BELGIUM: Daughter of Right Wing leader, Filip DeWinter, dons a bikini and a headbag in a new campaign against Islamization

dewinter-1-200x300An-Sofie Dewinter, 19-year-old daughter of Filip Dewinter, the leader of Vlaams Belang, poses in a shocking poster for the party’s campaign against Islamization and discrimination of women using the slogan: ‘Freedom or Islam? Dare to choose.’

Islam in Europe  This new campaign from Vlaams Belang is in collaboration with the organization “Vrouwen Tegen Islamisering” (ie, “Women against Islamization”)

Freedom or Islam? Dare to choose!" Is the slogan of the campaign, which addresses the "misogyny of Islam" and intends to defend the rights of women.

Freedom or Islam? Dare to choose!” Is the slogan of the campaign, which addresses the “misogyny of Islam” and intends to defend the rights of women.

An-Sofie told the newspaper Laatste Nieuws she decided to make this campaign on her own. Says An Sofie, “I am quite in tune with this campaign and I want to support Dad. I am not afraid of criticism and risks. I’ve seen it all in regard to the naysayers, all the way up to the death threats.”

Filip Dewinter on the dangers of Islamization


41 comments on “BELGIUM: Daughter of Right Wing leader, Filip DeWinter, dons a bikini and a headbag in a new campaign against Islamization

  1. Owh……. For me … freedom is mean u can wear good clothes than be like native uncivilization in Ice age wear only nothing… sorry for belgium for think wearing clothes is unfreedom… ahaks…. so funny to hear that wearing bikini is beauty…. i am an scenic artist…. for Islamic… they can wear anything… wonder what that Make they think is Not freedom…. just to cover Your body cover from lust of men and more be like a good respected girl than be like animal …. wonder why belgium girl wanna put bikini all day… be a more freedom if that so… by Not wearing anything…. no clothes (naked is better in my art of anatomy) is better than bikini…. go girl… i think belgium and all men will like it… for muslim .. They know what they doing… They chose freedom to wear more clothes to cover they body…. That mean they know men very much ….(^_^)…… wonder who hated american all that…. for me Portugis and British kill a lot of my people in war and takes a loots from my country and Make a slave of it… but we forgiven them…And we still in contract in British …. political matters and islamic so far away of conclusion….. if we Not had that contract … Maybe Not American that will be targeted…..

  2. I am appalled and worried that the Muslims have managed to engineer the issue of islamification into left/right dispute between non-muslims. The fact is that Islam is anathema to all people. How any socialist can support a faith which denies trial by jury, democracy, the rights of women, and free speech while demanding the killing of apostates, members of other faiths, homosexuals, “adulterers” and “blasphemers” is beyond me. Are they mad? What the hell is liberal about Islam?

    • Les, lefties and muslims have the same goals – to destroy America and capitalism. Eventually they will try to destroy each other but for now the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  3. I have just one question to the leaders of the western countries.
    Do you have control over who is allowed and NOT allowed to enter your countries?
    If yes, I hope, then why do you allow Muslims in?

    • The answer to that question is relatively easy: those leaders all too often have been themselves infected by the Marxist siren-song of destroying native cultures so that via the shibboleth of “multiculturalism” (others being “diversity”, “inclusivity” and “political correctness”), they then hope to destroy ALL traditional societies (the Western especially) and put their “perfect Communism” in its place!!

      Other leaders who’ve not been quite as indoctrinated by that bullshit get overpowered by the underlings in banking, law, big-business, unions and – worst of all!!! – academe into going along with that utterly-SATANIC agenda!!!!

      It’s all part of Satan’s grand plan of enslaving the whole world to his will preparatory to destroying it ALL. [It’s this last part where he’ll be frustrated in by Christ’s Second Coming – but at what a MONSTROUS price of blood, toil, tears and sweat (as Churchill put it) whereby people will be (according to Ezekiel) burying the corpses of misled anti-Christian people and warriors for a full SEVEN YEARS!!!]

      • Oh yes, I also forgot that enough of those Western “leaders” are also BRIBED into going along with the Muslim-Marxist agenda by lots of Arab (especially – and Muslim generally) oil-money!!!

        When you have tens or hundreds of millions, or even billions, of dollars and/or euros (even in quantities of gold!) hidden in secret foreign bank-accounts, it’s that much easier to think “après moi, le déluge…” (with the idea that you’ll be safe from it all somewhere in a comfortable exile of some sort – which is a complete mirage!!!) – not caring otherwise…

    • No wonder when we realise that Allah is SATAN himself!!!! Of course the chief of the fallen angels knows a LOT – but not quite all as that’s the prerogative of Yahweh (YHWH – the Judæo-Christian, REAL God, to whom ALL adulation, worship, power, love and everything else are truly due!!!).

      That’s the God who’ll truly triumph while Satan in his guises of Allah, Baal, Belial, Moloch/Molech, Zeus, Jupiter et al will be burning up forever in the Lake of Fire!!!! Truly, the monster of hate that Allah actually is by no means is the true God we proudly worship!!!

  4. You go, girl! The young lady is a fox, if I may be so crude to say. But, that isn’t what’s important about what she, and her father and more and more Belgiums, are making a statement about, ofcourse. Oh yah, it is provacative, a very dangerous provacation at that. But, it is necessary. This young woman has more balls than many of the men who are running the country. I hope what Ms Dewinter represents gets traction and growing support, not just from within Belgium, but from all of Europe. If it’s not too late, that is.

  5. The bikini is a great idea. I wish them luck.
    I do have one question or maybe two or three. How did they let this get as far as it has in Belgium? Who thought this idea of assimilation up? Who were the idiots that allowed this to happen?


  6. This woman has more balls than the White House dhimmis put together. She knows this campaign will have the muzzies up in arms as usual, but does she give a rat’s ass? Nope and why the hell should she; can anybody turn round and says she’s not making a strong and valid point?

  7. Each day I’m reminded, there is a God. “Vrouwen Tegen Islamisering,” Where do I sign up? I’m actually a pretty good photographer.

  8. God bless her!

    Women must get involved to expose and ridicule this DEATH CLUB FOR MEN.

    Standing up against fear and intimidation and saying “NO!” is what it’s about.

    Islam is patriarchal and chauvinistic in the EXTREME!

    Feminists, where are you?

    An-Sophie De Winter is more of a feminist than all of you combined!

  9. Oh that’s easy, an F88 Aussteyr is a 5.56 caliber semi automatic rifle with 1.5x optic sights. It is the weapon that SWAT teams and the military use.
    I am also handy with a M60, and an M16 shot from the hip by instinct.
    A Ruger lever action 223 is my personal favourite.
    I have fired AK47’s for fun, a nice weapon, easily handled.
    Men and women compliment each other, I personally adore men, (except islamic men, whom disgust me with their centuries old, unscientific, dull witted thinking, no art, no music, no creativity, hateful men, who hate dogs and everything non-muslim, segregating from from the main stream normality, leading wierd paralell, pious lives amoung us)
    Check out/ google the ‘Nacht Hexen’ – Night Witches, an all female Russian fighter pilot squadron, amazing strength and heroics from WWII and you may enjoy reading about ‘The White Mouse-Nancy Wake’, and ‘Vivien Bullwinkle’ all amazing women who loved their countries and freedom, and sacrificed all alongside their men.

    Sorry to hear about your mum.

  10. We need to make Lorena Bobbitt a poster-girl for Islamic women. If all Muslim males can obey and imitate Mohammed, why can’t all Muslim females imitate Lorena?

    • AWESOME~!
      Sadly, all the mozlem men can see is the “meat”, and not that which makes a woman a desirable companion and MATE~!
      I’ve long said that the change in islam will begin with the women,,, I feel that way still~!

  11. ADHD I concur with all you say, however my hormones are estrogen, and I can heft an F88 as well as any man in the defence of my country. I am woman see me roar, I will stand beside you and never fear, I can shoot the wing off a fly at 300mtrs.

    • I was NEVER out to attack worthy women who can rejoice in their strength and other attributes, yet who also know where the male has his advantages – I’m not interested in being a misogynist in the slightest!! [There have been not a few strong and amply-capable women whom yours truly has met in the course of his life, notably including a couple of classical-singers, and being a classical musician (especially if you’re singing opera!) is very much “a man’s world” (as one of those people, a very strong yet classy woman, explicitly said)!! Also, my late mother had to be extremely strong to deal with such a very messed-up kid as what I used to be (when she died at 62, she had fought cancer for close to 14 years)…]

      My “beef” is with the femi-Commies (others call them “femi-Nazis”!), with whom I’ve also had the SUPREME misfortune of meeting!!! THOSE are the ones who I can and do truly HATE with ALL of my being!!!!!

  12. Belgian women are well educated and incredibly strong,as this young lady demonstrates.

    Take your country back Belgium ,it is worth fighting for!

    • Why i think different … It shows uneducated belgium and how stupid they r…. sorry exel(my belgium friend)….

  13. Good-looking young lady!!!! I’m delighted that she’s doing this – I hope with all my heart that she’ll have a positive impact upon the Belgian people and get a real anti-Muslim backlash going!!!! [I sure hope that some Belgian men will start thinking about what they’re losing when all that wonderful beauty MUST be covered up merely because of some Arab good-for-nothing king-DEVIL!!!!]

    I so DREAD the thought of Brussels, Antwerp, Mechelen, Ghent or other beautiful Belgian cities going to the Muslims the way Istanbul has ended up!!!! It will be A SUPREME DISGRACE to see great Gothic cathedral-wonders like St. Rimbaud (Mechelen {Malines}), Our Lady of Antwerp, Sts. Michael & Gudula of Brussels end up destroyed or turned into mosques!!!!

    This last part could be off-topic, but it just struck me as potentially not being out of place: many Westerners in their fear of fat chose to drink soy products instead of real (cow’s) milk. The trouble with this food is that it hurts Westerners’ testosterone production, which could end up connected with a) the increased number of homosexuals in the West compared to what it likely was, b) the overall increased effeminacy of Western men generally.

    Without being out to absolve the femi-Commies of their share in the blame for this evil state of affairs, I suspect that this adopting a food that’s OK for Orientals but not for Westerners could be doing some harm in this way upon us – and we’ll need all the testosterone we can reasonably have for the upcoming massive purge of Muslims and Commies out of Western society…

    • I agree with you there, soy is a huge source for estrogen and you gotta wonder what an infant on soy infant formula will turn out like. Giving massive doses of strogen to a rapidly developing brain and body can’t be good, can it? Also think of pampers. I don’t think thats good for a boy baby. Think about it. All male mammals keep thier testes well out side of the main body mass for a reason. Sperm must be kept cooler than main body temp. Now what do you think might happen to a baby boy wearing a plastic heat retaining liner on his diaper? Excessive heat on developing testes, that can’t be good either. No wonder so many of todays boys and young men are so girly. Notice I did not mention Justin Bieber. Just something to think about.

    • Ahhhh…… Wonder …. this statement Lead to what…… Owh the dark age of civilitation….. hmmm u should read more

  14. They should be worried about their future. These parasites will destroy their country.

    They DO NOT know how to assimilate into a society. The city looks so beautiful and clean. Just give it 3 months, and the Muslims will trash it.

    • Upaces, Filip has been at the forefront of fighting Islam in Belgium. He is called a Nazi and worse and the liberals are still in charge which is why Brussels is predicted to have a majority of muslims by 2030.

    • I’ve been to belgium. When you arrive to Brussels, the shock cant be more: it looks like morocco or something: all the arabs in costume, smelly, dirty… looking at you horrible. Until you arrive to the centre or the museums you see what is left of Belgium. The other cities like Ghent of Brugge is little islamization, but goes that way surely.. what a damn shame, because is so beautiful!

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