MORROCO: Angry unemployed graduates set themselves on fire, threaten collective suicide

Quick! Somebody show this video to the Occupy Wall Street entitlement whores.

Observers.france2  For the past two weeks, nearly 200 members of the “unemployed graduates” movement have camped out in front of the Ministry of Education in the Moroccan capital Rabat. Some of these protesters threatened to set themselves on fire if they were not immediately given jobs in the public sector. After a clash with police Wednesday, several young men carried out this threat.
 The movement is comprised of young people who have completed higher education but now find themselves jobless. According to the latest official figures, more than one third of Morocco’s young people are unemployed.
In July 2011, after a sit-in that lasted several days, unemployed graduates in Rabat secured an agreement promising they would be recruited by the public sector this year. Or so they thought – they later discovered that the recruitment would be limited only to those who graduated in 2010. So two weeks ago, 180 of the activists formed “the senior management group excluded from the July 20 agreement.”
The group’s leader, Mahmoud Houas, had already indicated that things could take a turn for the worse if the authorities did not resolve the situation quickly, and he even hinted at the possibility of collective suicide.

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  1. Absolutely tragic that anyone, especially these young people so full of potential/tomorrow’s leaders, would become so desperate as to set themselves on fire because they need/want a job … very sad …

    • Actually, in the case of Muslims, the best thing that can happen to them is not to get ANYTHING positive or beneficial UNLESS PRECEDED by their totally renouncing Islâm and so blaspheming it as to ensure that they’re automatically sentenced to DEATH under it!!!!

      Until Islâm as an ideology is completely WIPED OFF THE MAP from the entire surface of this planet Earth, we’ll ALWAYS be in direst DANGER from them – they’re the agents of the Antichrist (like all other totalitarians)!!!!

      • Welll, DUH?! That is a great idea!!!

        And, another thing…that would stop it?
        Ask to see their IRS returns for the last 7 years. IF they’ve never paid into the system — they should NOT be allowed to Eat from the System.

  2. So what the heck is wrong with the rest of those students? If they REALLY wanted to make a statement, they’d have followed suit.

  3. how is setting yourself on fire going to get you a job. if you survive burns really hurt. Trust me i know from experience (minor burns all the way to the bone) and the pain never goes away.

  4. Ill send a generous donation of gas and matches to them! Love to see muslims wiping themselves out! Saves us the trouble!

  5. A Great Idea = Less Muslems In This World, And No Virgins Expected Or Wanted ! Sounds Like A WIN, WIN FOR EVERYONE ELSE IN THIS WORLD !

  6. Gee….that looked like HELL for them,in fact,if they all stayed there they could ALL BURN IN HELL….”kebab anyone”????


    Behind this sitution lies COUSIN MARRIAGE and concomitant NEPOTISM.

    The entire Moslem world is filled with NEPOTISM because of COUSIN MARRIAGE.

    By BANNING cousin marriage, we can set in motion the great liberation of Moslem young people from misogyny, hatred of the ‘other’ and from NEPOTISM.


    Politicians, are you listening?

  8. Yes, like they are the only ones in that predicament… wherever you look, taxi drivers in mexico city are doctors, van and man moving companies in NY have engineers moving furniture… HELLO!!
    You need to work in whatever shows up… is not up to the nanny state to get you a job.

  9. It appears as if the “victim card” has played itself out, good about time. Burn idol worshipers of allah, burn til your soul is consummed and reenters the den. Ask me if I care, hurry, oooops, sorry too late.

    Semper Fi.

  10. Even if they survive the self burning – gee whiz, I don’t like their chances of getting a job anywhere. Bloody idiots. Just another example of the Muslim stand over tactic.

    “Gimme what I want or else”.

  11. Gee..I’m an experienced photographer..guess I’ll go burn myself and see if I can get myself a job…Nahhhh- attention seeking is for low-life muslimes, I say “LET EM’ BURN!!” LOL…..I wonder if anyone thought to load up a few marshmellows and toast them over the flames?….

    • Talking Heads did that song. I used to love that band, then I became conservative and decided I didn’t like their politics…especially David Byrne’s!

  12. And we’re supposed to care, why?

    This is the direct result of the narcissistic, “you owe me” society of Europe.

    And soon, the USA, if we don’t wake up.

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