CANADA: Burqa Ban triggers FemiNazi and IslamoNazi hysteria

Tarek Fatah, who sees himself as Canadian first, Muslim second, supports the burqa/niqab (full face veil) ban and condemns the bizarre and hysterical reaction from Islamists, their leftist allies, and the liberal media.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s words had barely echoed across the country when the usual apologists of the Muslim Brotherhood agenda in Canada were churning out press releases denouncing the minister. The liberal media joined in with the Toronto Star falling just short of labelling Minister Kenney a bigot, referring to his action as ‘bigotry.’

Tarek Fatah says, “One day I hope to see the Liberals and New Democrats join the Conservatives to say out loudly that they find the niqab to be a medieval monstrosity that is a manifestation of misogyny that has no place in Canada and that this ghastly attire is not a religious requirement, but a political statement thumbing its nose at Canada and its Western allies.”