TUNISIA: Bagheads protesting a university’s veil ban get it shut down

Tunisia, once considered the most liberal, most secular country in the Muslim world, is getting a taste of what life will be like under the newly elected fundamentalist Islamist government.

Not only will the existing headbag ban be lifted, pretty soon all women will have to cover their heads or risk arrest.

 UPI    Women who endorse the ban carried signs saying, “Science before the niqab (full veil),” and “No to shackles, no to niqab, knowledge is free.”

Hundreds of Islamists protesting against a ban on women wearing face veils enrolling at university. Classrooms were empty, but the campus of Manouba University remained the arena of protests against the university’s policy prohibiting the niqab, or full-body veil.

The mainly young protesters blocked a main road leading through the area and threw stones at vehicles trying to get through. They shouted: “Allahu Akbar,” or “God is greatest” and “We will die for Allah!”

Secularist Tunisians Protest Against Islamist Attacks on Women’s Rights

A former French colony, Tunisia has a long history of secularist bans during the era of autocratic president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali who was swept from power in January.Under Ben Ali rule, thousands of people who were suspected of membership of an Islamist political group were arrested.