And you thought the Islamomaniacal outrage over cartoons had ended with the Muslim shakedown of Molly Norris’ ‘Everybody Draw Muhammad Day’

Muslim death threats on cartoonists like Molly Norris forced her to change her name and go into hiding. But cartoon outrage  never dies, it just gets redirected at anyone who dares to exercise freedom of expression by drawing an image of the paedophile prophet Muhammad.

(One would think that even inbred Muslim morons would come to realize that by protesting these cartoons and threatening the people who created them, their outrage gets the cartoons far more public attention than they ever would have had if they simply ignored them )

BBC  Now, the president of a London university atheist society has resigned over a row about an image of the Prophet Muhammad. The society at University College London (UCL) published an image on its Facebook page showing “Jesus and Mo” having a drink at a bar.

The atheist group was asked by the UCL union to remove it, but refused and started a petition defending its freedom of expression. A student Muslim group began a counter-petition asking for its removal.

UCL’s Atheist, Secularist and Humanist society said its president Robbie Yellon was stepping down to be replaced by former vice president Michael Thor. “Robbie stepped aside because he signed up as president to organise events and run a student society.” “He did not appreciate the stress he would be under when dealing with a controversy like this, so he wanted to make way for someone else.”

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association association is continuing with its protest against the image, saying it has wider implications.

Adam Walker, the association’s national spokesperson, said the two student groups had worked well together in the past and said the offence was unnecessary. “There is no need to print these things other than to cause offence and history has told us that these things cause offence.”

The image that started the controversy was taken from an online satirical comic called Jesus and Mo. The twice-weekly comic strip, running since 2005, depicts Jesus and what creators say is a “body double” of Muhammad talking to a barmaid.

The row has prompted debate on the internet with prominent academic and author Richard Dawkins backing the atheist society. UCL Union (UCLU) said in a statement: “The atheist society has agreed they will take more consideration when drawing up publicity for future events.

“The society was asked to remove the image because UCLU aims to foster good relations between different groups of students and create a safe environment where all students can benefit from societies regardless of their religious or other beliefs.”