Muslim Asslifter to British citizen: “You keep filming me and I am going to kill you”

On a public street in London, a British man is videotaping Muslims who are proselytizing for Islam, one of whom orders him to stop filming. When told it is legal to film there, the Muslim says he doesn’t care about British law and threatens to kill the man.


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  1. That’s one thing about america, if he said this to me id keep on filming with my right hand on my 380. If he made a threatening move he would be gettin my gun, lead first.

  2. I wish he said he was going to kill me I would film him and he better be ready to meet allah when me even blinks wrong! Religion of peace….

  3. As the British citizen in this scenario, I believe I would have to say: “Go ahead, asslifter, make my day”!!…Just give me a reason asslifter!!

    • No good muzzie will attack you alone. They prefer a ratio of 5 to 1. You’d be stuck like a pig and the peelers would turn up much later one the action was over.

  4. Wonder if that scumbag would have made the same threat if a cop in uniform had been holding that camera! So death threats are a criminal offense in England too but, “ooooh, no no no, won’t do a thing if a musleeee’s involved…” What the hell?! If it’d been me that guy threatened, he’s soon care about the laws of MY country he’s living in! I would have hauled his ass on the ground and demanded the cops charge him with making death threats! Want to deny it piece of scum? well evidence’s on the tape, and there’s no way I would let the cops not do their job because the guy happens to be an asslifter! I’d raise such hell -am very good at this- that if the cops in question wanted to keep their job, they’d have to bloody DO their job!

    I swear, England’s about to loosing it -if it hasn’t already- by allowing these vermin to get away with all that crap they’re pulling. The more I think about it, the more I believe that the day it all ‘blows to hell’ with these bastards, England will be the lit fuse of that bomb.

    • Hell no! He would have been all ‘buuuaaaaah that mean racist is harassing me because I’m a muslim and islam is a race – arrest him officer’ and the guy filming would have gone to jail.

      But, oh HELL yeah, I definitely would have pressed charges against him for making a death threat. England’s so screwed up it’s probably legal for a muslim to make a death threat, otherwise wouldn’t just about ALL of them be in jail?

  5. The police in the UK are agents of the establishment and the muslims. Nothing will come of this unless the establishment is removed and replaced.

  6. The Police in the UK are agents of the establishment and the muslims. Nothing will ever come of this unless the establishment is removed and replaced.

  7. As for the first film to be honest I saw one Arab keeping the cops attention while the other threatened the guy with the cam. That is how they work. So if it got out of hand the cop becomes a witness.

    As for filming anything happen he don’t want his face on film. So if the cops was able to understand a crime is in the works they could use it to find him.

    The second just like the guy in the first he needs anger management. But in the last saw cops filming everything. Seems those cops are like the one in the U.S low grade education.

    They really don’t understand anything about law. A friend was in his lawyers office and his ex girlfriend walked in wanting to see him after she put a 209a on him.

    Cops were called the lawyer told cop she was there illegally but the cop said she wasn’t breaking any laws by being there but if her client comes down the stairs he would be arrested under the 209a.

    The cop didn’t know that by doing what she did going on private property to start a fight the 209a had ended. The lawyer knew but the cop try to act like he knows everything. But it proved no understanding at all.

    As for another a gay guy was walking by him he said looking good. The guy said I know. Cop said F Fag. Seems he didn’t believe that guy had any right. The cop was Spanish.

    Lastly our city has 4 police stations so our cops can go in to watch foot ball games at night. God forbid if they did a 8 hour shift as they are hired for. If they did the shift they might get tried and not be able to work on the road jobs.

    75 DOLLARS an hour is a lot of money to pay a high school graduate. But like the superintendent of school said education isn’t everything.

    I should of left this city when the going was good.

    • Anger management won’t help muslims like this – they’re so inbred their inability to control their anger is genetic, impulse control and rage are very common presentations of generational first cousin/uncle-niece inbreeding.

      Also, they’re just dicks. They often KNOW it’s not against the law, but it’s against islam or some such bull – so that’s the law they’re talking about. THEY don’t want to be filmed because they are always doing some illegal crap so they want to remain anonymous.

      There was a case in the U.S. where some guys were filming the outside of a mosque for a documentary & the bastards came out and said the same kind of lie about it being against the law – the documentarians refused to stop and they beat one so bad I think he almost died – his skull was fractured. I honestly don’t know what the final outcome of that situation was, except the guy who bashed the head ran away & the guy who instigated & promoted the bashing also ran off and he might have been the imam, in which case – sorry about the broken head, but good job making a slimebag disappear.

  8. What could be more dangerous than Islam?
    Answer: A Government that is in fear of Islam.
    The British Government needs to consider the ramifications of their selective enforcement and what it portends for civil unrest. Yjis aspect is actually far more dangerous than the Muslims themselves. It would appear the “Civil Suit” has a loose thread.

    January 27, 2012 at 3:38 pm Has The Man Who Made The Threat To Kill Been Arrested And Charged And Convicted Yet? No. Then WHY NOT


    TO THREATEN someone is a crime in our countries of civilisation run on constitutional principles which precepts are fairness, equal rights for all decent people, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people.

    Not freedom to murder, freedom to intimidate, to threat, to mutilate, to do Muslim acts of hatred; these are acts of crime in our civilized countries.

    so WHY THE HELL NOT (has the threatener Muslim man been arrested for the above crime on a British citizen within his rights to do something non-harmful, like take a picture?)

    There is a criminal DOUBLE STANDARD about now. Our leaders and agencies, our ‘authorities’ are (treacherously) protecting these MUSLIMS’ criminal deeds daily, AT OUR EXPENSE AND TO OUR GREAT HARM.


    Stand up, unite, and demand our leaders do what we elected them for: to defend our freedoms, not aid and abet those whose only goal in life here is to remove them from us and to destroy us and our countries.

    If they will not, we must fire them all.

  10. If he said that to my brother he would have gotten the shit beat out of him instantly because my brother doesnt really care about the law either and one less whiney mouth is one less problem.

    • Painful to listen to ,not a good speaker,why is it we never hear from the women of Islam as to the virtures of becoming a muslim??we hear from men but never women,is it because there they are not allowed to speak?no advantage?of course for the men thay have Sharia that wonderful law that gives them dominance and control of the women ,the promise of 72 virgins when they die and go to paradise,strange belief ,they hate women in life -in death they want to be engulfed by them -sexually.

    • Bless the EDL. I like England, but the government does not need to act like they should be afraid. They could stand up to the people who are trying to force their beliefs, on everyone else and who are acting like criminals.

    • Like the cavalry!! fantastic!!
      they appeared form nowhere, put order that the dhimmi police was unable to…
      they are my heroes!!

  11. I don’t know what the state laws are in your state but in Texas if you threaten anyone with violence indicating it is YOUR intent to carry it out — you got go to jail.

    Anyone who, with intent to commit a crime, takes a substantial step toward … Under Texas law, Under Texas law, assault is a misdemeanor; however, assault becomes the more …

    In other words, IF someone (anyone) threatens another with the “Intent” of bodily harm, in Texas, You can file charges. Of course, they don’t like to take these types of complaints because nothing physical has actually happened YET. Therefore, I stood there and Made them take the report — so that later if this person does it again — they will follow up on it.

    • Amigos-in Texas, if someone threatens to “kill you” , you are allowed to use deadly force. The self defense law was changed – you just have to “fear your life was in danger”. CHL (concealed carry) tends to prevent most asslifters from making those threats.
      Powder is dry
      ROE – no bag limit
      semper fi

  12. Coming to a theater near you soon. Notice how the police officer bailed, and what’s with the scepter. Reminds me of a polling place in Philly during the 2010 mid-terms. And what are they selling at the booth, tickets to paradise? Was the reprobate charged under common law for the recorded death threat? I know, too many questions.

  13. i cudnt hear it right …

    did he say …”u film me again nd im gonna KILL U ?”

    that kil sounded muffled .. almost like a ‘TILL” ………..

    u cnt hang that bastard in court ….. his lawyer will argue on da same point i did !!

    what a clever SOB !

    • I heard it clearly. There’s no mistaking it. The matter should be brought to authorities and the individual in question should be made to know that he is being investigated and that the police are keeping an eye on him.

      • well .. u think the authorities hvnt got wind of this …
        they know the muslim problem ( same as a cockroach infestation) . yet refuse to call in the exterminator … ( some human rights bullshit) ..

        i beleive .. its the lax attitude of the governments towards such useless immigrants dats the cause of the whole problem ..

        but still if only this perp would be arrested …..nd given a sound beat down ……

  14. I have just been talking to a relative in Scotland. I asked what she thought about Michael Coren’s interview with Tommy Robinson of the E.D.L. She said “Oh that bunch” they are just rowdies. She lives in Scotland and I don’t think they know which side is up, so to speak. the muslims (with a small m) have not spread into Scotland in great numbers yet, so it does not affect most of the Scotts. I guess you have to be surrounded by muslims before the danger is self evident. I am glad SUN TV is keeping the Canadian viewers aware of the situation in the English towns and cities, although, we will still have folk over here saying, “well,you have to live and let live” Until the muslim population percentage is over 8% the muslims keep a fairly low profile. Long may it continue.

    God Bless the E.D.L. and all Kaffurs.

    • Hello mate,hope you are well ?
      In Scotland they do have an SDL,they are a good bunch of lads and attend all the EDL demo’s.Things over here in the UK are getting much worse,for example.The other week two Muslims were sentenced for kicking a British man to death,one of them got a community based sentence (unpaid work)and the other got 21 months in prison (he will serve half of that),our lives are cheap !

      Men at a football match chanted “you’re not English any more”,the police are hunting them down for a “hate crime”.
      There are loads more cases but rather than type about them i will post some videos later on and give you a brief description of the events.

      All the best mate.

    • Guy, how many of the EPL teams are OWNED by Saudis? Man. City, THE most expensive, guess who owns them? How many players in the EPL are Islamic? Do you think fans will boycott their teams…even in MLS?

  15. Threatening to kill someone is a criminal offence. The person who took the video should immediately report this offence and the evidence is clear enough to obtain a conviction. Do it please.

      • I KNOW you know what you are talking about; however, that is just crap! Whadda they gonna do, wait until the man is dead and say, “oh, well, he did mention something about that.”

    • Muslims can beat you and threaten you with death in Toronto,Canada, and they are protected by the muslim police officers.

      It’s now up to the people to protect themselves.

    • Not. Did you notice the police officer retreat. He knew what was going on, or he needs a refresher on situational awareness.

      • Police in the UK are prohibited to put themselves at risk. Case in point, they watched a woman drowning and did nothing, luckily she was saved by a citizen.

        • Thanks BNI, then the police are playing it safe and helping enable taqiyya. This is sedition and cowardice.

        • Is true. Here in the UK they cant do anything. It has gone so PC bonkers that they cant take away a toddler from a junkie mom because it violates her rights, thus we have a pandemic of dead/killed toddlers.
          They have no weapons!!
          They have no way of putting order.
          Is dangerous.
          We, the citizens, are hostage in our own turf.

        • I know people make fun of us — Texans… and that’s okay…we are used to it.

          However, here in Texas, if someone states to you: “I am going to kill you.”

          It is called “Aggravated Threat.” The Police Dept. does NOT like to take the report, but they will. I do know because some one threatened me. Now understand, at the time (it may have changed by now to be more taken more seriously due to what is going on in our world.
          At that time, it was 30 days in jail and a $450 fine (that was 20 years ago –I am sure it is more seriously taken now.

          What I am suggesting is that “IF” you feel the need, call your police department to send an officer to your home to fill out he report. IF they hem and haw (Texas for “drag their feet” (lol) or act bored..hold their feet to the fire, and MAKE them take the report.

          We need to let “anyone” know (especially these azzholes that we are serious and will NOT put up with this crap.

  16. We knew it was a religion of Peace!
    Didn’t we?

    If I threaten to kill anyone I will end up in gaol. Net these taqiyya morons.

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