FRANCE: Backlash against ‘Muslim-spread’ as more pigs ‘magically’ appear on the site of another proposed mosque

A complaint called ‘public insults to religion’ was filed after the discovery of two pig heads on the construction site of a mosque in Nanterre, said police sources.

 7SUR7  The first pig’s head was found freshly cut Thursday morning at the door of the building site and another was thrown behind the fence,” said the source.The mayor of Nanterre (leftie) Patrick Jarry expressed in a statement Friday “his emotions following the malicious and provocative act which targeted the construction site of the mosque.” 

“Those who committed this act of racism should be investigated and punished,” given a hero’s welcome added the mayor, reaffirming “the commitment of the municipal team to live together and the freedom of worship in dignity.” (When muslims afford Christians that right, we’ll think about it) The president of the association Irchad (Orientation in Arabic), Rachid Abdoun, responsible for managing the mosque, called the act of “odious.” 

“But that will not stop us to continue to preach a message of tolerance for everyone to practice his religion freely and without hatred,” he said in a statement. The police station of Nanterre was conducting the investigation. (Islam teaches hatred for and violence against every other religion. So blow it out your ass)