CANADA: At least one Muslim terrorist got the justice he deserved

MUSLIM Terrorist, Momin Khawaja, was physically attacked by another inmate and burned with boiling water and chemicals.

Toronto Sun (H/T Susan K)  Khawaja, the first person ever charged under Canada’s anti-terror laws, is serving a life sentence at a super-maximum security federal prison in Quebec.

On Tuesday, Khawaja’s father, Mahboob, said the alleged assault took place on Jan. 16 in the common room shared by about five inmates as Khawaja was heating up his dinner.

“As I understand, the common room is shared with four or five other inmates — there are three or four inmates from Toronto 18,” said Mahboob. “One of those guys, he had a pot full of boiling water mixed with some chemicals … He threw that at Momin from his back side.” “And then he attacked Momin physically.”

Mahboob spoke with his son Friday and went to visit him the following day.“He was still in great pain and almost 50 to 70% of his body is burned,” he said. (Awwww, my heart bleeds for him)

According to Mahboob, prison authorities won’t release details of the attack — he only heard of it from his son. Mahboob believes the attack was premeditated. (Well, I would hope so)

“When I saw him on Saturday — four days later — he was in critical condition — very painful and his whole body was covered with dressing,” he said. “Near his upper left or right shoulder I could see burns, also the left side of the face is also burned and his left eye was also hit.”

Mahboob said his son was only in hospital for an evening and a nurse now visits him in his cell to administer pain killers. He should have been kept in hospital and treated there for all these burns because they look very severe,” he said. (Who cares?)

Khawaja was arrested in March 2004 when he was working under contract in the IT department of Foreign Affairs. In October 2008 Khawaja was convicted of seven terrorism-related charges for his involvement in a British plot to blow up nightclubs and other busy civilian targets. He had tested detonators he was building in suburban Ottawa.


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  1. All I can say is,,, I don’t have time for pity parties,,,
    They want to eliminate my way of life, well, they can pay the price~!

  2. No comment on this one. Can’t really say anything that has not been said! But, I do have a question: Why the hell are my comments consistently being deleted?!!

  3. He was still in great pain and almost 50 to 70% of his body is burned,” he said.

    I call BS!

    50/70% of his body is burned and he only spent the evening? That’s called outpatient. What hospital/doctor would discharge a patient w/those kinds of burns? No one!

    He chose his religion, he chose the crime.
    Come what may!

  4. What a shame that only a moderate amount of this SAND DIGGER’S body is covered with burns! Even with that amount of burn, he still will develop an infection that hopfully will kill him.
    The most common bacteria in burn centers is Psudeomonas A. If he does develop an infection, this bacteria has a very nasty smell. I just cant wait to hear more!!!!Oh, i wish him weeks of +10 PAIN and make a very slow recovery. Of course I do wish de will develop severe Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome!! Yeah, that’s the way to go!!!!!

  5. “As I understand, the common room is shared with four or five other inmates — there are three or four inmates from Toronto 18,” said Mahboob. “One of those guys, he had a pot full of boiling water mixed with some chemicals … He threw that at Momin from his back side.” “And then he attacked Momin physically.”

    I don’t get it…why did another muzzie terrorist wannabe (Toronto 18 are all Muzzies) do this to this muzzie terrorist wannabe? I guess there were no infidel handy, so he had to turn on his own. These guys always need someone to attack.

  6. I wasn’t feeling too well today, but now I feel fantastic. This couldn’t have happened to a more deserving scumbag!!! NO SURRENDER!!!

  7. I find this one a bit over the top. Prisons have a custodial duty to protect inmates, no matter how richly they deserve torture, death & damnation.

    I have no knowledge of the Canuck maximum security system, but from what I have read, the prisoners in our Super Max are not allowed to mingle, security is extremely tight, as it should be.

    Even so, I maintain my position: no Islamic terrorist rightly convicted of planning and attempting to perpetrate a mass casualty terrorist attack should be imprisoned. They should be wrapped in pig skin and drowned in a septic tank.

  8. Thanks for the laughter, it has been a very hard week but this light moment brought me a great smile! If the poor bastard is too disfigured to seduce goats and children, perhaps he can wear the burkha, have his tiny penis removed and find work as a whore in Iran.

  9. Good ! i was still living in Canada when this heathen turd was arrested. I heard from credible source that he was’nt the only one in Canada involved in that plot. There were many others, but they were’nt picked up for lack of evidence.

  10. Something doesn’t add up here.
    1. a life sentence at a super-maximum security federal prison
    2. common room shared by about five inmates as Khawaja was heating up his dinner.
    3. a pot full of boiling water mixed with some chemicals

    What kind of SuperMax provides access to chemicals & a convenient heating device to several inmates (at least one serving life sentence)?

    The burns required only one night in the hospital. Sounds like an attempt at jail break failed. Daddy says the wounds look painful. With the details provided thus far . . .obviously, not painful enough.

    lan astaslem.

  11. Now maybe that’ll give him a little taste of his own Medicine,he now knows what they have been putting their Women through all these Centuries with their disfiguring,hope he gets it again,and with any luck the Canadians have started something here,the message being..if you go to Jail here…expect some iniitiation style WELCOME.!!

    • Ya know, you just gave me a thought about this specific situation — it i too bad they don’t think before they act to say something like “This is for your victims;” or…
      Never mind…. they’re too stupid to understand.

  12. Well I guess that his prison companions have not yet enbraced politically correct, socially acceptable behavior. Sorry (previously) pretty boy!

  13. Awe, boo-hoo.. Poor baby… Too bad he wasn’t shived, instead of eating up MORE of our tax dollars and now eating into our Universal Health Care.

    I’m sick of my tax $$$ going to care for these terrorists. (That’s right, CAIR spies – TERRORISTS).

    • They should have set him on fire after spraying him down with PAM!!

      I hate that we have to look after these assholes too!

      • You realllly are having a problem tonight about saying exactly what you think…Don’t be shy — just spit it out here, Redneck Woman.. LOL

        • LOL! I’m trying to be civil….I can have a real bad potty mouth ( I could make a truck driver blush!) when it comes to asshole’s like this turd!

          I have some great ideas for torture treatments but I’ll have to regale them at some other time!Some of the Native American Indian’s methods come to mind! Hint~ Honey and Fire Ants~

          Don’t get me started!!!

  14. I don’t think they will ever learn that they are — “hate” personified with a passion unknown to most people for all the atrocities they are guilty of all over the world.

    When “you” are the epitome of HATE — that is what you will receive “right back acha!”

  15. They should have boiled the guy alive. That’s what Saddam Hussein did to dissidents.
    I know that for a fact, because my husband saw the recordings while he was in Iraq.


      • Don’t know about Hussein but Obama is for it:
        President Obama is Okay with Boiling People Alive
        You gotta hand it to the New York Times. They really know how not to provide information.

        In an article from yesterday entitled “United States and Uzbekistan Discuss More Supply Routes,” we are informed that because, “the United States and Pakistan are locked in a diplomatic crisis over accusations linking Pakistan’s chief intelligence agency to militant attacks on Americans in Afghanistan,” the U.S. is resuming relations with Uzbekistan “despite its poor human rights record.”

        That is an understatement. The country is led by a sadistic dictator that makes Saddam Hussein look like an angel. The guy takes dissidents and boils them alive (sometimes it’s the mothers of the dissidents).

        President Obama’s friend in Uzbekistan boils people alive.
        A British ambassador to the country, Craig Murray, who “was the United Kingdom’s Ambassador to Uzbekistan until he was removed from his post in October 2004 after exposing appalling human rights abuses by the US-funded regime of President Islam Karimov,” is censored by the BBC over his actions and has come out with a memoir (see previous link).

        We are re-cozying up to an evil dictator because his country is useful for “supply routes” in our illegal war of aggression against Afghanistan. This is the legacy of Mr. Hopey Change.

  16. Jeepers i hope the nurse is male otherwise their may be some problems. Too Bad the detonators he was testing didn’t go off while he was testing them.

  17. It is time we in Europe, Australia, NZ, Israel and Canada introduced laws that ensure the Death Penalty for EVERY act of Terrorism or Treason.
    In this instance if administered within the Prison system, then so be it!
    However the best solution is to purge our freedom loving nations of these freedom hating vermin and send them back to their homelands of Zero handouts, freedom, education – just their beloved and Satanic Sharia Law!

    • Correct me If I am misunderstanding you.
      IF they are caught plotting to bomb; and/ or have committed acts of terrorism you think they should be sent to prison?
      Send them to Texas — we have the death penalty. Why waste space and feeding them; giving them medical care?

      IF they commit crimes like robbery or any crime committed that is not against a human being — yes, send them back to their own country and placed on a list of “no entry.”

      Is that what you meant?

    • Hopefully PM Harper will be bringing back the death penalty to Canada!

      Too many assholes are getting free medical, dental , housing etcetera in our prison system who don’t deserve to live! Clifford Robert Olsen comes to mind…he should have been killed!

      These koranimals need to be let out in the general prison population more often! Let the prisoners teach them the facts of life!

      • People get all concerned about Criminals who “take lives” rather than being MORE concerned about who they “took lives from” — the survivors who will never see their loved ones again while they still get to watch movies, read books; even go to school while in prison.

        I am from Texas and I stand with Redneck Woman. They deserve death because they CANNOT be rehabilitated.

        Therein is the FACT. They do NOT think they were wrong. They will NEVER admit they were wrong. They will NEVER repent for their crime. Put them to death so no one has to spend time, energy and $$ to keep them alive for life.

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