once you have worn their tolerance down with your intolerance, they can be the most intolerant people on the planet. Brutal? There are none more brutal than whites when you leave them no other choice. As for me? I am with them. I will not sacrifice my life or anyone elses on the altar of intolerance.” – Rev. James Manning, ATLAH Church, New York [emphasis mine]

  14. i am in contact with a Christian brother from Nigerianon BBM and he tells me that we here in the UK & Europe are hearing only 5% of what is happening in his country. Its about time we stand up to islam and sent them back to the caves they came from. if your reading this and you dont know much about islam, look up mohammad he was a mad man that lived in a cave for many years and said he heard a voice. im sure if i lived in a cave id start to hear voices. Jesus died for us ALL, remember that!!

  15. The British media somehow got the news before we were able to give an official statement.
    Please refer for legit information about the meeting on this website

    Very bad timing..as we have technical difficulties to post the latest news.

    I don’t know about Scotland..They are not on board yet, however there are ongoing talks with DL from Scotland to join our little family.

    In terms of American Defense League..there is a possibility that they will also attend the rally in Denmark.
    Thus far these countries are officially in
    England, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Serbia, Greece, Finland, Italy. Slovakia.

    Administrator of ADL and “employee” for EDL

    I work on both sides of the pond

    • ADL, I would be happy to do a story about the ADL, now that I see you have a website rather than just a Facebook page. Please give me any info you would like have posted that is not contained in the website. Or how about a statement from you?

      • OH GOOD! Glad to see you recognize the American Defense League. As the Administrator for the Northwest Division of the American Defense League. I am on Facebook only but coordinate with ADL AND EDL (AKA EDL). My focus is primarily with the Northwest Muslim issues. And there are many! Prominent lately was the Portland OR Christmas tree bombing exposure.

    • You are full of shit mate,ever heard of the SDL ? They are part of the EDL,they support us and we support them !

      Tell me who you know in the ranks of EDL or the Scottish Defence League ?

      I’m EDL and i know who is who and thus far you have no connection to ANY of us ??

      Get your group going,not on a fucking computer but FEET ON THE STREET ! Then little man,you can mention EDL/SDL !!!!!!!

  16. Sir Winston Churchill is one of the best leaders mankind has ever seen. i never this perspective of Sir Winston Churchill on Islam. Very educative. Thanks a lot. It is a like a reaffirmation that my ideas of Islam and his are one and same.

  17. And don’t forget us Downunder, I hope we get one too and quickly. So man of my people cant see the danger ahead and prefer to call the people who want to save them for a fate worse than death RACIST.

    If I am a racist for loving my country, then for the time being, I will have to wear it. But I hope anyone I have warned won’t come crying on my shoulder when they have to deal with the horror of Islamification.

    So, congratulations to the Viking part of Europe of Europe.

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