Terror-linked CAIR silences Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (Ret) for telling the truth about Islam

Gen. Jerry Boykin

HAMAS-sugar daddy CAIR (The Council on American-Islamic Relations), a named unindicted co-conspirator entity in the Holy Land Foundation terror financing convictions, announced  that it had successfully prevented retired Lieutenant General William G. “Jerry” Boykin from speaking at an upcoming prayer breakfast at the US Military Academy at West Point.

CAIR couldn’t do this on its own, you know they had the backing of the Muslim-in-Chief.

New Media Journal  “We welcome Mr. Boykin’s withdrawal from this event and hope that the speaker who replaces him will offer cadets a spiritual message that promotes tolerance and mutual understanding,” said CAIR National Executive Director and Hebollah supporter Nihad Awad in a statement.

West Point initially balked (until they were strong-armed by the White House) at the calls to remove Boykin — a former military intelligence officer — from the event. Lt. Col. Sherri Reed of West Point told The Associated Press that cadets are “purposefully exposed to different perspectives and cultures.”

The National Prayer Breakfast Service will be pluralistic with Christians, Jewish, and Muslim cadets participating,” Reed said. “We are comfortable and confident that what retired Lt. Gen. Boykin will share about prayer, soldier care and selfless service, will be in keeping with the broad range of ideas normally considered by our cadets.”

Boykin backed out of the event on his own volition (and threats from CAIR, not doubt), according to a report from FOX News. The retired lieutenant general has been on CAIR’s radar for casting Islam in a poor light, specifically in speeches in which he analogizing the War on Terror to a war against Satan.

CAIR and the far left group VoteVets.org pushed hard for a retraction of Boykin’s invitation to the event due to his “Islamophobic” views. CAIR and People For the American Way failed to stop a speech Boykin gave in Ocean City, MD, last week. This week it seems they have been successful.

Center for Security Policy Frank Gaffney says according to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), there is a grave threat to America that must be suppressed at all costs.  The threat is that Lieutenant General William “Jerry” Boykin might be allowed to exercise his constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech.

General Boykin is one of the United States’ most accomplished and decorated military heroes.  He served in and led our most elite special forces units for decades, including in many of our most dangerous recent combat operations.  He also held a number of senior positions in the intelligence community, including as the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.

For another, Jerry Boykin is also an ordained minister.  And the sorts of events CAIR has lately insisted he must not address include prayer sessions convened by the mayor of Ocean City, Maryland and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Four federal judges have affirmed that CAIR is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood and was spawned by one of its American affiliates – the Islamic Association for Palestine.  Indeed, we know from wiretapped conversations at the time of its founding that CAIR was established by Muslim Brotherhood operatives as a political arm and fundraising mechanism for Hamas, a designated terrorist organization and the Brotherhood’s franchise in “Palestine.”

Unfortunately, CAIR and its fellow Muslim Brotherhood fronts are not simply trying to muzzle Jerry Boykin.  They have gone after a number of other truth-tellers about the doctrine the Brothers seek to insinuate into this country – the totalitarian, supremacist politico-military-legal program the Islamists call shariah. 

Of particular concern is the fact that the U.S. government is now effectively encouraging what amounts to free speech for some – and abetting it.  Team Obama has begun according Islamophobia the status of a serious problem.  Worse yet, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has joined forces with the OIC in trying to find ways to suppress this fictitious problem by treating instances of what should be protected free speech as prosecutable “incitement.”   

To paraphrase the famous German pastor, Martin Niemöller, first they are coming for the “Islamophobes” and for Muslims who oppose shariah’s political agenda.  How soon will they decide that you have no right to speak freely, either?

You can find many speeches from Gen. Boykin on Youtube. Here is a short clip of his some of his remarks about CAIR.

Gen.Boykin discusses his withdrawal from the prayer breakfast and sharia in the military.




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  1. Boykin and his ilk can be a very good image to show the people of the USA to wake them up. He needs a platform Beck could get it going. But the man is acting the way all Americans should act about mohommedism.

  2. I just heard that Glenn Beck will have Gen. Boykin on his GBTV show today. And Glenn says that Gen. Boykin has a lot to say. Darn… now I’ll have to subscribe to listen. It should be a very exciting show.

      • Yeah, it wasn’t fun at all, but hopefully it will be what it takes to finally make me start feeling better soon!
        Keep up the great work, I am so happy for you (and me, and all the other BNI fans) that your barenakedislam.com url is working the way it should now!

        • Zilla, actually it isn’t working right from my end.There is a conflict in the database with the two names, endtimestoday and barenakedislam and until it is fixed, I have trouble posting, and even logging in on and off all day long.

  3. I will write what others shrink from expressing: the commandant should have given Obamination his Goddamn resignation on the spot. He should have called a press conference to explain exactly what he did and why.

    And he should have publicly urged Gen. Boykin to enter the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. In time of war, we could use a General in the White House again.

  4. So glad to hear the truth about what is going on. While it can be frustrating to have prayer breakfasts canceled, the truth can still be carried on. We can be determined to reveal the real truth, concerning Islam.

  5. How ironic is it that General Boykin’s book is titled, “NEVER SURRENDER” and yet that is exactly what he did… surrendered to CAIR.

    • CL, he did not surrender to CAIR, he obeyed an order from the commander-in-chief passed down to the head of West Point (JMHO)

      • If it is as you say then General Boykin must avoid all places where he puts himself under these lousy orders. I really would like to hear from him on this issue.

        • CL, this is not the first time he has been protested by CAIR and he prevailed. West Point is under the control of the Muslim-in-Chief and that’s just the way it is. Boykin is no shrinking violet. I am sure West Point was given their marching orders and Boykin had to comply.

        • I really like General Boykin and I am willing to concede that he might not have been able to stay even if he wanted to but it is disappointing that freedom of speech and religion are being suppressed for this evil ideology.

  6. Sir I implore you to not do this again. You MUST not allow CAIR to suppress your freedom of speech. If a decorated general buckles how will us lower ranking civilians be able to stand? And if we go the nation goes. This is highly disappointing.

  7. Either learn from history or perish.

    First step have a congressional hearing
    on “Radicalisation of Islam” and after
    giving both sides to give their views end
    with the declaration “Islam is a cult and not a religion and against freedom and is
    unconstitutional and a threat to free society”.

    Then all those who indulge in and support such radicals can be deported by law.

    All those who continue to be muslim must
    lose their right to vote and lobby and all
    social security benefits withdrawn.

    No halal meat in prison or anywhere in USA.

    No new mosques allowed till similar benefits extended in all muslim majority states.

    All mosques that breach zoning laws to be demolished.

    All those who support islamic rights to be
    deported for period of 2 years to muslim
    majority nation of their choice….if they
    love living in it let them…take them
    back if they apologise and give in writing they will never support islam/sharia rights.

    All those employees who insist on islamic prayer time/foods/job discrimination to be
    made to pay for such frivolous lawsuits and jailed.

    All the above are do-able an non-violent.

    If not done starting today….this menace
    will lead to hot internal civil war in
    near future.

    Islam is a social cancer …either treat it
    early or pay a heavy price later.

    read on how spain got rid of islam after
    600 years of abuse by 1656 A.D…..but then
    they forgot history allowed the islamic cancer back .

    • What’s really amazing is that people and especially politicians do not see where that “pamphlet unclean” they call “holy book” Quran, speaks clearly of this. If many of the “Shura” writes a political party, immediately outlaw, is stupid.

      The simple fact that it is written into law that “man has supremacy over women” and that may mistreat it is a criminal statement is an apology for crime, as is the assertion that everyone has or to become or at least submit and pay tribute.

      I’m no lawyer but I’m pretty sure that’s enough to outlaw the religion and therefore that it can be pursued legally, what happens is there is no will to do so by politicians, and then, for more “INRI”, there are many citizens who have swallowed the speech that “we must understand that it is another civilization and blablablabla …..”.

      Not so, what is barbaric, is barbaric, the idea that must be respected because they are “ancient traditions” is a complete falsehood as by the rule of three could also be re-legalize human sacrifices to the sun god or the like .

      In Spain, more stupid, is taught as part of our past. Well, okay, is part of our past, many words have Arabic origins of language, it is true but it is also true that the world evolves, is constantly evolving and is absolutely unchanging Islam, Islam demands that are still living with customs average age, also clashed with other customs and the clash ended with the expulsion and took the path of Western civilization is therefore inadmissible that we now have to give up rights for several centuries made ​​because these filthy barbarians say.

      There is a universal declaration of human rights is for everyone and those who do not comply, is a criminal.

      But there are a bunch of assholes who are not aware or do not want to know or … but they find some “sinister” reasons are that things go well.

      And here in Spain that already have laws that if you call “progressive” why sometimes they seem to have more rights than the victims of offenders we are doing the “hara kiri” ourselves.

      Sorry for the extension and use my rudimentary English.

      Good night.

  8. Islam really has an advantage since it represents itself as a religion, and to the politically correct and disturbingly ignorant (most by choice), it is just nice in ‘polite company’, i.e., Muslim cadets will be there!, to not allow him to say anything critical about Islam. Now that is power!

  9. This is really unacceptable and also unacceptable, very disturbing for all the free world.

    If the United States which is the true guarantor of individual liberty these things begin to happen and “shut up” to someone (and over a career soldier who gave everything for his country) because it bothers Muslims, who will be from countries like Spain that are already surrounded by these miserable barbarians?.

    I do not know the reality of everyday life in the U.S. but .. can not do anything?, Citizens may press against this?.

    Again, this is very disturbing.

    Good night from Madrid.

    • Ramses, yes our freedoms are under attack here from the muslim plague and their leader in the White House. But you have a lot of problems in Spain yourselves with Muslims. Please tell me why, after a history of being conquered by them, would your country ever allow them in again?

      • Because it has been allowing immigration, also having very close Muslim countries, there have been “roles” with ease, the left, since the dictatorship ended in 1976, Franco has always had great strength, having had the government (PSOE, Spanish Socialist Workers Party, has ruled two stages, 1982-1996 and 2004 to 2011) most of the time and because here most people are so very stupid, ignorant and naive to believe in such “nonsense” of the “Alliance of Civilizations” and “tolerance.”

        They do not realize something as simple as you can not apply human rights to those who practice a doctrine that criticizes those same rights.

        Here has come a time when, for criticizing Islam or simply called “moro” a Muslim in the street, you branded as xenophobic, racist and intolerant.

        I do not do any attention but it is possible that one day I split the face.

        Sorry for my mistakes with the language, my English is very low, I take the Google translator and a dictionary of old ones.


        • Ramses, but at least in the last election, you threw out the socialists. That is promising. Hopefully, the
          conservatives will put a stop to immigration from muslim countries. You have a lot of garbage there coming in
          from Morocco.

        • We hope so but I fear that many “politically correct” currently in Spain and even in Europe is the invention of “tolerance” and there we have the evidence in the UK, in London, there are neighborhoods that already apply the “Sharia” Islam in France and has been for a couple of small towns where Muslim groups have been submitted to the local elections have brought good results and have separated men and women of the municipal swimming pools in Spain … .. well, here one of the first measures the new government has been put as a Delegate of the Government in the Autonomous City of Melilla to a Muslim …..

          And those who protest, put us trouble even exercise our legitimate right to demonstrate. In many publications, both written and Internet, the critical comments of Islam are considered xenophobic and racist and not publish ……

          I closed myself as a blog and three profiles on Facebook for my comments and post anti-Islamic, I was obliged to give Facebook my actual data (I always online, I have used and still use nicknames-Ramses, Ramrock-not my real name) and show them, since then I have become close but if I have left comments, all critical of Islam.

          So I am very concerned what might be happening in the United States because I believe this nation as the leading nation in the defense of individual freedom and we all know that one of the things that has cursed Islam is its denial of the right to free will. Also I worry about the phobia against Israel.

          If the U.S. and Israel fall, we fall all.

        • Ramses, I understand. Believe me, we are fighting as hard as we can to preserve freedom and liberty, but most of all to get the Muslim in the White House out of office. He will destroy this country if he gets 4 more years.
          Keep supporting and electing right wing officials, otherwise you will become an Islamic hellhole once again.

          If you want to see the stories on Islam in Spain that I have here, just enter “SPAIN” into the Search Box.

        • With your permission, I copy the post on PROTECTIONIST AUSTRALIAN PARTY …

          That’s the way, or one of the forms.

          That if I leave tomorrow and then in Madrid are now the 3:10 a.m.

          Thank’s you, good night

  10. This is a big country. The cair creeps have started getting a foothold using our own constitution against we, the people. We need people like the general, high profile people and information sites like BNI to get the message out. But in the mean time, bury a dead pig at a local holy ground near you.

  11. That what they do. They come to our countries and dictate what we should do.
    But, again, whose fault is this? It is ours 100%.
    And, we, already, do not have the freedom of speech as we know it. And, it will get way worse if the Muslim in the WH get another term.

  12. One would think that somewhere in the halls of congress there would be those who would demand Americans have the right to free speech despite what me pompous and ms pomousity say.
    When are our elected officials going to rise up and cut the strings from their puppet master ?
    Way past time those two and all the czars are voted out IF, in fact, we are “allowed” to have another presidential election.

    • what is wrong with stupid americans?Allowing this muslim slime to take over our country. They will learn before long they are not wanted here in Amercia before obummer puts more in the white house. It will be their mecca! Get obummer to hell out of america ! If he gets another 4 yrs. america will be islamized!

  13. BNI,

    Keep plugging away. This is only one event. Hillary is a coward. the LG should not be shut down the truth needs to be told

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