Why are 70% of Oslo, Norway citizens terrified of going out alone in the evening?

In a word: MUSLIMS. These Arab and North African parasites not only live off the State, they are responsible for an alarming surge in rapes, murders, and explosions. All rapes reported in Oslo last year were by Arab and African Muslims.

No official is suggesting the need for criminal background checks for immigrants. A politician, Fabien Stang said when told about the massive number of rapes in Oslo, “Goddamn Hell, I don’t know what to do any more.” (Duh, I have an idea: Ban all Muslim immigration)


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  1. Seriously? Criminal background check for immigrants? *sigh of exasperation* Honey, this is “normal attitude towards non-muslim women”. This is not “CRIMINAL”… this is “NORMAL”!! Sometimes I think to myself that Europeans and Westerners couldn’t survive a day in the Middle East. You tasted so much freedom you think EVERYONE is civilized?? Lol… I still catch myself surprised at the beautiful ways Canadians act… you think we see that in the Middle East?? No, not background checks… HIGH SUPERVISION. If they don’t learn the language, get a job or education, or at least try, deport them back! If we’re here to destroy your country, why on earth would you let us in? I’d kick my own brother back to our country if he acted half as barbaric as these people are!!

  2. What ever happened to the proud Vikings that ruled the world. They are rolling in their graves. If your not MAN enough to protect your women maybe you should rely on Mr. Smith & Mr. Weston for some help.

  3. Gondor,

    Actually I heard that all rapes where the women did not know the rapists, the men were Arabs and African muslims….not all rapes.

  4. First off, carry a gun.

    If these muslim males were raping men, they would have long been kicked out, but because they are raping the non-muslim women, the non-muslim coward men won’t stand up for them. You better believe there would be hell to pay if non-muslim men were raping muslim women. Get a bloody spine men, unite, and kick the bastards out.

  5. Stating that all the rapists in Oslo were Arab and African Muslims might be pushing it, because apparently the police figures don’t support that claim and Islamist front sites like Loonwatch have ridiculed this claim.

    Still there’s no doubting that removing Muslims will decrease the instances of rape among other things.

    We may not live in the minority report age where we can predict which individuals will commit crimes but we do know what groups are likely to carry them out.

    There is abosultely no reason to allow Muslims to immigrate when the commit more crimes, inbreed, spread drugs, fund terrorism etc. But especially because they creat “no-go” areas which is the clear proof of their intent of terrirtorial annexation and sedition.

    Boot these Muslim invaders out already!

  6. Mozzies are at war with kafirs until victory.

    Rape and robbery are the original Islam of Mohammed in the Sira and Hadiths.

    Mo’s orginal group resembled a modern motorcycle gang like the Hell’s Angels. That’s why so many convicts are drawn to this DEATH CULT FOR MEN.

  7. Norwegian citizens of Oslo!!….Helloooooo,the filthy stinking asslifter immigrants that your liberal asshole government has allowed to come and stay in YOUR country is now taking over, doing whatever the hell they please with and to you f—ing infidels,and in their demented minds you owe them, being they are “Allah’s chosen people” and you are, at best their slaves, and at worst, their victims if you do not “submit” to their religion of PISS!!…”Learn self defense and stay close to the phone”?!…BS!!…Arm yourselves with Glocks, AK-47’s, and whatever sophisticated weaponry you can obtain, and learn how to properly use them; then the first time you are subjected to an attack by filthy asslifters, you kill the filthy bastards, they WILL NOT soon return to YOUR TURF trying to claim it as theirs!!…And in case you haven’t already noticed, you can’t count on ANY help from your local police!!…Keep praying and keep yourselves well armed!!

  8. I used to be afraid to walk around at night, too. Then I started walking around with sixteen friends, Mr. Glock and the Hollowpoint sisters.

    Mr. Tactical Flashlight comes in handy, too. (He can easily blind would-be attackers, especially when he is used in disorienting pulse mode.) And of course, Mr. Mace. (He likes to stain people’s faces so they can be identified later by the police.)

    These eighteen escorts are such good company. And they all fit comfortably in one or two pockets. Now I feel safe wherever I go.

    Another nice walking companion would be a very large dog. I’m sure they haven’t been outlawed in Norway – yet.

  9. My first impression of their problem would be that of cowardness, although I may be wrong. If they are in fear of leaving their homes because of the non-natives and their penchent for disrupting the peace among them, of course the only sensible action would be to take it to them, tit-for-tat. I guess this makes too much sense to the p/c crowd so that will not be tolerated even if tried. I can’t feel sorry for a population who is too timid to defend themselves among wolves. As an American warrior it’s just not in my nature to avoid trouble makers and do nothing about it, I usually jump in with both barrels ah blaz’n and wait for the less than serious heathen to get some more, there’s plenty where these acts come from, never afraid to influence their behavour by action less than politically correct inaction, one does not appease your tormentors, you learn to think and act lower than their expectations and make believer of them by your actions.

    I understand not every one enjoys the sport of fighting to win, this appears to be a case where the wolf hounds are in need of being called out to thin the herd of wolves preying on the less than honorable sensibilities of the sheeple. If you won’t stand up for anything, you are going to fall for everything, I guess if you are that gutless to protect your selves among these wolves, crying about it is not going to make a difference. Either get out there and surround these wolves with overwhelming numbers of force and do some about it, or do as you are sheeples, just bitch about it. I can hardly respect any coward or bitchers to understand my mindset, perhaps, they might want to take a little constructive advise and do something about it as recommended. If the police and or politicians are too cowardly to respond, just respond in kind, perhaps if the wolves understand your resolve you might not have a problem with them. IMHO.

    Semper Fi warriors, infidels and Patriots.

  10. We don’t go out at night anymore in the larger cities of Australia because of the Muslim violence. Car theft, drug deals in full sight. We have had thirteen drive by shootings in the Islamic suburbs in Sydney in the last week. Today was the first there was not one. However we had a young man stabbed about 15 times by a Middle Eastern, who though the Australian had cut him off when driving home at night,and that was on a good night.

    But, as our government tells us – There is no problem with Muslim migration. Just racist Australians.

    Well it is not the Australians carrying out all of the filthy crimes.

    That’s why we don’t go out at night.

    • It is about time! Seems the entire world is getting the same problems all at the same time. Now! IF Everyone will do it within a short time span. Just maybe they’ll get the picture.

    • Exactly….mass deportation is hard to do but Europe is starting it as we speak. I knew it was coming just didn’t know when. When everyone gets it through their head mass immigration of these fools is suicide things will be ok! Mass deportation has started!

      Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)
      To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.

      In a government bottomed on the will of all, the…liberty of every individual citizen becomes interesting to all.

      “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” (Quoting Cesare Beccaria)

  11. This is ONLY an excerpt. I will give the entire URL address. This is THE Most Important Article I have EVER read:
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    The reason it must be eliminated is because Political Correctness is a Trojan horse for Marxism, which always destroys everything it touches. PC is a curse which must be denounced before it mangles its host society, especially since it is the very opposite of Free Speech. More importantly, individual responsibility is eliminated by PC standards which make irrelevant personal morality. This is the subject of this essay.

    I. Definition of Political Correctness

    Political Correctness (PC) is shorthand for an ideology which implies ethical or moral superiority for various positions which challenge traditional morality. TheFreedictionary.com defines PC as

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    PC has become, in practice, a set of standards by which communication is purified from unacceptable content. But PC has also deeply affected public policy and law, and ultimately ideas about morality, itself. For example, against the longstanding notion of the right of free expression, even thinking many forbidden thoughts would break PC norms. And for this reason, PC has evolved from being rules for “sensitivity” training into a set of un-breachable social mores.

    One author sums up this idea:

    Political correctness has 3 features. First, political correctness is a set of attitudes & beliefs divorced from mainstream values. Second, the politically correct person has a prescriptive view on how people should think & what they are permitted to discuss. Third, & most importantly, political correctness is embedded in public institutions, which have a legislative base, & which have coercive powers. It is this third aspect that gives political correctness its authority. Without this capture of power the views of the politically correct would simply be another view in the marketplace of ideas. A person, an institution or a government is politically correct when they cease to represent the interests of the majority, & become focused on the cares & concerns of minority groups.

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  12. Kick them out of the damn Country!
    Where are the spines in people?

    The entire world needs to grown a spine and let them know — NO MORE!!!

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