More French mosques ‘decorated’ with grafitti

Of course, we’ll likely never know if the anti-mosque grafitti was posted by anti-Muslim French nationalists or by Muslims themselves, who often are behind such minor vandalism on mosques as a way of evoking sympathy for themselves from the community.

 (Either way, the level of anti-Muslim sentiment is rising significantly in France and other parts of Europe. One would think Muslims would get a clue that their anti-social behavior as well as their their Islamic supremacist disregard and disrespect for the countries that gave the sanctuary and a lot of free benefits will no longer be tolerated)

 AJIB   On January 31,  a mosque in the Glonnières district of Le Mans was found covered with graffiti reading “Islam out of Europe”, “No Islam” and “France for the French”.

Tuesday, January 17, the Nazis tags were found on the front of the mosque in Montigny-en-Ostrevent still under construction. Thursday, January 26, two-headed pig were found at the site of the construction of the mosque in Nanterre. Saturday, January 28, racist graffiti were found on the door and the iron curtain of the mosque from the street Equal to Miramas . 

Recently, the walls of the mosque building Hérouville-Saint-Clair was tagged. On the wall of the fence you could see racist graffiti “Islam out of Europe,” “Neither Islam nor Burqa.” The authors also drew lines cross and Celtic cross (symbol of the far right). The mosque is expected to open in 2011. Recently, a halal butcher of Lisieux was tagged France was eliminated from World Cup soccer, but is on track to become world champion of anti-Muslim acts.

The mosque in Cholet, at the corner of Avenue de la Marne and St. John the XXIII, was tagged the night of April 5 to 6. On site, the police had found two inscriptions, written in the painting: “Sharia outside Europe” and “Marianne will not veil.”

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