EGYPT: Deadly riots at soccer stadium, at least 73 dead, 1,000 injured

RIOTS that broke out after a soccer match in Egypt’s Port Said  is the worst incident of soccer violence in Egypt and the deadliest worldwide since 1996. One player said it was “like a war.”

National Post  4A security official said the violence erupted as soon as the referee blew the final whistle. Fans of Al-Masri, which beat Al-Ahly 3-0, invaded the pitch and began to throw rocks, bottles and fireworks at the Al-Ahly fans.

Reports keep changing about the number of dead and injured after soccer fans rushed the field in the seaside city of Port Said Wednesday following an upset victory by the home team over Egypt’s top club, setting off clashes and a stampede as riot police largely failed to intervene.

It was a bloody reminder of the deteriorating security in the Arab world’s most populous country as instability continues nearly a year after former President Hosni Mubarak was swept out of power in a popular uprising.

The melee – which followed an Egyptian league match between Al-Masry, the home team in the Mediterranean city, and Al-Ahly, based in Cairo and one of Egypt’s most popular team – was the worst case of soccer violence in Egypt and the deadliest worldwide since 1996. One player said it was “like a war.”

In Cairo, fans angered that another match between Al-Ismaili and Zamalek was halted because of the Port Said violence set fire to the bleachers at the main stadium in the Egyptian capital, authorities said. 

The clashes and ensuing stampede did not appear to be directly linked to the political turmoil in Egypt, but the violence raised fresh concerns about the ability of the state police to manage crowds. Most of the hundreds of black-uniformed police with helmets and shields stood in lines and did nothing as soccer fans chased either, some wielding sharp objects and others hurling sticks and rocks.

Security officials said the ministry has issued directives for its personnel not to “engage” with civilians after recent clashes between police and protesters in November left more than 40 people dead.

The violence also underscored the role of soccer fans in Egypt’s recent protest movement. Organized fans, in groups known as ultras, have played an important role in the revolution and rallies against military rule. Their anti-police songs, peppered with curses, have quickly become viral and an expression of the hatred many Egyptians feel toward security forces that were accused of much of the abuse that was widespread under Mubarak’s regime.

Essam el-Erian, a Muslim Brotherhood lawmaker, said the military and police were complicit in the violence, accusing them of trying to stop critics demanding an end to state of emergency that give security forces wide-ranging powers.

The manager of the Al-Masry, Kamal Abu Ali, announced he also was resigning in protest. “This is not about soccer. This is bigger than that. This is a plot to topple the state,” he told the same station, using an often-cited allegation by the military against protesters.


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  1. Lol, did you gear the guy in the “new great glorious” Egyptian government accusing the U.S. and Israel for the riots, as well as the Maspero attack against the Copts?

  2. Great news! As you know they are inbred and mentally retarded to believe in a 1400 year old myth.
    Let’s hope they keep having wars and plenty of football matches.

  3. There is something seriously wrong with these people.
    Team wins? RIOT
    Team loses? RIOT

    Whatever… they can keep their “soccer matches.”

  4. This is a case of lose-lose for the police – If they do nothing they are found guilty and if they attempt crowd control the muslime lawyers will accuse them of brutality – so I would have done just what they did – let the thugs go after each other and hope that the innocent manage to escape.

  5. This is what happens when your freedoms are stripped and you are forced to submit your pitiful life to Allah under Sharia.

    Better on their soil than ours. Can’t say I am sad about it – more like shocked the death count wasn’t in the thousands.

  6. dam that “religion of peace ” is at it again!!!! , maybe we should pay for another vacation for “captain oreo and the wookie” to go over and bow down and kiss the “mb’s” ass !!!!!!

  7. And who said the Pommies were the worst football hooligans? Perhaps we should send them to Egypt and towel the Gippo’s up a little like General Gordon did. (it was the Sudan). Another Flash Al Jezeera says the gates of the Stadium were locked. It looks like a planned attack as the home team had just won (3-0)the match and the crowd went for the Allepo team. I wonder if the team from Allepo are Copts. Many were stabbed in the gut and the crowd just looked on and let them die. Will find out.

    Can you imagine what these nose pickers would do to our stadiums? I don’t ever eat Kebabs because these turds don’t wash their hands and do worse if it is for a Dhimmi to eat. I will starve when I am travelling rather then eat from any Arab, Turk or any Middle Eastern business. They probably raped the kebab roll before they put it on the fire to cook. Nothing surprises me with these men. They are disgusting.

    A news flash from Sydney’s South West Police said that a M Man has been arrested for sex trafficing in young Thai girls. Three innocent young Thai students with student visa’s were taken into sexual servitude by the M man and forced to work in his brothel in Bankstown. (What is new?)He with held their passports and were forced to work for him.

    Another 25 muslims rescued today off Indonesia. They were headed for Indonesia and were changing boats to head for Australia. Just like we change busses or trains. Bloody hell!!!

  8. Could we really expect anything different from them? They are what they do…violent hate-filled animals.

    We’ve seen fans at foot ball games here in the States…people become very passionate — but this? Perfect example of Musilms.

    • Here in England we are somewhat used to violence at football (only Americans call it “soccer”) games, but THIS!?! These goat f*ckers have no right to be playing our beautiful game. Lets hope the ikwhan ban all western infidel sports, after all they need the population good and pissed off with the west and this is just wasting all that good rage.

  9. Might just be a practice run for an attack in America! The Muslim Brotherhood is calling for violence in the United States, so Americans,’be on your guard’!

  10. Tragic & nightmarish. But how could the Muslim Brotherhood possibly now expect Egypt to field an army capable of doing anything other than dying? The Muslim Brotherhood has brought about not only an end to the possibility of democracy in Egypt but also an extended period of chaos. We have to end Obummah’s support of Egypt. May the Muslim Brotherhoodies be caught in their own snares…

  11. I think that all Christians and anyone other than muslims should just leave egypt and let the dogs kill each other. My apologies to dogs for insulting a truly great animal.

  12. If this is what they do to each other just imagine what they would do to the people they don’t like; Americans,Israelis etc.
    Sure was a wonderful thing this Arab Spring.

    • Oh but islam is a religion of peace don’t you know…..It’s more like a religion of pieces, as in the broken pieces of their women and children that they kill.

  13. Kill,maim, burn and beat… these seem to be their only way of expressing themselves apart from complaining (CAIR).

    This is fine with me. The more they kill each other, the less problems we will have.

    • Guy, there was never any chance of democracy of any kind there, other than the kind of democracy the Islamists claim that sharia is. I don’t feel sorry for them. They voted in a sharia government. They deserve what they get.

      • Was there EVER any doubt??? That they would vote for Pisslamic Sharia law????
        Only an IDIOT would expect them to vote for true secular democracy……er…
        Kennedy (thank GAWD he’s dead)

    • If this crap doesn’t stop and SOON (It may already be too late) We will soon be seeing this in our once Clean and Free America.

      • Keep in mind the slime football players who attacked the kneeling quarterback at the end of that high school game in MI. It IS here. It IS wherever slimes are. islam IS as islam DOES.

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