COULD IT BE? Britain has devised a way to dramatically reduce Muslim immigration?

And even better, they now have a way to deport many of the Muslim entitlement whores living off the hard-earned money of the British taxpayers. The era of mass immigration is over!

PI NEWS  (H/T Henry P) This is the implication of the government’s new plans made public this week. Immigrants outside of Europe that have no useful skills or that cannot produce high incomes will lose their residency rights in Great Britain. The ministers announced yesterday that, through a “change in the immigration policy,” there will still only be space available for the “smartest and best immigrants” who wish to live in Great Britain.

The new regulation will presumably replace the existing one, which allows qualified workers to remain permanently in the country with a work visa if their employers want to keep them.

A minimum income will possibly be instituted as well for immigrants who wish to stay for a longer period of time. Last year, the Home Office said that the income must amount to more than 35,000 pounds per year in order to receive a permanent residency permit for Great Britain.

It is estimated that around 60,000 qualified work forces per year, including cooks and nurses obtain the right to settle permanently.

Minister of Immigration Damian Green said, however, that in the future it will be more difficult to receive a permanent residency permit. “Each will have to prove his usefulness to British society,” he said.

“What we need is a system that attracts such people that can either create jobs or prosperity, or can make a significant artistic or cultural contribution.”

“Reducing the number of immigrants has absolute priority, however, what I intend is “fewer, but better.” “We want to make Great Britain into the most attractive country in the world for the smartest and best. The era of mass-immigration is over.”

The new measures follow an arrangement from the Home Office last summer which implies that immigrants with a so-called “Tier Two” work visa, thus, skilled workers from outside of the EU that can produce no extraordinary qualifications or large investment capital can count on leaving Great Britain after five years.

Green told the Prime Minister last June, “We must change the status of ‘Tier Two’ immigrants so that they remain only for a limited time in Great Britain, thus, simply as an offset for short-term bottlenecks in the British labor market.”

“In the future, only a carefully controlled minority will be allowed, in the interest of the United Kingdom, to stay permanently.”

Last spring, the Migration Advisory Committee recommended that immigrants who earn less than 35,000 pounds per year be asked to return to their home countries. That would reduce the number of workers from outside of Europe who live in Great Britain, by up to 20,000 per year. Green said in an interview yesterday that he hopes to be able to establish a new generation of “qualified, highly talented, young people; the smartest and best from the whole world” in Great Britain.

Further measures to be expected in the new immigration regulations are, for example, the institution of an organization in collaboration with the Church of England for the disclosure of fictitious marriages, as well as new rules for the unification of families. For example, both marriage partners must be able to prove that they speak English and are not dependent on social benefits.