More French mosques ‘decorated’ with grafitti

Of course, we’ll likely never know if the anti-mosque grafitti was posted by anti-Muslim French nationalists or by Muslims themselves, who often are behind such minor vandalism on mosques as a way of evoking sympathy for themselves from the community.

 (Either way, the level of anti-Muslim sentiment is rising significantly in France and other parts of Europe. One would think Muslims would get a clue that their anti-social behavior as well as their their Islamic supremacist disregard and disrespect for the countries that gave the sanctuary and a lot of free benefits will no longer be tolerated)

 AJIB   On January 31,  a mosque in the Glonnières district of Le Mans was found covered with graffiti reading “Islam out of Europe”, “No Islam” and “France for the French”.

Tuesday, January 17, the Nazis tags were found on the front of the mosque in Montigny-en-Ostrevent still under construction. Thursday, January 26, two-headed pig were found at the site of the construction of the mosque in Nanterre. Saturday, January 28, racist graffiti were found on the door and the iron curtain of the mosque from the street Equal to Miramas . 

Recently, the walls of the mosque building Hérouville-Saint-Clair was tagged. On the wall of the fence you could see racist graffiti “Islam out of Europe,” “Neither Islam nor Burqa.” The authors also drew lines cross and Celtic cross (symbol of the far right). The mosque is expected to open in 2011. Recently, a halal butcher of Lisieux was tagged France was eliminated from World Cup soccer, but is on track to become world champion of anti-Muslim acts.

The mosque in Cholet, at the corner of Avenue de la Marne and St. John the XXIII, was tagged the night of April 5 to 6. On site, the police had found two inscriptions, written in the painting: “Sharia outside Europe” and “Marianne will not veil.”

In February: 
– Desecration of the Great Mosque of Saint Etienne

In March: 
– Registration of a racist high school and a prayer room in Toulon

In April: 
– Desecration of the mosque in Cholet 
– Desecration of the mosque of Istres: Attack the firearm

In May: 
– Desecration of Muslim headstones in Tarascon 
– Registration of a racist Muslim butcher future of Lisieux 
– Inscriptions on racist Muslim graves in Vienna


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  1. Therese its not strange they take over church and other places. In their minds they won over all those who use to go there. Allan works in stupids way.

    PS b.n.i when you try to push the comment button get a page 404 site not found. Thats why I been putting else were.

    • james, these kinds of problems are server issues over which I have no control. My webmaster reports them as they come in.

      • Didn’t think you did have control over it. Lucky you were able to find a server. I was only telling you if others wasn’t having it you might not have know to tell the server.

  2. There has been a battle royal in the city of Newcastle north of Sydney for about 3 or 4 years about the building of a Mosque. It is in a family area and there is no room for parking and the noise will be objectionable say 99% of the residents.

    They showed the story in the news a few nights ago and interviewed some residents about their feelings on having a mosque built there, 99% rejected the idea. When I looked closely at the footage of the Mosque where they now live, it had been a Masonic Lodge I think. That is strange. Well perhaps the spirit of our God is still in that building, and will hopefully blow the think apart.

    Yes, and one old resident who was interviewed at her front gate said she thought they were lovely people and always brought her food. That was nice, but I wonder what contaminates they have laced it with before delivery.

  3. OHMS! The resistance is growing!
    I’m tolerant of people who tolerate me!
    I know Muslims that I would call friends!
    The problem remains that according to the Qu’ran they deserve the same death as an infadel dog!
    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
    Massada shall not fall again!
    Next year in the Temple!
    CAIR is a terrorist front!

  4. BTW…Charles Martel kicked the Moz armies out of France.

    The Mozzies are going to see that name on a lot of walls in the near future.

    People have been reading about Islam in France as well as other countries. We have observed what Islam is and we deplore it.

    There’s no putting a good face on this evil cult.

  5. The religion of bad PR.

    All news about Islam is bad news.

    Mozzies have shown themselves…supremacists…THE FRENCH HAVE OBSERVED THEM.

    The taqiyya won’t work any more.

    I believe the French are sick of this odious, cruel, misogynistic DEATH CULT FOR MEN.

  6. Why how could France treat the muslimes this way when it was the muslimes that rescued their Country during the war !!
    Opps, I forgot – the muslimes were supporting the other side !!
    In that case – bully for France !!
    May all of Frence soon be covered with islamic muslimes get out of our Nation !!

  7. Yeap! Nice windows.
    The proof they did it themselves.
    When they use the nazi symbol prooves they think we are stupid. Nazi and muzz were friends.

  8. Well found out were they put their mosque near me. They have moved in the riches part of town in a store front. But am glad to know it was once a butcher shop.

    The people in this area eat lots of pork so lots of pigs died in that place. And the funnies part they never told the town they set up a mosque there plus they are living in it.

    Hope they came with their foot bath because their is only a toilet there and a hose hook up no sink or tub. The town with lots of trouble went in to inspect with police.

  9. Well us French love arts and love to draw you know, so I’d say most of these probably are genuine, as in not ‘muzzy made’. ESPECIALLY the one with Charles Martel’s inscription, because, and pay special attention to the first paragraph:

    “He is remembered for winning the Battle of Tours (also known as the Battle of Poitiers) in 732, in which he defeated an invading Moorish army and halted northward Islamic expansion in western Europe.

    A brilliant general, he is considered to be a founding figure of the Middle Ages, often credited with a seminal role in the development of feudalism and knighthood, and laying the groundwork for the Carolingian Empire. He was also the father of Pepin the Short and grandfather of Charlemagne.”

    In any case, muzzies better get it through that skull of theirs that France is not a whore they’ll be able to rape and subjugate to their will, but a fierce beast that’ll turn on them and show who she truly belongs to.
    Which would us French and no one else!

    • Thank you Alain for the info on the Charles Martel position at this time in the history of France and Europe. I knew of Charlemagne and have been in the pink Cathedral at Speyer in Germany where he was crowned and I know a little about the Carolingian Empire because I studied the preCrusader times up to the war with the Moors and the El Cid etc, and the Knights Templer etc, but now I will have to look more closely at Monsieur Martel.

      Back to the subject, the first picture has a symbol of a circle and cross and the word NO on top and not NON, does this indicate anything important Alain? And I must read up on Pepin the Short too.

      The time frame of Charles Martel struck me as though this man must have understood what Islam was all about because it is so close to the time frame of the Battles you mention and the defeat of Islam. Sort of around 100 years. No wonder the French love him.

      I read on some other places as well as this site too that when the population of Islam reaches 6% it is already very difficult to rid them from any country so I wish the French people luck and safety with these savages. Do it quick and do it good!

      Vive la France.

      • To answer your question on the first picture Therese, I have my theory but could be wrong;

        The fact that it says NO instead of NON could be indicative this was written by an English-speaker living in France, as a French would have said “non à l’islam”, or “pas d’islam.” There is also the fact the cross drawn is a Celtic cross which is characteristic of Irish Christianity, and that is more often used in Ireland and Great Britain than in France where it is rarely used. I have noticed such cross is also drawn on other pictures, so it could also mean that this cross is now seen as a symbol of protest and is thus used more widely.

        Personally, I’ve always been fascinated by the history of my country and guys like these; leaders who didn’t sit on their backside sending others to die but were right at the fighting front. Indeed, Charles Martel was a force to be reckoned with, and his battle with muzzies went on for years, and Pépin le Bref helped finish the job in 759.

        We’re nothing in persistent, and and as we say, loosely translated:

        When an idea is deep in our head, it’s not in our ass! If you get the drift :-)

        • PS: Am a bit slow today and just remembered and checked on something: the Huguenot cross has similarities with the Celtic cross in that it’s branches also spread outside the ring, although not as much.

          In any case and with that in mind, I can pretty safely state/assume that drawings such as these are indeed important in that they are definitely symbolic against the muzzies’ so-called religion.

  10. Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch came out recently with a new word to counter the famous word ‘islamophobia’ that is hurled at us to shut up free speech.

    The word is ‘islamonausea’. So, yes, we are becoming islamonauseous.

  11. General George S. Patton, Jr. said: “I would rather have a German division in front of me then a French Battalion behind me.”
    Maybe that cowardly aspect of the French is in the process of changing. When will we, and the rest of the West, rise to the courage and wisdom level the French are beginning to display?

    • opar, the French have the largest percentage of muslims of any EU country. That is probably why the anti-Muslim sentiment is the strongest there and growing. If they are smart enough to elect Marine LePen, you will see things change there rapidly…and muslims not only will be stopped from entering en masse, they will be forced to leave en masse.

  12. I think it is probably a French person, as the majority of the French have had it up to their ears with islam! Oh, except the bleeding heart left. Now they are trying to put roadblocks in the path of Marine Le Pen, but it was reported today that 70% of the French want her to be able to present for president.
    Resently a woman wearing a full face burka while driving was stoped by the police and given a 20 Euro fine for driving with her vision impared. Her husband contested the fine and the police investigated him. Turns out she is only one of his seven wives. They all live in separate apartments and between them have thirteen kids. All are receiving welfare and the man owns a halal butcher shop employing illegal imigrants. SEND THESE BASTARDS BACK TO THE DESERT THEY CRAWLED OUT OF!!!

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