CAIR thugs demanding resignation of Ray Kelly, NYC’s renowned police commissioner


CAIR-NY: Coalition to Call for Resignation of NYPD Commissioner Over Anti-Islam Film Cover-Up

CAIR  (NEW YORK, N.Y., 1/25/12) – On Thursday, January 26, the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NY) — along with the Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition (MACLC) and other minority and civil liberties groups — will hold a news conference on the steps of City Hall to call for the resignations of New York City Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner Ray Kelly and Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne due to revelations that they covered up their roles in the production of the anti-Islam propaganda film “The Third Jihad” that was shown to almost 1500 NYPD officers.

Bloomberg supports Kelly's unparalleled success in Counter Terrorism for NYC

WHAT: News Conference to Call for Resignation of NYPD Commissioner Kelly, Deputy Commissioner Browne
WHEN: Thursday, January 26, 11 a.m.
WHERE: Steps of New York City Hall, New York, NY
CONTACT: CAIR-NY Civil Rights Manager Cyrus McGoldrick, 203-206-6883 or 212-870-2002, E-Mail:

A New York Times article published yesterday stated:

“Commissioner Kelly is listed on the ‘Third Jihad’ Web site as a ‘featured interviewee.’ Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, wrote in an e-mail that filmmakers had lifted the clip from an old interview. The commissioner, Mr. Browne said, has not asked the filmmakers to remove him from its Web site, or to clarify that he had not cooperated with them.”

But in a follow-up article today, the Times reveals that Kelly and Browne were both involved in the film’s production: “Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne told The New York Times on Monday that the filmmakers had relied on old interview clips and had never spoken with the commissioner. On Tuesday, the film’s producer, Raphael Shore, e-mailed The Times and provided a date and time for their 90-minute interview with the commissioner at Police Headquarters on March 19, 2007. Told of this e-mail, Mr. Browne revised his account. ‘He’s right,’ Mr. Browne said Tuesday of the producer. ‘In fact, I recommended in February 2007 that Commissioner Kelly be interviewed.'”

This is what happens when you have a Mayor of NYC who supports the building of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, invites terrorist supporters to Ramadan dinners at Gracie Mansion, and caves in to all kinds of Muslim demands. You reap what you sow, Dhimmi Bloomberg.

Mayor Bloomberg Disavows Use of Anti-Muslim Movie in Police Training

DNA  MANHATTAN – Mayor Michael Bloomberg slammed police for exercising “terrible judgment” when they repeatedly played a controversial film that portrayed Islam as dangerous to nearly 1,500 new recruits.

Police brass originally said the film, “The Third Jihad,” had been mistakenly screened “a couple of times” to new recruits during training.

But the New York Times reported Tuesday that the film had actually been played to new recruits “on a continuous loop” for up to a year, further straining already tense relations between the NYPD and the city’s Muslim community.

“Somebody exercised terrible judgment,” Bloomberg told reporters at an unrelated press conference in Albany. He said neither he nor Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly knew the video was being used. “It was not done at the Police Academy,” Bloomberg said. “It was done someplace else, and as soon as they found out about it, they stopped it.”

THE THIRD JIHAD: One of best films ever made about the Muslim threat to America

If the Youtube version below doesn’t work, see it here: THE THIRD JIHAD