EGYPT: Muslim savages strip and sexually assault Dutch woman in Tahrir Square

Several women, some of them foreign, have been brutally attacked and raped by men near Cairo’s Tahrir Square in the past few days. A blonde Dutch tourist was the latest piece of ‘white meat’ attacked by the sex-crazed Muslim barbarians.

Global Post Journalists and activists reported from downtown Cairo that a foreign woman was at the center of a big commotion in a street adjacent to the square, and later reported to have been sexually assaulted and hauled away in an ambulance.

video reportedly of a blonde woman being assaulted in Tahrir on Wednesday night, following anniversary celebrations, was posted Friday morning by Egyptian blogger and student,@RamyYaacoub.  Her husband was unable to protect her from the mob, and a number of other people that came to her aid were also attacked. The woman was stripped and attacked for 10 minutes.

It’s a nasty byproduct of having tens of thousands of people, most of them young men, in one space and with no police presence to speak of. Several incidents of sexual assault, by Egyptian men against both Egyptian and foreign women, have been reported in and around Cairo’s Tahrir Square since anti-military protests intensified this week.  

But sexual assault is not confined to Tahrir, and has long been an issue on the streets of Egypt. In 2008, the Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights (ECWR) described sexual harassment as a “social cancer,” with 83 percent of Egyptian women and 98 percent of foreign women in Egypt reporting having been sexually harassed.




103 comments on “EGYPT: Muslim savages strip and sexually assault Dutch woman in Tahrir Square

  1. harassment and rape, is strictly forbidden by Islam. If you rape penis cut off. If the harassment hand is cut . No Islamic law in Egypt. So these men are just like this.

    do not criticize Islam. Make self-criticism. everyone is cheating on his wife in the west. children in the west can get pregnant. swearing anyone in the West. It smells nasty people in the west. drunk men in the west women swearing.

    A true Muslim does not make them. if you are the true Muslims: no swearing, no abuse, no adultery, no drinking, no smoking, no rape, no murder.

    Osama bin Laden is not a Muslim. He is an aggent.

    • Emre, oh this is rich, you’re saying that Muslim men in Egypt behave like savages because there is no sharia law yet? Don’t you dare come here an insult our intelligence by saying bin-Laden was not a Muslim. He was the perfect Muslim, according to your holy books.

    • ROFLMAO!

      Fine example of twisting the truth for kaffirs, Emre!

      There is punishment, under sharia, for raping MUSLOID women. There is NO punishment for raping kaffir women.

      No smoking, no drinking, no swearing no abuse? LOL! Tell that to the bearded half wit and his arselifting flock near my flat. Every Friday head bearded halfwit preaches hate against the kaffir. Then all the little arselifting zombies file out and head straight to the bakkal and come out with brown paper bags hiding their hooch and stand around smoking, AND saying the most foul things to the yabanci kaffir if she’s inclined to go to the bakkal at that time.

      Bin laden an agent? That’s why all you little asslifters were screeching and threatening violence if he wasn’t “buried in an islamic way!”

      Why threaten violence if he was “an aggent(sic)”?

      All this bullshi’ite you spew and you assclowns can’t figure out why you are the MOST hated people on the planet.

    • i am egyptian and i assure u 83 percent of Egyptian women r not harassed this is a lie, there is a percentage but not 83% anyway they r setting severe punishment for harassment. we have been living in chaos and with no president for a long time well there is harassment in india too, 2 sisters were gangraped then killed and hung on a mango tree i’m sure u all saw that. what happened in egypt is not acceptable and if it happened to any of u i’m sure u won’t like someone laughing at u.
      islam is a perfect religion but i’m not so if I make mistakes blame it on me not my religion plz. u don’t know islam, a lot of things u hear is not true, u can’t judge the whole by behavior of few. this page’s aim is ruining image of islam and they r doing a good job. we don’t agree with bin Laden’s acts. and now u will all insult me, though I didn’t say anything wrong but we r actually paying the price of ppl and sites like this ruining our image

  2. Dear BNI, after reading all the comments, I just wanted to add one thought: in addition to boycotting all tourism to Egypt (because no one in their right mind would visit that country from now on anyway), we should also boycott all goods made in Egypt, and from other Muslim countries. When shopping, I always check where things are made, and I always try to buy American, but I absolutely, positively, will NOT buy things made in Egypt or in any Muslim country. Many clothing manufacturers are now having their garments made in Muslim countries. I look at it this way: if I were to wear the garment in question in a Muslim country and walk down the street, I would be attacked, gang-raped, and probably killed. Why on earth would I buy such a garment, and put my hard-earned money in the hands of the savages? I buy American, or from an American ally like Israel, or I buy the fabric and pattern and sit down at the sewing machine and make it myself. No one should buy ANY products from any Muslim country.

    • FI, I have never seen a product made in Egypt except maybe Egyptian cotton sheets. But somehow I doubt if Egyptian cotton only comes from Egypt. So other than Bangladesh, what other Muslim countries are making goods sold here?

      • Pakistan, Turkey (check your Hanes and jeans, folks), Indonesia, Malaysia, Tunisia, Morocco, to name a few. Items include: linens (towels and bedsheets), undergarments, jeans, women’s blouses, carpeting (always check anything in the home decor section), and leathers (these come out of Morocco. Apparently the troglodytes have an “ancient” way of making good dyes using bat crap).

        Textiles, dying, sewing and cutting are unskilled manual labor that even monkeys can do hence the reason so much of it is done in musloid crapistans.

      • I have seen a lot of mens wear made in Pakistan, both pants and shirts,,, and as I recall, some of the major retail outlets do carry pakistani goods. I’m thinking Wal-Mart, Kohls, and probably IKEA, though I’ve NOT been in that store,,, I could be in error, but it’s been several years since I had to purchase new britches,,, but I do need to now~!
        And a hat-tip to Florida Infidel for the information~!

    • i’m Egyptian and we do have tourists and after our new president tourism will flourish, I used to avoid made in Egypt products when I went shopping in London but now I buy them and our cotton is the best, ppl who visit Egypt love it, the pyramids, the beaches. it’s gorgeous and we love tourists. we have just been going through a down turn which might happen in any country. u will change ur mind coz u r being unfair to Egyptians by what u write

  3. The msm will probably have to change it’s naive description of the destruction of what little civilization existed in Egypt from the “Arab Spring” to the “Arab Spring Fling.” Kind of a Spring Break Wilding. Nothing to see here.

  4. As I read the comments, and have read the article and seen the video, I have to admit to one, overwhelming emotion, and that is GRIEF,,,
    Egypt at one time, was one of the pillars of civilization and spirituality, and one which was positive for humankind,,, Now, however, and this doesn’t just apply to Egypt but to the whole Middle East, it has sunk to a level of civilization which would place barbarity on a gleaming pedestal~!
    Yes,,, IMHO, it is time to close a chapter on the advances of civilization in the M/E, and maybe the book, as well~!

  5. Well,that’s just typical “Arselifter Attitude”, “She’ blond, not dressed in a headbag, showing too much skin, so she desrves being raped”!! Anyone find it peculiar that since the U.S arselifter-in-chief aided and abetted the “Revolution” to oust that “Meanie Mubarak” this kind of shit has increased NOT decreased!! But, I too have to ask “What the hell would possess the woman to want to vacation in an Islamic Shithole like Egypt has once again become?!!

  6. The antiquities in Egypt belong to all mankind not to these savages. I fear for the antquities. This stupid woman is the result of media treachery. What will the media do when they torch the Cairo museum or worse?Be silent or will they finally wake up?

    • rundel, I posted a story awhile ago about a famous museum in Cairo that they torched and destroyed thousands of ancient manuscripts

  7. I, myself just got back from Egypt with my egyptian husband. Needless to say, despite being married to an Egyptian, we stayed away from that part of the country because we have brains…

  8. I would never say she deserved it, but as istanbul_chick says… Wtf was she even doing there?
    These men are fired up and angry and have noone there in enforce any kind of control over them. If she wanted to go to Egypt at this time she should at least stay away from the areas where all of this is kicking off. Tahrir square is the most famous place for it. You can’t say she was there by coincidence. Pure stupidity.

    • Natasha, she DID deserve it. It is not stupidity. The whole world knows what happened to Lara Logan in the same circumstances. When you intentionally put yourself in the middle of a crowd of uncivilized screaming misogynists, you are asking for it. Why do you think you hardly ever see Egyptian women in those crowds?

      I don’t feel sorry for the Egyptians either, they voted in the IslamoFascists, now they will pay the price. The only ones I care about are the Christians there who will soon be ethnically cleansed.

      • The reason I said she I wouldn’t say she deserved it is because I don’t believe any woman really deserves to be raped. Yes, she knew what could happen to her if she went there and she still decided to go but as much as I love (most of) the Egyptian people, they weren’t forced to rape her. They made the choice to do something so horrific and no matter what this woman did, she didn’t deserve that.

        • Natasha, if a woman went into a lion cage of her own free will and then got attacked would you say she didn’t deserve it too?

  9. Is it any wonder if muslim men rape without conscience when their prophet was a child rapist?

    Maybe it is all the inbreeding that cause these depraved animals to commit the abominations they commit?

    Only dogs have sex in public, so it is no surprise that muslim men commit such filthiness in public for all the world to see, and worse……..see NOTHING wrong with it.

  10. I would never travel to an Islam dominated country. If I want to see savage animals, I would rather go to a zoo. Actually, I think that I am being unfair to animals in comparing them to these bastards.

  11. No woman deserves to get raped, ever.

    But both she, and her husband, had to be out of their minds to step foot in Egypt now. What did she think would happen?

    Obviously, Obama enjoys the thought of women being raped and assaulted by hundreds of men. After all, he helped to implement this change and was happy to see it happen.

    He is as much at fault, as every man in that square.

    • Chunkdog, you are thinking from a Western cultural and Judeo / Christian perspective, and I totally agree with YOU, for you were evidently raised in a society that has at least a modicum of respect for the “Fair Gender”,,,
      THAT SAID, NO muchit and obummer himself have or has any respect for women – to them, they are only chattel, property, and sex objects to be used and discarded at will, as mini mo himself taught, and DID, and also encouraged his followers to do~!
      As for being as much at fault, I’ll agree, and even say, “IF not more so~! For he encouraged the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ “

  12. @Susan
    I’m from Holland and just turned on the morning news. Nothing so far. We are not meant to hear about these things coz it would destroy ‘their’ multicultural dream.

  13. I traveled to Egypt in 1980 with another American female student from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem and even then we’d heard that the Egyptian men thought that all “foreign”women were open game!

    We didn’t have any problems,but I would never return there,especially now!

    Why didn’t these tourists come to Israel?.

    We have antiquities,excellent museums,beautiful beaches,restaurants and everything any tourist could hope for!Maybe all the anti tourist mayhem spreading throughout the Muslim world will be to Israel’s benefit!.Maybe we should advertise with a logo that says REMEMBER LARA LOGAN-COME TO ISRAEL!

  14. I’m trying hard to work up some sympathy for this woman.
    But if she had to go there why,oh why, go into the middle of a koranimal crowd ?!
    I’m surprised they didn’t rape her husband too.

  15. She was probable a strong believer in the democratic movement last spring as a way of bringing democracy to the region. (If democracy being the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia law, then she was correct!)
    “Arab Spring” will soon be giving way to “Nuclear Winter”. As “Country Joe” said… Yipee we’re all gonna die!

    • Liz, that article really does put things in perspective. Islam is very sociopathic, to it’s very core and liberals are gullible fools playing with our very safety, our very lives. They all must be stopped.

  16. Heard some out right propaganda tonight on the radio… listening to Barbara Simpson via internet… during the news break they had the story about the honor killing in Canada that BNI featured a while ago… the news person interjected, although honor killings are rare, there have been no more than 10 over the years.

    • I worked in scaffolding in Fort McMurray’s oil sands where some of the muslim men there were trying to get sharia law implimented in Ontario, I asked the one muslim…”why, so you can kill your wife”?

      And we just had a big drug bust, and of all things….Khat, the shit all these muslims were chewing on all day long while the rest of us worked. I resent my tax dollars going to police shit that should stay in somalia and other muslims countries.
      Our politicians here are blind, stupid, and ignorant when it comes to letting animals into our western democracies.

    • I was just watching Ezra Levant on Sun News Network….he had a Dr. Amin Muhammhad on for an interview!'honour-killing'/1423960097001

      Here is an Excerpt from the Vancouver Sun article ….

      Dr. Amin Muhammad is a psychiatrist at Memorial University in St. John’s, N.L., who is currently working on a report for the federal government about honour killings in Canada. He said there’ve been 13 such cases in the country since 2002.
      Noting honour killings are not in any way condoned in the Qur’an, Islam’s holy book, he suggested the idea is coming up more as a defence for murder by people hoping to take advantage of Canada’s cultural sensitivity in order to receive a more lenient sentence.
      He also said he suspects mental-health issues are behind most cases.
      “We cannot rule out personality disorder among the perpetrators or some sort of psychopathology,” he said.
      “I think all such cases should be evaluated from a mental-health perspective.”
      While many recent cases in western society involve Muslims, Muhammad said honour killings have also been committed in the name of Hinduism, Sikhism and Christianity.

      Read it all at:

      There have been 13 such Honor Killings in Canada….a total of 17 muslim females have been murdered by family members! They count the Shafia ladies as one incident!

      If anyone is interested, there are many more videos at
      that can be seen on this subject.

      • Yes. I take it for granted, that people should be, and ARE, as informed as we are, and they just make idiotic decisions, in disregard of the facts.
        Reading this though, I am reminded of how sinister the media and governments are. She may have been entirely oblivious. Even at that, learning a bit about the culture, and reading up on current events, still would sway the thinking person toward the safety of a non- moslem destination.

    • I’m so proud of my country, Canada, for not letting these animals get away with this!

      This is letting all the other Koranimals know….Canada is not playing your game! We will send your sorry asses to jail if you commit murder…even if your satanic book says it’s okay!!

      Man….I wish we had those prisons built in the far North right now!!! At -45C (almost -50F)….it would be quite a shock to the system to be let out for an hour of exercise in the yard!! Uncovered skin freezes in a matter of seconds!! I suggest they send them out with only light clothing on!!

      • HO HO, somebody right after my own heart!!!! Hear, hear!!!

        Yes, I’d most STRONGLY favour building a few such prisons right in the FAR NORTH. Suggested places – not TOO far away, but not too near to either – are: Tuktoyaktuk, Iqaluit and on Ellesmere Island (this last particularly welcome as being THE northernmost land-territory in all Canada!) – spaced to be not less than 200 km. from any outposts of civilisation. The ONLY means of transportation would be ATVs or helicopters: no planes or anything else. And of course NO MOSQUES, Qur’âns, Hadiths, halal-food or anything else!!!

        • :)

          Yep….one could forget about Prisoners escaping!!

          We could let them have their prayer times and their unholy satanic books…just to be sort of nice.
          Definitely no Halal…unless seal meat, Whale blubber and polar bear could be considered Halal…I guess if they have to wait for these menu items to come in on Eskimo dogsleds…it could definitely be Hell ell!! Otherwise it’s Eggs and bacon for breakfast. Toasted BLT’s for lunch. For Supper…Pork chops, gravy and mashed potatoes. Snacks…Pork rind chips, Pork jerky, pickled pork sausages, pickled pigs feet.

  17. The sad thing is, that even though the Muhammandans want to impose the niqab or burqa on women in Egypt, that doesn’t really protect the women. Even women wearing niqabs and burqas are sexually assualted by these rabid men. In other words, if the meat is “covered”, they just simply “uncover” it. So the excuse that women should wear a burqa or niqab to protect their honor and their chastity is pure hogwash!

  18. Unfortunately this woman can have the same thing done to her in her own country, which is full of muslim barbarians. I feel for her – stupidity isn’t a crime; she must have felt helpless and terrified. Perhaps if people had some empathy for women, these muslim scum wouldn’t be allowed to step foot into our countries by our own men.

  19. I bet she used to refer to BNI, Atlas Shrugs, Jihadwatch and Geert Wilders as islamophobes. I also bet she’s now a HUGE fan! Damn fool!!!

      • Where did you hear that one? Well a liberal obviously. Liberals seem to think that they can safely go any where and observe because the chaos, murder, and insanity that conservatives talk of is exageration or out right lies to a libtard. They think,” we’ll just go there and prove to these racist, islamophobs how peaceful it is there.” Ha Ha, frikin fools.

  20. The dumb award has been given already. HAJI HILLARY has that.
    This twit is a blond duh! (don’t get your panties in a bunch) I am a blond.)
    Bill Engvall says, here’s your sign! (Texas drawl).

  21. Some people never get the message and think the truth is ‘Islamaphobia’. Now she knows the truth up close and personal. Reminds of the delusional young Americans who wanted to help out poor Saddam and were used as human shields. They got their sorry arses out of the country as soon as possible.

    What’s really sad is that video has 45 ‘likes’. I expect it’s PakiMuslimes looking for entertainment.

  22. Naturally none of the thug rapists were of any particular religious cult, just wild boys getting out of hand.
    One way to avoid being raped is to stay out of Egypt and keep your money at home with you.
    Another thing one might do is formally complain to the U.N. and, since the U. N. is dominated by folks from that part of the world, they will probably send in a squad to keep the peace and another group to investigate, then arrest the perps !!
    My sympathy and prayers to those suffering innocents and shame on Egypt for not better policing the thugs.

  23. This will be on Dutch news, for sure. Will just consolidate the Dutch and Wilders getting rid of their islamists.

    As to the woman, what did she expect??? Hasn’t she been listening to the news?

    • I don’t think Dutch news will mention it, the PI is controlling the media in EU, but no worries, the Europeans are more smarter now, they know where to find the truth, thanks to websites like BNI.

  24. My God what a fool. Take note people stay away from arab countries. it is far better to lose the money spent than be raped and beaten by these young men.

  25. HEY, DHIMMInuitive DoDO~!

    Don’t you understand that you’ve entered the realm of Normative islam??? They is NO maturity and no conscience in islam,,, It’s all INFANTILE~!
    H E L L O O O ~!

    • You know something Grouchy, because our governments don’t tell their citizens anything adverse against Islam, we are left open for attack. We cannot see anything in the press about what Islam does.

      I have never seen in any Australian newspaper any photos like we see on this site and the many others out there with explicit pictures of the horror crimes. I have never seen a picture of a Pakistani woman who has been acid attacked. Never, ever.

      It is criminal that Western Governments are doing this to us. Some people live in a world of their own and are not up to speed with world events. Too busy earning a living. Some are so dumb they believe that Islam is The Religion of Peace. But at the end of the day, WE ARE NOT INFORMED.

      My friends really sit up when I mention things from this site. They look at me as though I have taken leave of my senses. Not many people know my story because of retribution I fear if I walked around telling all to anyone I meet. It is better I keep it that way. This is why I often say our governments commit Treason against us. They put my life in danger and my families lives too. This should never happen in our democracy. But it does.

      • It is not the responsibility of any GOVERNMENT to teach or make them aware of dangers to their population. It is in fact, your responsibility to learn as best you can of any dangers while breathing and be responsible to your fellow man/ladies to protect them of these dangers. This is what happens when any population expects, or conditioned for the grubment to protect them from all precieved, or otherwise harm coming their way. Personal Responsibility is YOUR responsibility to undertake and be wise as to the misinformation, especially in these days and times of the internet and the many opportunities of various sites devoted to explaining these threats to civilized beings. Your first mistake was to think somehow it’s the governments responsibility to tell you, and then announcing to all that you take that stand, and you are wondering why, you seem to be helpless? to prevent it from occuring around you? come on, STOP with the dependency of your grubmint first and take responsibility for your own life and help the others around you, remeber to walk softly and carry around with you a .45ACP, problem solved. DEAD MEN tell no lies.

  26. Just saw the “tourist” descriptive.

    For sure I now feel absolutely no pity, no sympathy, no empathy for this idiot. I feel nothing but a sense of karma dealing a dose of reality to stupid is as stupid does.

    If she had been killed I would nominate her for this year’s Darwin Awards.

      • Randy,,,
        This is what our “Glorious Caliph in Charge” supported, and the dummchits that don’t have ANY brain cells to rub together took him as a “god”, thinking NOW would be okay to travel~!
        Like you said, “stupid is as stupid does~!”

        • Yes, and also, let’s paraphrase that to argue against any defender of is-lame. They want to deny what is-lame actually IS? All we gotta say is; “islam is as islam DOES”. Argument over.

        • Grouchy, I honestly believe these “educated, enlightened” westerners are stupider than the ignorant, bestial muzturds who do these awful things. It’s hard to have any pity for them, they should have known better than to take vacations in “muSLUM” countries. The Western world has no shortage of stupid people.

  27. I know it is far worse in other Islamic countries than sexual harassment was in Turkey. However, my Turkish girlfriends taught one sentence to me, “Anan ay Sikium” not the correct spelling but sounds like this.

    After grabbing my breasts in public places with no shame from these men, I would scream out the phrase and they fled like the cowardly bastards they are. It meant,
    GO AND FUCK YOUR OWN MOTHER. OOps! Had no more problems after the outbursts. And, much to the enjoyment of my friends.

    • “Annani sikeyim” Fuck you’re mother.

      You’re lucky that didn’t backfire.

      Siktir git! was a come on for some of the troglodytes because I was obviously an orospu because I was a foreigner and I was swearing!

      I inflicted pain on the scum with my elbow, feet and a stick pin.

      God I hate islam.

      • Mohammed never opposed raping kafir women and ALL MOZMEN KNOW THIS. They are all looking for their opportunity. Raping a kafir is not a sin, but jihad.

      • Interesting, that phrase that’s more universal than just in pisslam & muzzie-majority countries. In many parts of Southern Europe and all over the Mediterranean, etc., (i.e., not just among muzzies, but among orthodox – Eastern Church – Christians as well) this whore/madonna complex among men (brought up as spoiled rotten brats by their idiot doting mothers & sisters, of course) thrives, and rape/”date rape” is a common, even acceptable, form of communication bet. men & women. Obviously, ‘tards ALL!!

        Well, in Serbian, the phrase is something like “peechcum materia” – literally, “Go to your mother’s c***!” How’s THAT for graphic?!? And when a man uses it, he’s damn mad at the other person (man or even woman with whom he’s arguing and or attempting to brutalize).

        Single women – blond women – are simply not only “not safe” in these societal hellholes, but they’re actually targeted (as was this clueless Dutch Dummy). I think one needs to be an armchair traveler these days – esp. in muzzie countries; alternatively, if one MUST go to that frightening part of the world, go with tough-looking bodyguards (like, in the movies!!).

  28. I can’t say that I feel sorry for her. I feel no empathy or sympathy. What frigging fool would go to Egypt now?

    Any Westerner that goes to dar al islam, especially Egypt, since the islamists have swept the elections is an idiot. Of the kind of idiot who sticks his hand in a lion’s cage caliber of idiot.

    If her husband is an Egyptian musloid, well, she still falls under the stupid catagory and I still feel no sympathy or empathy.

    If she’s a leftard, well, honey, you’re just getting a taste of what you seditious bastards are trying so hard to import into the West. Enjoy!

    • That was my first thought too. I think her husband is Dutch and not a muslim. Even Arabs don’t want to visit Egypt now, I can’t see why Europeans would. Probably got a cheap deal.

      • I was pointed towards this video and I was disgusted by the brutality and violence. I am a blonde blue eyed western girl and I will not even consider going there…did I feel sorry for this girl..yes because I speak Dutch and understood her outcry..She screamed “Hou op!!” multiple times meaning please stop. It chilled me to the bone, but at the same time I thought “Stupid blonde! Why even go there?? And for those pigs : may your dicks turn green and rot off.

    • Most leftard women who go to ‘help’ the Mozmen quietly return home after being raped. Some totally disappear forced into seclusion and forced marriages.

      Women are mere chattels to braindead Mozman zombies. Kafir women are ‘slaves’ and ‘whores’ in their dementia.

    • Me too! Not exactly a rational idea to go to the ME now!

      Guess they didn’t think that anything bad could happen, considering Islam is the religion of peace!

      Dumb, dumb, dumb!!

    • Seditious bastards….exactly~!~! And furthermore, any politician who “imports” these freakin’ animals under the disguise of “refugee” ought to be impeached for sedition and tried in Court on conspiracy to commit murder by allowing murderers into to our soil.

    • I know a lot of people here in the UK that are planning holidays to Egypt on solaidarity, to help them out with their tourist industry. They are mad.

      • OMG! They are mad! Idiots! I think you’re theory about Stockholm Syndrome is pretty spot on here. When I was in Egypt back in 05 for Operation Bright Star. I saw first hand the mad lust in one young Egyptian bastard’s eyes as he was glaring at one of our blond haired female soldiers. I would of caused an international incident if it weren’t for my Section Sergeant holding me back from shoving my fist down his nasty throat and perhaps sparing me from a case of rabies in the process. Bless him, SFC Davis, just newly promoted to Master Sergeant a month ago. She was safe anyhow, there were too many of us around for any Egyptian muzturd to even make a move toward her. They are vicious beasts, these Egyptians. Totally sub-human and despicable.

    • The fact is, whenever Muslims move into any city or community in significant numbers, the rape rate goes up. This is one of the ways non-Muslims are driven out of their homes and communities. Rape of female captives (not menstrating at the time) is Sunna.

    • Hello,
      How did you know that the bad men who did it were Muslims?
      I’m a Muslim and I want to tell you that this is a very bad attitude, completely against Islam. I mean raping. It’s also very bad for a man to speak that he has done something wrong like raping. I apologize on behalf of everyone who said or did or thought of doing anything that hurts you and any woman or man.

      On the other hand, I recommend, to prevent any bad one from raping, that our sisters and friends (European girls and ladies) are dressed more heavily to keep off any bad one, although it is not a justification for a man to rape women, but everyone should be a good ambassador for his background.

      Please accept the apologies.

      • Ahmad, let me tell you one thing,,, You can apologize for others all you want, but that don’t do a damn bit of good, unless you stop defending, BY YOUR SILENCE TO THEM, the pigs that pull stunts like this~!
        FURTHERMORE, you cannot walk in ANY ONE ELSE’S SHOES, but your own, NOR can anyone walk in yours~! You have to be, and are, accountable ONLY for your own actions, thoughts and deeds~!
        This Bullchit of using the Meccan koran as a defense is idiocy. The Madinah koran is the abrogation of all sensibility that the koran may have had, and even that is questionable.
        You listen to and accept the teachings of your mullahs, imams, and ayatollahs, who demand and cry out for the blood of the infidels, then say, when things like this post happen, “It is not islam~!”
        I have one response to that,,, BULLCHIT~!
        If indeed it is not islam, why the hell do they scream it from their podiums, and from Tahrir Square???
        Get with the program, Taqiyya Pro,,, Learn what you believe, then choose the more humane and sensible way~!

        • I appreciate the way you think, but:
          *As you said:You have to be, and are, accountable ONLY for your own actions, thoughts and deeds. Thus not all Muslims are blamed for what some do.
          *As you said:You listen to and accept the teachings of your mullahs, imams, and ayatollahs, who demand and cry out for the blood of the infidels: Now I began to understand an important point which I can clarify to you. I really appreciate and respect every word you said. From your expressions, I’ve known you are speaking about the category(group)called 12-Shiaa Muslims. They are the majority in Iran. In this case, I can stop to defend as you requested in your reply. Not all Muslims are Shiaa. In Christianity you have Catholic, Arthodox and so forth. There are a lot of groups who claim to be Muslims. Do you believe that even some of the 12-Shiaa Muslims kill other Muslims and rape other Muslims?
          *The word Taqiyya that you said is itself lying and fraud and dishonestyز
          *For the Tahrir square: you haven’t asked the rapper about his religion and his category inside the Religion.

          Again, I appreciate your queries.

        • Ahmad. Your religion is shit. Its bogus, it is not real. Muhammad (May Pig Piss Be Poured Down His Scrawny Throat) never received any revealations from the Angel Gabriel (Jibril). Muhammad (MPPBPDHST) invented this so-called faith in order to gain material wealth, slaves, political power, and all the sex he could handle, all under the guise of religion. Many of the quran’s ayets were composed by him on the spot for his sole advantage in order to justify his questionable actions that even shocked some of his contemporary Arabs.

          Islam is nothing but a faith for parasites, freeloaders, sexists, sexual deviants, pedophiles, caprasexuals, hypocrites, liars, the lazy, thieves, and rapists, not to mention cultural supremacists and boy-buggering bufoonery!

          How do we know it was muslims who raped the Dutch woman, you ask? Listen here hero, if it looks like a pig, smells like pig, oinks and squeals like a pig, and acts like a pig, then it’s a pretty good guess that it IS a pig. If you think we could be deceived into somehow thinking this rape was committed by an actively oppressed minority such as the Copts, then you certainly confirmed our opinions of muslims being genetically dumbed down thru multiple centuries of inbreeding thru 1st cousin marriages.

          Now, be gone and “Get Thee To A Piggery!”


      • For any libtards and people on the fence who believe “muslims are human beings just like us who have the same thoughts, dreams, and goals” you need to look at the psychology of this ahmad clown’s “apology.”

        First the muslim supremacist ahmad makes the fallacious and imbecilic attempt to cast guilt away from his fellow supremacists by trying to cast the blame on others:

        “How did you know that the bad men who did it were Muslims?”

        Egypt has at least a 90% muslim supremacist population. Add to that the in previous “arab spring” demonstrations the non-muslim supremacist demonstrators were slaughtered by police and military, statistically the chances of the “bad men” being muslim supremacsits are astronomical thus making ahmed the muslim supremacist’s attempt to blame others outrageous.

        Next the muslim supremacist ahmed either out right lies about rape being forbidden by islam or shows his ignorance of what he’s defending:

        “I’m a Muslim and I want to tell you that this is a very bad attitude, completely against Islam. I mean raping.”

        Ahmed the muslim supremacist is ignoring islam’s core texts including mein kuranmpf that not only make note of rapes of “captive women and infidel women” it out right condones such acts. Ahmed the muslim supremacist will, without a doubt, call anyone who shows this to be true using examples of mo the creator of islam’s rapes of captive women, “liars” “ignorant” or “islamophobes.”

        Ahmed the muslim supremacist’s claim that:

        “It’s also very bad for a man to speak that he has done something wrong like raping.”

        Is just outright bizarre and most likely indicative of his own subconscience desire to keep from us his own abuse of women.

        Here comes Ahmad the muslim supremacist’s “apology” which is anything but:

        “I apologize on behalf of everyone who said or did or thought of doing anything that hurts you and any woman or man.”

        It is promptly followed by a BIG BUT which casts the blame on the female rape victims:

        “On the other hand, I recommend, to prevent any bad one from raping, that our sisters and friends (European girls and ladies) are dressed more heavily to keep off any bad one,”

        The women who have been raped by muslim supremacists in Egypt were not dressed provocatively. They simply were not wearing misogynist muslim supremacist shrouds.

        Muslim supremacist Ahmad then makes a feeble attempt to disengage himself from his previous statement putting the onus of rape on the non-muslim supremacist women with this bit:

        “…although it is not a justification for a man to rape women,”

        He follows his song and dance with the typical muslim supremacist mantra of respect couching it in an attempt to cast Westerners as undiplomatic, disrespectful heathens:

        “…but everyone should be a good ambassador for his background.”

        So, muslim supremacist Ahmad, places the onus of being raped on the non-muslim supremacist women by blaming it on the women not wearing muslim supremacist misogynist shrouds while at the same time claiming people should be ambassadors for their “backgrounds.” Apparently Western women dressed in Western clothing can only represent their backgrounds and prevent being raped by muslim supremacists by pretending to be muslim supremacists.

        I would bet my own life that Ahmad the muslim supremacist feels very strongly that muslim supremacist women who are asked to remove their slave rags for safety (even their own safety), and identification purposes are being denied the right to “… be a good ambassador for his background.”

        So, Ahmad the muslim supremacist did not give an apology. He blamed the victims and ended his blame the victim song and dance with typical muslim supremacist hypocrisy in which respect is a one way street. Demanded but never given unless one capitulates to muslim supremacists.

        I can guarantee that Ahmad the muslim supremacist is a “moderate, modern” muslim supremacist.

        And all you leftists and pc/mc thugs tell us it’s the “extremists” that are the problem.

        • Same here: it has spared me several times from having to join the fray… When “Istanbul Chick” flays them, I know I can relax!

        • IC, this same idiot ass-clown just posted on Vlad Tepes a few minutes ago with the username, “Fair Man.” It is him because of the similar bad prose, and though Vlad’s particular thread is the video about the native Swedes being evicted to make room for muslim “refugees,” Ahmad, or “Fair Man” is essentially off topic asking Eeyore this, “How did you know the rapping [sic]/murderer men in your posts generlly were Muslims?” Sound familiar? Then to bet all, he goes straight to his favorite “whipping boys” of the Twelver shi’a sect, whom he claims was invented by a “wicked Jew” 30 years after Mad Moe’s demise, lol.

          Anyway, he ends by saying “One more point: can we be friends?” He uses the same pseudo politeness there as he does here.

          What an idiot. Definitely inbred, no doubt.

      • How then do you explain this whole section of the Qu’rân: 9:5 through 9:29???

        Or verse 2:193, or verse 8:39?? They ALL DEMAND most categorically that Moslems keep fighting until there is NO other religion but Islam ALONE!!!!

        Thus, we must reject your “apologies” as at best insincere, at worst downright MENDACIOUS!!!!

        If that doesn’t make sense, plainly I say, “Ahmad”, you are LYING!!!! There: I’ve called you a LIAR!!!

        • Please don’t be too fast in giving your judgement.

          I replied with the same reply on the other website, probably moderated by one of the users here also, because they had the same points as this good web site. The queries wre the same and the replies also. Which implies honesty. When you ask the same question or discuss the same topic with someone more than once, and find the same reply, you understand he is honest.

          Then you began to ask about Quran. This is a good step forward, which means to know and learn rather than fear from the ghost. This is really wonderful of you. I encourage it.

          Teaching by posts on a web site is not as easy doing it in a classroom. But I appreciate your good question. Note that the teaching differs according to the 12-th Shiaa.

          For 9:5 through 9:29:
          This was speaking about a war in old times, like wars in the book of judaism, which I as a Muslim also believe in(it’s a must).

          The meaning of a word in your dictionary depends on the context. Islam contains both a religion and shariaa, not just shariaa. When we say all religions are Islam. This means they are included init. Why?

          I am going to post the explanation on successive posts so that no thread is very long. Ok? And hope that the moderator approves my posts quickly.

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