Kevin from the HillBuzz website has been one of my biggest supporters since the Islamopandering take-down of BNI by WordPress. As you can see in this post from HillBuzz,  Kevin is now my best publicist. You just can’t pay for this kind of advertising.

Bonni from BNI is truly humbled and deeply grateful. Thank you, Kevin. I hope my readers will make it a habit to visit  HillBuzz on a regular basis.

From HillBuzz

Bare Naked Saturday: What Have the CAIR Bears Been Up to This Week?

Last month, declared war on the brave little site that is — which delivers an unflinching and relentless look at what “the religion of peace” (which is neither religious nor peaceful, and is in actuality a militarized ideological cult predicated on world domination and the forced capitulation of all non-Muslims) is up to on a daily basis. deleted the site because Muslims threatened to murder WordPress staff for offending Islam if it didn’t — and like the media companies who bow whenever Muslims make similar threats to censor political cartoons or news reports that give accurate depictions of Islam, folded into dhimmihood.

Since then, the remarkable people behind BareNakedIslam found a new home and have continued to do what they do better than almost anyone except Pamela Geller — yanking back the “religion of peace” curtains and exposing what Islam’s really about and what it’s up to in the patient chess game for dominance that it’s playing with the West (while idiots in the Tolerant Left here in this country delusionally pretend Muslims are engaged in “murder-is-just-a-misunderstanding!” Candyland).

Islam really and truly does want to kill you — and it would today if it could, unless you submit to dhimmihood and bow and scrape before a would-be caliphate.

I think a website that provides up-to-the-minute intelligence reports on the people who want to kill you is too important not to visit regularly, so BareNakedIslam is one of the first stops of my day, every day.  Reading it is like having  a classified dossier dropped into your lap of everything the Tolerant Left doesn’t want you to know about the greatest existential threat this country (and the entire free world) faces.

Here’s some of what BareNakedIslam reported this week:

The Tolerant Left in Italy has been promoting the Islamization of that country because they think it will destroy the Catholic Church (which the Left there considers its mortal enemy).  So, this is enemy-of-my-enemy-is-a-friend type thinking and Leftists are actively trying to build mega-mosques all across the country to encourage Muslims to ultimately transform Italy into an Islamic republic. Though Sweden or the Netherlands will be the first European country to be taken over by Muslims because of the Left’s stupidity, Italy could find itself in the next round (with Britain, France, and Germany).

Mayor Bloomberg in NYC once again comes out swinging on behalf of Islam — doing his best to prevent police from monitoring the activities of mosques (which are fronts for terrorist activity). This is that truly perverse group-think in the Tolerant Left where to prove how “liberal and open-minded they are” (and proving this is an obsession with these people) they bend over backwards to pretend that the people who destroyed a large part of the city and killed thousands of New Yorkers are as innocent and harmless as newborn kittens (and anyone who thinks otherwise is an Islamaphobe…which is the latest Alinsky-grade word that Democrats use to describe anyone who opposes them).

Muslims are agitating for the removal of dogs from Europe as they are offensive to IslamAs expected, the Tolerant Left in Europe is aggressively pushing the banning of dogs before Muslims start threatening to kill people for not meeting their demands to outlaw Fido.


Spend some time over at BareNakedIslam today and check out everything else that’s going on.

Why not consider picking a day of the week and making this a new tradition?  I picked Saturday because it’s a day that political news is light and I have the morning largely free of anything else to do; this is when I typically catch up on TV shows that are now available on Hulu…and I’ve found that I can have one window up watching a show and BareNakedIslam up in another and during commercial breaks I’m scanning the latest news on what terrible things Muslims did that week and what violence was committed in the name of Islam.

Maybe you could start doing this too…and share BareNakedIslam’s content with your friends and family.

You could have a lot of fun with this if you want, too — like frying up a bunch of bacon to munch as you read BareNakedIslam every Saturday morning. If you live alone, or have a partner who doesn’t mind (or neighbors who don’t peek into your windows), you could even go all Bare Naked yourself while you read the site (just make sure you’re done frying up the bacon first). Some of it is admittedly dense and unpleasant to read — like popping into a horror movie already in progress — so whatever you need to do to make educating yourself on Islam a priority, please do it.  Islamists count on the free world sleeping through the would-be global caliphate’s takeover. Becoming informed on what’s going on thwarts these sharks that Leftists keep telling you are dolphins.

On a very personal note, I really want to do as much as I can to promote this marvelous site. is a nightmare to deal with.  As some of you know, was hosted on WordPress’ server until early 2011 — just like BareNakedIslam was.  Because HB opposes Barack Obama and what the Tolerant Left is doing to America, WordPress frequently took away my access to the site, suspiciously made the site unavailable for loading at weird and suspicious times, and randomly deleted things from our archives when they probably didn’t think I’d notice.  One day, there’d be 8,695 articles archived…and the next that total would be 8,693.  What vanished in the middle of the night?  I never had any way of figuring that out — but here and there I’ve gone back to look for something I know I wrote and I can’t for the life of me find it. I know that I never deleted it, and that no one on the HB team deleted it, so who did?

Even though it’s expensive to pay for hosting costs on a private server, we moved HB away from WordPress because we were afraid that during the 2012 campaign WordPress would just delete us altogether in service to Barack Obama’s re-election bid.  Some months when we’ve really struggled to scrape together enough lint-covered pocket change to pay the operating costs of this site, I questioned whether this was a smart decision to make.

Man alive, in January when aimed the censorship Death Star at BareNakedIslam I realized I made the smart decision to remove HB from the WordPress orbit before the same thing happened to us.

BareNakedIslam became a cautionary tale for any political site that opposes the Tolerant Left’s talking points — you just can’t run a site like this that speaks out against Islam, the Democrat Party, or Barack Obama specifically and have your site hosted on because suspicious things will start happening to thwart your efforts or harm your ability to get your message out.

I want BareNakedIslam to thrive in its new home and hope you can do whatever you can to make sure people know that and Islam did not win and this brave little dynamo is still alive and well and exposing those who would murder us all.



  1. I will always visit ANY web site that endorses BNI.
    As far as Israel vs. Iran goes, I wouldn’t be too upset if Israel said ” Hey, Iran! You want a nuke? Here, have one of ours…” Maybe the fallout will sterilize the Peninsula… Call it “Tough Love” (of Freedom”).

  2. I often tweet BNI’s stories and, as often, paste them Facebook – which I did (or tried to do) with this one. The Twitter went out OK, but Facebook sent an auto-reply that “The site (or article) couldn’t be found.” I tried this twice, but got the same roadblock both time. Maybe you should alert the webmaster?

  3. Absolutely thrilled to read Kevin’s spot-on & super-enthusiastic endorsement of BNI!! I love HillBuzz and the background why this one-time activist gay man and his friends, who supported Hillary in 2008 – hence, the name “HillBuzz” – got fed up with the DNC (and even more fed up with Ovomit & those who edged Hillary out & Odumbo in!), did a 180 and became full-fledged Conservative anti-pisslam Right-thinkers (and pro-GOP, too – go figure!).

    Kevin was pilloried like Hell by his one-time friends and weathered an incredible personal storm to end up stronger than even and a more effective voice than ever! (BTW, I learned about HillBuzz from a very active Palin blogger, who was thrilled, of course, when HillBuzz supported Palin in 2008 and beyond.)

    Anyway, I really must subscribe to HB, ’cause I only visit that site occasionally – there’s too much stuff in my in-basket when I’d like to check out other stuff,too – and only 24 hrs in a day!

    While we’re in the cheering-anti-pisslam-websites mode, don’t forget Robert Spencer’s top-notch Jihad Watch (which I know lots of BNI subscribers already follow) and even Creeping, which carried the muzzie-watch torch while BNI was down for a few days…

    Cheers, BNI – thrilled that you’re up & running & strong as ever!

    • I didn’t know that about Kevin, Joy. Had no idea that he had come over from the dark side. I have most of the good anti-Islam blogs in my sidebar.

      • It pays to be cautious in the blogosphere. Hillbuzz has been criticized for fleecing its audience, promising it all kinds of “bells & whistles” throughout the years including video equipment (never happened) & lots of other “unfulfilled promises”. Readership left in droves feeling betrayed.

        Also, Hillbuzz heavily censors. It does not provide for freedom of speech and has more than once deeply insulted its own audience, especially after that audience became conservative.

  4. Wonderful, and I will check out Hillbuzz! Keep up the great work, B. Many of us would have been lost if your Site had disappeared forever… (Although, that’s just a nightmare we’d have: You’re a Warrior and would never leave us! :)

  5. First, tried to open your, “check it out” and was advised that the page as not “available. Second time I tried to leave this comment it was indicated to me to leave a “valid” e-mail address. I think by now I know my own e-mail address. for thought.
    Proud Infidel

    • Heather, the video worked for me. Don’t know what they mean by a valid enail address. Apparently you provided one because you are in. We are still trying to work out some of the software bugs with this site and I am clueless how to do that. I just pass questions on to the Webmaster.

  6. you seen this yet if you have feel free to dump -Israeli facilities worldwide are on high alert against an attack from Iran, according to an internal security document obtained by ABC News.

    “We predict that the threat on our sites around the world will increase … on both our guarded sites and ‘soft’ sites,” read a letter by the head of security for the Consul General for the Mid-Atlantic States, ABC News reported. Guarded sites are government facilities like embassies and consulates; “soft sites” are Jewish synagogues, schools and community centers.

    Police and intelligence officials in U.S. and Canadian cities — including New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Toronto — have increased patrols at Israeli government locations and Jewish institutions, ABC News reported.

    The United States and Israel, meanwhile, are publicly disagreeing over timing for a potential attack on Iran to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons, Bloomberg News reported.

    “There’s a growing concern — more than a concern — that the Israelis, in order to protect themselves, might launch a strike without approval, warning or even foreknowledge,” Aaron David Miller, a former Mideast peace negotiator in the Clinton administration, said Friday.

    The two nations have a “significant analytic difference” over estimates of how close Iran is to shielding its nuclear program from attack, Miller said. The differing views were underscored by public comments Thursday by senior Israeli and U.S. defense officials.

    Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Israel must consider “an operation” before Iran reaches an “immunity zone,” referring to Iran’s goal of protecting its uranium enrichment and other nuclear operations by moving them to deep underground facilities such as one at Fordo, near the holy city of Qom.

    “Today, unlike the past, the world has no doubt that Iran’s nuclear program is steadily nearing readiness and is about to enter an immunity zone,” Barak said in an address to the annual Herzliya Conference at the Interdisciplinary Center academic campus north of Tel Aviv.

    U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta declined to comment directly on a report by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius that Panetta believes there is a strong likelihood Israel will strike Iran in April, May or June.

    “Israel has indicated that they’re considering this” through public statements, Panetta told reporters traveling with him in Brussels Thursday. “And we have indicated our concerns.”

    Israelis think Iran will reach the immunity zone in “half the time the Americans think it will,” Miller told Bloomberg News on Friday. Even so, he added, “to take that difference and talk about a growing rift” between Israel and the United States “is by and large an overstatement.”

    Panetta stressed Friday that the United States and Israel are in agreement on the need to do what is necessary to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. “We’ve made very clear that they cannot develop a nuclear weapon,” Panetta told troops at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, Bloomberg News reported.

    Moshe Yaalon, Israel’s vice prime minister and its former top military commander, said Iran still doubts international resolve to take military action against it.

    “The Iranians believe that the determination still isn’t there, both in regards to military action and in regards to sanctions,” Yaalon told the Herzliya conference a few hours before Barak spoke. “It’s possible to strike all Iran’s facilities.”

    Israeli leaders have said their country is able to withstand Iranian retaliation, said Ephraim Kam, deputy director of Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies, pointing to a Nov. 8 statement by Barak that “in any scenario there won’t be 50 thousand or 5,000 or even 500 dead.”

    The head of Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, told a closed forum in Tel Aviv recently that Iran is targeting Israeli sites because of what it believes are Israeli attacks on its nuclear scientists, ABC News reported.

    Yoram Cohen said that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, the same militant wing of the government linked to the recent alleged plot against the Saudi ambassador to the U.S., is plotting attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets abroad in order to deter Israel.

    “The thwarted assassination plot of a Saudi official in Washington, D.C., a couple of months ago was an important data point,” U.S. official told ABC, “in that it showed at least parts of the Iranian establishment were aware of the intended event and were not concerned about inevitable collateral damage to U.S. citizens had they carried out an assassination plot on American soil.”

    After the disruption of the alleged assassination plot, regional intelligence centers issued bulletins similar to the recent Israeli warning, including one saying Israeli passports might be used by terrorists

    Read more on Israeli Facilities in U.S., Worldwide on High Alert Against Iran
    Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

    • BLR: ““There’s a growing concern — more than a concern — that the Israelis, in order to protect themselves, might launch a strike without approval, warning or even foreknowledge,” Aaron David Miller, a former Mideast peace negotiator in the Clinton administration, said Friday.

      Oh, that’s rich. Since when does Israel need “approval” from anyone to defend themselves? They have never asked permission before to strike when they wanted to strike. Can’t see them doing it now, especially when an enemy of Israel lives in the White House.


    WORDPRESS abandoned FREE SPEECH and became dhimmis.

    Grovel before the moronic, inbred, braindead, killer zombie Mozman jihadists, you lackeys of Mohammed.

    When they come to get YOU, no one will be left to SPEAK OUT!

  8. I’m back to getting my daily BNI emails and have subscribed to Hillbuzz so all is good. Anybody that supports BNI is ok in my book. BNI, thanks for continuing to spread the truth about CAIR and ISLAM and thanks to Hillbuzz for being a true supporter.

  9. And for those more athletically inclined, walk your dog on saturday morning. Right by the mosque, where Fido can relieve himself…

  10. I have the great advantage of speaking French.

    YOU SHOULD ALL SEE what is on the French websites. My God! It’s such a shame that there are no translations available for anti-islam sites from France.

    You would all die seeing what is happening in France. Region by region, town by town, village by village, I get the full reports every day.

    Being a full-time translator, I refuse to translate outside of my work. I go brain-dead at times.

    However, I will subscribe to HillBuz to encourage anybody that puts the effort into promoting the dangers of islam.

    • Susan, am I wrong to think things had starting getting better in France as far as the anti-muslim immigration movement. How is LePen faring?

      • Bonni, In a recent poll conducted by Newspaper Le Parisien, 70% want Marie LePen to be able to run for the upcoming Presidential elections (to do so, she needs 500 signatures from elected officials such as mayors, senators etc., from 30 different regional districts).

        Another by l’Express: she’s rising in popularity and is 3rd behind François Hollande et Nicolas Sarkozy when it comes to voting intentions.

        Another one published by Libération: at least a third of those asked would/will vote for her.

        This cartoon pretty much illustrates the sentiment in France (and Belgium closely follows):

        And with banners such as: “Let the Charles Martel within you speak!” Well, any doubts?

        This Chinese curse is about to come to fruition: “May you live in interesting times”. It’s going to get really ‘interesting’ all right!

        • Alain, when is the next presidential election in France? I will try to promote LePen as much as possible.

        • Votes will be on 22 April and 6 May 2012.

          I for one -and I don’t care who calls me islamophobe and such crap for that, will sure vote for her if she runs. I really doubt either Hollande nor Sarkozy will have the balls to do what’s to be done in the muzzies respect.

          Go Oskar, go Geert, go Marie….!

    • There’s a website non-French speakers can visit to keep-up to date:

      “To help you stay au courant of what French patriots are doing and saying in this time of turmoil and loss of nationhood. This website is for those with a limited knowledge of French and a boundless interest in saving European cultures from extinction”

  11. Its great that we comment on this and other sites about the evils of Islam. But its even more important that we tweet and post to facebook so our followers can pass along what we have posted on our blogs. That saying the pen is mightier then the sword has changed. The web is mightier then the sword. Keep posting and keep on spreading the truth. Its why Obama and his Muzzy friends keep trying to silence us.

    • FOX, yes, indeed. I know if it weren’t for my readers sharing these stories with others, they wouldn’t reach even 1/4 of the people they do.

  12. There should be a nice little, wak your dog parade in the streets of littlearabia in england… Yeah then they will show there true colors.

  13. BNI
    is it possible to escape dhimmitude? YES IT IS! I landed on this site by accident a couple months back and boy oh boy did the scales fall off my eyes. I read things i thought were made up. i was wrong. i viewed the video of the murder of Nicholas Berg and i had nightmares. I still do. I wondered how anyone could do such a thing. people have souls so do animals. i was not a member of the left, just ignorant. then I realized these people have no souls and are indeed possessed by demons. somethng i never believed in.
    No matter what happens in the never future i will die before i will convert and this death cult must be stopped at all costs.

  14. “I think a website that provides up-to-the-minute intelligence reports on the people who want to kill you is too important not to visit regularly, so BareNakedIslam is one of the first stops of my day, every day. Reading it is like having a classified dossier dropped into your lap of everything the Tolerant Left doesn’t want you to know about the greatest existential threat this country (and the entire free world) faces.”

    Mr. Kevin expressed my oppinion word-by-word about BNI.
    I confess, I am addicted to BNI.
    I am also addicted to HILLBUZZ and other blogs/sites that stand by our shrinking freedom.
    Freedom is a drug that I do not regret I´ve tasted.
    I WILL FIGHT for this drug.
    And I want MORE.

    It feels GREAT to know I´m not alone.


    • I feel the same way…if I only have time to visit one blog a day, then it’s got to be BNI. This is the one site that I just cannot do without. Having said that, I look forward to the day when this blog is no longer necessary. When that day comes, maybe Bonni will start something new, maybe host a chatroom where we’ll all discuss how much things improved by getting rid of Islam :)

  15. I agree 100% with the atricle and foregong comments.
    Trusting all TRUTH sites will continue and prosper long after obamnation and all his anus-kissing co-horts are resting in the sands with the fleas.
    Frankly,I hope some of the RINOs share their location with them.
    Have had enough of career politicians and their convert, anti-American activities!

  16. That was a good piece. Dhimmified, leftist,cowards are on the same level as muzzies as far as I’m concerned, only a little more cowardly though. When the shit hits the fan the dhimmis will go down with the muzzies.

  17. Somebody has to expose the uncivilized non-religion of Islam and their hate for the infidels. God bless you and keep up the good work.


    Standing right behind and beside you -oxymoron perhaps but who cares- all the way.

    Bonni, if I may say so, you sure have balls! You are not afraid to stand up to the likes of cair (intentional lower capitals) and the the dhimmis too scared to take a stand but not afraid to take us down as a result.

    Respect to you and your hard work.

  19. Ms BNI,
    I have a subscription to Hillbuzz, and a few other sites as well, including “Atlas Shrugs”, Pamela Geller’s wonderful site,,,
    Those like c a i r and that ilk cannot win, for there are too many of us who DO give a damn about ourselves, our Nation, and our G-D, not to mention those who sacrifice their time, money and labor, that we be informed~!
    IF I may put in a plug here, also,,, Tea Party Nation is another good site, and is of the Right,,,
    BNI, it’s been said before, and will be again,,,
    You are the Front-Runner, and are well respected by ALL Freedom Loving Individuals of the world~! How else would you have almost 17,000,000 visits, in less than 4 years????
    LADY~! YOU R O C K ~!

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