ACTOR LIAM NEESON: “After visiting Istanbul, I am thinking about converting to Islam”

He may have been named after the local priest in his Irish hometown but Liam Neeson could be leaving his Roman Catholic beliefs behind. The 59-year-old actor is said to be considering converting to Islam following a working trip to Istanbul.

UK DAILY MAIL  According to The Sun, Neeson admitted that Islamic prayer ‘got into his spirit’ while he was filming in Turkey. The call to prayer happens five times a day, and for the first week, it drives you crazy, and then it just gets into your spirit, and it’s the most beautiful, beautiful thing,’ he said.

‘There are 4,000 mosques in the city. Some are just stunning, and it really makes me think about becoming a Muslim.’

 Neeson was raised in Northern Ireland as a devout Roman Catholic due to his parents beliefs. However, the Taken star has recently spoken about his opinion towards religion. ‘I was reared a Catholic, but I think every day we ask ourselves, not consciously, what are we doing on this planet? What’s it all about?’ he said.

‘I’m constantly reading books on God or the absence of God and atheism.’

 The actor was criticised in 2010 after claiming The Chronicles Of Narnia lion, Aslan, who he provided the voice for in the film, was not based on Christ as CS Lewis had claimed but in fact all spiritual leaders including Mohammed.

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  1. Why all this hate towards islam??
    did anyone of you think that he maybe liked their way of life? or how polite they are? or how organised!! islam is about love and care, and accepting anyone no matter what he belives in. Maybe he saw “REAL” islam not the one you see on your media

    I’m a muslim and I have christians/etheist friends but i don’t care because they’re no harm to me, and No i’m not planning to bomb myself in a public place.
    What a cruel world e live in

  2. EVER SINCE his wife’s tragic death two years ago Liam Neeson has become rather irrational. That is rather sad. He may indeed elect swear obedience to that Koranic deity and its prophet… that is even sadder.

  3. Crap…. I loved you so much Liam!! I had so much esteem for you! Prayer call? Are you serious? You said it yourself… it drives you crazy at first… for most of us… it NEVER sinks in, and still drives us crazy! Maybe you should listen to Armenian Christians screaming while being raped, beaten, and murdered… Yeah… Turkey has a lot of nice things to share with us. Maybe it’s PTSD?

  4. Perhaps Mr. Neeson should make a trip to Europe and take a look at all the magnificent cathedrals … also those in England. He was born a free man in a free land and can change his religion if he wishes — but under Islam he would be a slave, a robot, and could never escape. Also, he has not studied the teachings of Islam — you cannot become a <muslim just because you think mosques are pretty buildings. By the way, ALL mosques were built after the pattern of the Hagia Sofia because the architecture of this Christian church was recognized to be the most ideal.
    Mr. Neeson seems to me to be an ignorant person who does not read not appreciate philosophy. He would do well to read the Bible diligently every day, therein lies the truth.

  5. Istanbul? Why not Kabul Liam, maybe you need to visit a real muslim country governed under sharia law, not a tourist hub.

  6. DON’T DO IT LIAM!! Liam Neeson WAS one of my favorite actors, and I especially liked his characters in “Taken” and “Schindler’s List”, but this SHIT he is thinking of now?!…becomining an ASSLIFTER, that crap shows that maybe you really are NOTHING like the character that you played in “Taken”,in which you battled against the very kind of maggot bastards you are now thinking of joining! You grew up Catholic, but apparently STILL know nothing of the Cristian faith. MR. NEESON, I would suggest to you that you enroll in an ALPHA CLASS at a local Christian Church, be it Catholic or whatever mainline CHRISTIAN denomination and learn what it is to REALLY be Christian before you sell your soul to Satan and join the Muzzy Asslifters!!….Wake the hell up, Man!

  7. These idiot actors haven’t learned to keep their mouths shut yet. Every time they open them the reality of who they really are gets in the way of their next project. It’s the quickest way to lose fans.

  8. Actually, I think he was just trying to be courteous to the host city he was filming in. Kind of like when musicians say that whatever city they are playing in has the greatest fans in the world. Not that I’m excusing his statement, I’m just explaining it.

  9. Actually, I think he was just trying to be kind to his host city. Kinda of like when musicians say that whatever city they are in has the greatest fans in the world.

    • Kirk, that goes beyond politeness. I was at the Vatican and saw no need to tell people I wanted the convert to Catholicism. His remark just shows how ignorant he is.

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  11. If this weak-minded fool wants to pick his religion based on buildings, he can travel Germany, France, England and throughout Europe to see cathedrals that makes one gaze in wonder. On the other hand, some of us also see G*D on a coral reef, on a mountain top, or in our back yard.

    • You have that so right, Charlie~!,,, For if G-D created everything, then S/HE IS everything,,, regardless of what theologians seem to feel and “think”,,, Luke 17:21 and John 4:20-25, KJV are very explanatory

  12. Ugh, coming from the man who portrayed Oskar Schindler… Way to shit on his memory by praising the same “religion” who supported Hitler, Liam.

  13. I hear he is remaking Schindler’s List with money from the Saudis, and will be helping to develop more efficient ways to get more Jews into train cars and to increase the efficiency of Zyklon-B; there is a hilarious scene in which he mistakenly stumbles into the showers set up for the Jews and when the lights go out, finds himself calling on allah to save him.

    Dumb turd.

  14. Liam Neeson is enchanted with something he has not really seriously considered the ramifications of, and has it comepletely romanitized in his mind. He seems to be basing the calling to payer and the beauty of the mosques on his idea of becoming Muslim. Wow! That is NOT a good reason to become a Muslim. HOpe he comes to his senses before long.

  15. What a fucking idiot,… i hope he gets eaten in that movie “The grey” … but i would’t give my wolves muzzie meat as it would be poisan. dirt eaters! they’re not fit for maggots.

  16. Neeson sounds like a classic “seeker” who can’t be satisfied with what his rational faculties tell him about the universe and so is searching for the most satisfying fantasy he can find. So now he’s admiring the pretty minarets and thinking about Going Raghead. Well, if he picks up this snake and takes it home, he will find out that changing his mind is not quite as easy as, say, dropping Zen Buddhism — or even Catholicism — when he finds himself stuck in “I-Used-To-Be-Cat-Stevens” Land.

    I felt sorry for this man when he lost his beautiful wife to a freak skiing accident, and grief can make people do strange, stupid things. But enough time has elapsed that he’s used up that credit and now qualifies for Brian’s “Cranial Rectosis” diagnosis.

    Ironically — and this is going to get me in trouble with some fellow Star Wars fans (actually I’m more of a Star Wars survivor) — I think the Jedi Order turned out to be a particularly obnoxious cult with its creepy leader Yoda telling a conflicted young man that he must not love or mourn for any one special person because that would cause him to “fear” for their safety and hey, we can’t have people loving anyone more than Life Forms in General, because all hell will break loose and we’ll get Death Stars and Galactic Empires and Dogs and Cats Living Together.

    Well, screw Yoda AND Muhammad and all the rest of the cosmic mind-f*****s who scramble the brains of the unwary in search of answers.

  17. My girlfriend emailed this to me spitting nails and put her husband on notice that every single CD with him in it would be tossed.

    Liam Neeson – you’re a moron…

    (Pink – ROFL!!!!!!!!!! :)

  18. i guess that means when they do the remake of schindlers list he gets to play the nazi kommendant amon gertz ,it will be more in line with his new religion. personaly i don,t care what he does, he,s an actor and most of them are assclowns,narsacists morons and nuerotics anyway.

  19. Do people REALLY “convert” to some religion because parts of it sound nice, or the buildings are beautiful? Is he really going to be able to make himself BELIEVE all that crap? If NOT, then what’s the point of converting? Just have a trip to Istanbul every now and then to enjoy the atmosphere, because that’s all he’s talking about. I LOVE Istanbul — I’ve been there a couple of times and it’s an amazing city; HOWEVER, I wouldn’t for even a few seconds think of it as your typical “Muslim” city — it’s beautiful and wonderful because of the Byzantines, the Greeks, and yes the Ottomans, but if he wants to see what true Islam is and does for a city, he needs to go to some of cities that are truly Muslim and see how the people and the animals really live; Islam brings poverty, violence and degradation. He’s in a dream world.

    • In answer to your first rhetorical question, yes, they do. I met more than a few twits who claimed adhan made them convert or the architecture.

      As for him visiting a real musloid city he doesn’t even need to leave Istanbul. He can see the ugly side of islam in Fatih, Uskudar, Umraniye, old Atesehir, Eyup and even the non tourist areas of Sultanahmet, not even 4 blocks away from Hagia Sophia. There he can see the ninjas and their owners, their illiterate snot nosed wild eyed spawn wallowing in their own self-inflicted ignorance and poverty, and most likely get ripped off in true islamic style!

      • While we’re at it, may I point out that the Istanbul district (then suburb?) known as “Uskudar” was known at the time of the Crimean War as “Scutari”, at whose military hospital it happened that Florence Nightingale worked at and exposed as the absolute HORROR-SCANDAL that it truly was for a supposed “hospital”?

        Unsanitary medical-engineering practises including contaminated water supplies filtering through the decaying corpses of buried animals (which only afterwards were found and moved elsewhere) were one of the factors that increased the death rates of British wounded soldiers to be at least as high as – or higher than – what the battlefield accounted for.

        • When my father happened to visit Istanbul on a working visit in 1977, he very much noticed the poverty as well as the extreme filth and squalor of the place. He was so appalled that when he returned from his Middle-Eastern trip and a Turkish colleague asked him how he liked the former Constantinople, his reply was: “Full of mosques, full of dirt!” That couple (he and his wife), which had befriended both my parents, were no longer friends – but up to then they had been really trying to ingratiate themselves with us.

          [Also, he ever since complained to me that my disorder had to indicate a Turkish bit of ancestry in my blood – not until MANY years later did the actual reasons (mental diseases in my case including ADHD and autism) get properly diagnosed and finally treated…]

          In this way, now I realise just how that extreme hospitality of Turks for tourists is all an act and a lie (and it also took in, at least temporarily, a pair of two my my very best friends when they travelled to Turkey many years later)!!!! [And as to “Ottoman architecture” relative to its mosques, it’s all a spin-off from the Byzantine-Greek example of Hagia Sophia plus the influences of Arabic and Persian successes, if I recall correctly…]

          Otherwise, Istanbul_Chick, you at least DID see through the pretence and the lies of your leftism and managed to become better; and furthermore, you did your research – well done!!! You certainly punished yourself hard for 6 years, but you can now be somebody who can really have that much more potential success with people who you used to resemble…

        • “…you can now be somebody who can really have that much more potential success with people who you used to resemble…”

          Actually, I cannot and am not successful with leftards. I absolutely loathe them. For one thing, the vast majority of them have never lived among the third world cultures they so vehemently defend and desire to usurp Western culture with.

          Few of them have only just visited any of the crapistans and a visit does not give one a true insight into a culture because as you noted above the kuranimals are very good at putting on a moderate and friendly face.

          I was lucky in that I was never fully indoctrinated. I never felt a sense of guilt for being born American. Never felt regret for any of the wars America was involved in and never blamed the West for the self-induced ignorance and poverty of the third world. And I was never in possession of an irrational hatred of Christianity or Judaism as the leftards of today are.

          Leftards today blame America and the West for every wrong ever committed in the world. There is no “getting through” that indoctrinated wall of stupidity.

        • Dear Istanbul_Chick:

          Might not the following be a potential way to reach such people (if you MUST talk to them – I’m glad you prefer to shun them!!)?:

          Ask them if they hate their parents and/or siblings. If “YES”, then what of their schools, neighbourhoods, local communities? If they hate ALL of those, THEN they truly are to be written off as having crossed into absurdity; however, if there is something positive SOMEWHERE in that mess, then they just might have a chance…

          [I’m asking all this in order to know for myself if I ever be confronted with such a situation – currently it’s extremely unlikely in my case given my being a recluse, but one never knows…]

        • ADHD, Why the recluse…I know it is not my business, but it saddens me, especially when I know ADD & ADHD, is only a label they used to use. Please, if you like, you can email me further…Marcia

        • You can try that, but we’re talking about leftards. The responses I’ve received are the same obfuscations that kuranimals use:

          Not all muslims are like that.

          A tiny minority take the violent ayats out of context and you’re an islamophobe for suggesting otherwise.

          You’re a racist for painting all muslims with the same brush.

          You’re a fear/hatemonger.

          You’re a hateful b*tch.

          Leftards are very much unthinking indoctrinated zombies just like the mobots. You cannot reason with those who can’t and won’t think for themselves. Moreover, just like the mobots they are clad in an armor of their own smug superiority and reason cannot pierce that armor.

          9 times out of 10 what cures a leftard is harsh, unadulterated, ugly and indisputable reality.

          In other words, they have to experience first hand the ugly side of that which they so vehemently defend. Some of them are so hard headed and full of hate they have to experience it more than once.

        • My Dear Istanbul Chick,,, I have NEVER been able to get a handle on Algebra,,, But NO ONE of my teachers ever stopped to explain what the ‘ell good it was, nor how it would be used~!,,,
          Libtards may be in much the same boat, principle wise,,, But they should be educated AND intelligent enough to understand that which they spout off about~! OR, be wise enough to keep their frippin’ mouths SHUT~!

        • Oh dear Grouchie,

          I am not a teacher, nor do I have the patience to educate those who refuse to listen.

          The level of smugness of leftards is so profound it can be cut with a knife.

          While they are educated they are by no stretch of the imagination intelligent. These are people who refuse to see the forest through the trees and vehemently and hatefully regurgitate the lies they’ve been indoctrinated with. It’s easier and less painful than acknowledging the truth.

          Not that I don’t “dialogue” with them. I speak the truth and call them out, not in a polite way, on the lies and half truths they parrot.

  20. Has he read the Koran?the Laws of Sharia?why would a westerner want to become a muslim?there’s more to Islam than prayers and a beautiful mosque,it’s such a joyless ,miserable ,hate filled ideology ,no music,laughter etc.perhaps he likes the promise of 72 virgins??I can’t think of one redeeming feature of Islam.

    • The Turkish musloids, without a doubt, prove that islam is a cult. They literally “love-bomb” every single Westerner that visits Turkey.

      You know how the locals bend over backwards to make tourists to feel welcome (and relieve them of their dollars), anywhere?

      Multiply that by a million throw in some sunshine blowing up the kaffir’s ass, money being thrown at them in the form of gifts and you have the dawa of the Turks. And it comes from everyone. Male, female, young, old, rich, poor. They are treated like rock stars everywhere they go even if they’re nobodies so I can imagine how spectacular his treatment was.

      It’s quite effective especially on lefties and the emotionally vulnerable.

      Not that it excuses his idiotic and asinine behaviour, but that’s how it happens to many Westerners.

        • @BNI

          Yep. I got the rock star treatment. Everything was taken care of for me: rent, meals, clothes. I was invited to yachting club bruhahas and even a dinner party with the mayor of the district I was in.

          But, not being a complete dumbass I actually read the “contract”(mien kuranmpf) and started asking a lot of uncomfortable (inflammatory according to islamic supremacists) questions.

          islam cured me of my moral and cultural relativism and my leftardness.

        • @BNI

          The scales quickly fell from my eyes and my entire life. Of course, for obvious reasons, after I realized islam was a big bowl of steaming crap, I kept that to myself. I was reevaluating my values and leftarded beliefs (indoctrination) about everything while being surrounded by people I realized who were really essentially racists.

          It’s like realizing the proverbial nice guy next door is card carrying member of the kkk. You’re in a state of shock and disbelief. That’s how I was. All these people I thought were decent human beings were really hateful anti-America, Jew-hating supremacists. But they didn’t think so. Their bigotry was as natural as breathing.

          I was so disgusted with myself for having spent years defending islam as “just another religion” and “not all muslims are terrorists” AND for actually, even half-heartedly, joining them in their madness that I declared myself unworthy of living in a free and democratic country and self-exiled myself. I still, to this day, say reverts should lose all rights to live in a free democracy.

          But, I spent my exile wisely. I questioned every imam I could and read every piece of islamic propaganda THEY recommended. So when I “bash” islam I am using their sources.

          I kept from going nuts by kicking my own ass, fighting my way out of my libtardness and learning all I could about about dar al islam while in dar al isam.

  21. When Liam gets down on his knees to pray and he raises his butt into the air, he should make sure that he touches his head to the ground…hard! BAM…BAM…BAM!

  22. No doubt he’ll be campaigning for eqaul rights for muslims if he does convert. Well if he does, i’ll wash my hands off at him.

  23. If he does I’ll never watch another damn thing he’s in. Actors all seem to have a terminal case of Cranial Rectosis when it comes to religion.

  24. Note to plastic surgeons:
    When performing facelift, use extreme caution when stretching the skin over the forehead. Do NOT pull it too tightly.

  25. I’m sure he is just doing it so he can have four wives and live off us moral working folk in his later years. Just as the vast majority of all his future Muslim brothers and sisters do today.
    In addition, he obviously needs to look at what Islam is giving the world. Islam has removed or supplanted Liam Neeson’s G_d’s authority on Earth to determine when the end(Armageddon) comes. The ideology of Islam (Muhammadan) is push the world head long into Armageddon. If he converts to this ideology then he never believed in the G_d of Abraham in the first place. He’s Roman Catholic after all. John 3:3 “I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God.”

    • Ubin – whoever told you that Catholics or Orthodox are not followers of the one true God was apparently insane… or demon possessed, Do yourself a favor and try to avoid repeating things which make you sound foolish.
      Most all of the Christians, whether Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, have an abiding love for the Jews, and for Israel. Know your friends and allies and avoid alienating them – for when you do so, you place yourself directly under the authority if allah and his pervert prophet.

  26. In addition, he obviously needs to look at what Islam is giving the world. Islam has removed or supplanted Liam Neeson’s G_d’s authority on Earth to determine when the end(Armageddon) comes. The ideology of Islam (Muhammadan) is push the world head long into Armageddon. If he converts to this ideology then he never believed in the G_d of Abraham in the first place. He’s Roman Catholic after all. John 3:3 “I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God.”

  27. Liam just confirmed what we already know, Hollywood is filled with idiots who are lucky they have a job “pretending”, that pays them a stupid amount of money.

    • Exactly! All their lives they pretend to be someone else and they get so good at pretending that it is so easy for them to pretend to be an intelligent human being. But personally I don’t give a damn. Why should we care what actors think or say? Their job is to entertain, that’s all.

  28. I’m sure he is just doing it so he can have four wives and live off us moral working folk in his later years. Just as the vast majority of all his future Muslim brothers and sisters do today.

  29. There is a line in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, where Tevya, the patriarch of the family, is wondering about a question, and he says something like “when you’re rich, they think you know…” and, in Neeson’s case, he doesn’t know his rectum from his cerebellum.

  30. Well, guess I have another actor to add to my “I will not pay another penny to watch a movie this person is in” list. That list is getting longer and longer *sigh*

  31. Maybe the fuckwit thinks it would be nice to “marry” a 9 year old like the scumbag fraud moe. Neeson ‘s pushing fifty-something I believe.

  32. His mind must have snapped when he lost his wife…I guess those deafening sounds 5x a day tend to drown out one’s own thoughts!

  33. Has he been listenung to Cat Stevens records? I hope before he does this, he gets some exposure to the WHOLE truth and story of Islam. If he, or any other reasonable person knew the whole story, they would not only dismiss this cult, but join the EDL in the defense of the Homeland and the freedom of Mankind as a whole.

    • Burnerjack… Now you went and done it, you made me think about Cat Stevens (Yusaf).. I can not bring myself to burn his album, yet.

      • Years ago after that twit supported the death fatwa for Salman Rushdi I used my Cat Stevens collection for target practice, scooped up the fragments and built a great big bonfire.

        It was cathartic.

  34. I lost all respect for him when he made that ignorant and asinine claim about C.S. Lewis’ creation. A claim that was wholly denied by the estate of Lewis. In fact, Lewis once called islam a perversely simplistic or simplified Christianity.

    Yeah, Neeson, be like all other idiots who see the happy, smiling, tourist dollar craving faces and convert.

    You’re about as spiritually profound as a can of tuna.

    • Well said, Istanbul_Chick!!

      ANOTHER justification for Ljéñin’s brutally-perverse yet not untrue (sadly) saying “The intelligentsia are not the brains of the nation but the shit!”

      To be even more to the point: we Westerners have absolutely GOT TO STOP this extreme over-adulation of actors, theatrical personalities – AND ESPECIALLY FILMS!!!! Most of what they’re making up is FICTION, and it’s therefore unworthy of being taken seriously.

  35. I also understand that he and Charlie Sheen are to take a spiritual sabbatical together to a sweat lodge at an undisclosed location in New Mexico in the near future. Good luck Charlie.

  36. That’s a thought. Becoming a muslim because of architecture.

    He should do some research into what influenced islamic architecture. It’s certainly not islam per se but rather the Roman, Egyptian, Byzantine and Persian styles.

    • I agree Susan. i don’t think he’s been right in the head since his wife died. i used to admire omar Sharif. Then he converted. Now he’s an arrogant boor.

  37. That’s how it gets into one’s head. Repetition and five call to prayer a day. It’s mental conditioning (brainwashing)

    • Yep. The devil knew the potential of what he was creating when he and MooHamHead (pigsnot be upon him) made up that crap. He’s a crafty one…even if he is dumb enough to have chosen an illiterate man to be his scribe. LMAO! Satan and MooHamHead (piss be upon him)…what a pair!

  38. Sounds like he’s thinking too much – actually, maybe he’s not thinking enough. Wonder if he realizes that should he choose to opt out of Islam that it has far more consequences than if he should choose to opt out of a movie deal? Some of the mosques are so stunning that it makes him think about being a Muslim? Now there’s a real good reason to convert. He’s probably mesmerized by shiny objects too.

  39. What an oaf, I hope he doesn’t mean it.

    Converts to Islam can turn out to be as militant and radical as any of the hardcore jihadists.

    Just look at the 7/7 London bombings which had converts involved.

    I know Muslims can look calm and composed when the pray but that is no different from the dicsipline of a ruthless military under an autocratic regime.

    I hope Liam Neeson does not confuse compsure with piety. As we all know Muslims are disproportionate in crime and are persecuting non-Muslims with a fanatic fervour.

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