Palestinian kept his young daughter locked up in the bathroom for 9 years

Palestinian Authority police handed over an Israeli Arab citizen to Israeli Police custody after arresting him on suspicion of locking up his daughter (now 20) in a bathroom for nine years.

JPOST & IranAware  The woman’s father admitted to locking up his daughter since she was 11-years-old, citing a “family dispute” as the reason behind her prolonged imprisonment.

When police officers arrived at the house, they discovered a locked door. The owner of the house refused the officers’ demands to unlock the door, claiming his daughter was using the bathroom. The woman heard the commotion and started screaming for help. She told police officers that her father had the key to the door.

After finally unlocking the door, the officers were surprised to discover a young woman sprawled on the floor, next to a pillow and a blanket.

The officers took the woman, who has not seen daylight for almost a decade, to the local police station, where she was given food, clothing and a social worker. The father was taken into custody.

The rescue operation was made possible by intelligence obtained by the police. The officers of the West bank city noted the woman thanked them for saving her after long years in captivity.