CANADA: At least one Muslim terrorist got the justice he deserved

MUSLIM Terrorist, Momin Khawaja, was physically attacked by another inmate and burned with boiling water and chemicals.

Toronto Sun (H/T Susan K)  Khawaja, the first person ever charged under Canada’s anti-terror laws, is serving a life sentence at a super-maximum security federal prison in Quebec.

On Tuesday, Khawaja’s father, Mahboob, said the alleged assault took place on Jan. 16 in the common room shared by about five inmates as Khawaja was heating up his dinner.

“As I understand, the common room is shared with four or five other inmates — there are three or four inmates from Toronto 18,” said Mahboob. “One of those guys, he had a pot full of boiling water mixed with some chemicals … He threw that at Momin from his back side.” “And then he attacked Momin physically.”

Mahboob spoke with his son Friday and went to visit him the following day.“He was still in great pain and almost 50 to 70% of his body is burned,” he said. (Awwww, my heart bleeds for him)

According to Mahboob, prison authorities won’t release details of the attack — he only heard of it from his son. Mahboob believes the attack was premeditated. (Well, I would hope so)

“When I saw him on Saturday — four days later — he was in critical condition — very painful and his whole body was covered with dressing,” he said. “Near his upper left or right shoulder I could see burns, also the left side of the face is also burned and his left eye was also hit.”

Mahboob said his son was only in hospital for an evening and a nurse now visits him in his cell to administer pain killers. He should have been kept in hospital and treated there for all these burns because they look very severe,” he said. (Who cares?)

Khawaja was arrested in March 2004 when he was working under contract in the IT department of Foreign Affairs. In October 2008 Khawaja was convicted of seven terrorism-related charges for his involvement in a British plot to blow up nightclubs and other busy civilian targets. He had tested detonators he was building in suburban Ottawa.