DENMARK People’s Party joins Geert Wilders in advocating for a stop to ALL Muslim immigration

DANISH PEOPLE’S PARTY AD that says, YOUR DENMARK? A multiethnic society with: – Mass rapes – Crude violence – Insecurity – Supression of women – Forced marriages IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?

HOORAY for The Danish People’s Party (DPP) that is publicly declaringing it wants to put a halt to immigration from Muslim countries. The party says Muslims don’t integrate and cause big problems with shariah zones, parallel societies and social control.

Islam in Europe  The announcement followed the release of marriage figures for immigrant groups.

According to the new figures, just 20% of non-Western 2nd generation immigrants marry Danes. Among Pakistanis and Turks the figures are less than 10%.

“We must work towards bringing down the immigration from Muslim countries to zero.

There can naturally be some exceptions, but there’s a need for political ambition to bring Muslim immigration close to zero,” says the party’s integration spokesperson Martin Henriksen.

“The 24-year old rule is now no longer enough. We have to deal with people who consciously decide to opt out of marrying Danes.

It’s problematic. If we are to hope these families will be integrated in the future, we must introduce new and significant restrictions on immigration from Muslim countries,” says Henriksen.By stopping immigration from Muslim countries, the Danish People’s Party hopes to stop the influx into the parallel societies, and eventually dissolve them.

“It will increase the possibility that young people will be able to break out of the parallel societies,” says Martin Henriksen.

Q:what is the figures are because people fall in love with people they have more in common with?


“Naturally there are those somebody with Turkish background who fall in love with others of Turkish background.

But it’s well known that Muslim communities are very skeptical of – and look down on – if, for example, a girl goes out with a Danish boy or man. It can lead to sanctions and we should end that,” says Henriksen.

The DPP wants to stop Muslim immigration by stopping the new government’s rollback of the point system, tightening asylum laws and giving priority to Western labor immigration.




















20 comments on “DENMARK People’s Party joins Geert Wilders in advocating for a stop to ALL Muslim immigration

  1. Why we here in the USA do not follow suite?
    Oh, No, we better not do anything, because when we do we go the opposite way to the point of electing one of them (Muslims).
    Shame on you America.

  2. Very good news!! I wish Canada would pay more attention and follow suit…Muslims do not deserve to live among us and we don’t deserve to have our freedoms stripped to appease filth.

  3. For both Denmark and The Netherlands, I hope it is NOT a case of, “A day late and a dollar short~!”,,,
    The United States had best awaken in a big hurry, as well~! And BULLY for the Canadian Courts, convicting the so-called, “Honor Killers”~! MASSIVE Step forward for TRUTH~!

  4. Good on you Danemark,this should be interesting to see the developments of this move,maybe thats what “GUTLESS” Cameron has been waiting for,hope he follows with equal measures here,but given the restrictions of the E.U.& Human Rights Act.i doubt it,but he’ll watch with interest,but as long as they are working for much less than the average Brittish Worker he won’t be in a hurry.


    Banning cousin marriage will stop most Moslem immigration immediately and at the same time liberate women in the oppressive Moslem world. This will weaken Islam’s dead hand and sociologically break up the DEATH CULT.

    • Per1, you can’t ban what people do in their bedrooms. And how do you enforce it? How do you get them to admit they are married to their first cousin? Not a good solution. Banning Muslims from entering the country is easier.

      • I’m with BNi on this one. The more they stay in their own countries marrying first cousins, the deeper they will go. And we don’t want to deal with the fallout 9like UK statistics show).

  6. We must get a pan-european,american, australian movement going before it is too late-islam has declared war on us and we must start the fight back to kill this elephant in the room.

    • Dai,
      EVERY photo I have seen of the mu-chits rioting and demonstrating in the streets has a poster saying, “FREEDOM GO TO HELL~!”,,,
      Ruining the freedom of liberated, intelligent people is what islam is all about~! THAT, My Friend, is their sole agenda~!,,, along with the satanic subjugation of all free-thinking, love-based religions and philosophies, that is.
      Blessings, Friend~!

  7. Passengers, please fasten your seat belts! We are about to make a banking hard right! You may also experience some turbulance!

  8. Yeah DENMARK!!!!
    I do hope other countries follow their lead!

    And, I do hope they have a higher security now because there will be a huge backlash.

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