ANOTHER horror story about a European woman who married a Muslim

Janine Schoch

He kidnaps their two children, takes them to Tunisia, and then tries to sell her visitation rights for $184,000.

(You can take the Muslim out of the Islamic hellhole, but you can’t take the misogynist out of the Muslim) (H/T Islam vs Europe Mother Janine Schoch (30) Schoch met her Muslim husband, Issam O (34), in 2002 during their work as Kinderanimateurin in Turkey. “He was quite normal,” she says. “After work we would go drink some more. Even when the clothes could not be nearly enough for him. ” 

The two married and moved to Frauenfeld, where son Elias (7) was born in August 2004. A year later, Jonas (6) was born. “Then it started,” says Schoch. “He started to pray, was no longer wearing his gold wedding ring, went to the mosque every Friday.” 
Issam & Janine

Issam demanded that his wife submit to Islamic customs. She refused. “I said to him, ‘If you want to go down that path, do it'” But he taught the children to spit at churches, to spit on the Swiss cross.” She separated from him. Issam O. received weekly visitation rights. 

Husband Issam O. threatened repeatedly to kidnap the two children together Jonas and Elijah and take them to Tunisia. “I did everything in my power to prevent the abduction. But the authorities thought I was a hysterical woman who wanted to discriminate against the poor foreigner. ” 

The authorities took no action. On 22 August 2010 Issam , with a fake Tunisian passport, he flew with the children to his home country. Janine was told “there is nothing more you can do because the children are no longer under Swiss protection.  I was also told to watch myself.

Eight days after the kidnapping Issam sent his wife an e-mail with a list of his expenses and a note: If you raise $184,000, you could live with me in Tunisia, and see the children again. “It was as if he wanted to sell me my own children. 

The boys now live with their grandparents in Jendouba, a Tunisian town. Janine was able to visit them once but they do not speak German anymore. I understand their children’s Arabic can tell them I love them. But I do not speak fluent Arabic. Since then she has not seen her children. 

Elias & Jonas

She filed legal complaints but the Tunisian authorities weren’t interested. When her husband made the mistake of travelling to Morocco last year, though, he was apprehended and extradited to Switzerland. There he was charged with kidnapping, attempted extortion and making threats. He got 8 years in prison. But the children are still in Tunisia.