ANOTHER horror story about a European woman who married a Muslim

Janine Schoch

He kidnaps their two children, takes them to Tunisia, and then tries to sell her visitation rights for $184,000.

(You can take the Muslim out of the Islamic hellhole, but you can’t take the misogynist out of the Muslim) (H/T Islam vs Europe Mother Janine Schoch (30) Schoch met her Muslim husband, Issam O (34), in 2002 during their work as Kinderanimateurin in Turkey. “He was quite normal,” she says. “After work we would go drink some more. Even when the clothes could not be nearly enough for him. ” 

The two married and moved to Frauenfeld, where son Elias (7) was born in August 2004. A year later, Jonas (6) was born. “Then it started,” says Schoch. “He started to pray, was no longer wearing his gold wedding ring, went to the mosque every Friday.” 

Issam & Janine

Issam demanded that his wife submit to Islamic customs. She refused. “I said to him, ‘If you want to go down that path, do it'” But he taught the children to spit at churches, to spit on the Swiss cross.” She separated from him. Issam O. received weekly visitation rights. 

Husband Issam O. threatened repeatedly to kidnap the two children together Jonas and Elijah and take them to Tunisia. “I did everything in my power to prevent the abduction. But the authorities thought I was a hysterical woman who wanted to discriminate against the poor foreigner. ” 

The authorities took no action. On 22 August 2010 Issam , with a fake Tunisian passport, he flew with the children to his home country. Janine was told “there is nothing more you can do because the children are no longer under Swiss protection.  I was also told to watch myself.

Eight days after the kidnapping Issam sent his wife an e-mail with a list of his expenses and a note: If you raise $184,000, you could live with me in Tunisia, and see the children again. “It was as if he wanted to sell me my own children. 

The boys now live with their grandparents in Jendouba, a Tunisian town. Janine was able to visit them once but they do not speak German anymore. I understand their children’s Arabic can tell them I love them. But I do not speak fluent Arabic. Since then she has not seen her children. 

Elias & Jonas

She filed legal complaints but the Tunisian authorities weren’t interested. When her husband made the mistake of travelling to Morocco last year, though, he was apprehended and extradited to Switzerland. There he was charged with kidnapping, attempted extortion and making threats. He got 8 years in prison. But the children are still in Tunisia.




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  1. Im from india and a hindu… im a woman and the first thing all parents there tell their kids is do whatever mistake u like butnever ever marry a muslim man because its equal to a death sentence

  2. I have a close femail friend,,that did suffer low asteem,,It was all to do with her family,mainly her mother,,,Beautiful Blond small,but alot missing in her family,,,when she got to 17she was groomed,By a muslim and 3 children resulted,,,I had sunday lunch with them all yesterday,,and she is still a beautiful woman,,,this women has been used all her life,,and I have known her since she was 12,And her family,by white men too, and its funny that she moves in a circle of mixed race people,,a part of society that I have never known..But she has a heart of gold,,and works with the elderly,,BUT SHE will not admit that she was taken and used,,by these bastards,Even thru her life[that she worked to provide for her boys] as the first reached walking then 15 years,,they the mussies came around and tried to take them,,she wouldnt let them,There is nothing like an irish mother when you upset them !!!But the love between all of them is so wonderful to watch,,I really hope that this woman can turn things around…

  3. Weak, feeble minded,low self esteemed, white women will be the eventual downfall of western society.

    They believe that everyone regardless of heritage, religion or skin color thinks and acts just like they do, its a strictly emotional thought process, they think and act through their feelings instead of using their damn brains, very frustrating and very detrimental to western societies.

    • All the blame can’t be put on stupid women. There are just as many stupid men who convert to the male power cult for the pussy. The majority of the male idiots I met in Turkey were the type who denigrated all American/Australian/Canadian/British women as being “ugly, lazy, don’t cook, don’t know how to be a wife, don’t want families” and went to Russia looking for slaves. When they realized they didn’t have the income required for buying Russian slaves the hopped on over to Turkey and got very young slaves for free. Well, almost free, they had to convert to get the barely pubescent slaves.

      American taliban ring any bells? Watch the documentary “My brother the muslim” about another Western male…who has joined chowderhead an his pajama boys mob sharia4uk.

      Grover Norquist is married to a fakestinian vagina virgin.

      The blame lies squarely on the shoulders of socially retarded, physically, mentally and socio-economic disasters of both the male and female variety.

  4. The question is; when are our women are going to smart up and do not get close to a Muslim man?
    What does it take to get our women warned of the huge danger of Islam?
    Islam is criminal If our authorities do not do their job in protecting us WE, the people, must protect ourselves.

  5. My sister’s english friend in France married an algerian immigrant – converted of course (sorry – ‘re’verted). She used to lecture me about Islam. Unfortunately for her, though, I, a catholic, was able to outquote her off the top of my head on any koran or hadith excerpt she cared to mention, while laughing at her. She didn’t even know of the Sira until I told her about it. Funny, that? Hours of fun, guaranteed. Everything was ‘fine’ until they had a child. When the little girl was walking, he disappeared with her to algeria, never to be seen again. The algerian embassy in paris said “sorry, we’ve no citizens of that name”. Of course they did, come on! Needless to say, she’ll never see her little girl again, and she has been in a monumental depression ever since. poor woman. I never had the guts to say “I told you so”.

    • Musloids don’t qualify as men. Anything that is as afraid of women and their sexuality as those troglodytes lose all rights to call themselves men. And they’re the most pathetic momma’s boys on the planet.

  6. I’ve dealt with Muslims in Business when they first came to Dallas. They didn’t like dealing with “a woman” but I was the best at what I did and came with the highest references to get their businesses off the ground. The men are very handsome which with women who suffer with low self esteem– they are sucked in believing they have met their “Prince Charming.”
    I have gone up against Muslim men in business a couple of times — I have won but it took threats from Dallas County Sheriff’s Office as well as other departments to shut them down.

  7. Again and again, same sh** different day. These gals will never learn.
    I had several mohommedists working for me in the 80’s, one from Saudi Arabia the other from Lebanon. The Guy from Arabia was smart good looking and well spoken. His family was quite wealthy and has their own business. This man married a white gal, good looking smart college educated. got pregnant had a child girl. The man was so afraid of his father finding out he married a Christian gal he was beside himself. Eventually he and the child went to Saudi Arabia and did not come back.
    the man from Lebanon had a little boy that was allergic to mama’s milk, and cow’s milk and all formula. the child wouldn’t eat. so I asked where he was from and what he was raised on as far as milk was concerned, he said goats milk, so he tried it, and the baby ate fine.
    later he also returned home with he child.

    The names in the story changes but the climax is always the same. White gals you are on the short end. But so are all the other races when it comes to mohommedism. DON’T EVER BELIEVE A MOHOMMEDIST.

    • There was a movie years ago. Please correct me if I have title wrong. “Not With My Daughter.”
      Sally Fields played an American Woman who married a Muslim Dr. and they had a child.
      He wanted to visit home and of course, took his entire family.

      She finally did get out with her child; however, they need to play the movie again on TNT, USA or any channel on Cable.

      • Not without my daughter.

        True story. I was reading about the mother and daughter last years. Seems the daughter has wanted nothing to do with the father (now deceased) or his family. Reading between the lines it appears she’s “in hiding” from them…still.

        The douche even hired some dhimmi to make a documentary claiming everything from Betty (the woman Sally Fields portrayed) was a lie. Their daughter did not collaborate the mohammadan’s lies.

        I believe the daughter, Mahtob, is a lecturer on the topic of domestic violence.

        Betty wrote a book that was a compilation of stories similar to hers.

        The movie and book should be required viewing and reading for all hs females.

        Even the U.S. State department at one time had distributed, until the early 2000’s, a memo advising women to think carefully about marrying Saudi men. It was kiboshed but should be re-written to discourage marriage to ALL musloids.

        You can read it over on the Daniel Pipes blog. Just type in “non-muslim women” in the search bar and it should be the first article that pops up.

        • I also worked at a shelter for battered women and had a few of them come in. I admired their strength with what little they had left in running.
          We were very strict: No contact with family or friends because that would be the first place men like that go. They will beat or even kill someone that may know — so, the answer is — tell no one.

        • Instanbul Chic – You are hilarious! You deliver the truth about these Musloids in an entertaining way. Tho, I understand your tales are true and NOT funny to those women.

          I dont know what makes me more upset – the fact that this is happening, or the fact that countries appease and bend to these thugs…as if THEY have rights. Like that Muslim father honor killing his daughter…they refused to admit first degree murder, so its an accident. Are you kidding me?

          We need to put you in office – you’d straighten stuff out “I’d bet my left tit this guy is a liar” lol

  8. My first experience with Muslims was when I was a Promoter/manager of Nightclubs in Dallas. I’d take a “loser” club and turn it into a winner. It was written into the contract that If I didn’t succeed in 45 days, they owed me $”0″.
    Of course, they signed a contract (which means chit to them). I did what I said I would do. I had it up and running in the black within 45 days.

    You got it…they tried to squeeze me out.
    Lawyers don’t like that like of law suit so, I did something new.
    I met with a friend of mine at the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission. He never bothered me in any clubs that I owned and/or managed or promoted. He knew I ran clean clubs.
    He went in within two days and shut them down. Not only were they shut down — they could never get a liquor license again.
    Paid to have a good reputation and friends in high places.

  9. Well, she may as well write those kids off. I know that sounds harsh, but I’ve no doubt that by now they’re completely ruined, and have probably been fed all kinds of false stories about their mother, causing them to lose the love and respect they once had for her, possibly even hating her, believing she abandoned them. It’s too bad the Swiss prosecutors didn’t strike a deal with this hateful muzzie, offering that he serve half the time if the kids were returned to their Mother’s care. This guy doesn’t give a shit about those kids, or he wouldn’t have taken them from their mother, never to see her again. This story needs to be splashed across all news mediums in all Western countries.

  10. What is that saying, about laying down with the dog and waking up with fleas? Something like that. ‘Cept that would be a total insult to DOGS worldwide – comparing them to ANY member of that cult that follows a pedophile, goat-fornicating… [awww – those poor goats!], polygamous prophet who ate a handful of hallucinogenic mushrooms out in the desert one night, and in lieu of toilet paper used his left hand to wipe his a$$ after pooping, before coming up with all that drivel that is now as the koran. Feelings about Janine Schoch’s situation? None. My “give a damn” button is completely off – not working – at all. There have been MORE than enough prior instances of nice Western gals marrying muzzies that have unhappy endings where she could have, and should have, learned from someone else’s mistake. Janine chose NOT to learn; she chose to marry one of “them.” I know. I know. Surely, Janine had convinced herself that Issam O. was different… It has all been heard, ad nauseam. Too bad. So sad. But now it is time to put your big girl panties on, Janine. Just deal! No one wants to hear YOUR whining.

  11. This article hit too close to my home. A friend of mine’s 17 yr old daughter announced she had a new boyfriend who was Muslim but quickly let us know that he converted to becoming a Catholic. They were to be married only 2 weeks after they first met.
    The alarm went off in my head immediately. I didn’t say anything at the time. I waiting until I met him. During the course of the conversation, I asked him about his conversion. I waited then asked him when he had gone to RCIA (lessons “on becoming Catholic that IS required by non-Catholics). He stumbled around and gave no answer.
    I finally asked him. Didn’t you go to the classes? He tried to tell me that he didn’t because he already knew everything.

    I immediately warned the Mother of the Bride-To-Be. No one listened to me because he was “such a nice young man.”

    You know the rest with the beatings, etc.
    Did you know that Muslims fear a bunch of angry women coming through “his” door to take his wife out?

    We had him, literally, back into a corner (3 women) challenging him to take just “one swing” at any of us. He threatened to call the cops. Our Response: “please do! And, we’ll show the cops your wife’s black eye.
    (he didn’t know it — but the cops would have made us leave since it was a “domestic dispute” and we were not to interfere.

    She did leave with us and as she did, I warned him that we wouldn’t be so easy on him next time.

    (didn’t edit–please overlook — still upset when I think about stupid American women getting involved with Muslim men)

    • I wonder if that realizes how lucky she is having all of you looking out for her?

      Had many musloid try to convince me they were “Christian Catholic” when I’d blow them off with the honest “not interested in any relationships with muslims as I am not muslim.”

      Of course, they became furious when I’d ask them to name the Stations of the Cross and ask them what kind of Catholic can’t name the Stations of the Cross.

      They are epitome of habitual, shameless liars.

    • Upaces…this reminds me of our “other friend” who is SO in love with a muzzie she met ONLINE. He’s in Tunisia and she went there to visit and “everyone loved her.”

      Not only does our friend meet the “requirements” that Istanbul_Chick laid out… she’s Jewish too!

        • My own daughter told me she had met a Muslim and she was very interested in him. My heart sank to my feet. I know it is my daughter but I knew I had to be careful with my response. We have always had a relationship that if I say “White” — she automatically will say “black.”
          (He told her that he had converted to being a Catholic. (I knew I had him then!)
          I responded in saying: “Welll, bring him over and I’ll talk to him about how he liked “RCIA.” (8 weeks of lessons to become Catholic.”
          It was her intent to “prepare him” for Mom’s questions. Thank God, She never heard from him again.
          They all say they converted to Christianity,

      • Paula, I remember you telling me about her. We ALL knew her and I would never have thought she’d do anything this stupid. She was/is so intelligent…I hope she doesn’t get pregnant.

  12. I’ve commented on this before. I have known a couple women who have married these losers. At some point, the jerk has an ‘epiphany’ and finds Allah again. These guys turn into abusers and take the kids. It never changes. The men go back to islime and the women lose their kids. Pathetic!

  13. Odds are she will get them back in a few years after they complete their terrorist training ! Don,t feel sorry for her she should have stuck with the home boys instead of chasing the exoit Misogynist snake . big word that had to look it up.

  14. I have a Palestinian Christian girlfriend who married a Lebanese muslim. They have five kids.

    The youngest, a boy, is the sweetest of all. He just loves his mom. Last year, the father sent him to Lebanon for one month. It was enough to turn him.

    He went from the sweet little boy to a little boy that tells his mom that she deserves the insults the fathers throws at her. She’s only a stupid woman!

    • So much for the *NON SAHIH* hadith the musloid liars throw out about heaven being under the mother’s feet, heh?

      I really have no sympathy for non-musloid women who marry musloids. It makes about as much sense as feeling sorry for someone who sticks his arm in a lion’s cage.

    • Poor woman,,,how bad is that to have your children turned against you,,It can take years to turn them back,,sometimes its too late,,the funeral of the one that the children have turned against is well on the way,,,Then sometimes they ,,realize…too late…

      • She will feel the pain for her entire life.
        IF she can emotionally push herself to make the pain work “for” herself as well as others, I’d like to see her speaking in front of large groups about her experience — warning women about the Reality of Marrying a Muslim.

    • I believe God is real and that he is Jesus when he needs to be. I believe in angels and demons and I believe in Satan the devil. Revelation 12 says that Satan and his angels (demons) were thrown down to earth and they have but a little time to make war with the Christians. That little boy now has a real live demon assigned to him and that is why he is now evil. I read where a good Muslim man and woman had a great life until the husband went somewhere to do Jihad. When he came back he too was evil and therefore he has a demon assigned to him. He stopped loving his wife and beat her and treated her like an evil slave. Lucky for her she would not stand for that kind of thing. She divorced him and took the kids and went to another country and back to being a Christian. Demons are real and they are why Al Queda and the Taliban kill people. Satan is smart enough to decieve the whole world with a false religion, books, and a horrible law that goes against the ten commandments given to Moses and against the Godliness of the many prophets since Moses.
      John 16:2 Jesus: They will treat you as unbelievers; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God.
      3 They will do this because they have not known the Father or me.
      4 I have told you this, so that when their time comes you will remember that I warned you about them.
      Rev 20:4 I saw those given authority to judge. And I saw in heaven the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God.

  15. Friends don’t friends marry Muslims. This is particularly important for women but boys, that pretty Muslima has a family of barbarians waiting to kill you.

    Islam: pure evil.

  16. I can guarantee she told her friends and family before marrying this turd “oh but he’s different! He’s so modern and Western-minded! You’re just being raciiiissssttt!”

    Those kids aren’t yours anymore, toots. They are perfectly racist, misogynistic, hateful little musloids like their horrible prophet.

    Might as well leave them and spread your legs for a real Swiss man this time.

      • Unfortunately, you’re right.

        The only thing they do learn is this evil pc/mc “all cultures are equal” crap and “we’re all just human beings in one big happy family and if you don’t date outside your race/culture/religion/socio-economic group than you’re a raccciiiissssttt” bullkaka.

        The mindless minions of the pc/mc brigade fail to grasp that all families have black sheep.

    • This is the so called asymmetry of information in the West described by Christopher Caldwell.
      Muslims are aware of many things about Western Society and know how to exploit it. On the other hand, most westerners are not aware of Islamic society and don’t know what terms like “Taqiyya”, Family Honor, Kitman, Hudna, Islamic Jesus, Dhimmi etc. mean.

      Therefore many westerners are ideologically not able to protect themselves from Islam, they convert while thinking “well, this is just another exotic religion”.
      Governments are at fault because they allow their populations to be exposed to Islam without providing any ideological protection (the way children are provided ideological protection in the schools against Nazism, Communism, even Christianity etc.)

    • In my experience, after having met almost two hundred of these idiots (doing a social experiment of my own) the number one reason is low self esteem and the musloids hone in on that like flies to crap.

      Take chubby convert chick that BNI highlights from time to time. The fatty is obviously chronically depressed, cannot complete a cogent sentence without a maximum of verbal pauses and she’s butt frigging ugly.

      However, as with all fat/low esteem/daddy issues chicks they all imagine themselves to be prize catches and are shot down time and time again by Western men so they waddle willingly into the trap of lies set by the predatory musloids.

      I kid you not, musloids, at the least the ones in Turkey, would coach each other on which foreign women were the easiest to “catch” and how to do it. They discuss it as casually as you or I would talk about which bait to use to catch rainbow trout.

      After watching a sixty something woman with obvious parkinsons filing the final fiance exit/entrance paperwork with her twenty something “beau” who was openly talking about how easy it was to scam this woman (in Turkish as granny didn’t speak it) I lost any and all respect for and trust in immigration, the consulate and the state department for NOT scrutinizing marriage applications for Americans and musloids with a double fine toothed comb.

        • Many of them are quite attractive.

          However, if you pay attention, beautiful women often have self esteem issues simply because men are intimidated by them.

          Tubbos do not. Tubbos consider themselves “rubinesque” “BBW” and “goddesses.” Fatties usually have hyper-inflated egos and think they deserve educated, tall, dark and handsome men.

          Case in point: that Jewish doctor you featured in one of your older posts who was babbling on about polygamy preventing adultery. She wasn’t a tubbo, a socio-economic loser or a hag but I would bet my left tit that she was married to her college sweetheart who started banging a much younger woman as soon as the doctor got her first crow’s feet.

          I always get a chuckle when musloids tout that Nicole Queen twat as a “prize” convert. In her little conversion blurb she flat out admits she was boozing whore when she converted.

          • Her too! LOL Same thing with Yvonne Ridley the taliban convert. She was a boozehound with multiple marriages.

            Nicole Queen is some unknown bint from Texas or California. A typical club slut who had an epiphany and converted.

            It’s a laugh riot to read the musloid’s lists of “famous” converts. They really should call them lists of “the dregs of Western culture.”

        • You know, I’ve read that before and saw it once in Turkey. The musloid was literally shoving fries down the tubby’s throat while she had a cheeseburger in each hand!

          And I thought pigs were haram in islam!

          Online you know how you suss out the fat reverts from just the nutter reverts? The fattys always screech about musloids respecting women because…they don’t want the woman to work and stay at home!

          Only a fatty would be “proud” about sitting on their fat ass and doing nothing.

    • Is beyond me… I would not even go near them. Whote women have to understand that all they want from them is their womb, the children, and not for love, but to get more soldiers for allah. They lie naturally, so ofcourse they would say anything to get what they want. Stupid girls.

      • We Christian or Jews should not believe a word a Muslim say. Satan allows them to marry Christians or Jews to use them as child factory only and to inflict misery and pain..remember they have the spirit of anti-Christ, so they don’t know what is love is…Satan would know hatred and to inflict pain…we need to protect ourselves from them by not counting them as a normal being…intact they should be tax half of their income for living in democracy.