Kevin from the HillBuzz website has been one of my biggest supporters since the Islamopandering take-down of BNI by WordPress. As you can see in this post from HillBuzz,  Kevin is now my best publicist. You just can’t pay for this kind of advertising.

Bonni from BNI is truly humbled and deeply grateful. Thank you, Kevin. I hope my readers will make it a habit to visit  HillBuzz on a regular basis.

From HillBuzz

Bare Naked Saturday: What Have the CAIR Bears Been Up to This Week?

Last month, declared war on the brave little site that is — which delivers an unflinching and relentless look at what “the religion of peace” (which is neither religious nor peaceful, and is in actuality a militarized ideological cult predicated on world domination and the forced capitulation of all non-Muslims) is up to on a daily basis. deleted the site because Muslims threatened to murder WordPress staff for offending Islam if it didn’t — and like the media companies who bow whenever Muslims make similar threats to censor political cartoons or news reports that give accurate depictions of Islam, folded into dhimmihood.

Since then, the remarkable people behind BareNakedIslam found a new home and have continued to do what they do better than almost anyone except Pamela Geller — yanking back the “religion of peace” curtains and exposing what Islam’s really about and what it’s up to in the patient chess game for dominance that it’s playing with the West (while idiots in the Tolerant Left here in this country delusionally pretend Muslims are engaged in “murder-is-just-a-misunderstanding!” Candyland).

Islam really and truly does want to kill you — and it would today if it could, unless you submit to dhimmihood and bow and scrape before a would-be caliphate.

I think a website that provides up-to-the-minute intelligence reports on the people who want to kill you is too important not to visit regularly, so BareNakedIslam is one of the first stops of my day, every day.  Reading it is like having  a classified dossier dropped into your lap of everything the Tolerant Left doesn’t want you to know about the greatest existential threat this country (and the entire free world) faces.

Here’s some of what BareNakedIslam reported this week:

The Tolerant Left in Italy has been promoting the Islamization of that country because they think it will destroy the Catholic Church (which the Left there considers its mortal enemy).  So, this is enemy-of-my-enemy-is-a-friend type thinking and Leftists are actively trying to build mega-mosques all across the country to encourage Muslims to ultimately transform Italy into an Islamic republic. Though Sweden or the Netherlands will be the first European country to be taken over by Muslims because of the Left’s stupidity, Italy could find itself in the next round (with Britain, France, and Germany).

Mayor Bloomberg in NYC once again comes out swinging on behalf of Islam — doing his best to prevent police from monitoring the activities of mosques (which are fronts for terrorist activity). This is that truly perverse group-think in the Tolerant Left where to prove how “liberal and open-minded they are” (and proving this is an obsession with these people) they bend over backwards to pretend that the people who destroyed a large part of the city and killed thousands of New Yorkers are as innocent and harmless as newborn kittens (and anyone who thinks otherwise is an Islamaphobe…which is the latest Alinsky-grade word that Democrats use to describe anyone who opposes them).

Muslims are agitating for the removal of dogs from Europe as they are offensive to IslamAs expected, the Tolerant Left in Europe is aggressively pushing the banning of dogs before Muslims start threatening to kill people for not meeting their demands to outlaw Fido.


Spend some time over at BareNakedIslam today and check out everything else that’s going on.

Why not consider picking a day of the week and making this a new tradition?  I picked Saturday because it’s a day that political news is light and I have the morning largely free of anything else to do; this is when I typically catch up on TV shows that are now available on Hulu…and I’ve found that I can have one window up watching a show and BareNakedIslam up in another and during commercial breaks I’m scanning the latest news on what terrible things Muslims did that week and what violence was committed in the name of Islam.

Maybe you could start doing this too…and share BareNakedIslam’s content with your friends and family.

You could have a lot of fun with this if you want, too — like frying up a bunch of bacon to munch as you read BareNakedIslam every Saturday morning. If you live alone, or have a partner who doesn’t mind (or neighbors who don’t peek into your windows), you could even go all Bare Naked yourself while you read the site (just make sure you’re done frying up the bacon first). Some of it is admittedly dense and unpleasant to read — like popping into a horror movie already in progress — so whatever you need to do to make educating yourself on Islam a priority, please do it.  Islamists count on the free world sleeping through the would-be global caliphate’s takeover. Becoming informed on what’s going on thwarts these sharks that Leftists keep telling you are dolphins.

On a very personal note, I really want to do as much as I can to promote this marvelous site. is a nightmare to deal with.  As some of you know, was hosted on WordPress’ server until early 2011 — just like BareNakedIslam was.  Because HB opposes Barack Obama and what the Tolerant Left is doing to America, WordPress frequently took away my access to the site, suspiciously made the site unavailable for loading at weird and suspicious times, and randomly deleted things from our archives when they probably didn’t think I’d notice.  One day, there’d be 8,695 articles archived…and the next that total would be 8,693.  What vanished in the middle of the night?  I never had any way of figuring that out — but here and there I’ve gone back to look for something I know I wrote and I can’t for the life of me find it. I know that I never deleted it, and that no one on the HB team deleted it, so who did?

Even though it’s expensive to pay for hosting costs on a private server, we moved HB away from WordPress because we were afraid that during the 2012 campaign WordPress would just delete us altogether in service to Barack Obama’s re-election bid.  Some months when we’ve really struggled to scrape together enough lint-covered pocket change to pay the operating costs of this site, I questioned whether this was a smart decision to make.

Man alive, in January when aimed the censorship Death Star at BareNakedIslam I realized I made the smart decision to remove HB from the WordPress orbit before the same thing happened to us.

BareNakedIslam became a cautionary tale for any political site that opposes the Tolerant Left’s talking points — you just can’t run a site like this that speaks out against Islam, the Democrat Party, or Barack Obama specifically and have your site hosted on because suspicious things will start happening to thwart your efforts or harm your ability to get your message out.

I want BareNakedIslam to thrive in its new home and hope you can do whatever you can to make sure people know that and Islam did not win and this brave little dynamo is still alive and well and exposing those who would murder us all.